Between Worlds

*sweet dreams*
As you probably already know the djinn leader Indigo Mehendi has been captured and lies at the bottom of a slaver cage unconscious from lack of blood ..the brutal slavers cut her finger off as she playfully poked it through the cage.
you could say she sleeps ..

What you may not know is that she is Ghul , a breed or clan of djinn known to have certain powers when it comes to delivering dreams or nightmares...

perhaps it is the sensitivity of the magi Tim, that he was able to receive this message delivered via a DREAM..


a blue form lays huddled in a cage on the side of a slaver ship, small and frail. Sinking deeply into the slumber of eons she knows all to well...
thought forms collect and disperse like rain clouds above her body gathering growing darkly , rumbling ominously with the threat of the coming storm ..

the clouds spread out forming a thick blanket over Ireem ..a place where rain is uncommon ..they swirl forming surreal creatures ..images and icons constantly changing as they move ....filled with what may seem to be water they darken and hover IF about to burst ,rain begins to fall ..first a light drizzle then a flood ..but the rain is not water ..although similar in form and texture the rain is dreams , dreams and nightmares..

they fall randomly affecting all. Soaking into the thirsty earth and running in rivulets down the body's of those that live in this land. Strange dreams plague those people the djinn has touched in some way be it for better or worse ...the dreams strike randomly it may be YOU...

Perhaps a Bedouin boy tosses in his sleep plagued by nightmares of passionately tongue kissing a decapitated horses head .. and wakes with an uneasy feeling in the pit of his belly ..needing to kill slavers to make it calm down ...

You might BELIVE a slaver dreams of stumbling falling down a pit filled with serpents who writhe angrily ,hissing and coiling themselves all over his body till he can no longer breathe. Not see the light of day
when he wakes his mind will not rest ..

IN the harem a girl may toss and turn , afraid of kidnap and capture by a formless , crewl and wicked being . One that will seek her deepest fears and bring them to life..

Few understand the DJINN and their place in Ireem or their purpose ..some are to simple to care, some too obsessed with the sharpness of there sword and the slaves that run in the sand to notice ...

the lovely lady Gara, "spirit of compassion" came to indigos rescue by paying the ridiculous 3000 k rescue price demanded by Shaka ....not having enough money herself she was help out by an undisclosed Magi who wont be forgotten...

Submitted by the Djinn leader Indigo

Yesterday while walking through the - in my opinion - peaceful desert, I suddenly got attacked from behind. Turning to see who it is and of course to run as fast as possible, because my fighting skills are not the best, I recognized the undead vermillion hacking on me with an evil laughter. I did my best to reach the safe city but failed. He tied me and dragged me down into the catacombs. I was screaming for help and got heard. Magi Aizen and the knights Mache, Sulaiman, Estella and Seraf came running to safe me. Aizen and Mache even jumped down heroically into the catacombs to fight against the undead ! He of course just laughed and dragged me deeper into the deep dark combs until Aizen and Mache lost our track.
Vermillion tied me up on a chair and inspected me, still an evil grin on his face. Asking him for mercy he just shook his head and answered me " There is only one way to avoid your fate of rejoining us: now listen carefully. The Magi have a neat little spell that turns undead human. Hell, I don't like that !! So your WONDERFUL Tim the Magi will make a new spell. One that will make it impossible for me to ever return human !"
I looked up shocked about what I heard and told him that I really doubt, Sir Tim would do that. Explaining him, he certainly loves me, but will not risk the life of every Magi just to save me, did not convince him at all.
Undead Analisa came in to tell Vermillion that undead Jos got captured by Aizen and the knights. Now they were waiting to make a deal. Getting the feeling of a little hope I watched Vermillion stepping out to talk with them, while Analisa was ordered to make sure, the captive, which was me in this story, does not even try to escape.
Well, what can I say, she did her job very well. After 30 minutes Vermillion came back followed by Magi Aizen as I still cowered in a corner. In the meantime my dear friend knights leader Jordina heard about what had happened and did not hesitate to come and try to rescue me aswell. Sadly the undead were pretty well prepared and captured her in a second too. Vermillion motioned Analisa to take Jordi and me out of the ceremony room. When we left we heard him talking to Aizen "By the way. If anything goes wrong everyone dies!" Walking out of the room knight Seraf approached aswell and we hurried over to him, asking him what this is all about. We got the information that Vermillion was not willing to trade me against his undead brother. The only way to get me free was Aizen to give in fullfilling his wish !
While we were waiting outside the ceremony room, always trying to follow what is going on and having no change to interfere or escape, as new undeads like Loona (Gatha Loon) came to keep an eye on their unlucky captives, we saw bright lights beaming out of the other room. Suddenly Aizen let out a huge scream and Vermillion an evil laughter I never heard before. Aizen stumbled out of the room and collapsed right infront of us. Jordi ran over to him, while I was not able to make any move, looking shocked at the scene. Vermillion approached with the most satisfied grin on a face I ever saw and rubbed his hands: "You should drag him to some bed to get rest!"
We were free to go now and hurried out of the catacombs over to knights camp, where Lady Elysa used all her powers to heal Aizen. Still weak, Lady Elysa and me left Jordi and Aizen alone, so Jordi could take good care of him. Elysa ordered me to stay safe and rest aswell and made her way over to Magi tower to inform the others about what had happened.

Dear reader, as you can imagine, the Magi were not very amused to hear about this. Some questions are left now:
  • Is this a revenge for bringing Aizen back to life ?
  • Or was Vermillion not even thinking that far and just saw his own advantage ?
  • Will the other undead follow his example and try to blackmail the Magi to give them eternal immortality ?
I for myself learned, to be more careful now then before of course, still feeling bad to be the reason for so much trouble coming over the Magi. I hereby personally want to thank my heroic rescuers Sir Aizen, Sir Mache and Sir Seraf for not giving up and trying to safe my life ! And undead be warned: the last word is not spoken yet !!

Today, while trying to drag Dinky out of the dungeon night club before she drank all of the wine. I came across an interesting sight. Lady Jordina, the leader of the knights, was in some rather skimpy armor and dancing for Aizen Wind. Now I have heard the rumors of a relationship between these two, and now it seems there is proof. They professed their love for each other several times. What does this new relationship mean? What possible repercussions might it have? Only time will tell dear readers.

Between Worlds

I wandered in the auction site the other day and saw an unusual sight,
I sad looking white wolf sitting looking forlorn. Naturally i walked up the creature to get a better look, it whimpered at me so I tried to sooth it with a pat or too.
looking into its eyes I sensed some familiarity, it whimpered more and poked its nose into its chest revealing a necklace which I recognized as belonging to lady Gara the knight. lady Elysa turned out and we worked out a way of communicating with the creature using simple questions and nods. she had some kind of curse upon her originating from her homeland and was stuck in the form of a wolf.
being a Djinn of the ghul I have the ability to change form at will although i rarely use it, we took Gara up to the djinn realm and performed a brief ceremony involving my blood to allow her to become djinn, with ghul powers so she could shift back to her normal human form...
I’m pleased to have Gara join the djinn and she is quickly learning to control her new powers ...
it turns out she had been having dreams for quite some time predicting this change dreams where a wolf would bite her in her sleep.
i would warn the people of Ireem to pay attention to there dreams, ghul deliver dreams so we of all creatures know there power..........
sweet dreams Ireem ..chuckles softly ...

Submitted by the Djinn leader Indigo.

Following scroll was brought to us by the undead Anneliese Wolfenhaut, who was like many other Ireemians witness of this spectacular view! Of course the reporters of the Chronicle do not support such a destructive behavior, but this dragon was amazing to watch. I personally made sure that no knight got injured, only knights leader Jordi does have a tiny little bald spot on her head now. Nevertheless: shame on you Damien!!

"Submitted by Anneliese Wolfenhaut: Lord Damien, returned from faraway places, has brought with him a pet! It seems the knights missed a dragon in the wilds, and he found it, tamed it, and has taught the knights a very important lesson.
Dragons are more useful alive than slayed. This dragon, a beautiful creature named Cybelle, was commanded by Lord Damien to cleanse the knights' camp of fleas, and so she flew over there (what a sight to behold! all gleaming red, against the blue sky), and set fire to the tents.
The knights seemed to get the message at least, and began calling for water. No doubt they are now washing and scrubbing away all those fleas, which should have been done long ago, before the Undead were called upon to rectify the situation.
If other camps need cleansing, please apply to Lord Damien. He'll bring his dragon right over and burn all your dirty things at once. "

After many discussions and various opinions about who is allowed to dance in the Cafe and who not, Leena made her final decision as followed:
"Friends of Ireem:
As of now the following are welcome to dance at the cafe:
  • Females: All Citizens, slaves, preds, knights. You are all welcome to dance anytime.
  • Males: only slaves are permitted to dance. If you are not a slave and dancing I will ask you to stop or leave the cafe.
I know there is an issue about being meditating at times. Just try and be fair and not here for days on end without a word.
Thank you all.
Leena Xue. Cafe Owner"
Yes, the decision is made: all male preds and none slaves are doomed to earn money in their own camp. But did we ever think about that: perhaps some of them are only desperately searching for social contacts, beeing shy or just not very talented in wordplay...?
Dear reader, I am sure there is a solution for this serious problem aswell. I am wondering, if all those males probably could join the "Dancing Bedus", asking for a little space left in their tents to shake their hips aswell ? The Bedu camp is famous for its awesome and skilled dancers anyway ! And the "Hard to Tame" hill is always crowed with many female slaves peeking down into the camp, enjoying the view....

Summer Ball Today!

Special Event! Summer Ball!

Her Royal Highness, Sultana Zanlu Heron, is pleased to give a Summer Ball for all inhabitants of Ireem. This is an OOC event on Saturday, June 13, 2009, at 1 PM SLT. The costumes are summer dresses for the ladies, tasteful silks for the slaves, and suits for the gentlemen. There will be a TP kiosk in front of the city gates to the Event Tent in the sky.

Lady Elysa, Royal Scribe
authorized by Her Majesty the Sultana

Dear Citizens of Ireem!
I have owned the Cafe in the city for quite a while now. It has remained to be a safe and welcoming place for all. Everyone is welcome at the cafe: slaves, bedouins, undead, knights, slavers. All can enjoy the entertainment and refreshments.
Lately the entertainment seems to be changing. There are now quite a few men that seem to enjoy dancing. Now a former owner did not allow men to dance except for arranged shows. Today there was a male knight who had been dancing for hours if not days, and a Slaver.
Now I like to see a man shake it around as much as the next girl, but this is of course taking an earning space from a deserving girl.
So, before I request that the men of Ireem, unless you are a slave, not dance in the cafe I would like to hear some comments. Most men have the opportunity to earn dinar in their own camps, salaries, and from slaving. The small amount that can be earned in the Cafe should be available to our needy slaves and other girls.
Some may say this idea is discriminatory, well its really not the fairest of times anyway. So give your comments here before a decision is made.
Thank you.
Leena Xue, Cafe Owner

"Mistress Grizel the Harem Oda, is seeking to fill the Sultana's Royal Harem with fine and lovely girls (and a few boys).
Life in the Harem is easy. It's inhabitants are doted on hand and foot, bathed in luxury, swathed in gowns of only the finest silk. The rules of the harem can seem stifling to some, but I am happy to announce that the rules that have recently been rewritten to provide a bit more freedom than previous years.
What hasn't changed is you must give up your love of the sands and surrender to leisure while offering the Harem's many indulgences to it's honored guests, be it a bath, a massage, a walk around the city or whatever the guest desires. I will not lie and say it is for everyone, but for those who tire of the daily grind of Ireem. Only the finest, most intelligent, and literate girls (and yes, boys) of most exquisite beauty and grace need to apply.
Virginity is not expected. Knowledge in world events, culture and the arts, and of course fluency in other tongues are most welcome. The harem life is a challenge to all your senses, and you are expected to be in commend of them at all times as you represent the Sultana's generosity.
While we will not buy girls, those merchants with girls are welcome to bring them forth to our attention. Girls are of course also welcome to approach Mistress Grizel personally for more information, as well as Lady Mirna Muggins to schedule a complete examination and interviews."
Grizel Halberstadt

I had the pleasure today to attend the audience with our Sultana. If you were not there you truly missed out. The Sultana was positively radiant in a gold gown, her long hair flowing down around her shoulders. Her beauty truly put every one at ease.
The first order of business today was a newcomer to our city. Her name is Rebeka Markus. She has come to our city to find help determining the meaning of her dreams. The Magi have graciously offer to help her with this. While here in the kingdom she has offered herself into the Sultana’s service. Her highness accepted and has offered the newcomer a place to stay in the palace.
At this point the head dungeon guard Arian arrived late to the audience, as Knight Leader Jordina McGinnis stepped up to be heard. As would be expected her concerns centered on the rebel knights. While Lady Jordi had the floor the guard Arian Clip continually spoke out of turn and had to be told several times to remain quiet. Her majesty stated again her support for Lady Jordi in these trying times. The Sultana asked Arian if any of the rebels had been arrested, to which he replied, “Arrest who?”
The Sultana was visibly upset at being ignored and reminded Arian to pay attention when she is speaking. She was forced to repeat her question to the guard and finally received this answer: “For the rebels to be arrested we need the Royal Guards support in the city. Not hunting preys and kissing them in the auction area.” I don’t know about you dear readers but this statement gives me several thoughts. First, Arian is admitting that he is incapable of doing the job he aspired to. Second, You would think the head guard, tasked with protecting citizens, would know that a citizen can not hunt prey nor does the palace guard have authority outside of the palace. Perhaps one day he will understand what his job is.
Last to speak was lady Mirna Muggins. She announced a summer ball being thrown by our Sultana for all the people of Ireem. The ball will be held on June 13 at 1Pm SL time. Look for more information about this ball to be released soon. That is all for now dear readers but as new stories develop you can be sure we here at the chronicles will bring them to you.

The State Of Ireem.

First dear readers let me apologize for the length of this article. However I think it important to discuss the many issues facing the citizens of this great kingdom.
As I am sure you all know there is a group of former knights that have broken off from the true knighthood. Now as I reported in an earlier story the Sultana has ordered these knights to cease their rebellion. This however has not happened. Instead these knights have been taken in by the Bedouins. The leader of the Bedouins, Sando, has sent to the chronicles a statement he wanted published.

The new order of Ireem?
I was enjoying the view of the beautiful dunes of the desert, thinking of how wonderful would be to be able to live in peace without having to watch my back always that I turn around, when all of the sudden, and without previous notice, the one who calls himself Count of the Night or Dark Prince or Duke of the Shadow or … something with dark, well, a disgusting monster anyway; that thing attacked me.
Fortunately I could get shelter and then I asked what were the reasons of the attack. And what was my surprise when Mr. buck-tooth told me that I was under arrest. It said that I am helping some rebels and that I threatened Ireem and the Sultana with war and I don’t remember what other digressions. I think that the last blood that The Vampire of the Dark Cove drunk was past its sell by date or something. But then it told me that everything was because it had read it in the Chronicles of Ireem.
I was getting arrested because a dark bat likes to read gossip. I can imagine it, at the hairdresser’s, with a glass of rotten blood, reading the magazine while other undead tries to implant some hair in its head to look more human. And then It says - oh, I think I’ll have to arrest that Bedouin, here says that he is baaaad – while it looks at the mirror thinking that It must get a new skin because the one It has makes it look too dead.
Is this the new order in Ireem? The Sultana trusting on undeads? Are we all crazy or what!!!
Well, I am not, under any circumstances, tolerating this.
I officially declare my total rejection to the politics of the Sultana and I stop recognizing her figure as first head of Ireem while she keeps dealing with the undeads.
Bedouins will not let steal their freedom not now not ever.

So it would seem that the Bedouins together with the rebel knights intend to stand against our Sultana. It has been brought to my intention that because of this decision as well as other things, a group of Bedouins have separated themselves from Sando’s leadership. So now we have a group of rebel Bedouins as well.
I suppose that brings us to the undead that now leads the dungeon guards. I know many of you do not trust Arian and believe he is just a power hungry vampire. A concern I share and have written about on several occasions here in the chronicles. And after a conversation overheard by several people in the auction site these fears are stronger then ever. While speaking to a rebel knight Arian was heard making this statement.

Arian Clip shakes his head. "According to the chronicles you are an outlaw and I am the ruler of Ireem together with the Sultana."

I assure you if you read the stories in the chronicles including the statement of support from the Sultana regarding Arian, you will never see him referred to as a ruler. After hearing this statement from Arian I was lucky enough to be able to speak to our Sultana about it. She was kind enough to give me the following statement:

As everyone knows I’m not a tyrant and I try to be wise.

Arian : He was elected democratically. He spoke to me nights and days, he studied the laws of the kingdom and he swore to me that he will be a good dungeons Leader, without favoritisms to anybody.
He wants, like me, bring peace to Ireem.
Of course somebody doesn't like that. Many used to follow their own laws...but rules are the same for all.
Just read our establishment.
Yes...he was an undead: but who in Ireem is without sin, let him cast the first stone.
I'm sure that he is changed. My laws are his laws, as he said knelling in front to me.
Nobody sent to me any complaints
Of course things can change with the wind.
But if power drives him mad...he will be punished.
That's sure.
But for now an advice : envy is not a good thing.
That's all.

Thank you
Your Sultana
Zanlu heron

To recap things are not at their best in Ireem these days. We have the Bedouins taking in the rebel knights to stand together against our sultana. There are now also rebel Bedouins standing against their leader and his decisions. And an undead very few trust running the city dungeon. However I would submit to those that share my concerns over Arian, would it not be more productive to stand with our Sultana? To show her we are loyal and try to support her in the hopes that if Arian does violate his oath to her that she has our support to punish him. If we all revolt and stand against her simply because we do not agree with one decision she made then we force her to turn to the very man we distrust to restore order.
These are most difficult times for us all. But the people of Ireem are a strong group and can whether this storm if we stand together and stop dividing ourselves.

Today I recieved a scroll and a nice colored pic from Harem Mistress Grizel, which i cannot hold back from you, dear readers ! This pic shows a mysterious, fair and beautiful creature, seen at the sky of Ireem by many witnesses:

But what had happened ? Here is the report of the witnesses themselfs:

"On Wednesday a little after Midnight, Myself (The Amazing Angel Alter), My Mistress of the Harem Grizel, and Kal were sitting on top of tall tower over the Auction watching the sunset and Kal 's problems with his loin cloth covering his parts, or rather how they didn't.
Suddenly, there was great turbulence in the sky. A massive glow was seen in above the desert, before the city gates. The light in the sky appeared to grow brighter and brighter until we had to shade our eyes for fear of blindness.
Then suddenly, it's true form was shown to us - an Angel of great loveliness with golden hair, white wings and bolts of light radiating from them. Then in a voice we had never heard the likes of before, one both heavenly and fearsome, it told us of a child to be born in Ireem - a child of darkness - born to an undead and a human!
Its voice rang out warnings of this event of a birth of an Unholy Child who must be destroyed to please Allah to prove that the land has not lost it's way. If this did not happen it said Ireem will fall into despair, famine and peril at the hands of this child, and the Kingdom will be destroyed. Until this child is destroyed, all Ireem women will be struck barren. The command from above is to find this child and destroy "it".
Others in the auction also witnessed this splendid vision. Slaver Zarco Paragorn was said to have tried to view it from a better vantage point. Slaver Golden Ghost saw this event and made a couple of sketches to prove what he had seen. As you can see from this report Ireem is in big trouble. And the Undead are to blame.

Angel Alter
Golden Ghost
Grizel Halberstadt"

As we all can notice, we do have a lot of pregnancies in our beloved kingdom again. Is one of those females already carrying the doomed child? Or is even every single female citizen of Ireem in danger? And who is the mysterious undead, the angel was speaking of?
Well, I for myself made the decision to stop running through catacombs just for fun for a long long time and I only can advice this to every other girl aswell! Be carefull and watch your back, now even more then usual !

Yesterday, after waking up from a long and peaceful sleep in my office, I went to check the inbox infront of it, hoping to find something interesting to read. And yes !! I found an anonymous letter, which made me laugh first but later, after finishing it, shocked me in a certain way. But dear reader, see for yourself:
"~overheard conversation~
It was overheard today rebel knight Primo stating that he was aligned with none other than the Bedouin camp. He confirmed that all the leadership in camp was in his allegiance and sworn to obey his command.
Later when confronted in his own camp, by several of his own tribe, Sando paused from dancing to reply: "When the tribe needs to know they will be informed, they don't need to know"
Knight Jordina came to the Bedouin camp to confirm this and was quickly spirited away after Sando steadfastly refused to tell his tribe the truth of the matter. The one thing that did slip out in camp was that the Bedouin camp, apparently, is at war with both the Slavers AND the Undead. So if Knight Jordina decides to declare war, that means the Bedouin are now at war with the Slavers, the Undead and the Knights.
Even MasterJ wasn't foolish enough to declare war with 75% of Ireem! One other overheard tidbit was Sando berating MasterJ, saying: "You don't understand politics you filthy animal!"
Well Ireem, apparently the Bedouin leadership isn't real bright about politics either, a war possibly on three fronts. Can the Bedouin survive? Will Sando step forth out of hiding and onto the sand? Only time will tell. Pray for the poor Bedouin!"
I am sure, dear people of Ireem, that I am not the only one asking myself now:
  • When this incident is only halfway true, what does that mean for the peace in Ireem ?
  • Is Bedu Leader Sando planing something or just simply megalomaniac ?
  • Is this anonymous letter a lie, a try to make him look sad or did he really decide to ally with the rebel knights ?
  • And what will knights leader Jordi do now ? Will she even ally with undeads and slavers ?
  • Which side will the new dungeon leader Arian choose ?
  • Are we all now close to a new long and bloody war ?
I hereby ask Bedu leader Sando for an official statement! I will interview him by myself and inform the people of Ireem about any existing or none-existing alliances ! We people of Ireem have a right to know the truth !

Power Corrupts!

Two nights past while passing the time at the auction site as so many of us do. Dinky and I were unfortunate enough to draw the attention of the head guard Arian Clip. He informed us that he was placing Dinky under arrest. When I inquired what crime she had committed he said she was under arrest because she had her scimitar in hand at the auction. I assure you dear readers I did my very best not to laugh in this poor mans face as I told him there was no law against that. Regrettably I failed in that attempt. As he did not seem to understand that there was no law against this I decided to try another approach.
I pointed out that both the undead leader Damien and one of his own guards, Geli, were also standing next to him with drawn blades. He happily informed me that Dinky was a citizen and this is why she was not allowed to have a drawn scimitar and the two others, undead I might point out, were. He stated that it is his duty to protect the citizens. Apparently his preferred method of protection is arrest and jail time. I know that I feel safer already, how about the rest of you?
At this point my disgrace of a sister, Sarra, stepped in and tried to change the story. She says that Dinky is under arrest for drinking rum. Again I wasn’t aware there was a law against that, and if there is I know the dungeon will soon be filled with slavers. However you do have to admire her trying to step in and cover for her boss.
This all ended quite anticlimactically as the head guard gave up when I told him, very politely to be sure, to go have someone read the laws to him. It seems to me if he is to enforce them as the sultana has ordered him to do then he should at least be familiar with them.
Also I was informed that Arian went to the Djinn realm. There he spoke to Indigo the leader of the djinn. He personally offered her 200 Dinar for the head of ever knight she brought him. I am happy to say that she flat out refused. These incidents do raise some questions though.
First, How can we trust this man to enforce the laws when he is so clearly biased towards his fellow undead? Second, is there a single citizen of this fine city that thinks arrest and imprisonment is a good way to provide protection? Lastly, is it proper for the leader of the guards to offer money for the murder of Knights? Wouldn’t you think they should be working together to keep the innocent safe?
I guess only time will tell just how far over the edge this guard has gone. That is if there is anyone not in the dungeon and in a place to see it.

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