Fair Prices in Ireem ?

Today I found an anonymous scroll on the floor of the Chronicles office. Reading it, I thought this might be interesting for the citizen of Ireem, especially the business owners ! But read for yourself:

Life has become expensive in the last days:
40 Dinars for simple Dates at the Food stall, 25 Dinars for a Hejira at the Good knights tavern or
40 Dinars for beer at the Slavers headquarter !
If you dont want to let the shop owners become millionaires, while our coins vanish faster than we are able to gain them, then join us! The ~Ireems Robin Hoods~ !
We fight for fair prices in Ireem, so all you greedy shop owners, be warned! "

The scroll was not signed, it seems to me, that the person who slipped it under the door was in a big hurry. The questions are:
  • What exactly is this group going to do against the price politics of the shop owners ?
  • Will they be succesful in their fight ?
  • And who the hell is this citizen Robin Hood ? I've never heard of him before, but I will for sure keep my eyes open !


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