.:: Cooking Class Event::.

Ahoy Ireemians

-our kitchen will start giving cooking classes to keep the old recipes of Lamb stew ,, Fish and Rice ,, camel Steak and of course the wine brewing ,, for the next generations to benefit ,,
(Master your Food skills with some good RP)

The catch,,

-all student should join this classes.. should gather the ingredients from Ireem,, (let say slaughtering the camel at the city gate for a nice portion of Camel steak and veggies) RP the story how you get hold of it too..

-other thing the recipe will be kept to cook it in my Tavern only
(Students will become employers and RP mastering there skill)

-So why don't you cook your heart out adding pinch of the black sea Salt,, sprinkle some Indian cinnamon and white pepper ( Achoo,, Bless me,,) and don't forget  touch of herbs..let say Rose Mary!!!

Event  .::Cooking Class 1 ::.
Place : Fatted Calf Tavern
( first Class - Camel steak with veggies and rice )
Day: Tuesday 28th of August
Time: 1 pm SLT
Fees : 30 G$ per Class
Every one is welcome to Share there story and recipe ..Tasters too are welcome,,The prices will be reduced at the event day to 1G$

P.S Get your own cauldron ,,

Madame Rose
Fatted Calf Tavern Wench,,,

Another day in Ireem has come and gone,
much blood shed and pain,
love and lost,
heart ache and pain,
the sands are now silent,
the ocean waves crashing agaisnt the rocks,
wonders where the days of peace and love went
the sun goes down as the moon comes up
the stars begin to twinkle against the black sky
sighs and wonders
what comes next???

By: Rya Asalia

So, Pushka... why are you running to be the owner of the Mystic Parlor? 

-Well because I a mer, and as such one of the few truly magical races in Ireem! -nods her head- Also being as cute I am, I feel that I could make it a much more lively and cute space!!!! - nods her head again matter of factly!-

You are so tiny, won't the cards crush you?!

-Wrinkles her nose and glares at Sayuri- NO! I am a very strong little girl! And I think the cards are still... maybe... a little big shorter than I am!!!

I am sure all of Ireem is dying to know... how did you get so tiny?

-Well it depends if I like you... what I tell you... I tend to tell smelly people that the evil octopus cursed me and I got this small... -nods- But really me and all my 186 siblings are all this small! My parents too! -nods her head- I was just born this way!!!

Do you have any events planed? Let me hear all the lovely details!  It has been ages sense anyone who has owned the mystic parlor planned anything.  

-Blinks- You want me to do events? -sighs heavily- Can I fill the space with tadpoles? A tadpole party could be fun... or maybe a magical theme night? -nods her head matter of factly- Yup yup theme night it will have to be... and then I can decorate with fish.

Oh tiny mystic Pushi, tell me the future of Ireem if you were to win this amazing honor!

WELL!!! The pirates, bedu, magi, and dark knights shall continue to not be as fantastic as the mer, djinn, and undead... but maybe I shouldn't say that... I do want people to vote for me after all.. I predict that erm well... WHERE ARE THOSE DAMN CARDS???

And one last question... why are the dark knight so afraid of you?

I just don't [know] Sayuri! Maybe its my muscles... I've heard they are scary? Or my teeth? But do you think my mouth or lady teeth are scarier? Personally I wouldn't want to fight either. -nods her head sadly- I can be rather vicious Sayuri!!!

I do believe the Dark Knight's lack the knowledge to know what the word "anonymous" means after trying to file false charges against me. I did not write anything from Whispers on the Wind, since the gossips column existed long before I joined the Ireem Chronicles.  One such charge even has a quote taken out of context. When I said, "fifty shades of fail"  was referring to love in Ireem in general -- NOT the wedding, of which I was mostly silent for.  Who or what inspired my lack luster view... remains hidden on the pages of my private Diary -- of which I am now considering burning! -A moment is taken to burn the pages concerning that person, the ashes are scattered to the seas-.

I must thank anonymous Whispers Team for also writing the daughter comment. Dark Knights should not be upset over that line... sinse it's not true -- right? Do the Dark Knights engage incestuous behavior? I shall look into this at once! Oh wait, I really don't feel like I owe the Dark Knight's anything but my ire! I hope all of Ireem believes that lie.

Yet, the lack of truth did not stop the Dark Knights from threatening me and proving to me... that there is no love in Ireem.  "i know it was you.. and you will end up on my leash.. i always pay my debts" replied some creepy floating Dark Knight named Malley.  To be honesty, I haven't the slightest idea what she was talking about... good for you darling for always paying your debts!  It's never good to owe others money.

And no, this was not the end of their nonsense. A person, of name of which, I do not know -- nor care, said....

"what do you intend to do with the girl when we get her Malley?"

The response  "its been ages sinds we had fresh fish.. i plan to make her dinner... as a good host would.."

Whatever "sinds" is, this writer has no idea, but I can only assume the worst.  If any Dark Knights out there don't like what is in print, do all of Ireem a huge favor, pick up a dictionary, look up the word "anonymous" and find the REAL writers for the articles are before blaming someone you have never interacted with. As of yet, I have never spoken to any Dark Knight. How they can accuse someone they have never spoken with, I haven't the slightest idea. Further more, if they have issues with the paper, they should actually speak to the Editor of the paper... I am sure Kito has some lovely words for you!

But please, Dark Knights continue to prove to me that there is no such thing as love and or kindness in Ireem -- I promise to make sure all of Ireem reads your words. I would like to formally state that I don't care what you think, I am making my own happiness despite the misery you are trying to bring upon the lovely city of Ireem, and to all the other races in city, be it Merfolks, Djinn, Undead, or human.

-- Written by Sayuri, one pissed off bish.

Been a while since the whispers team bringing you news of Ireem.  Not because we have been lazy, or being killed off by our enemies.  Though it was always a close call since our editor never really pay us much.  Truth to be told, the sand has been boring most of the time.  Not much happening beyond those endless round of crystal swapping.... or as they call it raiding. 

  Anyway, for the welfare of our undercover reporters, and to squeeze out a bit more payment from the stingy editor, here is another round of news disguised as gossips.  They are as usual carries a various degree of truth, half truth, and absolute-as-true-as-the-hot-sun truth (kind of wish that we get paid by words now..... )

  So who is first..... yes how about The Leader of Crystal Thief hmself, Daddy Despot.  After a failed  attempt to be a full comedian by declaring himself to God, he was back among his minnows and get back what they are best at, namely stealing crystals and throwing toys out of their prams.....  correction, sand castle.  That was a while ago, of course, and recently Daddy Despot was no where to be seen.  Rumour has it that he got bored with playing with his daughter and the merry band of thief, and decided to leave to the foreign land and have another crack of his comedy career.

  One must admit too, the merry band of crystal thief do carry a great sense of humour. Toys throwing from pram aside, one just need to look at the nickname they assign to themselves to appreciated the depth of Comical Genius they process.  In fact, apparently there is one who actually called himself of that.  According to our source, his biggest joke to date was running out of his wife and a pair lovely when he was still an mere mortal he could shack up with some sex slave.   And then there is one who proclaimed himself to some sort of godly tactician.  We have yet of course witness anything tactical with their toy throwing.  The Chronicles will certainly keep an eye on that.

  Another thing that we were suppose to keep an eye on, because it has been a great puzzle to most people in Ireem, is sight of a creature swimming in midair Daddy Despot's daughter, Princess Lappy.  Yes, that's right.  Swimming.  We are not talking about Queen Indigo kind of awesome floating in the air which made all of us swoon and admires for years.  But more of mermaid type of swimming, but in the air.  We have been seeking the best magi and djinn and even the merfolks to try to explain this strange and somewhat distribing midair swimming.  Perhaps it's another joke from her comedian father?  Or maybe the fatherly love has made her swimming in delight?  Or perhaps it's the fear of those mini creature that caused to flee in vertigo direction and learnt this amazing ability to swim in mid air?

  Speaking of merfolks, aren't they annoying?  I know our editor is one of them now, but still it doesn't save from be the wrath of the whispers!  I mean, how dare they to do anything in their home cave when there is an event going on?  We proposed that we should boycott the Mer isle as the de facto venue of any events from now!

  It's a quiet month and there isn't much else to report on, other than a lot of public ranting from everyone.  Dark knights complaining about mini,  Merfolks complaining about noises, Slavers who complained their slaves ran away, Undead complaing about being mistaken as dark knights, Djinn complaining about the lack of paper to chew on,  and the horses complaining about oversex.....

Until next month, The Whispers team will be back again to bring you more hot hot hot gossips, at least we hope so!

~ Written by Shh.... *whisper whisper*

NEWS: Yet another wedding

It was yet another lack luster day in Ireem. The only thing.... two raids, back to back, occurred.  Each going after the same target. While  I tried to think nothing of this, my mind was set on picking out a gown for a wedding. Oddly enough this turned out to be the wedding of a Dark Knight and A Bedu.... Yes! The two races that had raided the djinn earlier? But wait... wasn't it bad luck to raid so hard before such a holy event? 

Aside from the cute little priestess, the bride was the only thing about the wedding that looked beautiful. The men looked a touch on the over dressed side... but still very handsome. 

It started off normal enough, but a few cries from below might have slowed things down. This writer do believe someone was being rammed by a sea turtle. Yet, they knew this wedding was to be held on top of another races head quarters? Surely the Dark Knights and Bedu respect other races homes.... okay, as I wrote that last bit I found myself laughing. Bedu barely respect camels... and Dark Knights don't respect anything they can't manipulate, unless it's their own daughter for incestous love on the lap, but that's for another article in the future...  Mmhmm... so what does that say about the Bedu and Dark Knight union? In a city were love is defined by how long you can keep someone collared and or locked in a cage... probably not very much!

This writer can only hope the married coupe can rise above... and focus on their love for each other.  Maybe they will be able to teach their camps what it truly means to love?  As for the wedding... Perhaps of they had asked for the blessing of the sea god, Oceanus, ahead of time.... there would have been more peace? But no... Like all love in Ireem... in the end it will probably all fifty shades of fail.

The Knight Leader Election has started, and depending on how the votes swing, we hope to find us a good leader for our team of Knights, and if the team decides to vote 'No Leader' , our Kingdom will then have a Council of Knights made up all the Knights Clan Leaders.

The Chronicles team is working to interview the two candidates who so bravely dare take on the difficult responsibility, a noble task no less, and we hope the information will help you vote wisely and to also get to know potentially the leader who will maintain law and order of our beloved Kingdom.

Herewith, we present the information gathered from an interview with one of the two candidates, Andrew the Scholar(Anderebu Resident), clan leader of Al-Baheseen 'an Adl.

First, we asked for an introduction of himself, and why he decided to be Knights' Leader.

"As many know I am sir Andrew of the old orders. Upon leaving a life of the sands over a year ago I have never once broken my oath of loyalty to the Sultana and her people. For far too long I have seen corruption and war destroy everything that makes the city of Ireem great. If I were to summarize my plans... I suppose it would be to rid our orders of corruption, attempt to keep peace with those who reside outside of our walls, and restore order to our streets."

This is a job that hardly ever get an appreciative thank in return, we asked Sir Andrew's opinion, since he is running for Knights' Leader, why he thinks it is better over having a Council of Knights to lead the team; and what is the Knights' Code of Honor.

"The council idea is not out of the question, however, I do believe a strong leader assisted by those he or she leads can command more authority. A council may argue over small details in which they would then require one to break this argument which is where I believe a leader's place should be. I do not intend on becoming a tyrant, but one who listens to others and acts upon what he hears."

"As for what I personally see to be our code... I believe that my order, Al-Baheseen 'An Adl, best represents this in it's own code. We believing in serving the Sultana, fighting as one unified group as opposed to amongst ourselves, showing respect to all even those who have not yet earned it, upholding truth and justice in all things relating to law, and ridding our own of all corruption. Personally this is what a knight should be. We all have our time and place where we stand strongest, but we should work as a unified force for justice."

When asked what his clan name means, he readily obliged with a definition, and it lead to the next questions of whether he has a team to support him and how he intends to build his team of knights. What is the way to garner the respect and support of his leadership and hence carry out orders of maintaining peace?

"Al-Baheseen 'an Adl is the name of the order I have created. The name comes from the tongue of my people. As some know I am originally from a tribe deep within the sands. The name translates to 'The Seekers of Justice.'"

"Yes, I do indeed have my order behind me and hopefully others who know of my history. One of the very first things I intend to do is gather all of our men and women to meetings to improve our combat skills, the way we speak with others, and keep all of us up to date on events that occur both outside and within our walls. As for the groups themselves which reside beyond the city's limits I am already seeing to it that we begin peace negotiations with them. The city is a place where all peoples meet to eat, drink, and entertain themselves. It is my hope that we can convince all that it is in their best interest to keep it that way so assisting us would in fact assist them. If the knights are there to protect all they have less need to fear their wars carrying over into our taverns."

To conclude the interview, we have Sir Andrew sum up his campaign in one statement.

"It matters not who wins this election if any person does. What matters is that our military finally be rid of corruption and the city streets rid of criminals. We must work together with all those who wish to see this goal met whether they be within our own orders and the palace or outside of our walls. I wish to see a new era where the knights shall reclaim the power they once had and stand tall not as an invading army or a corrupt group stealing from the people, but as an honorable group of men and women willing to lay down their lives for the Sultana, Ireem, and all people that walk our streets.... I believe that is the best I can do for now. Thank you as this was a great experience and I surely hope this will answer many questions that you and many others may have."

Thank you Sir Andrew, we wish you good luck in the election.
In a Kingdom of diverse community, Peace is a rare luxury, and we can only hope for some form of law and order maintained.  We shall look forward to what fate bring forth to Ireem via this Knight Election.

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