Greetings all,

It is with regret that I have to announce a substantial increase in bakery prices.  Along with increased prices, all daily specials will be discontinued.  Also, the bakery is not in a position to continue its generous sponsorship of Arena Events.
The bakery employees have complained bitterly of their treatment at the hands of certain individuals in the employ of Her Royal Highness, The Sultana.  They have alleged harassment and persecution while undertaking their duties.  Due to fear of attack, very few bakery staff attend work, leaving bakery shelves empty. 
Until employees can work without harassment, stock will only be available when staff are in attendance.
To my loyal customers, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

April Axel
 Bakery Proprietor

Zanlu, Kora and Baal are pleased to invite you all, dear Ireemians,
to celebrate  Santa with us.
Come with your family and friends !!

Live DJ: Falconer Maltese

The party will be held at the Palace.
Saturday 18 december, at 1pm SLT

We wish you a Merry Christmas !

This party will be OOC.

Najdi Games Scroll

Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

Eight moons ago, Ireem's greatest warriors and athletes emerged from its fortifications, and descended upon the Bedouin camp near the oasis. Their singular goal: a non-lethal competition to determine the greatest combatant in the land! As one might expect of such a gathering of headstrong warriors, chaos promptly ensued. While it has been many days, a semblance of order was finally reached concerning the events in question, and I've chosen to bring it to you.

Many of the citizens banded together in order to start the Najdi Games, with the hopes that this may become a regular tradition. While initially the brainchild of our Amirah, April Axel, she and Unity Catlyn spent many hours organizing the games, with further assistance from Jonathan Moriarty. Further serving as officials within the games were Bero Kingmaker, Maz Hancroft, and Merry Khalim, helping to ensure that all contestants followed the rules for each contest. Renowned knight, Avery Allegrant, was on hand to adjudicate any formal complaints or disputes during the games.

After Jonathan magicked the area to protect the oasis from attacks from neighboring kingdoms, and much boasting from the contestants, Unity introduced Her Majesty, the Sun of Ireem, the Sultana Zanlu Heron to addess all in attendance:

"It is an honour for me to give the starting address at these open games. The Bedouin family worked very hard...very well and I am sure that everyone of us will enjoy the work they put in. Of course I hope that the ambulances and healers are around! Thank you very much, Great People of the Sand! Is everyone ready?"

Following our Sultana's introduction, Unity next brought one of Ireem's most well-known celebrities, Dinky Wingtips to start the race. Fending off an advance from her partner Tim Speiser, Dinky ushered in the first event, a cart race.

The first, and longest event of the day, the cart race was staged in heats of three teams apiece. In this cart race, each team is comprised of a Predator and their prey. The prey pull the cart carrying their Predator from the Bedouin Oasis, along the lower natural sand path, to the Rotunda, rounding it in a clockwise direction, then returning to the oais using the upper path. Changing places with one another, the Predator then pulls their prey along the same route.

The first heat was comprised of Shiloh Dinzel and Freefall Starspear; Renickor Dartmouth and Jonathan Moriarty, and Velvet Hamelin and Bero Kingmaker stepping in for Ehson Miles. Familiarizing themselves with the unfamiliar carts, the contestants got a slow start, however, in a case of putting the cart before the horse, Shiloh and Freefall appeared mistakenly to take the first heat.

Darklord Trapdoor and Jessie Thexios; Copper Convair and Annabella Shieldmaiden; and Ruxia Zuta and Xylimer Clarence comprised the second heat. After wrecking (and freeing) the Convair-Shieldmaiden cart from a tree, the second heat began. By the end of the heat, a visibly shaken Olaf and his prey Jessie, emerged from the Oasis water after a crash at the finish line, winning regardless.

Finally the Dinzel-Starspear team set to face off against the Trapdoor-Thexios team. Unfortunately a last minute dispute resulted in the disqualification of Dinzel and Starspear as they had mistakenly not changed positions halfway through their first race. Ren and Jonathan as second place from the first heat, then went into contention against Olaf's team. Again both teams facing multiple crashes within the race, Olaf and Jessie emerged victorious as the winners of the whole cart race.

Second event was the Magic Carpet Ride, whereby the Predator was required to fly the carpet from the Bedouin Oasis to the Arena. The Predator would then land the carpet in the arena, pick up their prey and fly to the KOS2 event area, the Eventus. The Predator lands here, and the prey disembarks and the Predator once again returns to the Oasis on the carpet, alone.

Renickor and Jonathan once again paired for the Carpet Ride, as well as Velvet Hamelin and Bero Kingmaker, and Darklord Trapdoor and Jessie Thexios. After a crash course (no pun intended) on the operations of the Magic Carpet, the race was off. As before, Olaf and his prey Jessie, pulled the carpet out from the other contenders and came out as the winners.

In the final contest for the games, we saw an individual race with riders on camels. In the spirit of gamesmanship and cooperation, one rider was permitted to have a horse in the race, and another was permitted to ride their tiger.

Like the Cart race before, animal and rider departed the Oasis and followed the lower natural sand path to the Rotunda, rounding in a clockwise direction and returned to the camp using the upper path. Animal and rider rounded the outside of the Bedouin camp in a clockwise direction and repeated the first leg. Far too many contestants participated here to be able to list them all adequately, however a good time was had by nearly everyone for most of the race.
As the other two races, Olaf won this gaame as well for a clean sweep, having come astride a dark horse.

Tragedy struck however, providing the straw that broke the camel's back. In fact Jonathan's camel's back was so badly damaged it was found belly up in the Oasis at the beginning of the race, thereby leaving him unable to participate.

April Axel wrapped up the events of the day with a short awards announcement:

As winners of the Cart Race, Darklord and Jessie each won 2000gold and 30 pts each. Renickor and Jonathan in 2nd place each won 1000 gold and 20 points respectively. No 3rd place was awarded due to the disqualification.

In wining the the Magic Carpet Race, Darklord and Jessie again each won 2000 gold and 30 pts each. The second place winners, Velvet and Bero, each one 1000 gold and 20 points, and Jonathan and Renickor each won 500gold and 10pts.

Finally, though the Camel Race resulted in the sinister death of Jonathan's camel, Darklord again won 2000gold and an investigation into the the unfortunate incidents. Bero won 1000gold, and Xylimer and his tiger took 500 gold.

Given Olaf's substantial debts however it is expected that his sizeable winnings went to pay off his debt.

That's all for this edition of the Najdi Games Scroll. I apologize for the lateness of its arrival, however a mysterious goldsmith named Gutenberg sold me a new contraption called the printing press and it took me forever to work out its machinations! With any luck we will see another games and another scroll in a couple of months! Lobby April and Unity for it!

(Author: Method Thespian)

Message from the Palace

To the Esteemed People of Ireem!

Be it known that I, the Princess Lillie of Ireem, Niece to our beloved Sultana Zanlu - may She reign forever - herewith requests and requires that all citizens should seek out one artisan, Tito Tachibana.

The Palace seeks the presence of this artist to verify the artisanship of, and to assert his moral right to, a painting left in the stall of the Mare Almase at the stables.

Naturally, a suitably propitious reward shall be paid to the Citizen who first presents M. Tachibana to the Princess at the earliest opportunity.

The Princess Lillie of Ireem,
Niece of the Sultana Zanlu, may She live forever

KoS Open Games

Salaam good people of KoS,

I am excited to officially announce that the **Bedouin Open Games** hosted by the Najdi and now open to all groups and clans, will be held on Saturday 4th December 2010 at the following regional times:-

* 11am SL and West coast of America time
* 2pm East Coast of America time
* 7pm UK time
* 8pm Western European time
* 5am Sunday 5th December, Australian EST and 6am EDST.
* 8am Sunday 5th December, New Zealand NZDT

The events are designed to be fun and a departure from the traditional prey run or combat competitions.
They will be open to anyone in KoS.

The Games will consist of 5 events - the first four events require the participation of 1 prey and 1 predator, but entries for two predators will be considered favourably, if prey are too scarce.


The prey will pull a supply cart carrying her/his Predator. The race will commence from the oasis in the Bedouin camp, across the sands rounding the Rotunda (round structure on the sand) in a clockwise direction and returning to the oasis. The prey will then change places with her/his Predator and complete the same route. First to complete task will progress to the next round.


The Predator is required to fly her/his Magic carpet from the Oasis in the Bedouin camp to the Arena where the Predator will land the magic carpet in the Arena, pick up a prey and then fly to Eventus (Event area in KOS2 residential area). Predator will land the magic carpet, prey will get off and Predator will return on the carpet back to the oasis. First Predator to arrive at the oasis will progress to the next round.


The prey will push her/his *wounded* Predator in a wheel chair to the hospital. There the Predator must wear their bandage. When the bandage is on, and only then, they may leave the hospital and return to the oasis. The route for this event is the prey's choice. The wheel chair wheels must remain in contact with the ground at all times - no magic carpet ride or suicidal leaps over city walls. First back to the oasis will progress to the next round.


First runner will leave the oasis, round the Rotunda and return to the oasis where the first runner will hand the baton to the second runner, only then can the second runner leave the oasis to complete his/her leg of the relay (same as the first leg). First back to the oasis will progress to the next round.


Camel/Horse and rider will leave the oasis in the Bedouin camp, taking the lower natural sand path to the Rotunda, rounding in a clockwise direction and then returning to the oasis using the upper path, then repeat the circuit. First finished will progress to the next round.

The following points system will apply to each event final:

30 points for first place
20 points for second place
10 points for third place

In the event of a tie the points will be shared between the winners.

The following articles will be supplied:
Magic Carpet

Competitors will need to supply:



2. Any team or individual deemed not to have completed the correct course will be disqualified.

3. Any event with insufficient entrants may be cancelled.

4. The Adjudicator's decision is final. No discussion will be entered into.

5. Please submit a notecard, stating your name, whether you are Predator or prey, your event and, for team events, your partner's name. All entries must be sent to April Axel or Unity Catlyn as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday 1st December 2010.


Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each event - 1st place G$1,000
2nd place G$500
3rd place G$250

At the end of the five events, the team that has accrued the most points will receive L$1,000 to share and the title of All-KoS Games Champions, 2010.                                                                                       

At the Chronicles we just received this alarming note:

Dear Chronicles,

With the creation of an army that intends to force us into submission on Ireem's doorstep, we find the need to address the situation with our own words of compassion. We shall not stand for this outrage while we do not wish for battle and blood to litter our streets it is inevitable with the creation of this army. What can you expect from an army? Armies are created for war and violence, and if this army is created we shall bring that war to them.
Now is the time to rebel and resist our oppressors! We shall not stand for this any longer! Too long have we stood and accepted our fate as lowly citizens fighting amongst each other and the putrid rats of the streets to survive, whilst the royal pigs sleep soundly in warm beds and feast upon endless quantities of food. We say ENOUGH!
With this letter we announce the founding or The Rebels Of Ireem! If anyone wishes to join in our fight call for meya [Silverfall] or One Flea [Stelthah Snowpaw]. We will accept anyone at all, no matter the race nor clan.

                                                                    Meya and One Flea

My dear  people,
Everyone of you  know that I have a desire : the peace.
Unfortunately it seems impossible to realize.
 Why do I always see people running  because  pursued, why do i have to hear the sound of swords that cross over, why each tribe hates the other one ? There is a place for everyone in our beautiful city .. there are shops, cafes, taverns where you can meet friendly, drink and eat together, dance, play cards honestly... but no .. you must always be careful who follows you .. keep the door tightly closed and well-hidden the money earned by honest work .. and hope that nobody will want to capture your beloved one....*looks down sadly *..
Well .. You know that I'm very close to our Gods... The other night they appeared to me in a dream and told me "Zanlu..We see ..you are nervous ..anxious ...time for us to help you ... There will come a man dressed in black, a man who knew evil, but that has long been converted and his faith became so strong that  now he is a priest of ours
His name is Ragnar”
Then I woke up feeling so strange .. ....
On the afternoon of that day a man  in black, asked me for an audience... .. Well .. you can not believe  ! his name is Ragnar Niekerk !!
He  spoke at length and I found it very inspiring. His goal is mine : The peace !
He is working to organize a small group ...and this one is his aim:

 Keep people in a decent or honorable life, helping them to find the right way. Keep them distant of bad habits like gratuitous violence as seek for fights without a honorable reason, decrease dramatically or finish with robbery / pickpocket in our beloved Ireem.
Show that a decent life can bring more benefits then to surrender to temptations such as greed and lust.

I'm sure he will be so convincing and they will listen to his words .. if not ... he might get to inflict a penalty .. but just as an example for others ..
(He is a priest, a person with a heart of gold .. and I am sure that he will suffer if he must  whip on somebody .).
He also spoke with the commander knights  lady Milua and she agreed to accept him in her family.. but the new group will be called "Sanctificated Army”
If you want to talk with him, to have more clarification .. you can find him in the chapel or around the city ... I believe in him .. he has promised not to seek power, wealth, nothing.. but peace
He has my blessing.
and you all too,my dear people..have my blessing

Your Sultana


Dear Lady Sultana!

Follow informations about Sanctificated Army:

Sanctificated Army has approval and permission from our Beloved Sultana to act seeking always PEACE and call depraved/delinquent ones to account for living a depraved life.

Definition: An army that will fight against deliquent/depraved/ who refuse to accept the law and Gods, leading or forcing them to the right way according to our Sultana and Priests.

Goal: Keep people in a decent or honorable life, helping them to find the right way. Keep them distant of bad habits like card games, gratuitous violence as seek for fights without a honorable reason, decrease dramatically or Finish with robbery / pickpocket in our beloved Ireem. Show that a decent life can bring more benefits then to surrender to temptations such as greed and lust.

Final Goal: Lead or Force people in a decent or honorable life

Members: members of any clan or specie can join, since they are looking for a civilized society in Ireem with the objective to clean the depraved/delinquent persons away from city. The Sanctificated Army have to feel the weight of their chances, have focus and don´t risk any sanctificated life for nothing, respect each other while are working toghether as a Sanctificated Army forgetting and not taking into account any issue or problem you have with a brother or sister in civilian life. Who was fallen in a duty, the other members have to find the right solution how to help the fallen one out from the trouble, we are not against any clan or group, nor against any leader until they give us reason to fight!
MEMBERS OOC NOTE: The members  will fight in disguised mode and with activated grouptag. If your grouptag is activated (and being in disguised mode) and showed to others you have to behave like a member from the sanctificated army, you can not change your mind and don´t help to the army, cos you suddenly find yourself in an awkward situation against your family, you have to support the army with your help and have to ask your brother or sister to confess their sins. If your grouptag is actived the army is first of all! Any other target is not allowed with the activeted grouptag.

1 – Sanctificated Army will work aligned with Knights. Those suspects who refuses to accept a decent and honorable life will be  hunted or handed to Sanctificated Army, and will face the consequences of their acts until they accept the light way. If the Sanctificated Army arrest, in some special situation, some honorable or decent criminal, they will be passed directly to the knights.
OOC NOTE: It is not about criminals, it is about delinquent/depraved ones.

2 – Depraved/delinquent persons, who is owned by Sanctificated Army,  before to be considered a criminal, they will have the chance to confess their sins, regreting of their acts and then be handed to knights for a fair trial , ONLY if they are under suspicion. After trial knights will decide their fate if they were consider guilty. Knights will just interfere at this point if the suspect in under suspicion, IF NOT the Sanctificated ARmy will release the converted.

3 - If the depraved/deliquent persons deny confession, then they will be considered a criminal and will continue being owned by the Sanctificated Army and suffer the consequences. Punishments will be decided by our beloved Sultana or  Priests, depending of the conditions. Knights can´t interfere as the criminal did a choice to don´t cooperate with the law.

3.1 - If these criminals are owned or prisoned ones, their owners have to turn them back under the light side immediately. The owner'd not pay, as they Sanctificated ARmy don´t need theier permission to arrest their slaves, but if they are around, they will be informed that the slave will be whipped and arrested, nothing else needed.

3.2 - If these criminals owners deny to turn their slaves back to a honorable life or these owners are not around, the criminals resisters'd be whipped until unconsciousity and they will continue being arrested by the sanctificated army until they accept the light side. If the Owner interupt and threating the army, owner would be arrested too.
OOC NOTE: Limit´s players will be always respected

3.3 - If much more resisters, include honorable ones,  comming to help to the depraved or deliquent person, they will have to be informed it is being done with approval of our beloved Sultana and the criminal didn´t cooperate with the law, if they insist , they will become accomplices and they have to take the consequences later.


(about salary or taxes it must to be decided for our beloved Sultana and Kora, people won´t join us for nothing...a reward will be expect for the work done)

1) this army  never will serve any other target, but to lead or force depraved or deliquent ones back to the right way.
2) the depraved and deliquent persons always has to be well informed about the further consequences!
3) no every depraved and deliquent persons are criminals, first of all give them help to confess their sins.

Yes,dear citizen, today we have some pictures of a well known KNIGHT ! I hesitated to show you this, as she didn't give the pictures to me herself or ever had an interview too. Someone anonymous put the drawings together with a note under the office door.

But in the end I decided to bring it here, as our days as reporters is soon over anyway and no one can blame us anymore ! *grins*. So here we go:

Question: "What turns you on?"
Answer: "Adventures, and that to me means prospect of something unexpected, dangerous, crazy, funny, thrilling, and sexy, even erotic. "

Question:" What turns you off? "
Answer: "Intollerance. I do have to confess that sometimes I do fall prey to that trap, but I remind myself that we are here to have fun, not anything else."

Question: " If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?"
Answer: "It would definately be with Mustafa the beggar! Something tell me that he is a very experienced lover. (It be even be more of a turn on if Babek was watching while we are at it!) "

Question:" Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?"
Answer: "My self! (embarassed and turning scarlet) Not that I please myself in that way.... I mean... that often!!! NEXT QUESTION!! "

Question:" Tell us something embarrasing about yourself."
Answer: "I am really bad at fighting though I have been with the knights so long. I seem to loose more than I win. I am just hoping that the criminals will not find out that I am easy game !"

To the friends of Anneliese Wolfenhaut:

My mother wrote to me often, telling me stories of Ireem. She loved this place, and loved many of the people here, at least the ones she'd killed and turned Undead.

Before she boarded her little raft, she asked me to explain her actions. She'd grown corrupted inside - even for an undead. Something had changed in her, slowly rotted, and she tried to cure the sickness for a long, long time.

Eventually she realized that some illnesses cannot be cured.

My mother piled driftwood high on the little raft, then climbed aboard. She drifted out to sea and after a long time, when she'd neared the horizon, I saw the smoke and flames. She'd spoken to me of suttee - the Indian practice of widows being set afire, so they might join their husbands in the afterlife.

In this case, my mother was never wed, and the man she loved yet lives, or so she thought. But the pain of losing him would fester in her soul, and she would never heal. She was rotten inside, she'd said. Death - a true death, one that even a succubus could not survive - was the only cure.

I had just returned from Avalon, the home of my father, and had no real chance to get to know my mother. But I believe what she said - there was something very ill in her, something that seemed to be incurable.

I believe she has found peace now, in that eternal silence that awaits us all.

She said her friends would understand. I hope those same friends will welcome me now.

Yours sincerely,
Melanthe Faerye
daughter of Anneliese

Tuesday, 26th October at 2pm Slt The funeral of Captain Smooth Citron will begin with a procession through the city. It will begin from the Infirmary, passing the palace, through the city gates to the arena where a short service will be held.

The service will consist of his friends sharing their memories of the Captain before his body is taken back to the palace to be laid to rest in the royal crypt.

Anyone wishing to share their memories of this great man please contact Alina Furuseth as soon as possible.

Thank you

Dear inhabitants of Ireem !

We all know that most of the slavers, most of the time are hunting innocent women or drinking.
I never touched that slaver called Ninxy! I'm sure he was drunk, walking around the city, stumbled and fell, it should probably be in love with me, thinking of me at that moment and as he was drunk he mistook his thoughts .

If I had any interest in killing the slaver, I would have done it publicly because I do not hide my actions and I let it clear the reason, I would never do a job half done *grins*

Not the first time slavers trying to ruin my reputation, another slaver called AFK Wasp accused me of assault, Sexual Harassment and That I Offered Money for sexual services, what is an absurd. The most people of Ireem know me! I do not have this such of behavior, I take my duty very serious !

It will only be a matter of time before they pay for these false accusations or apologize publicly before they are hunted. Or I can forgive him if he is in love and he can´t hold it *chuckles*

Thank you!

Commander Milly

Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

I, Glenn Graves, will go out sailing for about 20 days. I will try to find RUM for all the slavers on my journey so we can have the best party ever in Ireem!

I did ask a new young slaver to be the leader from the slavers, his name is kijani Scorpio. Please help him to let the Slavers rule again. Kijani, I wish you all the luck from Ireem, I know you can do it!

Glenn Graves

Another sexy woman of Ireem, that shows what she has to offer: Miss Grizel Halberstadt ! Enjoy the picture and her little interview as followed:

Question: "What turns you on?"
Answer: "Fun and funny people. Life is too short to be so serious! Oh and cookies! We don't have cookies in Ireem! Why don't we have cookies??? KORA!!! I WANT COOKIES !!! "

Question: "What turns you off? "
Answer: "Drama! I know everyone says they don't want drama usually are the ones dishing it best, but I just walk away the second you bore me with it. "

Question: "If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be? "
Answer: "Hrmmm... well that would be telling. Oh I know! The sultana! She's so pretty and so lonely up there in the tower I am a priestess who advocates love so I can call it ministry! Yeah that's it! "

Question: "Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with? "
Answer: "Undead! Pew! Especially that drippy zombie one! *gagging noises*

Question: "Tell us something embarrasing about yourself."
Answer: "I'm not a real redhead."

Salaam my dear Ireemians!

I want inform you that my beloved Guard Captain Smooth Citron is dead last night.
I am very sad about that. He was loyal and my confident too, I am sure that I'll miss him forever.

If someone knows where his body is buried, please inform me. I wish to bring there a fresh flower of my garden. Of course I and my court are in mourning.

Zanlu Heron

The Clan of Bi'itu-isu happily announces that our most gracious and - as will be demonstrated by this announcement - generous political chieftan Nakuru Bi'itu-isu has accepted the meager Bride Price of a breeding sow and three piglets, three milk cows (possibly stolen), a donkey, unicorn foal and some goats (though probably not enough for a proper wedding feast) for his daughter, the voice of Apis in Ireem, Yannena Homewood nee’ Bi’itu-isu.

Yannena is the only daughter of Nakuru, the business manager of the family mineral holdings and Guardian of the Abyssmal Gate. Her mother, living on the opposite side of the Gate is the Guardian of Baset and the Hand of Apis, the dispenser of Justice. Though young and deep in studies, Yannena has been named the Voice of Apis in Ireem and has recently accepted duties of Inquisitor and Counsel for the Sultana and the Palace of Ireem.

This paltry Bride Price was scraped together by Corum of Clan McConaught, allegedly a pig farmer’s son from the Sword Isles in the Northwest Sea some thousands of leagues outside the travel of any Bi’itu-isu Clan member. Corum is known to have deserted the City of Endless Virtue Tanelorn, in her hour of greatest need. He also served as mercenary soldier, desert guide and errand boy to the demoness Fury, who he later betrayed. He owns the Law Offices and runs the Benevolent Society of the Downtrodden and Untouchable (Commonly known as “The Thieves’ Guild.)

Pending Corum's completion of Ritual Tasks set by the Bride’s family, a ceremony binding Clan Bi’itu-isu with the McConaughts of the Sword Islands will be held Sunday, October 24th at 1 PM SLT in the Kingdom of Sand.
A Reception will follow the ceremony at the Mer Kingdom with music from our musician Evah Gothley around 2.30 PM SLT. If Corum fails in his Ritual tasks, we stone him to death and send him to Hell, same place and date, maybe music will be a little more upbeat.
The Clan of Bi'itu-isu


Dear readers !

After one and a half year writing for the Chronicles and even being the editor of it for over a year, I think it is time for a change. My Master Tim Speiser and myself, Dinky Wingtips are going into retirement and will make room for someone new !

As you all know, I am a Magi apprentice and have to study so many spells and potions, my head is nearly exploding with all this information. Master is not very satisfied with the results of my training and I always get a spanki.. I mean ... he tells me daily, that I have to improve my skills. But being busy with the paper every day, it is just impossible for me to fullfill his requests.
So we both decided together to concentrate on magic and give up on writing. It also is a good opportunity for the readers to get to know someone new and fresh. We always tried to write as objectivly as possible and I am sure we succeeded in never writing in a biased way at all *coughs and winks*. Nevertheless a new mind and a different point of view would be good for the paper.

So dear writers of Ireem:
- Are you interested in earning your dinar by running a newspaper ?
- Do you enjoy getting all the news first hand and sharing it with your readers ?
- Do you like investigating stories and interviewing people ?
- Are you good with words, do you have a sense of humor and can you entertain others ?

Then you are perfect for this job ! Please contact us, Tim Speiser or Dinky Wingtips, if you are interested in taking over the job and its responsibilities. We will make sure to forward your interest to our secret sponsor Miss Kora Zenovka.

Until a new editor is found, the current team of course will continue doing the job that you dear readers are used to !

Thank you in advance for your interest, loyalty and of course all the stories you brought to us to print !

Tim Speiser and Dinky Wingtips

Yesterday while standing close to the knights headquarter and daydreaming, suddenly a loud Splatt !! sound was to be heard, I turned to see what is going on and saw the slaver Ninxy laying unconscious on the floor ! Some people took care of him quickly, bringing him to the physician for a check up.

Two hours later I met him stumbling along the streets of Ireem, his body covered in bandages, he seemed to be far far away in his thoughts. I carefully walked over to interview him about what had happened. What he had to tell was very hard to understand and even harder to believe, I try to recall his exact words here for you, dear reader:

„I… I… who are you? Anyways, some details are still very foggy to me… my head hurts… but I will try and tell you what I do remember. After watching one of my slaves try to pin a rope to another slave’s rear end because she thought she was a cat, that’s another story in its self, I had my normal sip of um… “Miracle Water” I proceed to get slapped, allot, by one of the women in my clan… I’m not sure why… I then decided to take a stroll through Ireem.“
Here he took a sip out of the bottle on his broken peg leg before he continued:

„Ahhh, that’s helps a little, where was I? Oh yes, I was at one of the highest towers in Ireem looking down with my old spyglass for… some… uh, well that’s not what this story is about, when I was taken by surprise by one of the, well if you call her a “Knight”, knights of Ireem. I spun around and went to grab my blade but she already had hers drawn and at my throat. I asked “what you going to arrest a crippled peg-leg for?” she responded with “Arrest?“

Ninxy suddenly looked like feeling real dizzy, perhaps from the blood loss: “I’m ok… I think…I can’t remember much after that other than hurdling from the sky towards a crowd in front of the Knight’s Headquarter. After violently slamming into the ground I was looted of all my *coughs* “Miracle Water” by the Bedouin sluts. You were there… I remember your face….“

I agreed and told him, that I saw him laying there on the ground, almost dead and asked him if he should not be at the knights headquarter to report this inconceivable brutal act of voilence ! He winced and mumbled „I won’t…I won’t tell…because it was Milly, their captain who tried to murder me”, right after speaking those words he vomitted blood on the street and I got pushed to the side by a group of people, all worried about his health.

Dear reader, I hereby assure you, I tried my very best to get back to the man to investigate this accusation some more but the crowd just didnt let me ! Totally overreacting because of the little blood he was vomitting, they even yelled at me and called me nosey reporter !
Anyway, these are the facts for now, I am still shocked and cannot believe what I heard. Did the slaver speak the truth or did he knock his head so hard, that he doesnt remember the incident correctly anymore ? We will see, what Miss Milly will bring as her defense !

Today I found an anonymous scroll on the floor of the Chronicles office. Reading it, I thought this might be interesting for the citizen of Ireem, especially the business owners ! But read for yourself:

Life has become expensive in the last days:
40 Dinars for simple Dates at the Food stall, 25 Dinars for a Hejira at the Good knights tavern or
40 Dinars for beer at the Slavers headquarter !
If you dont want to let the shop owners become millionaires, while our coins vanish faster than we are able to gain them, then join us! The ~Ireems Robin Hoods~ !
We fight for fair prices in Ireem, so all you greedy shop owners, be warned! "

The scroll was not signed, it seems to me, that the person who slipped it under the door was in a big hurry. The questions are:
  • What exactly is this group going to do against the price politics of the shop owners ?
  • Will they be succesful in their fight ?
  • And who the hell is this citizen Robin Hood ? I've never heard of him before, but I will for sure keep my eyes open !

Today we have the Pirate slaver prey Noirah Macarthur as our page three model ! And here is the little interview with her:

Question: "What turns you on?"
Answer: "Strong, intelligent and sexy men able to be soft while keeping its authority, its force. Men able to understand me and then find the good way to tame me."

Question: "What turns you off?"
Answer: "People with a whip using it on my sweet skin. Those which hurt me for no valid reason, physically or mentally. "

Question:" If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?"
Answer: "Any sexy strong man who turns me on. "

Question:"Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?"
Answer: "Any man who cannot express his feelings and who is only able to growl during he takes you. "

Question: "Tell us something embarrasing about yourself."
Answer: "When i was refreshing myself in the oasis of bedouins camp. One of them, a leader, told me Bedouins throw camel's shits in the water. I was so surprised that I jumped quickly on my feet, feeling dirty and ashamed by being half naked in front of him. "

What: Fights of Randomness
Where: KoS Arena
When: Saturday, October 16, at 12:02pm SLT
Why: Because it's damn near impossible and frustrating to try to plan things for you people !

If you want to fight on Saturday, show up to the Arena. Fights will be set up on the spot and randomly.I may or may not charge entry fees, I may or may not give prizes...

Business owners may or may not want to sponsor fights. They may or may not message me to set it up...

Who knows what will happen !

Una Flux, Arena Mistress

Yesterday afternoon, while being in our Chronicles office doing… well, different things, knight Urso Kronsage came rushing in, all enraged and furious. We were wondering about this, as he normally is more the calm and settled type and asked him, what is going on.

He stated: „The reason I am here is to write a public bounty to all of Ireem! I am posting a bounty of 5000 dinar to who ever brings Bigs into custody and face trial. He seems to be in hiding and disguising himself making him hard to track. Once he's in custody, I will personally pay the bounty!“

The man he was talking about is the well known slaver Sir BigPapa Yifu. My Master was quite shocked about this statement and the amount of money, questioning the background of all this, while I was already looking deeper, playing with the idea of having 5000 Dinar and all the dresses, I could buy with so much money !

Urso answered my Master’s questions and I started to draw a picture of the wanted slaver for all Ireemians to recognize him easier. The ones, that do know him too, will recognize, how exact I was working on the picture, to make sure that every Ireemian will be able to find him easily:

Urso explained, why he is willing to pay such a high bounty to get this criminal: „He has attacked knights openly numberous times, captured my commander and put her in a cage, breaking out of jail, and to top it off. He is in open rebellion against the Sultana. He says slanderous things and plans to try and overthrow her. But with him roaming about the palace is not safe.“

So dear Ireemians, go out and chase this evil man ! Capture him and bring him to knight Urso, make sure, he has to pay for his crimes and above all: let us try to bring back the peace to our beloved city by arresting this man !

Only when our Sultana is out of danger, we can continue with our daily businesses. Until this, I will personally be out and hunt this man ! And I advise you all to do the same ! May the best one get him and the promised 5000 Dinar ! My drawing will for sure help you a lot to find this wanted man ! Good luck to us all !

Disclaimer: Any kind of resemblance to a certain undead jester is a pure coincidence and not to blame on the artist of the drawing or the author of this article !

Yes dear readers tis a sad day in Ireem. Wandering through the palace I found the royal chamber filled to over flowing. The Sultana was on her throne. It seemed she was passing judgment on Bigz, for what crime I do not know. She decreed that he shall stand trial for this crime tomorrow, after this declaration, Bigz expressed his,…errr….shall we say displeasure, in the Sultana.

The Knights led Bigz away and I thought the fun over for the day. Then Lord Rogue, whose misdeeds have been exposed at length in these pages, brought forward a man and introduced him to her highness.

Zanlu Heron: Rogue.. who is this man ?

Rogue Idlemind lifts a brow..."He's not...entirely what I'd call human but then...who is anymore? And carries more respect for others than I've seen from most"
Rogue Idlemind nods "Raven is his name M'Lady...though he can speak...heh....there ye are"

ravengraywalker Woodrunner: "my name is raven graywalker from the isle of albion your majesty"

Rogue Idlemind dips his head "I would vouch for his integrity...he should have the rights of a citizen..."

ravengraywalker Woodrunner: "prince of the clan graywalker son of alexadner graywalker and jarina of the sucubi deamon clan

Zanlu Heron: well, Sir Raven... nobody is guilty for his parents, so you are welcome in the citizen of Ireem.

ravengraywalker Woodrunner: i hold no ties to the undead of this relm nor do i wish to do so, i have from the outset tried to distance my self from the undead

Zanlu Heron: go on in this way.. Raven
Zanlu Heron: come to visit me, sometimes..so we can talk, i am curious to hear about your family.

This brief exchange raises several questions and concerns:

* Is this the new path of Ireem, Demons being treated as humans?

* Is the Sultana really surprised humans like Bigz turn to crime and hold no love for her, when she holds
Court with a self described demon and invites him to visit her?

* Do we humans not have the right to expect our leaders to protect us from these monsters who eat us to

Safe paths to you all, dear readers in thee strange times. We at The Chronicles will continue to bring you any and all updates that are available. Perhaps we can even provide you with a response from the Sultana, if she isn’t too busy visiting with demons….

The Thirsty Djinn (A.k.a. The Good Knight Tavern) is having Ireem's first bi-monthly brewing competition! Proprietor Phox Sillanpaa has issued his challenge to the anyone that feels like they can brew a fine alcoholic beverage. The contest will feature generous cash prizes and an opportunity to have your drink served on the venue's menu.

The first place prize will be 1,000 Dinars, plus 200 for the first months stock. Second place will receive 800 Dinars, Plus the 200 for stock, and the same goes for third, in which the prize will be 500 Dinars. Drinks that win Honorable Mention will receive a contract to continue stocking thier beverages.

The competition will be held on October 12, 2010 at 1:00p.m. SLT in The Thirsty Djinn. Any drinks are welcome, no matter what ingredients may included.

The Blue Lagoon Cafe !

Every Day Featuring:

  • Food and Drinks
  • Double or Single Pole Dancing for your Slave
  • Romantic Couples and Singles Dancing
  • Live Events Every Tuesday Evening and Friday Mornings
October 5th, Tuesday Evening 7 PM - 9 PM SLT :
  • Musician Ariana Petrova: Best in Black Contest
  • The male and female voted best outfit in black will win 150 Dinar each
  • Don't have black? Come dance with your sweetie or have your slave pole dance, or just sit, make requests and listen to some awesome music.
October 8th, Friday Morning 9 AM-11 AM SLT:

  • Musician Ariana Petrova: Best in White Contest
  • The male and female voted best outfit in white will win 150 Dinar each
  • Don't have white? Come dance with your sweetie or have your slave pole dance, or just sit, make requests and listen to some awesome music.

Allison Jaerls

Dear fellow business owners,

Ireem has a hard time: daily robbery at our cashes, fighting in the streets, which stops us from doing business. People should understand we are the base of Ireems economy and should treat us with respect.

Therefor I propose to establish the IREEM BUSINESS ASSOCIATION and I invite you to participate. I invite you for a meeting on Wednesday, 6 October, 2 PM SLT at the slaves head inn.

We could talk about:
  • how to stop those robberies
  • mimimum prices for food and drinks
  • common activities like selling stamps for Santa Claus
  • or how to help each other in general
Please be there at wednesday. If you cannot come, but want to participate though, send me a message !!

Your business collegue, AM DEMINA

Recommended schedule of legal fees:

  • 25 Dinar for taking the case and defending one charge
  • 5 Dinar for each additional charge for first five additional charges
  • 10 Dinar for each additional charge after five additional charges

  • Protective Captivity 50 Dinar for 1st hour, 5 Dinar for each half hour thereafter, 1 hour minimum. Round UP to nearest half hour after 15 minutes.
  • Ransom Negotiation 5% of Ranson Amount.

Thieves Guild Services

  • Clan members - NO Guild fees
  • Free Legal Representaton
  • Protective Captivity-NO Charge

  • Non-Clan-Members 50 Dinar weekly fee
  • Free Legal Representation
  • Protective Captivity- No Charge

Corum McConaught

My dear People !

It is my pleasure to advise you all that Miss Page Siegel is my new private Secretary. She deserves also the title of “ Countess of Ireem “ for her loyalty and fairness and faithfulness.

Your Sultana
Zanlu Heron

Today The Chronicles received a scroll from Knight commander Milua Schor in response to recent letters about a certain Knight.


In recent days, we knights, have had to face a difficult and sad situation. It was effecting not only our family, but also all the inhabitants of our beloved city.

Many of you have been wronged and unnecessary violence was used against some of you coming from a member of our family, a man called OLAF.

As leader of the clan "Order of the Code," I apologize! I am so very sorry for the situations that occured. Some have already been resolved and others will be resolved soon in a fair trial.

As everyone should understand, some complaints take longer to clarify, But sooner or later they are. After several witnesses, evidence and a trial, I have decided, along with my family, from yesterday, Olaf (Darklord Trapdoor) does not belong to our clan - Order of the Code - Therefore, he's no longer a Knight. He resigned peacefully.

I understand that Knights represent safety, order, law and respect. That is exactly what our authority must represent to all of you. People come expecting to be treated with respect, this is our most valuable asset. We of the knights, fight hard every day to earn this respect.



I would like to thank everyone, especially the Knights, who had diplomacy, patience and always kept me informed with the information that was essential for me to make the correct descision.

Thanks ALL!


We all used a camel or a horse once or twice to move from one spot to the other. But last week I couldn't believe what I saw with my own eyes ! Well known bedouin sheik Sir MJ (MasterJ Swashbuckler) was riding his slave girl Friskie Quintessa, using her like others use a camel to move forward !
The poor girl was sweating, grumbling and coughing underneath the heavy man she was carrying around and when I wanted to talk to her, she was so out of breath, that it was impossible to understand her. The only word I think I understood was "Fucker!", but I am not really sure about this.
Anyway ! I quickly made drawings of this to share it with you, good citizen of Ireem ! My questions are now:
  • Is this the new way bedouins are moving now, or is the Sheik just special ?
  • How are the knees of poor Friskie today ?
  • And above all: Where exactly did he stick the horse tail in ?

I didn't see it very well as the ass was covered by her silks but I can guarantie you: there was not a single rope or something around her waist !!

Dear Business Owners of Ireem,

As I sit here within my cafe counting the coins, instead of profit I see it once more dwindling. Not because of any lack of customers. In fact Business has been quite booming of late. What pray tell causes the books instead to show a mark of red? Crime. So I turn to you my fellow Business Owners and ask that we come together. A Business Council should be Formed. A plan developed.

The Knights promised us to curb the crime wave and return our funds. It has now been weeks. How many of us have seen a return of our funds? Instead I see and hear daily of the crime wave within our beloved Kingdom growing. Where is our protection? Who is to guard our wares and our store fronts? How will our Patrons feel safe within as they relax? This must come to a halt! If the Knights will not do their job then I say we come together and find a means and a solution.

Day in and day out we must report the theft of coin and goods from our shops. It has been weeks since I have seen any recompense as I was promised. How long are we to wait while the thieves and criminals line their pockets with our goods, while the knights tell us every day it takes time to investigate. It has gotten to the point which is the greater crime the theft of our wares and coin or the inadequate job and failure to follow through of the Knights on behalf of us the Business Owners of Ireem?

I say enough is enough.
The Lady of the Arabesque

Dear readers !

It seems to me, that one knight is under a special focus of the citizen. How come ? What is he doing, is he using his postion to enforce his own goals ? We for sure will investigate this more ! Enclosed a letter from knight Pepper Monk:

"Dear Milly, and all others in charge of the Knights and Citizens of Ireem.

I write this letter to you as a knight who takes pride in our ability to deal with situations in an honorable matter and keep the pride of our family.

However it seems one knight does not agree with this method. I have tried reasoning with him about his technique many times. And after several citizen complaints, I feel it my duty to shed light on the current situation we have with Olaf.

As I new knight, I have witnessed many peoples true colors. Olaf included. Yesterday, I witnessed Olaf trying to sell a citizen woman he captured to Am Demina the slaver, for gold and food.

If that isn't corruption and criminal activity, then I don't know what is. After I called him out on it and threatened to make his life a living hell should he go through with it, he did hand the girl over to me. But was rather upset when after I interviewed her, I let her go.
The woman admits she attacked Olaf, but only after she witnesses him cap an innocent girl for no reason, and try to sell the same girl back to her spouse for a fee. The woman who attacked him, did so because she wanted to help the girl and she couldn't find any trust worthy knights around. She managed to record the whole conversation and event.

Lastly, I myself had a discussion with a former undead who is trying to clean up her act, we talked about what she had witnessed so far and I had also witnessed. I think if this matter isn't taken over by the leader of the knights, there are going to be huge problems.

Did you know Ireem has already started a petition to have him removed? I will attach a copy I managed to snag off yet another citizen who has filed a complaint:

We, the undersigned citizens of Ireem have witnessed an assault on our liberties and Freedom by one who should be protecting them - one knight Olaf (Darklord Trapdoor).
On this day 9-24-2010.
We petition our great and beloved Sultana to remove this blight upon our fair Ireem and restore it again to its natural state.

Journey Plutonian: I was a witness to him wrecklessly discharging a firearm into a crowd.
April Axel
Gaibrial Writer: I was imprisoned for days, after being defeated while trying to defend the innocent.

Please note that those are only the first few signatures. And April Axel is one of them. She informed me that she will be cutting ties with the Knights because of Olaf's actions. (Though to be fair, this has not yet been confirmed)

I've seen him capture prey's, fool around with said prey's before letting them go, take bribes, chase and attack innocent citizen's, Slander the other knights as well. You simply can't go around assuming everyone is a criminal before they do anything wrong. Journey, the woman Olaf attacked and tried to sell last night, had absolutely NO criminal record.

If it's acceptable for one Knight to take the law into his own hands and do as he sees fit, then consider this fair warning that I will do the same. And My intent is to bring Olaf down and out of the knights!

Pepper Monk
An Honorable Knight by day, and a force to be wreckoned with by night! "

Dear Ireem Chronicles,

As a citizen of Ireem, I am alarmed to see there have been 27 incidents of crime, violence and corruption in our city since 7 PM last night and not one call for a jury to try the criminal charged with the crime. What makes this sting me more than it might other citizens is that I spent from 3 pm SLT to 11:34 pm SLT last night trying to avoid arrest when I was not wanted for a crime.

At no time during this chase did I draw a weapon. I've been wearing a short Gladius for the rare incident when I chase a pickpocket or defend a woman friend, My assailant carried a Great Sword, but he must not have been profficient in its use as I only lost about a fifth of my blood throughout the ordeal and was retored to health by a couple roast chickens.
The Knight Incompentius in Question is one Olaf (Darklord Trapdoor) and claims to have been in Ireem only 12 or 13 days. He is a known owner of slaves though this was against the Code when I first came to the Kingdom. What his vendetta against me might be he has not clearly stated. Cherche La Femme? I doubt it.

I had seen the uncouth character and heard a few reports of unsavory behavior a few days before my first encounter with Olaf. I had the impression he was anything but a knight.
Walking outside the gate, I was called upon by a woman named Pepper to come help a knight. My friend Avery Allegrant was on duty that night and feared it might be she who need assistance. I was met by the sight of the brutish thug Olaf bleeded on the floor. He objected to my presence, accusing me of crimes for which I'd recieved punishment and paid all fines for . After I had healed him, he threatened to arrest me for "Trepass." I decided to have naught to do with the man in future.

Two days later, I met my mentor and sponsor as Magi KCEE Congretio on the corner Olaf stood at my side blocking KC's path. I stepped aside, but Olaf made threats to KC, when she was not cowed, Olaf chased me to the Arabesque when I took refuge in a safe spot. He admited there were no warrants on me.

After this event, a sympathiser told me that Olaf had kept a slave while serving as a knight and had committed rape in the Bathhouse. (witnessed by Kal-Bokuden Fall). Similar gossip came my way, but witnesses would not come forward.

The nex night, The Knights Avery Allegrant and Pepper Monk were attacked by One Flea within the Knights HQ, Yannena Homewood and I attempted to help. After the conclusion of this affair, Olaf, Darklord Trapdoor, arrived at KHQ and threatened to arrest me for Trespass if I did not pay him a 40 Dinar bribe. Avery intervened, her argument with Olaf providing cover for Yannena and I to escape as Olaf did not desist in his attempt to collect the fine after the more senior asked him to stop.

At 3pm SLT, Monday September 20th, I entered the Physician's office to visit Dr. Yannena Homewood. When I arrived Meya Silverfell was also present. The doctor was under attack by a hyanea commonly known about town as One Flea. Ms. Silverfell fled the scene. I proceeded to try and calm the beast by offering it scraps of meet I had on me.
The Knight Olaf ordered the animal to attack me. Being a wild hyena, not a dog trained to obey human command, One Flea did not attack.
The Knight demanded i surrender to him for arrest. Knowing I had committed no crime since last being falsely accused by this very same Olaf, I invoked the Right of Sanctuary. I asked what crime I was being charged with, no answer was forthcoming, but another demand I surrender. I explained the Right of Sanctuary and again I reminded him I had committed no crime and was not wanted.
The meaning of the Right of Sanctuary slowly dawning in the dark and empty void within Olaf's thick skull, he proceeded to make camp outside the Physician's Office. Dr. Homewood, a gifted and powerful magi as well as a skilled healer, used Magic to transport me to a safe place.
Yannena Homewood proceeded to Knights HQ and reported the attack One Flea had made upon her to Smooth Citreon. While there she looked to the Knights' "Wanted" Board and confirmed I was not on it.

At 7 pm slt on Monday Septemeber 19, I awoke from a meditative state and returned to the city of Ireem where I searched out the companionship of Yannena Homewood and Andre Suen. He joined them on the 2nd floor balcony of the Slave's Head Inn where in a fit of whimsy, the three climbed on top of the awning. Merry making ensured. Andre leaves and the couple are joined by Aiyana Hawker.

At 10 pm SLT the group is assaulted by the Knight Olaf who drops down on them with Great Sword drawn. He demanded my surrender, but failed to inform me on the crime I was accused of. I knew I'd paid my time and bribes to the Kinghts for all recent crimes, and so refused arrest.
"Don't make me hurt you," Olaf threatened. "But I have hemmarrhoids and you so big" I quiped. "Its inevitable."
"Drop your sword!" said Olaf despite my sword being in its sheath and was a Gladius carried only for basic protection.
I prudently disobeyed. Olaf at this point swung wildly with little to no aim or skill. I tripped over Aiyana's big combat boots and plunged into the channel below. I would remind the reader, I had not draw a weapon on Olaf to date and did not at this time.
Olaf leapt into the water and churned the water with his sword as if doing laundry while in the midst of a hissy fit. Three strokes of the blade happened to hit me with all the force of a frequent masturbator. Despite these back scratches, I climbed the stone embankment and stood on dry land.
Seeing me in the simple act of standing, Olaf did flee down the hall. With an ally-possibly Ehson Miles.

Four travelers - Ryla, Lupus Zuta, kijani Scorpi and Ninxy Hansen- found me and Yannena at the Slaver's Dock outside the Slave's Head Inn. Talk of the Attack and the Attacker ensued.
" ohh... I know him we spar'd with him me and my mate, " the mermaid Ryla stated. " Yea caught him roughing up some guy by the backer for robbering a woman's till.. I heard a rumor about that there being some guy who raped a woman and killed her and her newborn child."
" This knight seems to have a focused adgenda." Yannena surmised.
" Yes..." Ryla agreed " just becareful you too... that olaf guy seems a bit shady to me. he's gonna be on trial he keeps treating citizens that way."
Reluctantly, I decided I must rely on legal means if I were to have any peaceful commerce in the city. I would have to report the crime to the Knights themselves to see if their promises of just treatment of good citizens in upstanding status.
In a moment of kaniving and cunning I gave myself into captivity to my beloved to take advantage of the law protectiong property from violent attach. (The so-called 'Pussy Pact'.) Thus secure in my safety, I took the most direct path to the Knights' HQ and the Great Book of Criminal Complaint.

After only taking a few steps, I was surprised to see a woman of the lowest repute leap from a height to to the street before him. The crazed haste of her actions made me regard her as a potential threat, perhaps an employee of the corrupt knight Olaf. I sighed no relief seeing her charge off ahead of me for I saw she carried sheave upon sheave of old incident reports all marked with new ink- a sure sign of forgery and falsification in record keeping in my experience. She made it to the reporting station ahead of me and began making the false filings, refusing to yeild to my one simple, honest report.

Olaf came out of the safety of Knight's HQ, sword already drawn. He demanded my surrender, again refusing to state the charges and threatening me.
The knight seemed unaware that a crime must exist or at least be reported for an arrest to be made, Once the arrest of the suspect is completed, then the case proceeds to trial. The crime is not just made up after suspect is arrested. That a crime must be reported before it is investigated and an arrest made is pretty basic procedure.
"I'm just a Knight," Olaf sputtered when again I pressed to know what crime the knight would arrest him for. "The jury will make up a crime. You have to let the people judge you."
I managed to report Olaf's crime of attempted murder. Once the crime was reported, Avery Allegrant, the senior Knight in the land at the time, deemed to intervene on the side of law and order.
"Corum is not currently wanted for any crime," the Knight Avery stated.
"Ok let him sign the scroll then," Olaf continued his quest to see me jailed without cause. He turned his attention back to his chosen victim. "Arrest your self if there no crime."

" Sign it for what?" Avery asked her less experienced colleague."He has to BE on the board in order to sign the scroll." Olaf ifnored Avery's lesson and turned to me for one last trick, a plea for pity. "Please sign the thing so i know how this thing works" I declined and left the scene with a charge of Attempted Murtder by Olaf on report.

I was targeted for the better part of a week by a Knight who hadn't been trained in the basics of law and procedure. Newer Knights need more supervious and training before they are sent out and allowed to persecute innocent citizens which seems to be this knights Modus Operendi!

How can there be Justice in Ireem if those charged with dispensing and defending it, don't know or care about the basic operation of a Justice System? I beseech Milly, as this city's Shire Reeve and head of the knights, to find a way to make sure her new knights have the proper character and attitude to be actual knights, not just a gang of thugs who use the words "Law & Order" as cover for theft, rape and persecution.

On a personal lever, I was forced, FORCED to file criminal charges against one of the Order of Knight's hand-picked members. I feel it important that the Knights clean their own house. Olaf should turn himself in or the Knights should arrest him. He should stand triand and Justice should be served.
I suspect the charges will be swept under the rug and witnesses bullied and such persecution will continue.

This I can not allow!
Corum of Shadows, Chief of Thieves Guild.

Everybody, join the


at the slaves head inn,
sunday 26th September, noon SLT

Two persons will be locked up in a cage outside the inn.
Fight will be in training mode, KnuckleDuster.
Winner goes to next round. (knock out system)

Prices, for place one, two and three
- an amount of 500 dinar
- a pretty slave-girl
- two goats

Signing in:
By sending an message to Am Demina, or just show up at 11.45 SLT


Come and participate !

Am Demina


A second Ireemian Merchant has accepted the protecton of the Thieves' Guild of Ireem. After being shaken down for "Protection" by the Undead Ragnar, Ruxia Zuta turned to the Guild for real assistance against rackets and petty thieves.
"We'll catch anyone who even tries to steal from the Tavern" explains Chief of Thieves Corum of Shadows."We sell the thieves to cover expenses and make a small profit. The profit will go to help for a legal defense fund and a charitable fund for injured guild members."
"The Guild offers real protection," Corum growled, then thought further on his actions and pounded the table. "We do not appreciate pale imitation by commno street thugs."

KoS Champion Tournament
Saturday, September 25th at 12pm SLT

Here's your chance to prove you're the best of the best!
Prizes: G$2000 plus a one second safe zone for the winner's group.

Challenge matches to follow if there is interest.
Please send a scroll to Una Flux if you wish to sign up for the day's events.

Rules of Champion's Tournament: Default weapons only. Random pairings will be determined before the Tournament begins. If there is an odd number of participants, the losers will brawl for a second chance.

Rules of Challenge matches: Both participants must agree to the fight and agree on weapons. If the fighters cannot agree, Una will choose the weapons. Of course, the rest of us can bet and taunt!

Una will be in the Arena on the day of the Tournament at 11:30 SLT to start taking entries. No entries will be taken after 11:55. Fighters not in the Arena by 11:55 will not be added to the random pairings list. *cracks the proverbial whip* Please contact Una to sign up early!!

Join us At Midnight to welcome in Sunday at the Fatted Calf. Our New Musician Zack Raleigh will be hosting the midnight madness, playing his own style of music which is sure to get your feet tapping. Welcome Sunday in style at the Calf and dance away the wee small hours.

Come Join us at the Fatted calf where good food and good company are guaranteed.

Alina Furuseth

Today we recieved information about the priest Ashrah Jaxxon and his beloved undead girl Caraya Beeswing performing a black mass in our holy temple ! Yes dear citizen ! These are indeed shocking news ! What happened ? Miss Namira Scarfould, captured and brought to the temple, got tied up in there to be part of a bloody ritual.

Priest Ashrah and his beloved cut her arms and nearly bled the poor Namira to death, as they "collected" her fluids, just to cover the ground with it later ! My source is an anonymous one, as this person is too afraid to speak freely. Still under shock what she witnessed she gave me a drawing she made and told me " This is one of the most horrible scenes I ever saw ! I mean, a priest ! A man who should praise the god of goodness and light, Zin Ra ! What is he doing in there ???"

Good question, dear Ireemians ! Can we really allow a priest to perform a black mass in our holy temple ? The knights should investigate this as quick as possible ! Until then, be warned and look out for the so called priest and his wife ! Lets pray to Zin Ra these evil happenings come to an end soon !

Salaam people from the underground from Ireem !

Since the sea gave new land arround Ireem, the "Sea Witch" cannot sail out anymore so easily.
Therefore the "Sea Witch" will be open for all the underground people from Ireem. This ship will be a partyship for all the Slavers, Thiefs, Killers, Demons, Drunks and Partyanimals !

You are welcome to trade your stolen goods on the ship like: rum, jewels, slaves, food, gold etc. !

Slave girls may only enter the ship topless or naked and they will entertain all the guests with their dances and the grace and beauty ! You are also free to rape your slaves or let them rape.

When you like to make love privately, you can take the little boat back to the land, there is always a fireplace in a hidden place waiting, where you can enjoy yourselves under the stars and listening to the sounds of the sea!

For the ones who have a slave or a prisoner, there is enough room to put them in one of the luxury cages.

Knights will not be welcome on the "Sea Witch" under normal circumstances, if they do I will for sure give them a very warm welcome ! *looks at his axe when he writes the letter to the paper*


Greatings, Glenn "Crazy" Graves

P.S.: There will be plenty of the best (stolen) rum for you !

Thieves Guild - Fatted Calf Agreement

Corum of Shadows, Chief of the thieves Guild of Ireem, has agreed his organization will protect the Fatted Calf from robbery and mischief. Thieves Guild members will wear Fatted Calf badges when the capture, torture and self anyone attempting to steal fom the Restaurant. The Guild will not take failure into account when making captures and judgments. 'Nuff Said!

Corum McConaught

Rogue's Rebuttal

Citizens of Ireem, there have been claims that The Chronicles has printed lies and half truths! While the staff at The Chronicles stands by all their stories, we never the less feel the need to put these rumors to rest. In an effort to smooth this situation we offered to print a statement from Rogue, telling his side of the events. The following is that statement in its entirety and unedited...

Most recently in the chronicle was an article which stirred a bit of sensation. While the press has always searched for titilating tales and stories to grab headlines, I never expected to be front and center of such. While there are a few kernals of factual information within the article, I take umbrage at the article as a whole. To at least provide my accounting as a counterpoint, allow me to state the following:

I did indeed investigate the harem. This was prior to any knowledge of the possibility to enter into the sevice of the Sultana herself. What man within the sands has not at least been curious about the harem and quite a few of the lasses as well? As to bein spotted by a certain female reporter and chased from the area? This is made of whole cloth. On the day I was in the harem it was empty. As I looked for an exit I was greeted by the Mermaid queen and escorted out with some severity.

As to coming into a title within the palace. This was handled with complete integrity. Any insinuation of anything illicit is in the minds of the reporters. I fer one have never so much as shook hands with the Sultana let alone have any intimate knowledge of any of the court with the inclusion of the harem lasses. Have I ever attempted to charm a lass? Guilty. Did I present meself in me most charmin fashion to the Sultana and her staff to begin with? Again I admit to guilt there. Beyond that I have done nothing untowards in me dealings within the court.

- Rogue Idlemind

Now as to his claim regarding the Sultana we will have to take his word for it as the palace has so far not released a statement.
I would like to point out however that in his own statement Lord Rouge admits to breaking into the Harem. A crime that just today Namira Scarfould was put on trial for. Are we to understand that the laws of this great city do not apply to the privileged lords of the palace!?
The Chronicles calls for the immediate arrest of Lord Rogue for the crime of breaking into the Harem prior to his position allowing it. If there is any justice in this city let the people decide his fate.

Dear readers and citizen of Ireem !

Her Highness, the Sun of Ireem, Sultana Zanlu Heron, wishes to invite all of Ireem for a Gala Ball, on Saturday, September 18th at 1 p.m. SLT. The DJ will be Ireem's favorite DJ, Falconer Maltese, to play all our favorite songs. The ball will be held on Isle of Mer on KOS2. The Sultana hopes to see all of Ireem there!

Elysa Swansong
Royal Scribe to Her Highness

Recently while walking through the city Dinky and I happened to come across Rogue Idlemind as he chatted up a young lady near the arena. Dinky and I stopped and wormed our way into the conversation, as we always do, just hoping we would finally find a story worth writing. And did we ever!

At some point the conversation turned to the Harem and Rogue began to chuckle with a knowing look. Being the good reporters we are, Dinky and I were able to get him to tell the story.

It seems Rogue has a curious nature, and he set off one day to satisfy that curiosity where the Harem was concerned. Casually and quietly he snuck into the palace and located the room directly above the Harem. Using a rope attached to a large hook he climbed down to the Harem window and swung inside.

Despite the best efforts of both Dinky and myself, we were unable to get him to confess to stealing anything while he was there. He swears that he just had a look around and that the Harem was empty. At this point I noticed Dinky was fidgeting from foot to foot. Curious about her behavior I gave her my best “You had better tell Master what your thinking!” look.

She admitted that she knew about this incident already. It seems she was taking an afternoon stroll through the palace gardens when she heard a loud banging noise inside the palace. Being the curious little girl that she is she had to go investigate. The pounding was coming from the Harem doors so she leaned close to hear what the cause of this disturbance was.

Without warning Rogue burst out of the Harem, shocked to find Dinky standing in the hall. My little Dinky, being brave as any Knight, stood her ground and chased Rouge away. She admitted to me she didn’t tell me about this because she afraid she would get in trouble for being there is the first place. I can assure you she was properly punished for this. *grins*

Now you might think this is the end of the story, but this is just where it gets interesting! At the time this incident and conversation took place Rouge was a slaver. As you may know Rogue has sense been given a title and position within the palace itself!

When Dinky and I heard that Rouge was now “Lord Rouge” we sought him out to get the details of how this came about. We asked him directly how he came by his title and his response was “The Sultana is a woman and I am Rouge.” effectively claiming carnal knowledge of our Sultana!

Good readers I have been by the Knights head quarters and seen the most wanted board. There are two people wanted for breaking into the Harem. Neither of them is Lord Rogue. This incident raises several questions….

* Is the Harem secure and the girls safe if at least three people have already broken into it?

* Did the Sultana really give Rogue his title personally in return for sexual favors?

* Is this a love story with a new Sultan in the making? Or was the Sultana merely using him for pleasure?

Whatever the case may be dear readers you can be sure we here at The Chronicles will stay on the story and bring you any further news.

Time for a new sexy page three model ! Over and over requested, we run out of models now. So we hereby ask all brave citizen to come and let us portrait you for one of the next issues ! How is it working ? You send us a drawing of you (Men fully naked, Women at least topless ) or ask me, Dinky Wingtips to do a portrait of you in the sands. Then you will get the Questions to fill out and return to us. That's it ! You just have to read the paper then, and one day you will find yourself in it !
Our todays model is Miss Brittainy Collins and her alter ego Aine. Obviously they could not come to an agreement, who will be the main model, so they both answered our questions:

Question: "What turns you on?"
Brittainy: "Music, men with strength and intelligence, a great sense of humor and the ability to laugh at once self."
Aine: "COOKIES!! Dollies, dollies roll on sands. Arms fall off. *turns to britt* I play with dollies now? She a dollie? "
Brittainy: "No! Dinky is not a dolly you can not take Dinky's arms off now shush!"
Aine: "Your always so mean to me! I want to play!"

Question: "What turns you off?"
Brittainy: "The color orange, talking penises"
Aine: "When the knights hide my cookies!!"
Brittainy sighs and rolls her eyes

Question:" If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?"
Brittainy: "Oh hmm, well the list is quite long so I guess I would have to start with my family because as we know Incest is best within the family. As all know us undead are known for our weekly orgies and fetishes. So maybe i should start handing out tickets?"
Aine: "Gnomes!!"

Question:"Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?"
Brittainy: "Kiss Loon "
Aine: "Gnomes!!"

Question:"Tell us something embarrasing about yourself."
Brittainy: "Something embarassing about me? Eeks. Well I am a pretty open book. I guess my family knows me best. Umm the most emberassing thing about me personally is that I write poetry. "
Aine: "I like Gnomes..."
Miss Aine:

Miss Brittainy:

Dear Ireemians !

The Palace is looking for new Princes and ! You will think now: What ?? I thought you are a noble by birth only ? Wrong ! The Sultana herself does have the ultimate power to promote you !

Tired of gratuitious warfare and chasing preys? Come and introduce yourself! The palace is seeking men to be royal princes and nobles! Come live in the lap of luxury, associate with high ranking ladies of the Royal Court, enjoy the dances and skills of the lovely harem girls! Humor is a plus! Contact the Royal Scribe, Elysa Swansong, if you wish to join the growing roleplay within the Palace.

Lady Elysa
By Order of Her Royal Highness, Sun of Ireem, Zanlu Heron

Editorial note: In my personal opinion, the ladies of the Harem are bored and begged for some male nobles to.....play with ! But that is just the personal opinion of this humble writer, so don't take this as an information based on the truth, please. Like normally, we of course ONLY bring the absolutely unbiased truth in this paper !

Citizens of Ireem come and share a part of your history and help us bring the past to life.
The Library has unearthed the Lebor Arque Encyclopedius, that outlines the history of these shifting sands.

Come sit and read a while, and think upon whence you came. Where you hailed from and how is fits into our history.

Did you hail from the sands of Samhara,the lands of the Keltoi, the Norska, perhaps the Anuki or something that walks between the worlds as is whispered of in the Encyclopedius. Please take a moment and peruse the tome, for there is much that we can learn from your history.

Welcome to the Library's Writing Challenge!
Your task if you choose to participate is to fit a piece of Ireem or the surrounding lands history into your own and share it with us. Please use the historic outlines made available by the Lebor Arque Encyclopedius in the Library. The tome is located under the map on the scribal desk

In service Clotho (Niobe Flux), keeper of the scrolls.

Please submit your back story to Niobe Flux (Clotho) no later than October 3rd Midnight SLT. Winning entry will be featured in The Chronicles and given 500G$. If there are not enough submissions the contest will be closed and consolation prizes will be handed out to those who submitted an entry.
Your back story should be tied to some part of the history outlined in the Encyclopedius. This will help to further enrich the worlds as we know it. Minimum word count is 500 words, there is no maximum count.

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