The War began with battle cries of the races across the sands and soon enough a few squeaks comparable to that of the cute desert frog is heard as we see a swarm of female warriors charging forth with much fervour towards the handful of men who dared to take up their challenge!

Sisterhood of the Sands united , young undead charged forth to more than he could handle?

  Applauds to the cunning war strategy of devious pirate Olaf who seemed to be more covered up than usual, perhaps a disguise to throw off the opponent?  He and another called Jordan, would snake around the city enclaves and surprise attack the women searching for the few good men, which was hard to spot, and their small numbers actually benefit them in the fight.

  One or two enthusiastic young undeads on the other hand were chased down by the ladies and soon captured and brought to the auction area to await their fate.  It did take a few ladies to one to win that fight, but yes, the ladies won.

Olaf hiding in heavy disguise and on library rooftop , beating down each woman that managed to reach him , Pan defeated him!

  Victory did not come easy though, the ladies had to scale the high walls of the city and even up the rooftops to get to the hiding pirates.  We heard a loud scream of frustration as the undead Faathima climbed her way up there to eventually get beaten and captured by the ruthless old pirate Olaf.  It took a while as Olaf fought off the ladies one after another who managed to finally reach him at the library rooftop, until he was finally defeated in the hands of the bedouin Pan!

Wyld the event organiser, the captured awaits their fate or tried to escape..Olaf disappeared!

  And then there was just only one man left to deal with before the few ladies who survived thus far could claim victory!  Jordan the other pirate who most likely devised the battle strategy with Olaf, was also hiding out at a rooftop, the Magi Tower..if Granny was around she would have invited him in to her chamber for a good spanking!  We saw the last few ladies standing fight hard to get to him and then it was the Bedouin Covery who took him down with an arrow to the chest!

Leah and her food..prey captive !  Think he just noticed her sharp mer teeth!

  Amidst the chirpy victory chatters, we saw threats of future mayhem and even outward flirting in a last effort to wriggle out of captivity.  The beautiful mer princess warrior Leah had her belt leashed tightly around her victim's neck and dragged him towards the mer isle, it would be interesting to know what ensued from there...perhaps Editor has plans to send a good swimmer to interview lady Leah? Please..consider good swimmers!

~ written by Munira , lazybutt kitty

EVENT: War of the Sexes

War of the Sexes

It seems that rowdy group of ladies that has gathered together
has challenged the males of Ireem to a war.  Ladies against the men, a true War of the Sexes.

The battle is set for 9 am slt  on Sunday July 21, 2013.
All are to meet at the auction area for last minute instructions and rules of combat.

Who will come out on top... err.. be victorious??

No auctioning off the captives, but time spent with them will be judged by an independent panel to see who has talent in here other than swinging their sword.

Will the ladies over run the men and have bragging rights??

Will the men be up to the challenge by the ladies??

Show up and help your gender.

If you need more information please talk to Elusive Cristole (Wyld).

A smokeless fire, brought by an unusual stream of air floats into the Chronicles office, materializing herself in a blueish winged female body.  In a painless move she plucks a feather from her left wing, she sinks its point in the ink bottle and starts writing on the parchment over the table. Words about a new clan for the Djinn kind.

To all old and new Djinn of Ireem,

A new clan is open for recruitment in the Realm. We are the Kosmischen Reich Clan.

A clan for all those who are born from the elements as we are part of nature as much as it is part of us.

Our goal should be to archive Mastery of all the elements, so in the end one could finally control the cosmic powers to better aid our race.

Hereby our covenant:

- Our kin comes first, no one stands above a djinn regardless of rank
- The interests of the clan should always be in your mind, regardless of the opinions of others.
- Contribute as much as you can to our treasure, help us archive our goals.

If thses are in accordance with your goals, do join us.

You can contact our leader Honld (honld resident) or me. We will welcome and help all that are truly interested in having fun reinforcing the power and reputation of our kin.

Setah (stella theseus)
Kosmischen Reich Clan

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