Yesterday our beloved Sultana held a new audience in the Palace. Many well known citizen were there and of course I did not want to miss that. Not much interesting stories to tell about this event, next to the beautiful dresses of the Sultana and her Princesses we could watch Second Minister Kadar doing his job, as usual ordering people around.
I am not sure, but sometimes his smile looks kind of fake to me ! The Sultana trusts him obviously, but still I have my doubts about his intentions. He appears nervous very often, as if he wants to hide something. Especially when someone comes to speak to our highness, who is a head taller then him !
In this case, it was the dark knight Sir...sorry I mean Lord Richard Braveheart. He approached the throne with his head held up high, proud and even a bit arrogant, well armed and followed by his slaves, introducing himself as Lord Braveheart. A murmuring running through the room, the men impressed and the ladies even delighted, everyone watched this interesting character standing infront of the Sultana.
Sir Kadar became a little smaller next to him and it was funny to see, how eager he tried to convince the Lord giving him his weapons, until the audience is over. Lord Braveheart grumbled at the second Minister but gave him the weapons and started his speech:
"Let me present myself. I come from a lost Kingdom that vanish before you were born. I came to your lands seeking refuge [...] I couldnt help but observe the rise of vandalism in the streets of your land, plagued by undead creatures and thievery. I see your knights can not protect it by themselfs. My specialty in this time its the art of war, my sword was for hire for a long time [....] and I propose the using of Dark knights such as myself to improve the safety of this lands ! [...] we are also the finest warriors of the land and most of us of noble blood. Unlike the knights we do not fear to get our hands dirty and do what must be done !"
Second minister Kadar tried to stop him and quickly stated "We will undertake a study of this and get back to you at some point!" as he rushed him out. The dark knight turned and left the room the same way he entered it, proud and arrogant and very selfconfident.
Sir Kadar mentioned an upcoming tournament to change the topic quickly and promised to give out more information after the Palace staff meeting. Thinking about this audience there are some questions left:
  • Why is a Lord searching refuge in another land, what happened to his kingdom ?
  • Will Lord Braveheart be able to hire dark knights following him ?
  • Will they bring safety and peace to our city ?
  • And will he ever take of his hood? There are plenty of ladies already complaining about never seeing his face!

It was a quiet, very hot day and I was wandering through the alleys, selling some meat pie here and there, talking to some citizen, admiring the beauty of our city and wrinkling my nose about some smelly hidden corners aswell. Being lazy on days like this, everyone tried not to move to much, avoiding the sun and taking a nap whenever possible. So, all in all, nothing really interesting happened.

Until I reached the camel place infront of the city gate ! As usual, I was feeding the camels with some old meat pies from the day before, as suddenly a bunch of crazy, screaming females ran by, slapping some sleeping knights on the head, pulling at some slave girl's hair and poking my belly ! Laughing loud they made their way back to the ocean and a singsong could be heard, when they disappeared at the horizon " Beware the evil Mers !.....Beware the evil Mers !....". Shaking my head smirking, when my gaze followed them, I found a piece of paper in my pocket. I took it out, wondering where this came from as I curiously started reading:

"Beware the evil Mers!
There is a new clan of Merfolk in the bay, and already we are causing much mischief. Our clan, consisting mostly of agile pickpocketers, quick thieves, and those with less than saintly morals, are loyal only to ourselves and the Undead. We are currently recruiting new members, but only those who show the highest standards, or lowest would be more the proper term, need apply.
We are the Clan of Forsaken Mers. Sneaky, a little evil, and lots of fun. Allied completely with the Undead. Whether as fighters, healers, or for our Masters use as Their Blood Dolls, we will follow The Forsaken Family without question. If you like to have fun, wreak havoc, or cause mayhem, be welcome! **Clan Leaders Una Flux and Layla Lekvoda reserve the right to kill or have killed, by way of torture in the catacombs, any and all applicants they deem unworthy. "

Dear reader, these are indeed shocking news ! Not enough the undead population grows more and more everyday, now they even ally with the Mer ? The Merfolk, still a mystery for most of us seemed to be such a peaceful and relaxed group. Did we all misjudge the Mer ? Or is it some kind of spell they are under ?

Today I recieved some anonymous drawings and a message, which I want to share with you, dear readers. As a girl, I of course love the color pink and first was amused seeing these drawings. But as an honest and law-abiding citizen I am really shocked about this act of vandalism !! /*editorial note: well not really, but better keep that in the article, could help with the knights in case they find out about my pickpocketing */

Especially the enclosed message is disturbing and leaves many questions. But see for yourself:

"Twin sisters, who mysteriously appear and tend to paint the city various colors and steal the Pirate's Rum. They aim for the Knights, the Mer, the Bedouin and the Slavers. They shroud themselves in dark cloaks and where ever they go, signs of them appear. Flowers, colorful paintings and the words TWINS OF TERROR STRIKE AGAIN!
In the past they have planted fields of flowers amoungst the bedu and the slavers. Painted tents, multiple shades and set loose pink frogs.
To all citizen: We shall bring elven joy and love of bunnies and pinkness to all Ireem! Beware the smelly fishy people, the camel lovin people, the boring defenders of justice and those rummy rum pirates! We are after your rum and to bring peace, joy and happiness to all of Ireem in a rainbow of flavors!"

Come and get the best Meat Pies in town ! Owner Tim Speiser send his slave Dinky Wingtips out to the hardest cooking drill he could find, which she passed with distinction ! Her formerly two "left hands" now are well trained in cooking, the days of burned food are over ! Sharing her new knowledge with the other employees, the Street Meats Food Stall is now prepared to satisfy every customers wish !

Enclosed a short overview on our product line-up:
  • Standard Meat pie "Yummy" ~ 7 Dinar, Discount: Take 2, pay 6 Dinar each
  • Special Taste Meat pie ~ 8 Dinar, Discount: Take 2, pay 7 Dinar each
  • Magi Burger ~ with delicious Spell enforcing onions and a secret magical potion
  • Bedouin Wrap ~ with our best camel poo aroma
  • Slaver Meatloafs ~ with garlic (to keep away the undead) and rum
  • Djinn Rolls ~ with natural ingredients like chopped palm leaves and goat milk
  • Mermaid Fishsticks ~ with Salmon and Trout
  • Knights Whopper ~ with garlic (to keep away the undead) and in-carved knights code symbols
  • And for our sugar addicted citizen the special "sweet meat pie" edition with raisins and honey ! ~ 7 Dinar, Discount: Take 2, pay 6 Dinar each !
Please remember that the owner is the Leader of the Magi ! You can ask for a special spell, that makes your meat pie taste like whatever you wish ! Special price offer for "Spell Pies": 9 Dinar !

Our References:
Knight Smooth - his meat pie tasted like the sweet lips of a young beautiful lady
Citizen Dinky - her meat pie tasted like the summerwind brushing through your hair
Undead Jordina - her meat pie tasted like a whining knight kneeling to her feet

Our employees can be found at the Street Meats Food stall near the auction or on their daily rounds through the desert. So do not hesitate to taste the BEST MEAT PIES IN TOWN !

Tim Speiser, Owner
Dinky Wingtips, Executive Chef

*the blacksmiths curse*laid down on the blacksmith " Namen Dreamscape" and all who come after him, by Indigo (wolfenstien Khandr)

The power of the djinn of the ghul is to enter and manipulate the mind. This is easiest for Indigo when her victim is sleeping and can't resist. She plants dreams and nightmares like seeds then steps back to watch them grow...
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In the middle of the night when the owl hoots and the stars are bright the slumbering smith will dream. At first softly he will hear the tap tap tap of his hammer on the anvil. He will toss and turn disturbed by the noise as it grows.. tap ..tap tappity tap ..
Each tap will be like its hitting his head..resounding though his scull and echoing there ..growing louder as it repeats. tap.... tap tapitty.... tap
Louder it will grow until it rings like church bells in his ears and cannot ignore its call. His anvil calls him, calls him to work. His body will respond to the sound he cannot ignore it , he will be compelled to rise in his sleep no matter what he is wearing..(I imagine he sleeps naked like the rest of us) and go directly to his shop..take up his hammer fire up the bellows and begin to work in his sleep
He will work at his shop all though the night churning out things of metal ..weapons of destruction crewel and unusual implements of torture.. strange misshappen things he makes as he toils through the night, not resting till the dawn light breaks the dream ..or some person unwittingly wakes him. Many of these items may disappear before he wakes destined for the hands of the djinn, there purpose beyond mortal comprehension.
At dawn he will wake, not remembering the labors of the night..naked and coated in sweat and grime , in his shop. Exhausted never to rest.. driven by the curse to create night and day ..
This curse is laid down not on the man himself but on the anvil in the blacksmiths shop ..he who lifts the hammer will take the curse upon himself from this day forward..

Last Sunday our beloved Sultana welcomed her people for another audience at the Palace. The audience was officially started by Lord Kadar, second minister of the palace as our Majesty introduced former Lady Mirna, now Princess Mirna to everyone stating: "It's an honor for me to introduce you the Princess officially! She deserves this title for a lot of things. Things like loyality, kindness and availability!".
Asking her to say some personal words, everyone could see Princess Mirna blushing, as she quietly thanked everyone, telling she will do her best being a good princess, always being eager to help wherever she can. After her shy, sweet speach everyone applauded and many "Congratulations !" shouts were heard in the throne room.
The first one being allowed to speak to our highness was Magi Zoya Zhukovsky, also owner of the local bakery. She explained her concern by telling the Sultana, that her shop was robbed twice in one week. She wanted to draw her attention to the amount of crime in the city lately. Knights would do their best to counter this, but the number of crimes would increase daily!
The Sultana promised to take care of this, but before Miss Zoya had any more chance to talk, Lord Kadar rushed things suddenly and already summoned slavegirl Cleopatra over to introduce her to the Sultana (I am pretty sure he just fears the work coming up for him, if going deeper into this topic !!).
The girl told her about being new to the city and how proud she is to meet her personally, as she offered her to always be at her disposal.
High priestess Grizel Halberstadt was the next one to speak. After sending her wishes of love from Zin Ra, she talked about some disturbing things going on "I come today with the orb of our Oracle. The oracle says your old enemies are still about us. You should seek caution, and protect yourself as best as you can, as there is one hidden she cannot see, that works against you!"
The majesty got very silent and just nodded slowly as Lord Kadar quickly summoned the next one over.
A huge man wearing a helmet, which he refused to take of, approached the throne and introduced himself as dark knight Havoc Later, pointing to all guards, then to the Sultana herself, growling loudly: "While you all sit here in your palace, your citizens are being enslaved! What are your knights doing to protect your own people? I have had to take matter into my own hands and pay for it by your knights scolding me! You people sicken me, the forsaken ran a rampage through this city yesterday and where were any of you ?"
He turned and walked away as everyone got very quiet, eyes following him on his way out. Dear reader, this scary but somehow interesting character will be observed more, this I can promise you!
But back to the audience: well known Bedouin Sheik MasterJ Swashbuckler of course could not resist coming to see her highness. His affection for her is no secret anymore and I am not quiet sure, but I think I saw the Sultana trembling in excitement aswell, when he approached!!
His words just underline, what we all think to know already "My business is the Sun's safety as always! My Sun, I have observed you being watched, I am sure your guards have as well! It was a boy, dressed like a man, but wearing a skirt, perhaps the oddest sight I have seen in a bit....but I want you to know you are safe and that My clan will be watching out for you" .
What is interesting here - next to Sir MJ's affection for our Sultana of course- is, that this matches to the words from the oracle ! Dear reader, what is this all about ? Lets hope and pray it is not as bad, as it sounds right now !
The audience was over at this point and the people started leaving slowly. Summarized I just can say at the end: this was definetly a very disconcerting and strange event, leaving us at this point with many questions...

Ireem's finest carpets to decorate your home! Name the color and we will make it possible ! But we have more ! Our carpets are magical, with the right spell we make them fly ! Jump on board and enjoy an overview of the city, you can't imagine in your wildest dreams !

Rent a carpet and make a trip on your own, or book a Guided tour ! The owner and his slaves/employees will be happy to fullfill all your desires !
Special offer: Book two female slaves - pay half for the second! One girl will ride the carpet and guide the tour, the other one will completely be there for your personal entertainment !

Payment conditions:
  • Rent a flying carpet ~ Free (but tips are always welcome !)
  • Guided tour "Single Joy" ~ 10 Dinar
  • Guided tour "Double Joy ~ 15 Dinar
  • Guided tour "Double Joy with Extras"* ~ 20 Dinar (+ Tip for the slave)

Yes, Your fantasies come true ! (Guided tours are not everytime available, please contact Askavlos Oridium for an appointment)
Askavlos Oridium, Owner

*Warning / Disclaimer: Wild sexual experiments are highly not recommended. The flying altitude lays above 20 meters, the owner CANNOT be hold liable for ANY accidents !

Welcome to the Arabesque Cafe!

Let the others feed your body. We shall feed your soul. The Arabesque Cafe, Ireem's premier hotspot for entertainers of all kind. Leave your squables and disagreements at the door. No weapons drawn. No peddling of wares within the walls.

Now hiring Dancers, Musicians, and Bouncers. Please inquire within for Entertainers.
Bouncers and Security inquiries please contact Brittainy Collins, Owner

Yesterday, when I was on my way through the desert, my bag full with meat pies I wanted to sell, I suddenly saw a gathering at the old wreck in the water near Mermaids bay. Curiously walking over, I found some of Ireems well known citizens, all happily together chatting around. This alone was already surprising, as you could see known enemies beeing together like old friends. I found Knights Leader Seraf with his Wife Enigma, Magi Jilsun and Knight Sulaiman sitting on the landing stage and right in the middle of them the Undeads Silver and Jordina !

But what peaked my interest even more were the fishing rods they all were using. When I reached them, they waved me over giving me their nicest "Salaam" and "Welcome" and before I was able to answer, I already had a fishing rod in my hand aswell !

Of course, as a reporter I had to question this deeper. I asked them, what they are doing here, but I did not really get a proper answer, as Knight Sulaiman suddenly squealed with glee "Fishy Fishy ! Come here ! ", then pointing out his hand excitedtly "There is one ! A male ! Who gets him first, will win !".
I looked over to see, what he was talking about. And by the priests of Zin Ra ! There really was a Merman swimming around, his tail fin popping out of the water from time to time. At this point I understood, what this all was about. They all were here to catch one of the Mermaids / Mermen !

I still doubt, they all had the same reason to do so, but this is another story. Quickly sitting down among them I got the instructions how to use my rod and eagerly started trying to catch something too. The Merman looked at us first curiously, but as soon as he found out what we were trying there, he disappeared in the deep water, only leaving some small waves.

A bit disappointed about this, the crowd got pretty silent, all rods swinging lethargicly in the water ,as Seraf suddenly screamed out loudly "I got one, I got one !!".
Jumping on his feet he pulled hard on the rod until the sweat ran down his face, not beeing able to lift up, whatever he had caught there. Sulaiman and Silver came running to help him and all three together finally managed to pull his "catch" up in the air!

And dear citizens of Ireem, at this point you will really regret you weren't there. The sight was one of the funniest in my whole life ! Seraf's crestfallen face was simply hilarious! What did he catch ?
Well, luckily for the Mermaids he did not catch one of them. Instead he pulled out an enormous, huge trunk of a tree, covered over and over with algae and seaweed ! The others burst out into great laughter and Seraf sat down disappointed.
Thanking them all for this nice and amusing break from my daily work, I stood up and left them. But I still have to laugh, when I think about the hilarious look on Serafs face !

There is only one question left: will anyone in Ireem ever be able to "catch" one of the Mermaids ? These mystical beeings can be seen very often lately in the waters of our beloved kingdom, but no one ever was able to get close enough. All we know about them is from old tales our parents and fellow citizen were telling in mild summer nights around a fireplace. But if any citizen is ever able to get find one, please let the reporters of the Chronicles know !

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