As the elections narrow down, we hear from Antar (bero Kingmaker) of the Bedouin, with his words on his journey to become leader.

Unlike many who discovered Ireem in their travels, Bero is a life long resident being born in the deserts of Ireem. He is the descendant of generations of brave and respected Bedouin fighters. In his words, "I am true to the core Bedouin."

He has seen many generations of bedouins develop as great thinkers and healers becoming the foundation of this great land.

Tragically, Bero watched his own father get killed by the slavers many years ago. Already showing his leadership ability, he proudly leads the clan of his father now, the "Ben kouraish" clan. They are known for their pride as true bedouin and for accepting all bedouin brothers and sisters, considering them as one with their clan.

Having fought in many battles with the undead and the slavers, Bero was injured many times, saying "I have spilled my blood on the sands of Ireem all my life." Most recently, Bero played a part in beating back the undead when they launched a sneak attack on the city. He recalled, "I saw them coming, with strength of number, and with hatred in their eyes. Observing them threatening the knights of the city, I gathered a group of citizens to help subdue them. Although a battle ensued, we were able to prevail against them, sustaining many injuries but achieving the ultimate goal as proud inhabitants of this sand."

It has been a lifelong ambition of Bero's to unite the Bedouin clans. He has observed that the Bedouins of the deserts of Ireem have" lost their way in the sand." He has seen a growing lack of respect for the Bedouins that has made them vulnerable to outlaws. He sees it as vital that the Bedouins regain respect and reinforce the values that they have been taught and lived by for generations. If elected leader of the Bedouins, he plans to focus on unity between the bedouin clans.

Speaking directly to the voters he says, "If you want a leader who truly cares about your well being before his own, then vote for me and trust that you will be in good hands."

The staff at the Chronicles are happy to share this occasion passed to us from Dr. Anna.

Be it known to all citizens of Ireem:

Scalia (arian beresford) gave live birth to triplet girls on this day of October 23, 2011 in the following order:

Desi at 12:30pm
Jessie at 12:51pm
Scalia at 1:14pm

In attendance were the father Kingcool, Nightmare Rain performing security, Patience as assitant, and Dr. Anna and Kai Aviatik performing the delivery procedure.


After the voting, we are pleased to bring you this statement from the new owners of the Blue Lagoon Cafe.

Salaam Citizens of Ireem!

The Blue Lagoon Cafe is now under a new management! Thanks to all the good people that trusted in me and went there to vote. My co-manager, the beautiful Azar Elkayam and I will make sure to offer a good entertaining service to our beloved citizens of Ireem and Kashkar.

Here our presentation for the new management:

The Blue Lagoon Cafe is just the place to relax and have an enjoyable time day, and especially night.

Nestled in the heart of Kashkar, here you will find a warm, and comfortable place, away from the chaos of the city.

At the Blue Lagoon Cafe you will have the opportunity to taste one of the best menus of the region, created by one of the best chefs in Ireem. Please sit down and relax while our servants bring you our flavorful food, fit for the gods.
You may come with friends to dance with, or even better that especial someone....Our gracious dancers (Raq'aaƧa) and talented musicians (Mot'reb) are the some of the most skilled in the region, and will make sure you have a memorable experience

Every week we will hold an event which will shake Karshka from its lethargy, so please join our group to receive updated info, or to ask for a magic carpet to bring you here from the city through the desert. ( ~Blue Lagoon Cafe~ SL group )

Our main goal is to make the Blue Lagoon one of the most enjoyable places to be in Ireem, thus we ask for you to follow these rules:
unless you have authorization from management:

- Weapons are not allowed, leave them in guarantee by the door
- No capture in the cafe
- No theft
Please note: The Blue Lagoon is protected under many watchful eyes. All theft will be reported to management and thoroughly dealt with. You have been warned.

Whatever the reason of your visit, we guarantee you a pleasurable visit in a welcoming environment served by our gracious staff.

Sincerely yours,

Mea'aallema el Kebira, Stella Theseus

Moudira, Azar Elkayam

NEXT EVENT: Opening Event: Sunday 30.oct.2011 ~ Live Music ~

Opening promotional prices
Wine: G$ 10
Fruits: G$ 5

NOW HIRING (Registration scroll for active staff group in the board at the cafe entrance)
Others - please contact manager or co-manager for more info

To all good pirates!

Over the past three years I have bled for my kind. I have seen us go from a strong tight knit group that fights together, captures together, and drinks together to the state we're in now. The family days are dead. We are so spread across the board from piss poor leadership and weak noob fighters that it's time to cut out the fat and unite. I say "Fuck the clans!" I'm tired of no one getting the protection and respect that we deserve. The Djinn are the strongest race with one of the smallest turn outs of people in their group. The reason for this is that Indigo leads with an iron fist. They have one clan, the misfits, and everyone is on board. Don't vote for me if you want the same state we're in. I will demand unity in the harshest way...

Yours truly,

Nento Rae.

Vote Cathereine Night for The Fatted Calf!


Do you like to actually do more than eat and drink when you go to a tavern?
Do you want to party and have a good time for once?

Then vote in Cathereine Night for The Fatted Calf and let the party begin!

My name is Cathereine and I am newer to Ireem but rest assured this will not be the last you hear of me. I have many friends who have come before me and indeed they are one of the main reasons I have come. I am told that fighting and slave trade is nearly the only things many do anymore and I would like to liven things up a bit with some interesting events at the tavern.

I ask that you vote for me, and allow me to do more than feed you and collect your gold as the other candidates surely plan to do. Lets get the party started!

Jigoku Magic for Fatted Calf Owner!

I know what you're thinking... Where have you been, Jig? And the answer is simple. I've been traveling the globe for the newest and best recipes. Aye that's right, Jig here is a foodie. I've brought back many spices from my travels and have a new spin on old recipes. IF you vote for me to be the next owner of The Fatted Calf, I won't let you down!

I'm back and here to stay...

and remember, if you don't vote for me... I'm a slaver and I have a lot of friends *taps her nose*

The Ireem House Of Pleasure is looking for one good Man, or Woman.

Due to the untimely demise of the last co-master. Darth one eye ( jeb ) .. there is a vacancy in management.

Are you a sexually open minded person.. that gets pleasure from helping others find there's?

Are you able to host classes in various subjects that the IHOP supports? ...such as:

How to be pleasing ... How to be an effective slave owner.. the difference between being a Submissive, and a slave.

We are looking for that person with a lil something extra..

Oct 22 at 13:00 we will be accepting applications for the position of Co- Master or Mistress of the house.

*** this position MAY become a permanent one if prior co-owner's PC issues are unresolved****

Master of the House
Bhaiyen Cvercko

Greetings Magi of Ireem, citizens, and other entities named or otherwise,

I am Peter Gunther Hausmann the Sixth, current Administrator of the Tower of Magi. In interest of pursuing my continued position of Magi Leader, I am writing to endorse my candidacy of Magi Administrator, and defend against the various attacks made upon me concerning my time in the tower.

When I was elected to me Magi leader, I established myself as a diplomatic and speaker for the Magi, providing regular reports of Magi events to the Sultana, while acting as her advisor on all things Magi related. For the rest of the Magi, I was a permissive leader, believing that the Magi are not children, they do not need to organize under any common banner, as such a banner does not exist. Having been an academic Magi for quite some time, I can tell you that the dividing lines between individuals even within the same field can make colleagues into sworn enemies. Trying to get any number of such individuals to agree on anything is often akin to occular surgery. So, I chose to let the Magi do their job, so long as they did not cause any problems with each other. When they did, I would step in and deescalate the situation, occasionally even landing myself in a spot of trouble with the knights for my loyalty to my colleagues.

As such, the Magi did the same they had always done- provided services to the city that hosted them, and lived their lives without anyone telling them what to do, think, or be engaged in. I was unaware that anyone was unhappy with this arrangement, which was why when a call for a new election was made, I was shocked to say the least. I had been busy with temporal distortion experiments, employing a Thostra crystal apparatus that uses kautrantic fossnau arrays that establish leading Bossamear waves, and needless to say I was quite busy with that project. I would occasionally vanish for a few days at a time, but left the tower in the capable hands of my assistant, the Djinn Amana, who I had in a gesture of goodwill towards our magic-blooded population, trained in the basic day to day running of the tower. All was well until I reappeared only to find my lab ransacked and my assistant missing. That was the beginning of a long and unpleasant affair that ended up with the Magi establishing a defensive state concerning the undead in the city.

Following that event, I realized I could no longer slip through time as I saw fit, but must take a more active approach in city affairs. I have since been a frequent visitor at the palace, providing counsel to the Sultana, and a more active participant in city affairs, and letting any Magi I met know that my door is always open to any concerns.

Many have attacked me, claiming they did not even know who I was, or that I did nothing for the Magi. I counter with this- I sent out many letters to the Magi who aligned themselves with the Tower's official ley network. If I did not know one's address, or that they were a Magi, how would I go about letting them know of my concerns? As for the belief that I was a poor leader and did nothing to help the Magi, I rebuke that with any number of instances where I came to a Magi's aid, or collaborated with fellow Magi to remedy a problem. Others have claimed I did not take care of new Magi. If I had known Magi fresh to the town needed my assistance, I would have taken measures to see that this happened, but again, I had not heard any such concerns, and assumed that even the Magi new to the town were doing well. And, as I have said earlier, my door has always been open to Magi requiring assistance, and seeing as none approached me with any concerns, I assumed that there were none.

So how can I be blamed for not taking an active part in the Magi's life, when I did not know the ley addresses of all the Magi? How can I be blamed for not helping the Magi, when I was not made aware of any problems? How can I be blamed for not leading the Magi, when the Magi did not tell me they wished to be led? I have always felt that the Magi are a group of mature, intelligent people who do not need guidance or strong leadership. We are adults with our own agendas that can handle problems on our own, and if we need help, know how to ask for it. That is why I have been proud to call myself a Magi, as we are a group immune to hysteria, instead deferring to rationality and maturity.

If this is how you perceive yourself as a Magi, then vote me in for a second term. Vote for being allowed to follow your own agenda, and having a Magi Leader that does not interfere with your studies. Vote for a Magi who is not only a seasoned diplomat, but an active researcher in magical affairs. Vote for a Magi who believes you are an intelligent, responsible adult, and will treat you that way. Vote for a Magi who does not think you need to be led like a small child, but left to what is really important- Your own pursuit of Magic, and your freedom to do it without hindrance from any ruling group or party. That is what I have always felt is important, treating the Magi as a group of free thinking adults. So please, vote for me in the upcoming election.

Thank you,

Chronicles: So Zami. Maybe you would like to introduce yourself to those people who don't know you so well, since you have been away for a while.

Zamalie Core: Ok My name is Zamalie and I am a gypsy from a distance land across the sea. I like to play my instrument and do research in old scrolls to seek what has been lost during time. I am single but that is because that works best for me .

Thank you. So what do you consider as your biggest strength?

Honor. And i dont give up easilly.

Maybe you can tell us a bit about why you decide to stand for the Magi Leadership?

Yes i can tell that. Way back the tower worked for the sultan/sultana of Ireem and magi was highly respected. The magis was loyal and did many good deeds and in return we got the tower as our home and study. Today things are not right in the tower, some fractions does not support our dear sultana and has been heard saying they want another leader. None of those can of course become leader of the tower, the tower has to be loyal to the sultana and more than that. So, my goal is to restore the order in the tower.

That's very good. What is your vision for the magi as a group, if you become the leader?

We will have to go back three steps and find the path that leads right, then we will regain our honor and once again the sultana will seek answers from us.

What would be your priority for the Magi if you are to be elect as the next leader?

To improve as person and ones skills, to study hard and work even harder to serve the sultana.

Let's talk a bit deeper about this subject. You mention about serving the Sultana, so I am guessing that you will lead the Magi to the side of the City. What would you do to the Magi who might disagree with you about serving the Sultana?

Then they are of course free to leave the tower and the land and find a job elsewhere, the reason we got the tower was that we should be there and ready to serve.

I have asked around a little after i returned from my study trip, and i have not found many that are unhappy with the sultana but still some claims that people are unhappy, but its only a search for power by a handful who are walking the wrong path.

If we can't manage to get things straight perhaps our dear sultana finds another use for the tower? It's her right!

Does that mean you will expell those magi who openly working with the enemies or vocally against the ruling of our Sultana?

If they are caught working against the sultana with her enemies or vocally abuses her person or doing, i will have them removed if that is possible, if not we have other wasys to deal with rough magis.

That's very good to hear. How would you deal with the enemies of the Magi, and to certain extent, the enemies of the City? We know the Tower had been attacked by the Undead quite recently, for example.

We have possible allies out there and i will tie the band that was once broken also there are so many magis around now so it should be possible to defend f we organize things a little tighter.

What do you think your biggest challenge will be if you become the leader? And how would you deal with those?

The biggest challenge will be to get everyone pull in same direction, to support each other and share their knowledge. I will go as far as tighten the group together as a family and make them work together on that level. You know it's always easier to help your sister or brother than a stranger.

That's great. As a final thought, would you like to sum up your campaign with one last message?

I bring order to chaos!

The Chronicles managed to catch up with Shaka the Wild, who is running for the leadership of the Slavers. In this interview he shared with us some of his vision as well as some candid thought in and around the issue of the Slavers leadership


Chronicles: Even though you are one of the most famous, and perhaps infamous character in the city, sometimes it's hard to establish who is the real you from all these gossips and rumour. Maybe you would like to give us a few lines to describe yourself?

Shaka Brandris: Well ...I am sure most of people in Ireem have hear my name even once ,also every pirate here know who I am . I have been maybe one of the most old pirate here in Ireem .I have my high and low moments ...but even that i have always find my way through the sea fog and raise up myself looking in the future. I was being a second in command once ... before many years ,But trust me i never have lose that fire in me and I have prove that many times ,I have prove that Shaka have a honour even cruel man

Well I guess one of the question people would want to know is that not so long ago you were working with the palace and help us to defend against the Undead. What took you back to the slavers?

Hmm I think that working in the palace was challenge for me also i was there to prove that one of the most hated person in Ireem have more honour than most of that people who blame he .I have give my word to Lonesome and Shaka the Wild never broke his word I think I have prove this ...nut there also was a small deal. Let`s do not forget that this is in my blood ... and just this what is in my blood make me turn back as a pirate ... my soul need of freedom .. my temper make me do things that are not so "royal" I am man who have some hard moments to behave so was better for me and the Palace if I move back to my usual business

Understandable. I think it's easier to buy you drink when you are a pirate than a palace guard anyway. If you do become the leader of the slavers, what would be your priority to the pirate?

To unite them lead them standing on the front line ..I will never hide behind my pirates like some others do ... All knows that I am never scared ..never scared even to fall in battle ..and that`s the reason why most of people have fear or respect of me .I would show the way to all new slavers ... I would give them all trips and experience that i have got in years..about all old slavers ...I think most of them know my skills and also I hopes most of them already stand behind me. I would give to all slavers this what belong to us, the glory.

Obviously, with so many different groups who are living in and around the desert, there will bound to be conflicts. We all know your fierce reputation, but what of you as a leader? Will you be leading your slavers into the war against the Undead, for example, should the group crosses path?

I am warrior ..but not a fool ..I will do not lead my slavers in something that we are not on way to win ... and talking about something so poor like this un-dead pussy creatures ... be sure that no one can`t step on my way ...even I need to deal alone with that.

I absolutely agree with your statement there, certainly none of them are brave enough to step out of their hole and come up to this level and speak to us. On a slightly different note, what would you think the most difficult challenge of leader the slavers, and what would you do to deal with those challenge

I think the most hard job for me would be to unite all slavers ... to make them look in one direction and do not mess up in each other business ...or if there is something with what they need to deal to make it in some discreet way .. I wish to make us look like strong unite and make all bow their head when slavers walk on streets .. i would lose to see that and how I would deal with that ? If i need to be honest I don`t know ..only the time will show ...I know that many would laughs at me because i don`t give some promises ...but if those people even know Shaka a little bit they must agree that Shaka never give empty promises ... only weak and poor people love to shows that they always know how to make things in best way

What would you describe your leadership style? Would you be ruling with an iron fist or would you try a different kind approach?

I have always say that there is nothing more i important that loyalty and respect ... I will rule with respect ..but also there would be no mercy for those who try to ruin this what i build

What about to outsider? Can you see yourself having a drink with the leader of the Bedouin or the Undead, for example?

Probably not . At least not before they all come and bow and paid their respect to us ... in other case we would force them claim that the past i have seen many leaders that was enough stupid to treat us bad ..and they have pay i high price for that ... so I am sure if those are clever enough they would always look back in a history and learn from there

It's good to have you here today, Shaka. Would you like to sum up your campaign with one statement?

No true pirate will allow anything or anyone to come between what is theirs. Elect me as your leader and fight by my side. Reclaim what is rightfully ours.

Candidate statement from Am Demina



Well, we may think different about things happening in Ireem, but one thing all have in common: we love our city! Ireem is a beautiful place to live in.
And where did Ireem earn its prosperity from ? well, I can tell you: Slavery !
Slavery is the basic business of Ireem. The pillar Ireem stands on. Slavery brought traders to Ireem, made royalties come to our city and attracted both the good and the evil to wander around here. Slavery made our city to its high standards.
And who did supply this all? Right, we did, the honest and hard working slavers.

As a leader I will make sure everyone understands this matter. I will propose laws to encourage slavery; I will organize our respected profession to make slavers a major force in our beloved city.

Slavers rule Ireem ! Vote for Am Demina !

Candidate statement from Ehson

Ehson Miles moved to Ireem a little more than 4 years ago, he became a Bedouin and remained that ever since, many came, many offered, many bribed to change his loyalty to another clan. The young bedu never left his ground never gave up never surrendered.

Slowly but surely he starting protecting his family and friends, he defended his tribe, he protected the weak. There were times he had to prove that in arena by winning championships.

He became a warlord, by the blessing from his elders, April showered her guidance and encouragement, his tribe members supported him at times of need.

The Bedouin Shall rise again!!, The new leadership will provide freedom, independence and the right to express themselves. No Leader has the right to dictate, nor shall it be. A leader needs to earn respect not force it.

Directions, codes and are only restricting the proud members to express themselves, all proud bedus are well aware of what they can and probably would not do. The leadership should provide guidance and assistance to new members.

There is one code only and that will be enforced only, ALL are one. One for all and all for one. And that’s it. “We will never surrender, Never give up”


The lovely Magi, Kai Aviatik, is a candidate to be the lead Magi of Ireem. The Conronicles sat down with Kai to find out more about this already beloved citizen of Ireem.

Kai grew up in another land far from Ireem and tells a fascinating story of her journey to Ireem. In her words, " I grew up in another land far from Ireem. The Shaman of my people sent me to seek out the "Trail of the Ancestors" in order that I could further hone my skills as an Empath. The Shamen recognized that if I experienced new magic and new spirits in others lands, I soon could become very powerful in my skills. I travelled alone in the open and wild deserts for the greatest part of my life, before happening upon Ireem."

For those who are uninformed, as this reporter was, an Empath represents a small breed of Magi who are able to actually see into the soul of another being. Kai explains, "What you feel... an Empath can feel! Be it mental pain, heart pain or pain of the physical body. The Empath has the unique ability to actually take on the emotions and the spirit of another. We will cry when you cry. We will be ill when you are ill. We will bleed when you bleed. This is where an Empath has the unique ability to heal as an Empath will connect to your soul and inherit your pain, your illness or your injury, removing it from your body and taking to their own. This does not come without a price though ... as taking on the injury or illness of another weakens an Empath desperately."

Speaking in general about the life of a Magi, Kai reflects, "Ah yes. the life of a magi is many faceted. The true magi has a very free spirit and will always seek out paths that they know suit them best. This helps ensure each magi is able to focus on their own specific disciplines."

In terms of her experiences here in Ireem, Kai shares a couple that stand out in her mind, " I have been fortunate to have experienced some of the finest things of Ireem! Things such as seeing Anna come back to us when she nearly lost her life, as well as festive events such as the time myself and my dance sisters were personally asked to dance for the Royal Wedding! That was a glorious event to be sure!"

Kai talked of her skills as an Empath in Ireem when she said, "Through these skills I practice the seeing and healing of souls and spirits and on occassion, depending on the severity of the illness or injury, have healed their bodies as well."

It is Kai, who Dr. Anna seems to call on to deliver the babies of Ireem. Of this Kai says, "I have been fortunate to have been the attendant of a number of births here already. In my homeland, the women learn this very early. This is because most often our women will go off by themselves to have the babies, where they are silent and never cry out in pain. So each girl of our people learn this very early. "

When speaking of her desire to be the lead Magi of Ireem, a broad smile comes across her pleasing face, "Ahh.. well that's quite simple... because I understand the importance of each and every magi. I understand and believe in their freedom to seek the path each one chooses, that best suits them. Added to that, I know how important it is to help new magi discover the skills they have hidden deep inside themselves as well as helping them to learn about all the exciting things Ireem has to offer them! We already prove these caring values within our Illuminati clan. Each Illuminati is there to assist and care for each other, and it is very successful! We only look to expand this wonderful opportunity to all magi of Ireem so that they too can live the fullest life possible here in our lovely city!"

To be sure, Kai has already proven her leadership ability by creating and leading the Illuminati Clan, whose purpose it is to assist and/or mentor the Magi community of Ireem.

In closing Kai wants the citizens of Ireem to know, "Though citizens may not always "see" a magi about, we are always close by. So, if you should be so fortunate as to see a magi, do not be afraid to say Salaam!"

It has been my lifelong ambition to unite the Bedouin clans. If elected Bedouin leader, I would have the opportunity to turn that dream into reality. If elected, I would look forward to gathering all the leaders of the clans and asking their help to form a council of elders who will look after all the Bedouin issues through a democratic vote. It has been brought to my attention that we have lost our way on the sand. We are the original inhabitants of this land. Other groups take us for granted because we are not united. They go on rampage by kidnapping our women, raping them. They torture our lone fighters and our trade route has been jeopardized by outlaws. It is very hard keeping our values and I am unable to bear it any longer and know that I am the right person to lead the Bedouins to their rightful place, respected and prospering.

Dear Citizens of Ireem,

I would like to present a brief introduction explaining my application to manage the Blue Lagoon Cafe. As everyone probably know in some months I will resign the role of Bas Gedikli from the Sultana's Harem Royal to marry the noble Archon Sir Nino Al-Fares.

Therefore, I intend to continue the practice of organizing events to entertain the most refined tastes of this beautiful city and so I looked for a place the height of the task.

Visiting the nearby village while looking for a house outside the Palace, I discovered the beautiful cafe. Richly decorated in blue tones. I was really surprised to know that there was already in the city a perfect place for my future plans to increase the entertainment with music, bellydancing and good food and wine in town. This is a task I am willing to do, bring the best musicians and the most beautiful dancers to our future events.

Another factor that led me to try to manage the Blue Lagoon was the convenience of being near my future residence in the nearby village, which will enable my continued presence in the cafe.

For the future I see weekly events of music, dance and storytelling in view of the vast experience gained in my role as head odalisque in the royal harem.

So I would ask your help to make this dream possible, going to the location and writing your vote in me by the book in front of the cafe.

Thank you and I hope see you all soon in the masquarede ball next saturday!

Bas Gedikli, Stella Theseus

FEATURE: Dr. Lurvless #2

The Second installment of Dr Lurvless. Let's see what our doctor has to say this time... ...


The golden locks of her hair shined brilliantly against the gaze of Zin Ra, dancing to the tune of the wind along with her silken garb. Her brows matching her hair in color arched at a determined angle with determined purpose. Her fair skin wrapping itself taught against her small, but toned frame. Turning her head to look behind her as her small bare feet carried her through the streets of Ireem when as she turned forward again her eyes carried with them a glint fear. Even as the mid-day Sun bore down on the Kingdom of Sands, a time where most would find shade and keep cool the 'game' of chase still carried on.

Not long after I witnessed the chase there was a big commotion down the street corner. I assumed it was about the chase and went to take a look for myself, as such a thing shouldn't warrant so much attention. Slaver trade might be a detestable occupation, but nothing against the city laws, and oddly enough there aren't even laws protecting it's own citizens from random acts of violence for the purpose. However that is not part of this story. What transpired below was a commonplace now among these games of chase as I have observed through the years. After a 'prey' has been captured she is suddenly surrounded by her close friends, all of whom express their willingness to put down their life for her safety against the hunter, that is, unless she likes him and wants to be his captive. That's right folks, you didn't misread anything, slavery is now only by choice of the captive.

I find myself laughing at the idiocy of the whole thing, the people somehow tnow hink of slavery as some sort of game to be played with loved and desired people only. As if it's some part of a weird courtship rather than a trade and means to live by, the would-be slaves earning more power than their captives. These slaves would often complain that none of these men are capable enough to 'handle' them. Often I find them by themselves running their foul mouth against another, often threatening him with his life only to be chased and captured later. However that does not stop them, as if they place no value on their lives they continue to mock the man until collar is on their necks. Then they yell and scream for their friends. That is if they have not somehow telepathically communicated their distress already.

They dress like derelict whores, roaming the streets at all hours of the city looking for entertainment. Claiming they are not here for cock nor the thing that bears it, but they dress in revealing outfits claiming they want to look beautiful and enticing. I often wonder if they are delusional, risking their silken skins to the burn of the sun, their sensitive areas at the encroaching sands to look good. And for whom I ask, men who are interested in that would use them and leave them before the night is over, surely they are not looking for their prince in the darkest alley way after midnight either. No, they dress themselves like so to garner more attention from the next one over and so on and so forth. But they also garner it from those whom they do not wish, though that thought seems to not have crossed many of their minds.

Perhaps these women should dress for the things they want to appeal to rather than trying to one up each other. If that thing they want to be happens to be a slut then they shouldn't expect much more from the thing that would chase them, and should have no room to complain when captured. Because this isn't a fairy tale and Prince Charming is long dead, but if he were alive Princess Perfect wouldn't be wearing a collar nor would she show her goods to half the city before he came along.

The Dark Knight says he doesn't want that dirty thing either.

EVENT: Engagment Party

Please join us for an engagement party honoring
Dame Stella Theseus & Sir Nino Al-Fares
Saturday - October, 15 - 1 PM slt
Location: Palace
Theme: Rae and Luna myth
(formal attire required - Live DJ)

Our writer Pasha had brought you another installment of our Citizen of Ireem series. This time we are featuring the new owner of the Blue Parrot, Icy Aura


Icy Aura, the owner of the popular Priate's hangout, The Blue Parrot, recently celebrated, or shall we say survived, one year in the city of Ireem. In that relatively short time, she has become one of our most treasured citizens. However, the road as not been an easy one for Icy.

As Icy tells it, "When I first came to Ireem I didn't have any memory. I had been shipwrecked and floated on wreckage for awhile." As you can imagine, she was elated when she finally drifted toward land. However, confused and suffering from amnesia from her trauma, she appeared very shy and some thought somewhat cold, thus she was given the name of Icy.

Icy found kindness in several citizens of Ireem, many who have moved on but she acknowledges Velvet as being like a sister to her.

Initially, Icy fell to some additional misfortune when she was captured by pirates and had to see the dark side of Ireem as a slave. Later and to some regret, she conceded to join with the pirates but was known as the "kinder" pirate who was eventually elevated to the position of Captain of the DarkBlades.

Sadly, Icy suffered tradgedy when her husband was recently lost at sea in a terrible storm and presumed dead. As a result of her grief, she had to give up leadership of the DarkBlades and negotiated the merge of the 'Blades' with the AngryBrids clan of the Pirate known as Shaka.

For now, Icy has thrown herself into running the Blue Parrot and planning special events for her patrons. Her most recent event was the well received Auction where everyone had a great time. Her next event is a Halloween Costume Party on October 29th where prizes will be awarded to the Scariest/Strangest and Silliest/Funny Costumes. In Icy's words "I am proud and happy to be running the Blue Parrot. I have met many citizens of the city and look forward to providing fun and entertainment for those who visit us there."

Some may not realize it, but Icy is also an artist who paints the most beautiful images of Ireem's citizens. Don't hesitate to look her up for that service as well.

When pondering the possible improvemnts to the environment of Ireem, she says, "... well, the sandstorms are annoying but not much can be done about that. It would be nice if there were more dwellings built to accommodate the many new arrivals in Ireem as well as new businesses to service them."

In closing this lovely lady smiles broadly and says enthusastically, "I hope to see more citizens over at the Blue Parrot. We have beautifuil dancers and the best food and drink in Irem!"

FEATURE: Dear Granny......

More advises from Ireem's agony aunt..... Granny Robyn


Dear Granny..... I am a young bedu woman and I have met my current partner few months ago. He was a virgin when we first get together. When we used to fight, I told him about all the men that I have been with to make him jealous. I now realise I was wrong, and I know that I only care about him. He is extremely jealous and angry about it though even til now. Sometimes he still called me horrible names when we fight. What should I do to make it up to him?

Granny Tell him that he is immature and stop being a immature. All my men knew about my past sexual life, in fact most of them don’t last long enough for me to tell them everything. If he cannot accept that once upon a time you were a bit of a slut (Let’s face it, who isn’t?) when you were young, I would say you should just dump the immature idiot. Unless, of course, if he has a rather large tool. Then send him to me so I can teach him a lesson.


Dear Granny..... I am a young mother who had been through many terrible things. I can safely say I am the most unfortunately woman alive. I had experience every trauma that is, such as breaking a nail in the morning, dropping my trident on my foot in the afternoon, getting kick out of my clan because I had a baby with an idiot living underground, and get call all sort of horrible names by other people because my partner is an idiot. Things got really worse not when my idiot partner seems to be spending more and more time with his slaves and the women he hunted. Maybe it’s because I had a baby and he doesn’t enjoy sex with me anymore, or maybe he just like his new slaves more? To combat that, I have been seeing other men behind his back. I have even let myself to be captured and abused by some vile Bedouin man just so I can have some attention. But it is hard to live a life feeling so insecure that I need some random men to kidnap me in order to get some sex! What should I do? I don’t want to leave my idiot partner and the father of my child. Should I just kill all his slaves?

Granny Try offer him anal sex.


Dear Granny...... I have discovered that my badass undead husband has been spending time and night with another undead who seems to like male. Although my husband denied any infidelity. The other night when I came back home, I found him anally masturbating and screaming out his friend’s name. When I confronted him, he told me that it was just a phase, and ask me to have sex with him with a rolling pin from now. Do you think I should end this sham of a marriage now?

Granny Learn to enjoy it. Sex with rolling pin is more fun than you think. Trust Granny on that.


Dear Granny... a clan sister who is younger than me starts to follow me around recently and wear the same clothes, copy the way I speak and even trying some of my hobbies. I have discussed my concern with the Emir of my clan, but he seems to be more interested in getting us in bed instead. Other girls said I should be flattered. But I think that’s really creepy. I don’t want to start a conflict as I was told repeatedly that Bedouins should not fight another Bedouins. What should I do?

Granny Push the creepy bitch into the ditch the next time she cleans her camel. Problem solved.

COLUMN: Gossip Goats # 3

More gossip growing and blowing with the wind of ireem:

To be or not to be- that is the question.
which gender to be-
the innocent girl, dressed in silks or still the smelly slaver A has been all the time, what has become of him?
We saw a girl in pink silks.. was this really him?
Has he found his true self and discoverd his feminine side? Or was it just the will of the gods, creating some justice in ireem?
Or some sort of revenge from a dismissed lover?
Who knows..

But we know from a certain source that he was seen in stockings in the morning!
We can just guess what it must have been for a ermm .. special night!

Dear Ireemanias, too bad noone got his brushes out and saved this awesome moment.
From the latest news A got turned back.. a little advice for the next time for you, A , pink silks are so much last season!

XOXO you know you love us

~ GG

FEATURE: Dr. Lurvless

Another brand new feature for the Chronicles. Give it up to Dr. Lurvless.....

Good day everyone,

Dr. Lurvless here. While bathing the other day I couldn't help but overhear two women complimenting about each other's wears. Following up with how great each other's hair looked, then finally inquiring on how one put on their beautiful make up. My curiosity peaked, wondering what these Godesses looked like. I dared take a peak. To my surprise these women were mostly average looking, well average for Ireem. Slinking back to my tub I shook my head and wondered what was going on. "Perhaps I missed something" I thought to myself. Hearing their giggles still as they idly talked I peered out again to make sure I wasn't mistaken. I was sorely disappointed to find that I wasn't mistaken. Average.

The next few days I spent pondering about the situation at hand, my ears seemed to now tune in more to these conversations. Seemed like girls everywhere are doing it, complimenting each other to mediocrity. I am not saying that I would not stick my tally whacker in these girls, nor do I not find myself staring at some of their features from time to time. I am merely saying that most of them would just remain an afterthought to me. Surely they all have great personalities too, very important if you like relationships!

But lets focus for a minute on that first impression, then you know all the other physical impressions that follow. Simply finding all the most spectacular (or expensive) clothing and throwing it on yourself after spending countless hours on the latest hair style will not make you stand out. It's all about how you put them together and make it work. The most beautiful girl in the crowd could be the one with the least amount of above average qualities, but know how to put them together so that she is not another set of tits in the crowd.

If the girls can't even get the basics down how could they even think to go for the exotic look? Sure, you can have a bunch of great features but since none of them work together, they will be fighting each other for my attention. So, before you dye your hair, paint your nails, have a magi increase your bust, empty out your husband's wallet make sure what you are doing will actually help your looks. 'Cause looking like a overpriced cheap prostitute is not in demand by many. Makes you wonder if these women are really friends, seems like they put on a smile and enjoy watching their friends sabotage themselves.

Remember: Friends don't let friend's dress shitty.

- Dr Lurvless

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