An article by submitted by Azeem Amīrah 'Cathereine Night'


Who Are The Azeem - What Do We Stand For?

We are the Azeem, true and noble knights based on fairness, justice, and chivalry as true knights of the old code. For those who did not know Azeem means Defenders, a fitting name for how we serve the Sultana and her citizens in the Jewel of the Desert that is Ireem.

Our goal dear citizens and hopefuls is to serve the city with fairness and humble devotion of true nobility. We believe that it is not simply age or status or blood that makes one great, but a true noble spirit resides inside those willing to help and serve others.

What the Azeem will do for the city, if allowed to become numerous and plentiful, is keep true order without the need for torture and bloodshed whenever possible.

This does not mean that we are weak, in fact all of the Azeem will be expected to attend regular training exercises to sharpen their skills. All will be expected to fight when necessary, but begin every encounter by respectfully giving law breakers a chance to make amends. In other words peaceful negotiations in the city is our ultimate goal.

Too long has there been corruption in the ranks of the knights. The Azeem seek to be fair despite any friendships or past affiliations we may have with other groups and clans. We vow to look at all sides of every conflict before issuing justice to those who have done wrong. All criminals will be allowed a lawyer to represent them if they so desire, all knights will be trained to give those booked for trial this choice.

I hope that the citizens of Ireem like the idea of just knights and will rally in our favor so we can do our job and serve them. Feel free to contact Azeem Amīrah 'Cathereine Night' or Amir ul-Umara 'Alreania DaSilva' with any further questions about our Knights clan. Thank you.

An update of the latest war betwen Beduoins and Slavers, kindly provided to the Chronicles by Eve Forgraine, a Beduoins Commander.


The first battle of the Slaver Bedu war is over after much blood of both sides was spread across the sands... First round was a raid on the smelly slaver camp. While bedouins fought bravely the slavers were hiding behind their girls, peeing their pink panties, trembling so hard that the tents in which they were hiding nearly broke.
Though their girls protected the crying slavers with the help of even smellier undeads and won the battle by outnumbering our brave bedouin fighters.
Also the bedouins couldnt hit the girls so hard, feeling compassion for them as its known bedouin have a very gentle soul and a heart of gold.
After paying Am's crazy price for the captured ones the slavers raided the bedouin camp.
Thanks to Nino and other knights the bedouin could regain their honor and kick the slavers bums!

So it ended with a draw 1:1, but this isnt the end of the war, the sands are possesion of us, the bedouins and we will prove that in the next battles!

warm breezes, Eve Forgraine

I'm asking for the votes of the Ireemians as one of the undead that is running for the positon. I'm an honest hard working sweet little brat I mean girl..... okay lets just leave it at sweet.

I spend many hours on the sand and believe a job such as this would be good for me and keep my mind and body occupied. I can wield a hacksaw and axe as good as the rest of them... with actual dead carcases of animals of course, would never dream of using anything sharp on anything living... except maybe.....

For fun perhaps having wrestling contests once a month to keep your slaves strong, or maybe yourself wrestling with them... as I don't have mud as it never rains can do it in blood.

I'll do deliveries myself to the caffe's on a daily basis, and of course to the palace to supply the guards and the royaly. (maybe finally I'll get invited to tea.)

Keep an undead employed, busy and off the streets.

vote for Aleyah (Elusive Cristole)

CAFE ELECTION: Princess Page

The Arabesque Cafe is one of the oldest and finest Cafe's in all of Ireem.

As an owner I would endeaver to preserve our rich dance cultural heritage.
With my Bedouin upbringing I am able to teach such dances which have been passed down through the generations. Dances that are meant to entice the senses and awaken the sensual desires of all who are watching.

I will have events that will allow our dancers, musicians and story tellers time to show off their individual talents.

In addition, With my position in the palace not only as Princess but Secretary to Sultana I believe in sharing responsibility, and rewards. So a new co-owner will be chosen for those who have been active in the Arabesque Cafe every month.


Princess Page Siegel

Clearig his voice

I would like to see the arabesque be a place of enjoyment , parties, and wonderful events costume nights, contests, dancers, drinking.

I'm open to ideas and suggestions.

Together lets' make this a fun place where all can kick back, relax hear some gossip or even create some gossip.

Open to all no matter their race, social status, or even if theyre alive or undead

Cor's charter to the butcher shop for the chronicles.

Salaam people of Ireem, you have long been without present manaagement of the butcher shop for too long, and as only an undead knows of how to properly rend flesh from bone. I present myself, Cor as the most qualified candidate to run the shop.

As a matter of policy you can rest assured there will be no rats in the meat and only fresh flesh will be available for your kebabs. For the Masters you can rest assured that your slaves will only bring you nourishing meat for your conquests with Cor running the shop. For the slaves you will delight in knowing that buying your meats from Cor will keep your Masters strong and virile and able to protect you.

As a public service to the city, the losers of the fights in the arena will be served to the undead. This will have a two-fold benefit to the city, preventing disease from spreading in the city from ra rotting pit of flesh, and also to slake the thrist of the undead to keep the citizens safe from the ravenous beasts.

To ensure a steady supply of meats, I will sponser events at the arena to ensure only the strongest survive to strengthen the bloodlines in the harsh desert.

Thank you for your support and safe paths people of this great city.
~Cor ((Corsair.Wolfhunter))

A scroll was dropped to the Chronicles office at the middle of the night, signed by Palace Guard Cathereine Night. In the absence of the editor, the printing staff decided to print the letter in its entirety:

We need a new Knight Leader!

The Knights Leadership has died and crimes are going unpunished!

There is 3 or 4 Knights actually technically "active".. 2 semi active ones.. one is off all the time not doing her duties and another is not really here and sits around doing nothing when he is. Avery does nothing to lead them and is gone for days at a time. So technically there is only 2.

Of those 2...

Avery is gone a lot of the time and when shes here does very little... all shes shown is a lack of ethics by condemning numerous innocent people with evidence before trial that accusations were false and knowing FULL WELL that in Ireem trials you are guilty until proven innocent and it stays on your records.

How many knights are there under her leadership... pretty much NONE and why is that exactly? Do your job Avery.

Nino does what he can but he also has family responsibilities and he was removed from co-leadership by Avery during a fit and as of this letter is not re-instated. Still, I have seen him here a lot more than Avery and at least he is doing something about crimes.

Maybe its time for Avery to step down and let someone who wants to build the Knights to their former glory step in. Or it can be left the way it is.. the criminals stripping the tills all day lately will just love it and our food and other item prices will continue to climb.

Nino and Stella -Two of Ireem's Esteemed Citizens Marry with a Spectacular Ceremony and Celebration

It was the most anticipated event of the season when on November 15th Nino, a distinguished Archon of the Kingdom, and the lovely Stella, Bas Gedikly of the harem and owner of the Blue Lagoon, were married by none other than our own beloved Sultana on the most beautiful day imaginable for such a ceremony.

Before beginning the ceremoney, Sultana took a moment to express her respect and admiration of the couple saying, "You know, Stella, how close to my heart you are. From the first day, I was sure about your success in everything: your kindness, your will, your intelligence, your cheerfulness, your obiedence of the harem rules. Indeed you deserved the title of Bas Gedikly very quickly... and then you met Nino... (smiles)." Turning her gaze toward Nino, Sultana began "Sir Nino, one of the Archon of the Kingdom, always caring for the needy of the poor people and always ready to fight against the criminals to keep the peace in our fine city." Looking toward those in attendance she continued, "He came to ask for my permission and I was glad, because I knew that they would be a good couple!." Again she looked from Stella to Nino saying "Today you have made me so very happy!"

There was barely a dry eye as the lovers spoke their vows and when Sultana spoke of the marriage rings, "This circlet of precious metal is justly regarded as a fitting emblem of the purity and perpetuity of the Marriage State. The ancients were reminded by the circle of eternity, as it is so fashioned as to have neither a beginning nor end; while gold is so incorruptible that it cannot be tarnished by use or time. So may the union, at this time solemnized, be incorruptible in its purity and more lasting than time itself."

The joy in the faces of the citizens of Ireem in attendance was nothing compared to the joy of Nino and Stella as Sultana concluded the ceremony with "Go now and enter into the days of your togetherness."

The Chronicles' Pasha Braveheart caught up with Nino and Stella after the honeymoon and asked them what memories would stand out for them about their lovely wedding.

Stella shared "We were very anxious for that moment and I almost passed out listening to the Sultanas words and when he said his vows to me...oooh that was magical! I felt like in a dream during the ceremony. The reception was all perfect as well I was very pleased to dance for my husband the Candelabra dance. I trainned over and over to make this dance for him in our wedding while living in the Royal Harem. "

Nino offered that ".... I saw the people gathering and as I took Stella in the boat sailing with her to the ceremony while all waiedt for us. I was like "Oh my", then I felt so many feelings gathering all together making my throat narrow for some moments. It was wonderful... everything... and Stella looked soooo beautiful... like an angel."

Stella reflected that "most of Ireem´s best citizens and lovely friends just made the event more special to us. We really appreciate those that could attend and share that moment of great happiness with us. The gifts we got helped us starting our new life together and in the honeymoon travels too. A special thanks goes to our Sultana that could find time to officiate our marriage and all the help I had from my friends and Palace family." Nino added, "There are no words left to thank the people who have helped make this wedding happen; the ones who have supported us all the time and still support us starting with her Highness Sultana who made it possible for us to have that blessed wedding. We thank you one and all."

Looking toward their future together, Stella, with a loving look in her eyes said "I see an exciting life together full of caring and love but especially ...full of passionate moments". She turned, looked down blushing while taking a deep breath and smiling. Nino gazes at the horizon with a big smile on his face and takes a deep sigh while saying "We cannot make the future look as we want it to ... but, the future is built from bits from the past and present which shape the life of everyone. So far I have only seen joy and happiness with Stella and the future can only mirror that if not bringing more joy and happiness to us."

- Pasha Braveheart

(pic left, Morg Fang)

(pic right, Fay)

Greetings fair peoples of the sands and City .. id like to take a small bit of your time to introduce you to 2 of the fair flowers currently serving in the House of Pleasure .

These 2 enthusiastic and eager girls are waiting for a patron.. that special person on whom ( for a time ) they can lavish all the suculent and visseral carnal pleasures any being could desire. ( and with out the head aches and crying of being served by a slaved owned in your own homwe.. these girls will never whine and beg for your attentions while your trying to watch a important Battle.. or when your about to leave with your fellow warriors to go hunting and embarase you in front of them )

The House of pleasure is pleased to offer only the finest trained providers of fleshly repasses..
Come and sample their charms .. Im sure finding a opening in their scheduals will soon be a challange and those most generouse patrons will recieve preffered treatments.

We are also currently hosting several slaves .. Their Masters have put them into our care to see that they become better aquainted with their duties.. we are currently offering the services of the girl Lilly .. Owned by Corsaor Wolfhunter.

He has left instructions that she is to become familiar with serving non humans ..Im sure there are those of you out there who would be happy to help widen this girls ..horrizons?

( slaves in training should serve on the pleasure houses premisis.. tipping slave or their owner is appriciated )

Salaciously yours

the Ireem house of pleasure Owners:

Bhaiyen Cvercko & Francois Arai

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