The Sultana’s Audience

I had the pleasure today to attend the audience with our Sultana. If you were not there you truly missed out. The Sultana was positively radiant in a gold gown, her long hair flowing down around her shoulders. Her beauty truly put every one at ease.
The first order of business today was a newcomer to our city. Her name is Rebeka Markus. She has come to our city to find help determining the meaning of her dreams. The Magi have graciously offer to help her with this. While here in the kingdom she has offered herself into the Sultana’s service. Her highness accepted and has offered the newcomer a place to stay in the palace.
At this point the head dungeon guard Arian arrived late to the audience, as Knight Leader Jordina McGinnis stepped up to be heard. As would be expected her concerns centered on the rebel knights. While Lady Jordi had the floor the guard Arian Clip continually spoke out of turn and had to be told several times to remain quiet. Her majesty stated again her support for Lady Jordi in these trying times. The Sultana asked Arian if any of the rebels had been arrested, to which he replied, “Arrest who?”
The Sultana was visibly upset at being ignored and reminded Arian to pay attention when she is speaking. She was forced to repeat her question to the guard and finally received this answer: “For the rebels to be arrested we need the Royal Guards support in the city. Not hunting preys and kissing them in the auction area.” I don’t know about you dear readers but this statement gives me several thoughts. First, Arian is admitting that he is incapable of doing the job he aspired to. Second, You would think the head guard, tasked with protecting citizens, would know that a citizen can not hunt prey nor does the palace guard have authority outside of the palace. Perhaps one day he will understand what his job is.
Last to speak was lady Mirna Muggins. She announced a summer ball being thrown by our Sultana for all the people of Ireem. The ball will be held on June 13 at 1Pm SL time. Look for more information about this ball to be released soon. That is all for now dear readers but as new stories develop you can be sure we here at the chronicles will bring them to you.


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