Citizens of Ireem, can we have your attention please? The Chronicles has just received a letter from the Anonymous Knight's Spokesperson. And I quote.......


Dear all,

We would like to address a few things that Corum has stated in his recent letter to the business owners.

First of all, those individuals have stolen a total of 12,867G, not 12,175G as stated in his letter. Secondly, there were seven names in his list, not six as he suggested in his first line of the letter.

Mathematical ability aside, Corum also made another wrong assumption. He stated that the criminals have gone uncaptured and unpunished. That statement is absolutely wrong. All of those criminals have been arrested at various points and have been to court for their crime(s). In fact, they have been the law office’s clients on many occasions and Corum is the owner of that office, which also happens to be the only law office in town. He should know of those facts, or coulf easily look them up, instead of stating some random things as fact.

Lastly, we know that the owner of Arena, who happens to be married to Corum, has recently started a new service of hunting petty thief in Ireem. Whether or not this has to do with Corum’s sudden interest in hunting these “six” (or seven, depending on if you can count) individuals is not up to us to say. Nor would we comment on the fact that his law office makes their living from defending these criminals in the first place.

Anonymous Knight’s Spokesperson


After a meeting with the Magi Elders Council, it was decided that a Magi conclave will be held soon to select a new Leader of the Magi. All members of the Magi community will be automatically qualify as the electorate for this election. Those who consider themselves worthy of the position are encourage to enrol on the notice board outside of the Magi Tower.

In addition, the Chronicles will once again provide a space for all the candidates to release a statement of their candidacy. All candidates are encourage to contact the staff at the Chronicles to arrange an interview or directly send a statement to the editor if you so choose.

The Election will be call soon so all interested candidates should register as soon as possible.

The Chronicles would like to thank you for the interest in the recent recruitment drive. We are pleased to announce that we have appointed several new staff members into the Chronicles Office.

One of the new appointments in the Chronicles is Kilia, our new co-editor, who will take over the busy workload when the Editor is absent (which happens often, especially when the sun gets too hot). Also joining the team alongside Kilia are several a new columnists who will be bringing you a selection of regular features that hopefully will enrich the readership:

1) Style: We are excited to bring you a fashion guru in Ireem who will tell us all about the latest trend of fashion and chic. The writer has impressed many of us every day with her great sense of class and looks, so we are excited that she has agreed to join our writing team.

2) Agony Aunt: What kind of newspaper is it if we don't have an agony aunt? She will be the number one adviser of all things agony related, including sex, pregnancy, and ways to capture a man’s heart (and how to cook it afterward). Our agony aunt, though old and bloody cranky, will no doubt offer her help to all those who have issues but aren’t sure who to talk to.

3) Secret Diary of a Knight: Shhh…… No, we won’t tell you which knight this is, or even the gender! But as sure as Ulrikk pounding his chest, we can promise that there will be plenty of juicy stories that you will not hear of elsewhere.

4) Legal advice: Our law expert will be giving you tips on all things legal, as well as answering any questions from our readers regarding the law and, more importantly, how to escape it.

5) The Undercover reports: A select group of elite undercover reporters, as well as spineless turncoats from various clans, have agreed to take on the dangerous but ultimately rewarding (certainly for the readers) task of bringing you the latest and hottest secret gossips from around Ireem.

The Chronicles will be bringing you those features over the next few weeks, along with the all-important election coverage of Ireem denizens that will be happening very soon.

The following is an open letter from Corum the lawyer to all business owners in Ireem:


My Fellow Store Owners,

the Following 6 thieves have stolen 12,175g from us and have gone uncaptured and unpunished..

Rhianna Wickentower
Palmira Bluebird
Sylvia Forzane
Renickor Dartmouth
Badboy Luv
Deja Greymoon
Budoken Fell (Kal)

some of their crimes date back to November of 2010, but they
all remain active theives in our community. I suggest we combine our resources to put healthy bounties (@ 500g) on each of these criminals. When caught and turned in for the bounty, we sell them to recoup our losses.

We would each have to put up 300g, more if not all of us participate. And those that do contribute divide the auction price equally.

The Ideal situation would be to have the knights buy them and put them on trial for their crimes.




( pictures of an unnamed victim )

It is came to Chronicles’ understanding that, there is a new scam running in Ireem

According to the victim of this crime, a group of attractive and sexy young ladies would lured the victim, usually a man with somewhat gullible mind, either with the promise of a “drink” or a call for help. When the victim is lured to their place, they would offered the victim some drink which is laced with drugs. And when the victim wake up the next morning, his wallet was gone as well as having his body tattoo with messages (See pics)

“I was offered a cup of tea, and my family tradition dictate that if a beautiful girl offered us tea, it’s rude to refused,” one of the victim, who will remind unnamed for his safety, tearfully recalled what happened to him, “I was then passed out and woke up some time later with headache and cannot remember what happened. I have also discovered I have the tattoo on my body

The Knights’ spokesperson has reassured our reporters that the incidents are isolated events, and all citizens should feel safe to accept hot tea with strangers, especially the beautiful ones. The knights has also officially ruled out Granny Robyn as the culprit since all the reported incidents were involved beautiful young ladies, instead of a old woman with saggy breasts.

I write now from my home and from my heart to you all.

In preparation for the big event of April 23, when my beloved niece, Princess Lillie will get married to Prince Fy, there is a great excitement in the Palace.
At this date, we are expecting for guests from all around the world. The stables will be full of horses and camels. As I am writing this, the seamstresses have occupied several rooms of the palace with their silks and brocades. All the cooks are very busy collecting and preparing ingredients for the upcoming feast. The dancers and musicians of the palace are spending every waking hours of every day, practicing their numbers, fine tuning their music scores, ensuring that they will be giving us the best performance they can produce and the most elegant movements their feet will make.

Would you like to be present in these exciting days? The Palace is offering opportunity to those human citizen who would like to take part in the event for the following roles:

1. Guards: If you believe to have the right requirements just send your application to the captain of Palace Guards Milua (Milua Schor). She will be interviewing the applicants soon.
2. Servants: We would need a lot of workers to be able to tidy up, ironing and cleaning the rooms.
3. Gardeners: the palace gardens have to be prepared and look splendid for all our guests.
4: Entertainers: We need jesters, dancers, musicians and storytellers. For us and everyone in Ireem, this wedding is not only a joyful event for the loving couple but it's also a case for the rest of us to celebrate and showcase your talents to the rest of Ireem.

Those who are interested in taking part, please write to the Countess Page Siegel, my secretary, and she will be talking with you at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you and I hope to meet you soon.

Your Sultana
Zanlu Heron

The Chronicles is looking for talented individuals for the following positions:

Feature Writers: You will be given a column space to produce a regular feature piece for the paper. Theme can be about anything, it could be fashion trend in Ireem, or some juicy gossips that you would like to share. The applicant must possesses a good writing skill, and skill of capturing moment of interest with either drawing or painting is desirable as well. Paid is pitiful and benefits are non-existent

Co Editor: Editing the paper is an important responsibility and the Chronicles is seeking a co-editor who would help producing stories and the printing of the paper. The successful applicant will be leading the writing team at the Chronicles, and report to the Editor. On occasion you will be ask to cover reporting task at the trial or interviews. Paid is pitiful and benefits are non-existent

Undercover reporter: Your job is to seek out stories and gossips around Ireem and report back to the Editor and Co-editor. You must have good inter person skill in order to dig out the real juicy stories. Good running skill and good sense of disguise would certainly help your survival rate if your cover is blown, but it’s not essential since the editor doesn’t really care about your well being as long as the stories reaches to the office. Paid is pitiful and benefits are non-existent

Due to the recent price hike in the Fatted Calf, one of the most popular eatery in Ireem. The Chronicles decided to send one of our reporter to speak to the owner, Urso, to find out more about the reason behind this price hike.

It was not an easy task to track down the Fatted Calf owner. Ever since he returned to his old profession of being a knight in the city, he was spending most of his time dealing with the criminals in and around Ireem, as well as his army of female admirers from all races (including one elderly magi who nickname Mr Urso “The Cutie Pie”). Finally, after spending a lot of time stalking and waiting, our reporter finally manage to get a word from Mr Urso on the matter, while he is on his usual duty around the city.

“The price increase?” Mr Urso kindly talked to us while he was standing behind the bush outside of the city wall, doing erm……. Something smelly…… ,”Well unlike other business owner, it wasn’t a political reason, or some silly demand I am trying to hold against the city, it was actually much much simpler than most people think.”

“What would that be, Mr Urso,” our reported asked, while blocking his nose with a wet towel.

“It was a simply economic reason. Too many people has been winning money from the card game, ever since the new regulation comes into place and force us owner to pay out more money to the winner. Someday I would come into and my staff would tell me we are owing the bank money because of all the money people are winning from the card game!”

“Therefore, until further notice, I will have to keep the price up in order to pay for this increase cost.”

Needless to say, our reporter quickly thanked Mr Urso for giving up his time for the interview, and quickly ran away before the smell got too much.

The Chronicles has received a message from the Palace regarding the Royal Wedding

After consulting with the Court Astrologist, the date of the wedding has moved to 23rd of April, which is deem to be a much auspicious date for this wonderful union.

A reminder as well that the official colors are going to be red, gold and black. PLEASE, do not wear white. The only white at the wedding will be the four horses pulling the Bridal Carriage.

The Chronicles understands that Granny Robyn has captured another victim in Ireem.

According to the eyewitnesses' report, Granny Robyn struck near the stables after a pickpocketing spree. She used her magic to bind and capture the latest victim, believed to be a man called Faruk from the Simoon clan. He is said to have suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and is badly in need a mental treatment. The Chronicles office is setting up a "Granny's victims Fund" to help those like Faruk to deal with the distress after their ordeal. Any generous donations to this fund are welcome to the Chronicles' cash till

The Chronicles can report that an intruder was broken into the palace undetected and left two "gifts" for the Sultana

In the early morning, the palace guards who was doing the round has discovered two paintings were left in the Sultana’s bedroom and study. The paintings featured the rather unflattering rear end of the intruder, and after much struggle (Due to the inevitable sickness and throwing up after seeing the paintings), the guards managed to remove the paintings from the palace.

The palace and the knights are calling for anyone who recognise the intruder (either from the mask or the rear end) to come forward. A small meagre reward will be issue to the anyone who first presents the owner of the rear end to the Imperator or the Palace guards.

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