Ugh... so I awake to find the mer-caves covered in what seem to be something that must have been regurgitated by Lord Cthulhu. I mean, where else would such horrid decorations have come from? Such tattered rags don't look fit to dress the most horrid of deceased bodies, let alone the once beautiful mer caves... 

Regardless, I shall plan a vast burning and cleansing to rid the caves of the items... sacrifice to Lord Cthulhu to curse the real person or people responsible... (Or at least de-rezz everything... )

Ugh... who ever put these things up here clearly hasn't washed for days?! It smells of rum, shame... and I think... dead bodies? 

 If anyone has any idea where these unsightly rags came from, please send the story to the chronicles? There might be a reward, depending how good the story is and if you can prove it. 

If nothing comes in I will assume it was something spat up from Lord Cthulhu. The Lord of the deep seas must be mysterious indeed... but he really needs to stop swallowing pirate ships! Doesn't he know that stuff will give him heart burn? 

Arabesque Cafe Presents

Jungle Fever Event
Date: Saturday, Aug 15, 2015
Time: 9:00 AM SLT

Brush off those animal skins and get ready to boogie down to a jungle beat, Jungle animals/furries and humans come enjoy the fun, music, dancing and prizes. Contest for best avi male and best avi female will win $1000 g's each. Also holding a talent contest for performing act such as music, dancing, poems, comedy, ect. Prizes for talent are 1,500, 1,000 and 500g's . Please let Desire Paule know if you want to be in talent contest. Other prizes will be given, so don't miss out!

Desi and ATOSSA

The Winners of the "Indian Spirits" Contest at The Arabesque Café:

1. prize of 1000 L$ goes to the most talented musician JOHNNY CABBOT aka Johnny B.
    for entertaining us with a potpourri of various instruments
2. prize of 500 L$ goes to VALIANT LOIRE for his extraordinary snake charming show with his
    black Cobra
3. prize of 300 L$ goes to ATOSSA for playing the sitar in her outstanding outfit


    ... and THANK YOU to all, who participated in this beautiful event.

    Faathima & Atossa
   - Managers of the Arabesque Cafe  -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic<

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Spinning Siren Mystery

Some of you might have noticed a Spinning Siren in our midst.

She sometimes spins in a charm in front of the goddess Lalita on the Eventus Island. She has been sighted elsewhere in KoS too.

What seems specially strange is that she is attired as a pirate. Is she a pirate? Or is she a Mer?

A L$ 1500 and $G 1000 reward have been placed on the one who finds out WHO has placed the charm on the Spinning Siren.

Albaicini, Ireem Reporter

Please post your answer to the Knight investigating Mystai (lyricsirena resident), with an NC titled with your SL User Name and your character name, and RP that shows how you would find out, no matter how brief.

Saturday, July 25th
13.00 PDT SLT
At the Arabesque Cafe

" Bollywood Contest "
    spirits of India 

Show us your pink, yellow, blue and green Saris , your sleek black hair , face and head jewels and your best smile and dance.

Bring your friends , wiggle your necks to a funny Bollywood dance.

Grab your partner and seduce us with a Kamasutra show.

Bring your veena, sitar or drums or sing your song.

Prices for best performance , appearance , music and role play !
1st price :   1000 L$
2n price :      500 L$
3rd price:     300 L$

We hire dancers and musicians for 500 golds per day!!!

Please talk to the Arabesque Managers Faathima ( lolllita )  or Atossa ( herminetic )

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Welcome to Ireem's STREET MEATS FOOD STALL!!!

Located up at the auctions and trial area we are pleased to serve you our delicious grilled kebab sticks.

We offer daily fresh fish right from the North Sea - grilled or cooked with rice.

Our beer comes from old English breweries and is served cold.

We even offer fresh mint tea - for those who don't drink alcohol.

The street meat food stall is famous for good quality and fresh tasty food ,
We are liked by most citizens in Ireem. This is the reason, why we are able to reduce our prices now.

Come visit us ! You will find no better food in the Kingdom of Sand !!! Guaranteed - or you get your golds back!

Our Menu:
Grilled or cooked Fish and rice 2 G$
Kebab sticks with ham and figues 2 G$
Old England Brewery Beer 2 G$
we offer fresh fruits and vegetables for free.

Bon Apetit and cheers!!!

Faathima ( LoLLLita Resident )
        - owner -

Pictures (and website the pictures are from) by: Atossa

Information from: Faathima

Arabian night performance contest:

First Place and 1000L: Pasha Penucca
Second Place and 500L : Eve Forgraine
Third Place and 300L: Atossa

Topless contest winners:

Tie for first, and 750 L$ each:
Siya and Dusty      
Next place, and 500 LS:

There was even  had a guest dancer, her name is larablood. She is one of the Bellydance goddess group dancers ( She would have been mentioned, but she is nor a regular KoS player )

Daenerys, Spangle and Tygeriz also one prices during this fun filled evening of dance!

Big congratulations to everyone who took part in and organized this event! Hope this won't be the last? Stay tuned for pictures of Eve!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dance Competiton organized by Faathima, Leader of the the Maledictus Inmortuae Clan

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Contestant and Photographer: Atossa

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Contestant Tygeriz: Dance a la Plume

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Contestant: Dusty Sandstorm

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Arabesque Cafe Bouncer: Damien

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fire Dance by Daenerys Fireborn

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Violin and Dance: Spangle Exnno

Encore via Atossa!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Doug Nighteyes showed up late to audition as male stripper!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Organizer Faathima watches Doug with anticipation. (*grins*)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brownsugar Starsmith arrives and announces that she wants to examine Doug...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

... claimes that she is a Physician!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Doug puts his pants on but otherwise shows no resistance...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Then Pasha finally arrives to have her pictures taken

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pasha's Dance a la Plume

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pasha looks like she has walked straight out of an Orientalist painting.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here at the Poems submitted for the Scare the Bad Spirits Away Competition to Mystai Lyric (lyricsirena), for which prizes are as follows:

Prizes for the best Poem to Scare Bad Spirits Away

1st Prize: G$ 500 G$ AND L$100 goes to Tyche for an exquisitely beautiful poem
2nd Prize: G$ 300 AND L$ 70 goes to Julie and yaYoo for great originality and ingenuity
3rd Prize: G$ 200 AND L$50 goes to Cronus for his rhapsodious rap
A 4th Consolation Prize has been added for Tami for his special entry


Tyche's (ThistleWisp) Poem: 1st Prize

*Poem to Scare the Bad Spirits of Away, for the Mystic Store Contest*

Embracing my love there is a dark shadow
It surfs silently on the wake of his ship.
It waits to pounce on him as he sleeps,
the light of my heart suddenly dim.

There is not a lost soul like this one,
that ever keeps my restless watch
as I look for my doomed seaward love
on the crest of the waves, in the hold.

As I sing disconsolate for the spirit to go,
a thousand pearls I would pick to gladly give,
as the thousand tears that he drank from me,
to cast this woe well away from my love.

And if his ship suddenly sank,
By Oceanus I'd know that was It.
I would dive into the deepest of abyss
to lie next to my love forever in the dark.


Julie's (joiry Jie) Poem: 2nd Prize

Little poem to scare bad spirit away
I know why you're here
I will find a reason for your sleep
..go away!, sigh and sleep...
I know why you're here

I hope the strength and that ruin you
The spirit of your chorus boasts your sorrow body
It is a forgotten dream than your body
I wish the shadow that shines on you

I know why you're here
I will find a reason for your sleep
..go away!, sigh and sleep...
I know why you're here.

Four fingers of my hand on this white wood of your desires...and you sigh.
The siren frees you from violence ...and you sigh.
Four fingers of my hand on this white wood of your desires...and you go.
The siren frees you from violence ...and you go.

I know why you was here
I found a reason for your sleep's all over, sigh and sleep...
You have no more reason to be there.


Lord yaYoo's (yaYoo Pralou)  Poem: another 2nd Prize

Is my experience that
in embracing all of life
especially the bad spirits that come to us
openly inviting them
not succumbing to the fears they try to frighten us with
that they then realize their fear tactic does not work
& then they vanish
& the void they left becomes filled with love
in the space the bad spirit occupied
& you thus become even more strong in love.

So we frighten bad spirits away
by being open & facing the fears they bring forth
making them powerless
& us stronger in love.

Cronus 'The Mad King' Kling's (cronus.kling) Poem: 3rd Prize

 The boogie man doing it again, scaring spirits with my lyrics let the show begin, the water levels raise as the tides sweep like a blaze as them bad spirits get to phase, splashing of the waves concealing evil ways as them spirits on the creep crawling all over the streets, here comes the tall blond spitting like a don with a wiggle of his gold its BLING and them spirits are gone, puffing out the hookah as he kicks back getting his shaft massage, hotties lining up to get a chance to touch his big heavy fuselage, so when you see him drop down from the sky to embrace your presence with his divine looks and swagger even when he goes about eating a pie, tell him thanks and give the man a bow, because he saved your ass from the poltergeist haunting thou!


Tami's poem: Consolation Prize

"Yo! Like, boo!"



21 Jun - 16.00 PDT   


TOPLESS dance show and * booby contest *  
and a surprise " bellydance goddess"  guest dancer !  

21 Jun - 18:00 PDT    
Male striptease by our pirate captain Kaos !

open end...

If you would like to participate in the contest, please IM Faathima ( Lolllita ) or Damien Sack.

We hire dancers and musicians !

Mystic Store Event

From: Mystai Lyric

Prizes for the best Poem to Scare Bad Spirits Away
Scare the Bad Spirits

1st Prize: G$ 500 G$ AND L$100
2nd Prize: G$ 300 AND L$ 70
3rd Prize: G$ 200 AND L$50
IM to Mystai Lyric  (lyricsirena Resident)

IM to Mystai Lyric # lyricsirena.resident if you are interested to arrange a time that will suit all players within the next five days.

I will ask you permission to publish your poem in the Ireem Chronicles.



 photo undead Faathima and Hora ma_zpspiyfutaa.png

Story by: Znork

 Down, at the bottom of a sand hill lay the ruins.  The remains of a probably amazing temple, a place where  people did mystical things. An enriched world with bright people and bright minds. People that believed in a society with clever people, hard working people, And no illness in the world.   But under it, there iss another world. Darkness, blood, smell of death, bloodstains and spiderwebs. A small scream now and then, only to be heard from someone very close. The walls are moist and thick. I have passed the ruins and the entrance to the caves many times. I always feel a bit shiver up my back when I pass. I have even went in there just a bit to have a quick look around... but I still live.

I met a female outside there a bit ago. She looked scary , but I presented myself and told her someone pointed her out as an Undead when I asked them. She hissed at me and licked her lips, obviously struggling about the choice of eating me up or listening to me.
After a few seconds she presented herself as Faathima, an Undead. I managed to ask her for a guided tour of her cave some day, when she wasn't hungry, and maybe a bit tired, and felt good. She agreed to this and told me she would let me know when it was a time where she could meet me.

The day arrived. I met her outside the cave entrance, among the nice ruins. I could see her nose shifting a bit, she probably smelled my human, eatable flesh. To be well prepared for this and to get a chance to buy willingness I had brought a present that I had used days to make. A birdcage with a bloody mat in the bottom and a small skull on the resting pin. I brought it out from behind my back and handed it over, hoping to buy goodwill for a bit.  She looks curiously at it, walks around it and finally she says:

-"oh well, this is a nice gift , another skull for my collection..hmmm doesn't look like a bird , but like a human skull...even better"

I tried to say that it probably was a big bird, but same time I wondered if maybe the spooky guy that sold me the skull near the docks had fooled me. Faathima grabs the cage and tells me to follow her, telling me she will show me her home. She whips away spiderwebs while I for the first time looks around a bit more calmed. Further in and down some stairs I enter a room with a big statue in it. Its a statue of a female sitting, holding a sickle in a hand, like waving it in the air. Around her neck is a chain of skulls, Her eyes are shining and its quite scaring. Faathima points at it and tells me things:

- " and here you see our goddess Hora Ma, goddess of destruction. You should show her some honor and give some of your blood to her" She grabs my wrist and leads me down to the bowl. Then she promise me it wont hurt. I decide to play nicely since its early in the interview and gives a bit of blood to the bowl. It didnt really hurt so I continued.

-  " we torture our prisoners here and feed from them " she says calmly, like it was a daily life to anyone, She then tell me to follow her and after a few kicks on the wall a door opens and she show me into her room in the cave. Its surprisingly light and well decorated. Even has books in a shelf. And the birdcage would fit in nicely I'm thinking to myself.

-" I see you read books too? I didnt think that was in your interest" I say a bit surprised

- " Its just bloody stories really" she answers quickly, and I turn around a bit to hide my grin. I look more strict back at her and fire my first question.

-"How would you describe a typical day for an Undead?"

She looks at me, raises her brow while thinking and smirks:
-" oh well, we actually rest during the day unless some human loose their way into the combs. Then when the moon rises up at midnight, we go to cause bloody mayhem in the city. We love the smell of fresh warm blood and the sweat of fear when they run...well, we go to grab some humans... some of us torture , rape and slaughter them , but recently they hide cowardly and then some rats will do it too. After all we eat them and I collect their bones"

I nods and lifts my head back a bit to try to focus, since all this terrible things she is telling me is like she describes a calm dinner. I continue:

-"You have told me a bit now, but if you summ up:  what would you say is a good thing about being an undead, and a bad thing. if there is any?"

-" Haha,  there is nothing bad about being an Undead. Our knowledge and wisdom of thousand of years made us powerful . We have no human attitudes and we have no mercy , we are hated and feared - and take it as an honor " she answers cheerfully

-" Could you tell a bit about how Undeads were born. How it all started?" I ask to change subject and not go into too deep water.

-" HORA MAAA! where to start ? Well to keep a long story short , we were banned to the catacombs by the humans and since that day we make them pay for all "

I sit back and think about it all. I want ask her more but I see shes getting impatient.  I see her standing up, stretching her back before she tells me:

-" I think it´s time for you to leave or I wouldn't resist to bite your neck right now and here"

I stand up quickly and run out the door the same second she opens it.  I walk fast and run a bit, up the hall, up the stairs. Suddenly I see sun and smell the fresh sandy air. I stop for a second to enjoy it. Looking back a bit and thinking about all this.I decided to go home and eat my cactus soup. Small chance to get a skull in that soup.

 photo Knights office pic for Ireem Chronicle_zpsu8mtbmps.png

Story by: Znork

So many times I have passed the knights office in the corner near the city entrance. There is a law book there and, a presumably, very strict guard . But lately when I have had a lager too much after a hot working day in the desert, and become quite drunk, and been walking in a far from straight line.. I haven't gotten arrested. Sometimes I feel lucky, sometimes I miss a bit the entertainment, excitement and fear a talk with a knight can cause. After all ,they are serving the Sultana and protects many people.

Today I met a brave knight with the name Smooth. It's said that he is a very good protector and a fair knight. I met him outside the office and after a short tapping on his own chin, thinking, he invites me into the office. He doesn't have any tea left to serve me,  I guess that's what made him think twice before inviting me in. I step into the office, breath taken of all the posters of criminal people hanging on the wall in there. I stumble a bit, but manage to sit down in a chair, On the other side of the desk the knight is seated in his nice. white knight clothing

I nod to him then looks around a bit and starts asking him
-" Could you please tell me the ground purpose of having knights in the city and how it is to be a knight?"

He looks a bit in deep thoughts but his response comes fast

- "The knights were established as protectors for the Sultan. He had produced a special army in war to protect him and win the battle. After the wars were over he tasked them with the safe keeping of his fair city, protecting the inhabitants and keeping the laws. The palace has a special guard, the Royal Guards that protect them. We are of course allied and sworn to protect the Sultana. But or duties mostly in the city."

I nod to the answer and Im fascinated that the history behind it is presented so precise and fast. There must be proud feelings in being a knight. I continue to ask

- "About the laws here, is it really so that one is guilty till proven innocent here? In that case that means you really have a lot of power?"

- "Yes, presumed guilty until they can prove they are innocent" laughs "This is not some strange western place where people can just be innocent"

- "But not really a problem? People trust you and behave in your present?" I ask very curious

-  "Of course since this is the case there are those that like to make false claims against the knights and offer bribes. But no knights I have under me would dare take or act in such ways.Even with the face of punishment, many still break the laws."

I nod and state that its good to hear. Telling him that makes people like me feel safer
Smooth leans forward looking a bit more serious "I've been a knight longer than most have even been in Ireem. I live my life to the code of the ancient knights." I nod again and then I get curious about details and daily life for a knight:

- "But what is a new knight's day like? What is typical? What are orders like?Is it to go arrest someone? Or investigate maybe? or just be a guard?" The questions just pops out of me like after a bad camel stew dinner

-"Well they would start by signing in to work and checking the boards for crimes and such. Then go about the city to patrol for danger, help those that may request it and be on the look out for the ones in the list there. They may be called to testify at a trial or bring captured criminals to the trial."

I knock my head with the quill pen and suddenly it spills ink all over my pants.. I swear quietly but manage to wipe it off a bit with some papers laying there. I saw some names and a drawing of a person on the paper.. but as the knight was tapping his chin and looking thoughtfully out in the air I managed to sneak the papers back in a stable. Relieved I ask a bit more:

- " What is the best thing about being a knight. and what is the bad part?"
- "Well that is the thing. You get to meet lots of people so that is one of the best parts, on the other hand it can be very lonely as a knight. But the friendship between knights is a good and warm one. It is not the same os in other groups, they tend to be family, here we are a family with one job and purpose"
I look over my scroll and tries to read the words between the ink spots, suddenly I remember one thing:
- "Do you have to be very good to fight to become a knight or do you have special training for those who wants?"
 -"We can train but you dont even have to fight. There are fighters and  prosecutors"
 I nod and tells him that I think its just important to write in case people come new here and wants to be a knight.

After asking the knight all these questions he also takes me down to look at the jail in the basement
It looks terribly small and smells a bit rotten but not as bad as I thought it would.
He shows me the two cells and tells me they clean it and that prisoners mostly aren't kept here for more then a day. They have a dungeon another place for longer detentions. But that is not a place they clean often. I'm thinking that it might stink, maybe smell a bit undead-ish, but I would never say that loud. Suddenly we hear someone cry and the knight Smooth tells me he has to run to look what is happening. I rush after him to not get stuck in this prison. I just manage to escape from the office too before the guard lowers his sword to prevent people entering.. or leaving. I suddenly stand outside and wipe my forehead. What a dramatic end of an interview. I guess a knights day can be full of action. Maybe I should become one....

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