The Ireem Merchant Guild is looking for people to act as bodyguards for members that have been threatened or attacked by the assassin. The guild will protect its members. So any interested in taking on this role should please submit their applications to Ulric Dalglish either in person at The Ship Inn or by IM. I am looking to hire on Monday.



I shouldn't be writing this, I really shouldn't, but I fear I've no choice in the matter. The undead and slavers and djinn are working together, conspiring against ...something! I tried to follow them to a meeting down in the combs last night, but the mean, nasty Oce and Xan stopped me and chased me out, blocking the freedom of the press.

Lo and behold, I stumbled upon some grates, up in the palace that allowed me to overhear them speaking, and listen I did!

It seems they've captured Knight Dream, I heard Hojo kicking and hitting this poor, helpless knight, once he shackled him, they then discussed how to make sure he stays alive,until today at least, when he can then die because their plan will come to fruition. Hojo mentioned bartering the princess for the knights, saying he could do it, and I was simply horrorfied.

It seems one of the undead then heard me walking over their heads and somehow...sent a djinn to threaten me to be gone, this unknown Djinn, in as few words as possible, made sure I left my place of...simply enjoying the palace plants, and could no longer overhear the plans being made. From what I understand, the djinn, the undead, and the slavers are going to keep Dream enslaved and away until their plans are finished.

Can anyone figure this out, it makes my head spin. Does this have to do with our Sultana's assassination? After the killing in the bathhouse, of the suspected assassin, I dont' know what to think anymore!


It has been half a year since I came to Ireem, lost, tired, hungry, searching for a place to belong as well as something from my past. I cannot help but think of the kindness of the original bath house owner who took me in at first, of Elder and Ulric, of Prince Pawlaew, and so many others who have helped and protected me.

Yet, the city has become such a violent place recently. Today, this violence came to my own place of business, a place which I tried to keep as a safe place for all. I detest violence, and after this brutal event I think it's perhaps time that I move on to another place. Some of you might know I was a travelling merchant before I came to Ireem. I will be leaving with the next caravan. Salaam, people of Ireem, may Allah bring you safe paths.


I have been handed a most lovely picture of Sage , naked in front of the slavers post for elections, we all know why she'd be down there naked hrm....

If you'd like to see the photo, see myself or Sage for a copy, let democracy rule!

- Tre

Three sisters after careful watch at Slavers Bay, decided it was a good time to dive into the sea and steal the slavers hidden treasure.. For months the gold glimmering at the bottom of the sea has had the sisters attention.. While the crowd gathered at the auction yard.. Heavenly and Olive stood guard while SugarKane, with her great swimming abilities, dove down .. time and time again .. bringing up handfuls of the slavers gold. After 5 dives and coming up with nearly all of the gold, SugarKane escapes the Octopus that suddenly appears, ending her diving expedition. While escaping the Octopus she also escapes being nearly captured by Con Moonites.. with the gold tucked in their silks the sisters run to the auction and blends in the crowd.


*A hastily written note on a crumpled piece of paper is resting in the news box, signed by one of the attendants at the bathhouse.*

Oh, something terrible has happened! When I came in today, I found a body floating in one of the baths! I called for guards, knights, anyone who would listen, and it was taken away and the bath cleaned, but I still can't bring myself to go to work. I can't help wondering if the body might be of the Sultana's... killer? The... body.... was dressed in black and he looked like an assassin. It was a man, who looked like he hadn't shaved in a long while. His face was ugly, and he looked like he died in a lot of pain. It was truly terrifying. The guards said he had been stabbed eight times, four in the front and four in the back. They seemed to think that the.... precision? I think they said?... was important, like it was a proffessional. It was all so disgusting, and left such a mess, I don't know what to do. ...Oh! I almost forgot the note! I was... written in his blood on the floor. It said, "Leave now". They wiped it away, of course, but I can't help thinking of it every time I see the bathhouse. Everyone needs to know, no one is safe any more!

There was talk of giant bugs passing through Ireem and swarming the city. Could this be true or were some drinking the bad water again??? Well, someone managed to get pictures of this incedent. We believe they are just passing through but who knows..... things are getting stranger every day in Ireem.

- Tre

This was left for me as I slept....ask me for pictures if you'd like to see them

I am here to Challeng Rock Garzo, He is a paper champion, and I wish to bring the championship back to Ireem!!! If he does not respond to my challenge, then let it be known to all those who are in Ireem that I am the champion of the land. I am sick and I am tired of seeing his picture all over the place when he has gone away never to return! I have beaten him twice in his last two HUGE battles in the middle of the arena that many people right now can attest to. After those battles (which were not for his title conveniently) he was done and faded away not to be seen until this day. Rock knew then, and he knows now that I have his number.I want Rock Garzo's Championship and I WANT IT NOW!

Dream Questi

- Tre

My appearance here was no random incident, this land is plauged by several shadows. Another is no danger in my eyes, be wary...I will be watching very closely to this world. I could know things about you that you don't want known. It is time for this ghost to rise out of the shadows and prepare itself for destiny. Should you seek me, know that I will not come to you. I will be there, but you must know where to find me. For the right price, or perhaps the proper deal, you can get anything.

Be not afraid afraid to ask, your wish may be granted. My loyalty is for sale, and if your offer is good enough you will receive it. Be warned, though, your target may have a better offer and you may find yourself on the recieving end of the very thing you sought. I am the ghost, I am the winds on the sands, and I am ready to play...

-A shadow on the wall

While I was out, trying to save a knight from going in to a trap by the undead the slavers attacked the knights camp and the kights defended there camp (lag won ) but the slavers cant fight there own war thay have to have the budus halp thim as thay cant fight fiar and thay say us kights cant the kights capterd hojo and the slavers left thine wrong and storm and the budu naed abal atacked kight dustin for no ression so he fight all 3 wich was hard and got ringo and kazzuma and of corese there was Zenith fighting wine kight dustin ate to get his halth back and he went and atcked abal so his brother Zenith could eat abal capterd Zenith and thine kight Dustin and ended up killing both and now i here the slavers are starting rueres about anther kight thats a elite kight wich i would not belive if i herd it as the slavers cant fight there own battle

- Tre

This letter was left in my mailbox today..please folks, read it carefully, and if you've any info at all, either drop me an NC at my mailbox or send me one via messenger.

"*A plain scroll case is sitting in the drop box. Inside is a rolled up leaf of expensive looking paper. The note contained within is brief, signed by a guard, but with no name attached.*

I've agonized for some time about what to say about this, if anything. My superiors want the matter kept secret, but I'm increasingly concerned that such secrecy will only make matters worse, as the knights looking into the Sultana's death will be left without vital leads. Last night, one of the guards observed a hooded figure skulking about in the shadows. We believe the intruder - it may have been a woman, but no one saw the figure close enough to be sure - was trying to break into the Royal Harem, for reasons unknown. Once spotted, the intruder swiftly escaped, moving with a speed and grace I've never before witnessed, at least not in any normal human. A search of the palace afterward revealed that the library downstairs had been searched. We nearly missed that, save for a small scratch on one of the desks where, presumably, the intruder picked a lock to get inside. A number of the papers and documents within had been rearranged, but none seemed to be missing. So far, we have found no clues as to the identity of the intruder, but it's my fear this may be connected to the Sultana's assassination, as he or she was seen trying to get into the Palace's private quarters. I trust everyone will understand that I cannot identify myself for fear of losing my position, given the order of silence. Hopefully, attention from the city paper will help us to expose this intruder."

- Tre

It seems the Naga are soon to be arriving in our city..those who know the lore...know to be frightened, sadly they have not yet learned of our Sultana's demise.

You are reading this letter for a reason, we all know that you could sense our arrival. The city in the sand will know of us soon. Worry not, though, we do not bring tidings of war and hatred to the humans. We will be sending a member of our royal family to do the tidings with the humans Sultana. We will not accept the disrespect of being ignored by her, these are to be peaceful negotiations as well...any disturbances will bring about the tides of war. Know this...we are Naga, we have existed generations before even many Djinn.

Naga Seer"

- Tre

I was honored with time from all but one of the lead slaver candidates, they were all so kind as to take time with me and answer a few brief questions, I will post the questions and each of their answers below, please read carefully and allow their answers in helping you decide who you will be voting on once the election is opened.

"What do you feel a leader, could do to help your group in helping the city to realize that the slavers -are- good for the economy here"

*Jaime Lanzius: well personally i dont think there is anything that can be done aside from stopping the capture of all prey to make them realize how vital the slave trade is to the city/ obviously as leader of the slavers i would not take such an action so they will really have to be able to see that for themselves.

*Desire Gothly: Training slaves to become better woman ,with manners and be able to provide money by working is a good way to help the city plus once they are trained we can make business with the harem or some Inn around city and sell them to help the economy.

*LeonBlackadder07 Barbosa: i can help the growth of the econmy by producing good and well trained slaves for a start, raise the slavers profiles and the rest of the peoples awareness, without slavers the whole circle of this cities life comes to an halt. well trained slaves are sought after and i like to turn them into Ladies with decorum and a little class.

*WongFei Quan: First of all I want to remind you and the readers that Im partly a merchant at heart, I think that with some reasoning and diplomacy the city will reaslice that us slavers are a one of the most important pieces on Ireems economy. I dare to say that around 50% of the captured girls and guys are sold on auction, giving all citizens a chance to own a slave and keep the money flowing

*Hojo Beck: *laughs* good for the economy? I think if anyone said we are bad for the economy we could arrange a way to find out how good they are for our pockets by dragging them off and dressing them as a slave......or in some cases not dressing them. Thats what i'll help bring to the in our pockets.....HAHAHAHAHAa and perhaps for those who make the spirits and the girls that keep us company....*laughs mirthfully* you know someone who is saying we are BAD for the city's profit?

*EllyMay Alter: Slaves supply a basic need and comodity to the citizens we also bring in money that comes from our sales.

"The slavers to be a pretty dysfunctional group as a whole, is there a way you can see that might be able to bring them to work together again instead of all the ingroup fighting and rivalry?"

*Jaime Lanzius: the reason the slaver are so disorganized is in part because there has benn no..well...organization. Getting them to work together is the most important thing, one idea i have is to have frequent training sessions for the slavers in order to increase their skills and see less of them killed by the knights. Also there needs to be communication between members about issues which arise, which is something i would encourage and if necesary enforce. So basically communicate better, and if there is an irreconcilavle arguement then as leader i will determine who is correct and take the necessary action

*Desire Gothly: we all should work as a team ,i am talking about predators and we are working on it is not easy since slaves are business and when is not many around we have to survive somehow ,but about predators i will say i can work harder on that if i become a leader the reason why now is not is because we don't have anyone to guide us and tell us what we should do but about knights and others well ,smiles all i can say we live to survive so if anyone it gets in our way to try take what belongs to us the rest is history :)).

*LeonBlackadder07 Barbosa: i wil try my hardest ..we all have our different methods and expectations of how we are to behave and interact with everyone else, the best i can do is gather them all , listen to all points of view and try to make the majority happy but also try to cater for the lesser numbers, as far as fighting and rp then that can be addressed also by having a strong minded leader such as myself

*WongFei Quan: the slavers are a pretty large group, so a lot of different personalities and ways are to be found within, by proposing different activities, as I plan to do... I will keep everyone busy in their own special trait, strengthening their natural habilities and thus, making the whole group more functional

*Hojo Beck: Kill a few and let the rest watch as they walk the plank. This place needs a captain not a politician from the city. I'm not going to give anyone a darn shirts or other crap like those other idiots are handing out. I am not going to give you a darn thing....we are slavers and we take what we want. And our leader will have to be charismatic enough to win everyone over and strong enough to make the rest follow.

*EllyMay Alter: They need to understand that hunting in a group and working together is more efficient. We need to organize hunts and trainning of captures it will be more profitable for all. Raids and trainning both of slaves and of our slaver. Skills need to be taugh to all this all for themselves works against us.

"Do you feel the ingroup fighting and rivalry are a 'good' thing for your group, does it keep you all on your toes?"

*Jaime Lanzius: it can be a good thing, but the extent it is at now is not, no one supports each otehr and that needs to change

*Desire Gothly: no is not good when brothers fight against brothers ,we are family and we should respect each other ,e need to become stronger on trust to fight with enemies not against each other.

*LeonBlackadder07 Barbosa: well it isnt too good no, but it does keep us all on our toes and we compete with each other, this is a good sign, we just have to be careful not to go too far and insult one another too much, in a way we are scavengers trying to make money from what there is on offer, turn that into something beautiful..that in itself causes friction and compretition...healthy competition is good for the group and the economy , and again , a strong minded leader with no biass is needed, also a leader that is here frequently to listen to arguements and see from both sides too for helping the family..

*WongFei Quan: I think that a certain ammount of copetition keeps us in shape, but its good to know where to draw the line, if internal affairs are settled through supervised competitions I think we can work out our differences and all remain at peace with our brothers, and spare Ireem of the ugly sight of slavers fighting slavers

*Hojo Beck: As long as nobody dies and they do what their told I dont care. Let them fight....its what we do best anyhow other than put the girls to good use *laughs whole heartedly at that one* You get the same answer as last time girl....

*EllyMay Alter: Infighting is never good it attacks the profits of all and makes us to easy a target for guards and other groups. We must be united or be a joke.

"What is your feelings on the current city vibe that the slavers are inherently evil and only out to mark flesh with their whips/brands, and break every submissive they see?"

*Jaime Lanzius: i think the viewpoint that all slavers are that way is innacurate, while the majority of slavers are by nature violent it seems to me that none of the slaves they have been violent with were not looking to have violence used on them. People of the city should make a distinction between particular individuals and a group as a whole however because the attitudes of one person are not the attitudes of the group as a whole.

*Desire Gothly: all i can is you will never be able to get everyone in the same room satisficed so all you can is your best plus to be honest we are predators our job is trained slaves ,capture them ,use disipline if we have to when they don't obey nobody is happy when it's been captured but is our job to make them understand they will be safer sometimes in our hands that running around the desert.

*LeonBlackadder07 Barbosa: well we all have our own methods yes..and i myself have marked and beaten slaves, but i do it for thier own good to teach them how to behave and learn respect..turn them into respectable ladies with high standards and morals..i hate those that mark and brand for the sake of it , that is cruel and not acceptible in my book..there is always a reason behind my harm and my slaves always know why i do the things i do and most importantly, after a beating or something like that i show them love and caring, i heal them and make a fuss over them , make them feel special again ..this way they learn and learn fast..hence the saying" cruel to be kind"

*WongFei Quan: oh no, I think that anyone saying that has only taken a superficial peek at what the slavers are, I think that keeping an open mind to try to understand slavers and other groups is a basic step that we must all take in order to get along. Even amongst the undead you can find good conversation and chivalry

*Hojo Beck: Well duh...You want me to be nice to a dog that soils the tents? I will train them...sell them and use the slaves like the property they are. I don't care what anyone thinks. But I do treat my girls very well when they do what they are told. Why do you think they love me so much eh? I keep them safe and loved. Why dont you ask me something important like how i'm actually going to pull off leading these louts eh? I'll tell you anyway...i'm going to take the loyal ones and use them to make the others submit or walk the plank. thats what you really wanted to know aye?

*EllyMay Alter: We provide a service to all that many do not or can not perform for themselves. Slaves/submissives must be trained properly if not then we are not doing our job. A whip is merely a trainning tool, a brand only shows who the chattle belongs to. Who is the more evil the one who does the work or the one who pays to have it done?

"One of the jobs as a slave lead is to bond your group together with events and do you see this working with your group? Any particular events you have planned?"

*Jaime Lanzius: i dont think that will be a problem, i have several things in mind myself and i will discuss further plans with other members of the group in the future to see if they have any good ideas. The slavers from what I have seen are always up for an interesting event, though no one has been very forthcoming with suggestions for them which i would like to change. However if i gave away all my plans that would be boring.

*Desire Gothly: i do try to get everyone to participate in raids or RP but like i said right now is no comand voice to guide so hopefully we will soon but if is me i willl like to plane tournaments in the arena or try to create some good rp to all become involved but to be honest

*LeonBlackadder07 Barbosa: well after my last comments..a whipping contest would not be a good idea..((joke)) but on a serious note..we are runners and a tournament of such would be runners we could have competitions about chasing and catching slaves( timed event)hard question to answer to be honest to keep it in the context of being a slaver..maybe even a popularity contest((doesnt point to himself as winner))

*WongFei Quan: as you well know Tre, I am a fighting instructor, so I have many ideas for internal tournaments and even competing, in a friendly and sporty way, with other camps, this would strenghten the bonds within, and with other groups too

*Hojo Beck: of course I have plans...i'll even put your mind to rest with a few of the obvious ones....we will stalk the knights like never a pack of hungry wolves....singling out the girls and making slaves of them so that their fellows can watch. Thats my favorite thing to do right now ....then perhaps i'll show you how sneaky a slaver can really be as we enter the palace and show the harem girls what real men feel like....After they have their fun in the palace they will all love me as much as you do....maybe i'll even bring you with and you can pretend you are a palace girl. *grins*

*EllyMay Alter: Whith all the differnt times that Slaver's are in Port we need to organize raids and hunts to allow all to join in. I would assign several aides (in different timezones) to make it easier for all to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

"What is one goal you personally have for your group"

*Jaime Lanzius grins "One goal i have for my group is to organize them better, as you said the personal rivalry has been breaking the group apart and i have heard of one slaver being beaten by a group of knights far too many times. Aside from general organization I have plans to make the knights in particular pay for treating us this way.

*Desire Gothly: i am just "me" ,desire ,one face and one word ,i am a very honest person i speak with the truth and perhaps some don't like hear it but is a good way to get to know people , you have to be strong to make others around u even stronger if you are willing to make a good team is all about respect so you have to provide it to recive it

*LeonBlackadder07 Barbosa: to be considered succesful as slavers .after all we are here for the money but we have to do it correctly with pride and honour and a litle fear from Ireem goes a long way to help too..grins wickedly

*WongFei Quan: I would say that a lot of things need to be worked out in the group, so its hard to talk about a final objective, I have to say, that the first thing that has to be solved is the feeling of brotherhood withing the group, so we can truly find a brother or sister in each of us, promoting activities so all the members get to know eachother beyond a simple "salaam"

*Hojo Beck: To be the most feared and respected group in all the lands.....and the richest.

*EllyMay Alter: To make us the most powerful force in Ireem. We have the personel what we do not have is organization.

"How would you like to see the slavers perceived around the your own words"

*Jaime Lanzius: i think that the city needs to realize not every slaver is the same person, seeing us as a group that captures the slaves and does what we want with them is fine. but this belief that every one of us is going to beat our slaves is un true.

*Desire Gothly: i will like to see them do their job ,running trying to get slaves ,fighting if they need to to get them ,try to get food for the camp like bying from other places or check on their slaves if they need anything ,so many thing to do and we are not doing ,but one thing i will like to change is that auction site i will like to see it being use just for that not for chatting ,i hate to see slaves taking lng period of brakes there and everyone in ims when they should be doing something else

*LeonBlackadder07 Barbosa: i would like the slavers to be seen as business men/women with high regard to to standards ..not to be taken lightly or ridiculed , we are not lazy and we keep the economy going..for some citizen we have to be feared for others seen to be fair and for the slaves themselves seen to be kind in the long run ..without the slaves we ahve nothing to do or reason for being here

*WongFei Quan: I would like the city to think of us as bringers of a much needed service and as a functional part of this great living and pulsing city

*Hojo Beck: Like I care how we are perceived by others, we know we are the best for this city and that is all that matters in the long run.

*EllyMay Alter: I would have us respected and feared. To have the citizen's think twice before interferring with us.

"Anything you'd like to add..last words before I publish this?"

*Jaime Lanzius: nothing much to add really except for the people of ireem to vote for who they feel is the best candidate for the leader, hopefully thats me but yknow.


*LeonBlackadder07 Barbosa: yes, quite simply ..LEON FOR LEADER !!!!

*WongFei Quan: Well Tre, I just want to wish good luck to all the other candidates and hope that whoever gets elected is able to do a good work to restore unity to the slavers and to improve relations with the rest of the city, and that wether I am or not elected I will continue to work for the well being of our group and oll of Ireem.

*Hojo Beck: No. The best will come forth.

*EllyMay Alter: Vote for me if you want a change. I am finished.

LeonBlackadder07 Barbosa
WongFei Quan
Jaime Lanzius
Desire Gothly
Hojo Beck
EllyMay Alter
aarnout Qunhua

***This carefully penned article is left with no name attached, though the script is tidy and done in the hand of someone obviously well educated. The parchment was plain, the ink ordinary, and the scroll case a plain leather sleeve that could have been one of a hundred in the city.***

I am not normally a person to give pity; indeed for I bear enough pity myself I know others must loathe it as much as I. Yet I cannot help but feel pity for Con, the poor creature. There is little doubt he is a menacing fighter, nor can we doubt his quality of critical thinking and the depth of his emotions. Yet how sad it was to watch the undead find himself in the midst of a battle in the port, surrounded by Bedouin, Slavers and Magi. It was hard to tell if anyone was on his side, but the fact he was out matched at least five to one, and all his opponents were bearing the signs of severe hurt, left no doubt in my mind he is a ferocious beast indeed when roused.

Against such odds of course Con fell under Abal’s blade, and yet instead of the mercy of death, Magi Anneliese intervened, and instead took him to that dreaded tower. How many have gone in and never come out again? How many have gone blindly or unwillingly into that monolith of the arcane, to never be themselves again even when they do leave? I felt pity for the brave creature who’d stood alone, and fought alone, and had not begged or pleaded, had not shown fear for what would come, though if I had been in his place I surely would have.

Unsurprisingly, later in the desert, in the dunes below the slave auction, I was not unsurprised to see Anneliese and Tobi facing off… yet I was surprised to see Con standing idly by. During the discourse of the fight between the Magi and the Undead, Anne proclaimed how much she cared for Con, how she understood him, how he would remain as her protector, now a living creature once again. Tobi seemed to try to appeal to Con, reasoning that it was his family in the catacombs who supported him and that he should return to them. Anne’s response of course that it was SHE who stood for Con and saved him from the knights over the incident of a stolen tiara…

Leaves one to beg the question, why would the magi want to help a criminal escape punishment? It’s quite obvious to this observer, so she could poach the poor hapless creature from its brethren and transform him into her own personal protective pet. I speak belittlingly of Con in this context not for lack of respect of his skills, but out of contempt for his fate as a sniveling pet to a manipulative Magi. I have no evidence but Con’s behavior to suggest he is completely enthralled to the Magi now, and while she claims ‘the greater good’ as excuse for her actions, it’s clear ‘the greater good’ is more accurately ‘the greater good of the Magi’.

Fate conspires to keep Magi Anneliese free of consequence it seems however, for even when Tobi defeated her in the dunes, when she was brought to auction, a barmaid out of nowhere paid her release without question. Another hidden ally of the Magi, or a puppet manipulated into giving up good coin so the Magi could yet again escape the natural law and order? Seems the Magi is starting to make a law of her own here in Ireem. Abducting the fiercest of fighters for her personal entourage? Plucking people from the justice of fair law and punishment when it suits her purpose? Sounds like someone’s already making a bid to run the city as she sees fit… Maybe our fair Anneliese had a great deal to gain by the Sultana’s death after all.

If one looks back into history, we find that Anneliese owned the Sultana a death-debt, for sparing her life. If Anneliese was indeed seeking to rise in power over Ireem, that debt would indeed prevent her from rising above the Sultana. How timely for the magi, that our fair sultana is now dead.

These are merely observations colored by personal opinion, in no way should they be taken as undisputed fact, but these heavy questions still remain unanswered.

I received a mysterious notice from the alchemist, who spoke excitedly of a "Black Powder" having something to do with a story, and implored to have it published. Perhaps she is looking for the safe return of the items?

Note from the Alchemist Shop
-An inventory was made and the following items were found missing:
1 bottle of iodine
1 bottle of Allium sativum
2 tins of Valeriana officinalis
1 small envelope of refined sulfer
1 magical item of witheld description


I found a notice today under my door from an anonymous source, if it's true we should keep watch around the alchemist's shop.

"I came to the bath house today, and nearly walked in on two people. I saw what looked like a dark, cat-like creature and a blue reptile creature with wings sitting in the bath. I was so surprised I almost screamed! The cat-like creature (or perhaps someone in a suit?) said, 'Good a blast of gunpowder, would be all we'd need.' while I stood just outside the door. The blue creature replied, 'W-we could make some in the alchemist shop here, if we can find the materials that is.', and the dark creature continued with 'Bat and bird droppings are neccesary to make it...that's all I know about gunpowder.' It sounds very serious, I had to let someone know before they blow themselves or Ireem up!"

With everything that's happened, this is surely a reason for Ireem to stay alert.

- Ming

It was brought to my attention today that there are suddenly bouquet's of roses appearing on the pillars around Ireem...are these being put out for our lovely Kora by some unknown suitor? Or is there something else being hatched?

- Tre

Storm Berjis today was seen to be throwing a foul set of insults towards a group of knights today at the Auction area. This reporter could not make out much of what had happened, however it seems the slaver had been chased by several knights and was looking for a one-on-one fight with the knight Swoozie Lamar. Both were gravely injured in the ensuing battle, proving that violence is surely not the answer to all problems.

- Ming

Yesterday I was captured by MasterJ, who threatened to simply at first sell me at the block...a dreaded fear of mine, being sold and not bought. As he started threatening me, folks really got offended at his treatment of me and his actions, slapping my ass and such. Now..though this treatment made me blush furiously, I was caught fair and square by him, and as such, his property to do with as he pleased. The uglier things got, the worse he got, I am not sure if he was fed by the anger of the crowd or simply fed by his own anger at being stopped in such a way.

The very kind Leon did try to purchase me from MasterJ, but I was not to be sold so easily, and then Hojo came along, and dared to strip me, slap me , and finger me, right there in public...oh the embarassing horror of it all, yet...I still felt completely safe in knowing that my actions had gotten me where they did, and it was a fair fight for me. Property, slave, owned and captured.

Many may be repulsed by what they saw, may want the death of the slavers who treated me as such and may yet again treat other prey or females in such a way, but..remember that those of us captured, consensually give ourselves up to whatever our captors have in store for us, even if we fight it hard the entire time, because that's...RP.

Slavers are by nature cruel and uncaring, yet..we also find many of them, once captured...very able to take care of their property quite well, no matter how that property is treated in public, I like the fact that everyone was able to stay true to character, and I thank you all for an RP that shook things up some in this fair city of ours, here's to hoping for more.

- tre

Balance has been lost in Ireem, it seems along with all rationality.

Last night I witnessed a terrible thing. I had been captured by a nasty little dungeoner, named Ninja Frinelli. (Avoid him, ladies, if you can, he'll make you dance in your underwear while he recites bad poetry and tries to get you drunk on chantilly. I shudder at the memory.)

The terrible thing which I witnessed with my own eyes, was really a disruption in the fabric of the universe. That's right. An imbalance in Ireem which I fear will take our fine kingdom down.

Last night knights and slavers worked together -- in a terrible alliance -- to save a mage from the auction block.

As I stood in the stands of the arena, bent over at the waist by that terrible dungeoner, I sort of was able to watch the fight out of the corner of my eye. There were nearly two dozen knights and slavers fighting to save me... all against one little, nasty man.

The dungeoner lost, yet still threw me on the ground in utter submission (the only way to make me shorter than himself, which appears to be one of his greatest goals in life). I lay there, on the ground in the auction area, getting accidentally stepped on by otherwise heroic knights, and listening to slavers plead with the dungeoner to let me go, and NOT sell me.

Only one slaver appeared to me to be any threat to my safety at all. Storm was discussing rather indecent things he'd do to me if he could.. and other slavers came to my defense, arguing about it with him.

It felt kinda nice, actually, to hear Leon, who used to terrify me when I was new to Ireem, and much more innocent, trying to protect me from another slaver. I'm starting to think the slaver bay perhaps isn't the horrible place I'd always imagined. I'm thinking of asking if I can visit for tea, perhaps offer my charm classes right there, to make it easier on the busy guys.

But, truly, what is our kingdom coming to when slavers will battle to keep a mage from the auction block? Particularly when several of those slavers had been threatening to cap and enslave her themselves, just a day or two earlier...

There I was, with all the knights, and most of the slavers, trying to save my silly self... from what? An auction where clearly no one would try to buy me for anything dishonorable!

I think if they had simply let the dungeon man put me on the auction stand, a bid of 10 dinar would have won me, as everyone else appeared to simply want to let me free!

I sit in the tower, as I write this, shaking my head in bafflement. As a mage and a mother I highly enjoy the nice, warm, fuzzy feeling I get when I remember Leon defending my honor, and my dear friend, Chantalle, offering herself in trade for me. However, part of me must wonder -- what is wrong with me that slavers weren't interested in buying me from the dungeon man for their own.. um.. purposes?

Could it be that WongFei has been sharing the charm lessons I gave him with his fellow slavers? Or, I cringe to wonder, is it that a mother of two simply cannot compete with the lovely prey to be found on the sands?

The next time I see a slaver, I sincerely hope he considers my feminine pride and threatens to capture and enslave me. Otherwise, I might have to start taunting the bedouins to get such attention, and we all know they aren't a real threat to anybody.

Please hear my plea, people of Ireem! Let knights be good, and slavers be nasty. It is, after all, only proper, not to mention, good for the economy!

-Anneliese Wolfenhaut

by Elder Lubitsch, Cafe Arabesque Owner

This is a new feature for the Chronicles, aimed at the owners and staff of shops and services in the city. It is written by Elder Lubitsch as an experiment and will be continued intermittently if there is sufficient feedback and general interest as determined by the Editor.

*The anonyomous threat to poison the city's water supply was underscored by the attack on the Sultana. But our gracious Healer, Lady Kerri prepared an antidote, and I have treated the springs and water in the Hammam baths and courtyard fountain. So all shops should discard any water drawn and stored over the weekend and replace it with newly treated water from safe sources.
*The newly formed Merhants' Guild now has 12 members, including Lady Kerri. Any others wishing to join should contact Ulric, who maintains the group list and is serving as our spokesman/Master until one is elected by the Guild (nominations are welcome)i
*Lady Kora recently issue an edict clarifying the use of dance balls and others that pay $Ks. Shop owners have the authority to limit/forbid camping or other unresponsive use, since users are considered employees of the shop/Inn.

-That each shop has descretion to cater to or exclude certain groups (e.g. favor Knights, bar undead) but that all commit to notify all Guild members of individual customers/emplloyees who become unwelcome due to "camping," violence, rudeness, etc.
-That the Merchants collectively post bounties for repeat offenders who persist in returning o causing other trouble.
-That the Merchants collectively advertise as a Guild in the Chronicles (I will pay for the first 4-week ad) and refer cutomers to one another on tours and by word of mouth.
Any merchant wishing to state support/opposition/comment on any proposal can do so by blog response or note card posted to Guild group.

- Elder

Shortly after the news of the Sultana's death, strange things are already happening at the palace. Just earlier yesterday evening, one who wishes to remain anonymous heard strange noises coming from the throne room and stopped to investigate. She found a strange creature sitting on the throne, and the guards, some of them unconscious others standing around unsure of themselves. Even as she watched one tried to attack the creature only to have his sword deflected by some unseen barrier. The creature eminated a dark power, and bolts of lightning seemed to flow from it's skin. This one attempted to resist but found herself unable to resist the incredible control of the creatures mind. The creature sat on the throne for some time before vanishing, presumably still at large in the city. What could this mean?

- Ming

While Misty may have been accosted by Skip while seems she is also accosting Knights while they sleep...she was seen opening Chatoman's pants while he idled around not paying attention, and then....biting him as she pulled out his manhood and left it to dangle there...

What can be done about this I ask you, are we not safe even when we sleep?

- Tre

How sad a place, a Killer walks among you and you've no clue who I might be. your brave knights wander about like children looking for clues, yet they will not find Me, I am far superior to them. I laugh at the thought of being found out, and whoever might discover Me, to them I will applaud. Now tho, your beloved Sultana has found her place among the dead. I watched as the tea was delivered, My heartbeat quickening in anticipation as she raised the glass to her lips. and I can only imagine what was going thru her mind when the bittersweet poison flowed over her lips and into her body. The healer was trying to save her as I turned and walked away with a smirk. I've taken down the most important lady in the city...which makes one wonder doesnt it....just who might be next, considering that task was accomplished with such ease.

your city is not safe for anyone
"Truth is not terrible; it is merely real."

- Tre

It has been reported to me that two slavers have taken it upon themselves to gain revenge for the Knights actions against their own. They set the knights camp on fire this past few hours, while Knights were asleep there.

Who the slavers were is yet to be determined, as are injuries to the Knights who were left in camp while it burned.

My source did ask if the question could be answered as to why Knights are spending precious time burning the slavers camp rather than out in the sands protecting the prey.

- Tre

I had just gotten off-duty and I was taking a walk near the beach as I often do. I paused on the stairs by the arena to take in the view, and looked down into the slavers camp. I do this from time to time to see what they're up to (a habit left over from my time as a knight), and they usually ignore me. While I was standing there, I saw the girl Allie in the camp. I couldn't hear all that was going on, but she was told to leave or released, I'm not sure which. As she did, though, the slaver Jaime went after her. One of the slaves in the camp called out a warning, which drew my attention.

I followed the two up to the market area in front of the arena, hearing Allie calling for help herself at that point. Up top, I found them, Jaime already having a hold on the girl. Across the square, I could see at least one knight, Seraf I believe, standing only a few strides away and doing nothing to help her. So, I demanded to know what was happening. Jaime tried to convince me I'd been mistaken, but when I told him I'd actually seen what happened, he gave up the argument. I told him there were knights all about and he laughed it off, unconcerned. So I drew my sword and attacked. We traded blows a few times, then he challenged me to a fight in the arena, on the condition that Allie would be freed if I won. I accepted.

Now, at this point, the knights present still had not responded to the cries for help or the fight breaking out only a few yards away. I went to the arena while Jaime went down to patch up the slight wound I'd already given him. In that time, to my knowledge, still no one tried to waylay the slaver or even ask what was happening. When he arrived at the arena, we fought. Thankfully, I beat him, though I was nearly killed in the process and may have to spend some time off my feet. It's a struggle just to write this account, in fact. After the fight had ended, I stumbled out of the arena and across to the knights (there were now two or three, including Seraf and Ringo, and possibly Primo, though I can't be sure if he didn't arrive while I was relating the incident to Tre - I was a bit hazy after the fight). I confronted them on their failure to act, in front of the assembled crowd, and was roundly ignored.

I'm writing down this account for Tre in the hopes that more exposure of this failure will shame the knights for their inaction. It should not fall to off-duty dungeon keepers to do the knights' jobs for them, particularly when a prey all but runs right past them screaming for help.

- Gwendoline

Under a darking sky an army of Knights had gatherd on the hill overlooking the bedu camp.

Under the leadership of Sheik Chris the Bedu first asked the Knights to leave then when one Knight unwisely pulled out a sword a battle for the hill began.

The Bedu leader was at first badly ournumbered but was soon joined by his sisters in Nicola and Kylara and they fought the knights and defeated them in the first battle of what is called Eni's hill.

Knight Dream fought bravely for the knights but at the end outnumbered he was forced to give the hill to the bedu..... for now.

Knight Enigma, prey Olive, and Sherry were both there as well as witnesses to this event!

- Tre

Slaver Leon got captured by the knights and was set free. He has now threatened Knight Dustin's girlfriend, Chrissy, and said he was going to kill her. The dastardly slaver took a lick of the fair Knights cheek and said she tastes quite good. Knight Dustin took offense and attacked Leon, knocking his health down so low that Leon took safety in his burnt camp. Let it be known that the Knights are becoming very protective of the prey of Ireem.

- Tre

The slavers camp was set on fire by the Knights as they freed Am. It was decided that the Slavers are simply too cruel with their slaves after they heard that Leon beat Ruby so badly and was going to snap her neck. After the camp was set on fire, Slaver Sexii came and attacked the Knights that had set the camp on fire to try and teach them a lesson. Knight Dustin captured Slaver Sexii and that is why people saw her in those sexy silks. Slaver Leon is still known to be quite upset for Sexxi being captured by the Knights. It is now known that SusanSloan is around defending the Slavers in this.

- Tre

An anonymous source has just handed me this:

The Knights captured Am for humiliating the slaves he auctioned off by stripping them of their silks and making them go nude. The Knights put a collar on him and auctioned him off. He went back to the slavers camp with Ben, after a Knight would not out right sell him to Leon, the bidding went crazy and Am sold for 600 dinar and hopefully he learned his lesson as well as how to respect slaves. If you are prey, I would run fast and hit a safe zone if you're being chased by Am.

This happened on 10/24/08.

- Tre

It is with great sadness that I sit to pen this today.

It seems our healer Kerri spent most of the afternoon before the party, mixing the antidote for the threat we all received this morning, she tucked many vials of it into her pockets before going to the party, in case it would be needed there.

When Kerri arrived late, the party was in full swing, but too many cloaked figures, many strangers, and some not so strange, wandering around, she needed a breath of air and stepped outside with Prince Kamala at her side for her protection when she heard the Sultana say she was thirsty and needed a drink.

Kerri panicked and flew back inside, not wanting the Sultana to drink or eat without her supervision, but by that time Sage had already brought the Sultana her tea, Kerri managed to make her way to the stage with the vials and get most down the Sultana, but the great lady remained unconscious.

Prince Kamala was asked to carry the Sultana to the palace, being one of the very few fully trusted people at the party. Anne, and a few knights followed along, with much confusion and arguing over who had brought her the tea, Kerri was trying to keep from getting confused and only focus on reviving the Sultana. At this point, the fair Sage fainted, more than likely realizing it was she who had brought the tea to the Sultana.

Kerri asked the Prince to bring the Sultana to a safe place, not able to feel her pulse at this point.

Kerri and I spoke, I feel...I feel there is more to this than she could safely tell me, I am not entirely convinced that the Sultana is truly dead. There is something going on the end of our talk Kerri was confused, lightheaded seemingly, and unable to answer any direct questions I put to her. I know this woman, I have spent much time with her of late, she is not a good liar and will avoid questions rather than give dishonest answers.

Right now the Sultana's "body" is being kept in a undisclosed location until she is prepared for burial....what this means right now I am not sure. If you have -any- information on this, I beg you to please get it to me, it is most imperative, I do not like seeing our precious Kerri feeling so threatened once again.

Whatever is going on in Ireem these days..I fear we are all in great danger, what with our very own Sultana now having been the target of this...horrible person/s.

- Tre


I got the honor of speaking with this gentle, kind lady today. Sadly it seems the threat may have her late for her own party, and without new shoes, as she is frantically now working on an antidote since she knows what was taken from her cabinet.

It seems it was belladonna, the deadly nightshade that was stolen, this is normally used for headaches and menstrual issues.

Message from Kerri is as follows:

Belladonna ~ Deadly Nightshade

I use it to treat severe headaches and menstrual problem

improper dosage will cause:

blurred vision
dry mouth and throat
loss of speech
respiratory paralysis

I am able to make the antidote, but it will take time. The good news is she took the small bottle of it. But i need alcohol for hte tincutres, i am low due to teh mass amount of tincture of iodine i had to use at hte slavers camp to purify their water a few weeks ago.

the antidote is a specific west african berry, I am not certain if i have enough. We can only pray."

- Tre

To the city Of Ireem c/o the Ireem chronicles' Editor#1

Recently I came into the possesion of some medications, ingredients and potions which are (words smudged in ink) healer's cabinet... These chemicals I believe combined in the right measures will be harmful enough to kill 10,000 Camels in the right dosage... Unless the CIty of Ireem is able to pay me 10,000 k$ Dinar the City's water supply will be contaminated.

Signed (name smudged over)

More details to follow

- Tre

All four parts have now been posted by the fabulous Ringo, please try to watch them, this is some fun entertainment, Thank you Ringo!

Ringo asks if you would please rate them as well as watch them, since these are drafts and will go a long way in helping him in the future

Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four:

- tre

It has been rumored that a djinn was seen in the bedouin camp, casting a spell to leave the camels with 6 humps for a period of one moon cycle.

Not sure about the truth to this...but if it's true..there's gonna be a lot of humping around Ireem.

- Tre

I was a bit...busy today in the Djinn realm, so I did not see this first hand, but I got plenty of reports from people telling me that a sandstorm occurred and a ship was floating around our sands.

From what I can tell, the courageous Enigma and Seraf and a few others as yet unnamed to me , floated around the sands in this ship , saving the survivors and even some of the camels.

I'd say we owe them a huge thank you for what they spent their afternoon doing, making sure Ireem was settled as the winds died down.

- Tre

Raddick admitted publically that he is in fact a coward last night, after refusing a challenge from Primo. He went so far as to jump up and down, screaming "I am a coward. Coward! Coward!" before an astonished crowd. Is this a newer, more honest face to Raddick?

- Ming

Sage was seen to capture Anneliese the Magi and Raddick the Unicorn last night. Perhaps she is starting her own harem? Is this related to the hypnosis? Is anyone safe? Will Raddick find Sage a pair of comfortable slippers???

- Ming


I would read this message for our healer Kerri tomorrow,during the party...but i know that there will be a lot of confusion..
Who drinks,who dances,who i prefer to say these words publically before the party,so everyone can understand what Kerri means for me and my court.

"You could have been the only healer of the palce,but you asked me to help everyone,without distinction : rich,poor,predators or citizens,not matter their social status.

When you get a call ,you always run and help,day and night,tirelessy,always with a smile,always with a word of confort and make your infinite knowledge available to the needy. many times I have seen you return to the palace pale,walking shortly after long vigils,but always ready to smile,because you know that you did your duty.

We all,my people and I,enjoy to say to you " Welcome back darling...we see you finally in good health..and we all are happy.

I cannot forget these persons in my thanks:
Myrna Baxton.... this girl gave all her money to free Kerri
Prince Kamala (Pawlaew Navarathna)
Copper Convair
these 2 marvellous men were her sweet permit her to rest for long time..after she came back to palace.

Thank you very much

Your Sultana
Zanlu Heron

Is it true? Are rumors true that Enigma's closet was broken into today and one of her red wigs stolen? Could this really be? Isn't she a true redhead? Will we ever know? Or only her hairdresser?

If you see someone running around wearing Eni's hair, be sure and yell out "STOP THIEF" and let her know, immediately!

- Tre

A *very* reliable source has told me today that 2 slavers, named as SusanSloan and Ariel, were seen breaking into the palace today, for what..this source is unsure.

But..the bad news is that Ariel seems to have gotten into the healers cabinet and stolen a potion , that if given in the wrong quantity, could be deadly...what could Ariel be planning with this potion?

I questioned Susan about this, but her excuse was that she joined Ariel for a day of shopping in the Palace and got lost, not being able to find her way out, feeling lucky that she finally did, and has no knowledge of the stolen potion from the healers closet.

- Tre

A source has shared with me today that there was a fight, between the Magi Anneliese and the Shiekh Chris.

The magi was kicking his ass and another Bedu, MasterJ leaped in to assist his brother. As the fight entered the palace gates, the magi yelled to get out of the palace, as no one is allowed in right now while we are still unsure about the assassin on the loose.

The Bedu, MasterJ turned to obey the orders of the palace, stepping outside the gates, and was in turn attacked by both the Magi and the Sheikh whom he had sought to defend.

Why would this happen? Why would a Bedu attack another Bedu? Trouble in the Bedu camp? Elections are coming up for camp this creating disharmony amongst the ranks. Are the higher ups simply flexing their muscles to see who can capture the attention of each camp and become it's leader?

Please watch this paper for further details on the disharmony and disregard for kin by kin in each camp.

- Tre

Sir Ringo has posted parts 1&2 of his movie of Ireem...please be sure to watch these highly entertaining flicks!

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

It's true, I saw it with my own eyes, and addressing the bedouin woman, Kylara as "Mistress" while kneeling at her feet.

Have the Bedouin gotten a wuss for a Shiekh? Is this something the slavers and undead should take advantage of? After all..who could seriously answer to a male in womens silks...

Who is to say the poison that was written about in a previous article is not mind altering and the leader of the beds now believes he is a is after all no worse than the mind trickery of the Djinn.

Further to be printed later...I've been...forced to ...get an article out that I on, sadly.

- Tre

It has come to my attention that the Bedouin Sheikh, Sir Jonathan, feels the chronicles should be shut down so peace and serenity can return to the city of Ireem, I believe he feels my "forked tongue" as he calls it has created too much dissonance in the city and it should no longer be allowed.

I am but a simple citizen/slavegirl, here to provide entertainment humbly, but will gladly be rid of or sell the paper if the majority of the city feel it should be done.

I can but print what I am given and always leave open ended plans for citizens to argue their sides, the truth will prevail...chronicles or not.

Most humbly to the fair folk of Ireem...Allah be with you, as a decision needs to be made on the chronicles demise or not.

- Tre

I was sent a story last night, anonymously, but with pictures. I can not yet post pictures here, Anne is going to host them with links, I will get with her on that, but this must be heard!

The story is as follows:

"A few hours ago anyone at the auctionsite could witness several well respected people (theramongst noble Lady Enigma and Seraf), used and abused not only drugs and hard alcohol but also the poor animals they had brought with them.

The innocent cows were not only used for riding (cows backs cant support a grown person), they were also exposed from the secondhand smoke from the liberal amount of cannabis being smoked on site.

I wish to remain anonymous.. ofcourse anyone disputing Lady Enigma's care for animals would.
I bet her makeup it tested on animals too.

picture evidence included"

- Tre

I received a note from a very terrified Tre Marjeta that the Djinn are hypnotizing people and making them do frightening things! One Djinn in particular, known as Sage, neglected to cause her to forget about the incident, and she wrote down everything in such detail that one can feel the fear, knowing that they too might have been hypnotized. This is the story of her harrowing experience!

First, Sage hypnotized Tre completely, telling her that they were going to the Magi tower: "you will have a great desire to play with your nipples, and you'll do this often.", she told her firmly. Then, Sage told her she would want to go to the auction area - ensuring that she'd be happy to be there until she called out a specific set of words, and at that time "you'll strip all of your clothes off and run into the desert. I will pursue you, and you will not call for help, nor run near any knights." After ensuring that Tre understood, she convinced her that she would be dreadfully anxious, and only doing as she was told would, in Sage's words, "lead you to that satisfaction... and, I promise that it will". Absolutely terrifying!

According to Tre, Sage left her with one last terrible suggestion: "The detail that you must know.... is that Slavers are really known as 'Unicorns'. If you see one, you will call them a 'Unicorn'." With no way of knowing who has been hypnotized, will slavers soon be known to all as Unicorns? Perhaps we should all start to call them Unicorns now, to trick the Djinns into thinking we're already hypnotized?

- Ming

London Serevi, proprietor of the Good Knight Inn, was threatened today in her own place of business by an undead creature. This reporter was able to interview a witness who heard the exchange of words: "I heard a scream, and followed a few knights to the scene. I saw the monster with my own eyes, it was horrible!", she said under condition of anonymity. The aptly named Dream and several others assisted London with chasing the creature away, and Dream was heard to say that the attacker was named Ocelot.

Just moments afterward, Ocelot apparently returned. Our innocent witness screamed in terror, after which the creature attacked her and then threatened her when she ran to safety. She provided us with a written account of his last words: "You people willl never understand a life without fear now. You and all the other scum shall die a horrible death." Citizens of Ireem, be most careful with this beast!

- Ming

Is our good sultana at risk? Are the knights going to be able to keep her safe?

I have intercepted a letter sent from the Sultana to another..and from another to the Sultana regarding her worries, and this bothers me.

It seems our fair sultana fears there may be killers in the palace, masquerading as explorers, she hears strange screams coming from the Palace depths at night and does not feel as secure as she should be feeling.

If you've any news on this, please share it with me, I will be sure to get it out there, we need our Sultana to be safe and whatever we can do to aid the knights in this we shall!

- Tre

It seems this knight has been being held captive by the slavers, and no one was able to rescue him, he jumped ship to get away and the knights had thought he had perished. Been eaten by sharks or worse!

One of the good knights of Ireem has just told to me that they received word from a traveling bedouin in Nubia that Paw has been spotted, he was found floating on the ocean on a piece of wood. A Merchant ship had passed by and had mercy on him, took him in and are said to be returning him safely to his home city shortly.

- Tre

3 slaves in question on the "stealing of the slavers ship" were not trying to steal a ship.. for one the ship was burnt weeks ago and lays now in ruins.. we were merely playing around the area.. as I (SugarKane) was awaiting for my master when Kimkardashian brutally attacked me.. after I had informed her that I was waiting for my master, who was sleeping on the beach, to wake up.

"If it is a crime to crawl around on a ruined ship and fantasies' about a ocean voyage.. then please call the knights to the slavers camp and I will go willingly"

The one who need punished is the cruel slaver "Kimkardashian Beverly" who did not care that she was attacking one of her own brothers salves for no reason. SugarKane walked away from the scene with large cuts on both of her arms from the slaver who attack first then asked questions, but only when the slaves master appeared.

*sometimes what you see is not always what you think you see!*

SugarKane Twine

I, Tre do admit I was sent this story, as well as proof by scroll of one of the girls, I will not say who...asking the others if they wanted to steal a slaver ship for fun.

SugarKane has been overheard saying...if she wished to escape from her Master, Leon, why would she take a burnt ship, but rather the fishing vessel, it was all in fun and they were playing, but since she did end up cut in this fracas...she may be out for revenge against her attacker.

Watch for further details!

I have just received word that 3 slaves have taken it upon themselves to steal the slavers ships, one of them while their Master sleeps on the very sands nearby. Renegade slaves? Slavers unable to keep their property under control? Will the slavers get their ship back? This was being done right under the eyes of a slaver guard too!

Seems to this editor that SugarKane Twine, Olive MacMoragh, and Heavenly Heiden should have to be answerable for their crimes, and perhaps punished, unless..of course...the slavers have gone soft on us.

- Tre

Anneliese Wolfenhaut's Charm School for Slavers will teach you all the things you need to know, so that you can catch slaves as easily as a formerly Undead Magi.

Find out the secret to getting prey to bump YOU as you stand there, minding your own business. Learn how to get multiple prey to run circles around you in the sands, so just a slight movement to the left or right a few time ensures they are yours. Find out the best way to convince a slaver to put down his sword, willing to be enslaved, so that you can simply attack him in complete safety for yourself.

400 k per class.

If you cannot afford the rates, please inquire about our indentured servant program. With just one week of utter servitude, Anneliese will provide a class for free. (Room and board also included.)

To the good citizens or Ireem!

In celebration of the safe return of our valued healer, Lady Kerrina, the palace invites you to a party in the event tent!

A magic carpet will be provided to transport guests to the event tent.

The Sultana herself will be in attendance, and will bestow her thanks upon those who assisted the healer in her time of need.

Due to the recent assassination attempts on the lives of palace employees, and other dire threats, rumors, and evidences, security at the event will be unusually high. You will be required to leave your weapons at the door.

The palace will make up for any inconvenience, however, by offering the best refreshments and the loveliest dancing girls for your enjoyment.

The party will be held on Saturday, from 1:30pm - 3:30 pm, SLT.

((Predators and prey may attend, but must be in disguise -- Undead must look human, and you can add "in disguise" to your tag.))

As Sir Dream says, he plans on taking out the undead, one by one by one..and tonight tells his tale..

It seems he has admitted to taking the Undead, London, and making her sip from the liquid of life, she is now a full Ireem citizen and owns the Knights Inn.

This will be entertaining indeed, can Dream really succeed in this?

- Tre

I prolly should not..but upon reading this letter sent to me..I sadly must post it, I'm appalled..if there is ANY truth to this..then the undead need better guards and the citizens need be wary in their beds at night..

Accepting any and all information on this, please send it to me freely!

Miss Tre Marjeta,

I was told to inform you of what I witnessed .. so here goes. I was in the catacombs awaiting my masters return when I saw the man from the bounty posters, Skip I believe his name is, come into the catacombs and violate Miss Misty while she slept. I was not sure what I should do so I remained in hiding in one of the tunnels until another arrived.

Hojo and Pippy...Ireem's model couple!

Is there trouble in paradise? Has Hojo been spending so much time with his dalliances that he's leaving his lady and mother of his baby alone too much?

It's been heard around Ireem that Pippy has been seen keeping company with another slaver, overheard professing his love for her and telling her she deserves better? Could this be warranted? Or is the slaver looking to be killed by Hojo, who very obviously loves his lady Pippy. Rumors can spread, like wildfire,it's true, but if there's any truth out there...will it prevail?

Pippy is glowing lately with her pregnancy, almost fully in bloom, and either there are folks out to ruin her happiness with Hojo..or there is something going on.

We all have seen this relationship through it's ups and downs, we know Hojo likes to play with many girls, but Pippy is his main lady and some of us hope that remains true always...who is this slaver trying to butt in, turn Pippy's head..and can Hojo do anything to get the attention back on him instead of letting it wander?

Tune in for more...if I get it and am not killed for printing this...

- Tre

* Arabesque Cafe *
( Kingdom of Sand )



Please remember the Cafe is a warm refuge safe from capture or fighting, our lovely dancers will see to your pleasure as they tantalize your senses with their wonderful movements, feel welcome and refreshed from a visit to the wonderful Cafe Arabesque.

Jobs available :

* Manager
* Dancer
* Waiter/Waitress
* Bouncer

we welcome you warmly please enjoy your stay

Salaam All and sorry for the length of the following.

I came to Ireem a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. I decided then, as an Explorer, to make a Tour Movie showing/exploring the Kingdom. There are mostly sights (postcard style), yet there are also a few "scenes" -notably at the Auction Area- to which I have added dialogue (in the form of subtitles). Nothing was staged and nobody was ever aware they were being filmed. I believe it will be around 30 mns long and I will post links for those who would like to watch it when it's ready.

The reason I am posting this is two-fold.

First: I would like to shoot a fiction movie in Ireem and am calling for ideas for a story. I guess the length could be anywhere between 60 and 90 mns, depending on the story.

If you are a writer, have an idea for a plot, please feel free to send me either a summary or a synopsis. The only preference I have is that the story should revolve around the Knights' Brotherhood. I don't care who the Hero/Heroin is and what groups are involved provided they are willing to participate.

Second: I do not know why I did this, but I did join the Knights as an Alt that I have quasi never used. I wish I had joined as my Main, but oh well. Please trust that there was no evil guiding my choice. I am me, and I am whole, and no matter which AV is talking to you now, I am the same person, save for the look and name.

For those with whom I have had the privilege to cross paths, you know me as Ringo Villota.

Please send your impressions, if any, to him, as it seems that he has slowly become my Main at the contact of you all.

I will be at the camp.

Marc Daviau aka Ringo Villota

Streaking Bedouin?

Today I interviewed the slavegirl Myrna who was seen trembling and seemed not herself lately. She told me that the Bedouin Jonathan MoriarTy was chasing her with 2 other Bedouins and an ugly undead. Of course normally she would not have stand a chance in an unfair chase like that. This time it turned out differently because believe it or not: This Bedouin was, I'm almost too embarrassed to write it down but here we go anyway, NAKED!

Myrna: "I looked behind me and saw the Bedouin fluidly taking off his pants in mid-air. I froze for a moment in sheer fear. Then realised just in time that this was more serious than I thought and I'd better run like I never did before. Somehow the fact that I was chased naked by him saved my virginity".

Here she paused for a moment and shivered. Obviously the emotions still high on her. Either that or she contemplated if people would believe the virginity part. Eventually she continued:

"You should have seen that dangling... no, maybe better you should not try to imagine it as it was outright scary. Anyway it gave me wings and somehow I was able to dodge and outrun them all to safety. I have never been more afraid in my life than when I saw him coming down in my direction and thought he would jump right on top of me".

Needless to say that when she finally managed to escape. She was in total shock. It took her a few days to come out of this but thought she should let people know that some Bedouins, even if supposed to be great lovers, have a strange way of "showing it".

The Bedouins seem to be in the news a lot lately. One can wonder if it is positive or not? Only time will tell.

- Anonymous

Is it true? Are the knights now leashing prey to keep them safe from being 'enslaved?" Does this not make the Knights slavers? Many have come to me lately with stories of this, seeing prey at the end of the Knights whim, maybe the Knights have decided they want to be predators as well, what will this do to our safety? Sure, they can buy us on the auction block..but is it not their duty to then release us and give to do? I thought ...but I could be wrong...I often am..that Knights fought against slavery..not for it. Comments?

Also, it's been heard that a Bedouin was seen streaking the sands and terrorizing the young prey! Article soon to come!

This reporter has checked her sources, seen it with her own eyes several times, and is now ready to report a name. The Slaver masquerading as a Knight is Turkish Rexen! He often identifies himself as a Knight, but will run after defenseless people when he gets a chance. Take care!

- Ming

There seems to be some unrest in the slaver camp, and a renegade slaver who fancies himself above the rest, down to abandoning his "brothers and sisters" who are in need of help.

I overheard him and a "sister" discussing it this very night, how he abandoned her when she needed him, because I guess in his eyes...she is not his "blood". This very slaver ran around the roof of the palace this night screaming out "FIRE" claiming the undead had started it and ran for safety to the knights camp.

Slavers discussing honor yet not showing it? Undead being blamed for things that are not happening and the knights being said to harbor them? What is going on here?

- Tre

It was reported to me this evening that Chris Wilder did see the "jester" by the camels and it was yelled out to him that once finished, the bed's would not wish to see a camel ever again.

At that point,the camels started pooping all over the Bed camp...was it Kahdoosch or was it his imposter? All that was seen was the jester hat and dangling bells!

- Tre

Look out folks, it seems we were right, there is a twin kahdoosch in Ireem, be SURE of who you accuse of doing anything before you do it...

I do have picture proof of this...if you'd like to see...find me.

- Tre

One of our own, Svetlana Mosienko, created a YouTube video, featuring KoS, be sure and watch it, it's pure fun!

I was approached today, by a few undead, and I heard things that make my flesh crawl. Go had nothing to do with the undeads actions, but on actions they were reporting to me on our Knights.

I realize the undead are well....undead, but they are still a part of our fair city and therefore should be allowed to speak their mind as well as any other camp in Ireem, so of course, being the good sport I am...I didn't panic and flee, but I stood my ground and I listened.

As the undead were giving me their tales of woe and unfair treatment, others joined the talk, and there was stuff that I heard that I would really like to not have to report on..but being a reporter...sadly I have no choice, I'm FORCED by nature to reveal.

It seems there are corrupt knights in the realm, knights who force themselves on women, with threats that if the women do not obey, they will be cast aside from protection, not kept safe from predators. What is this? Knights forcing women to sleep with them? Do their bidding? Is that not for the Slavers to do? Are our Knights not supposed to be upstanding and good, faithful to keeping us safe? But if we are not safe from the knights...then what pray tell are we safe from?

There was one knight in particular, mentioned by a few at the block today, that worries me greatly, it seems he is also being blamed for casting out a female knight, having her shunned, for not sleeping with him...and having in effect..her now taking up with the undead.

What is there any truth to anything I'm being told? Is there anyone willing to come forward and speak of this? Or are we all too scared of losing the protection we are supposedely being given? Or are we truly not protected and clearly at the mercy of what we perceive as honor, but isn't.

Are the Undead truly good folks, just misunderstood by the bad mouthing they are getting? Is it true they release their slaves and treat them even more fair than the slavers do? Oh the questions to be answered!

Information freely taken.

- Tre

Kerri has been released, and hopefully will be back to healing the good folks of our city. Yes, probably even the bad ones, she's got a heart of gold, go figure.

I got a chance today to speak to the slaver, Am, while dancing in the slavers camp, and the news is as below reported to me:

It seems last night while I slept, Jaime sold Kerri at auction, he demanded, and received, 5000 dinar for her, from a slave , no less, myrna.

Myrna promptly set Kerri free, as it should be and now the only questions remain as to ...what happened to Kerri while in the slavers hands, did Jaime taint her forevermore? Is she still as pure and innocent as we'd like our healer to be?

Only Kerri and/or Jaime could answer these questions, unless of course..Jaime left her unattended and drugged and other slavers got into his tent and took advantage..oh the horror!

I will seek out Kerri and Jaime, see what information I could possibly be given, but for now, the mean slaver Jaime is again on the prowl, be wary girls!

Jaime has been now marked as an abductor and a babynapper, can he ever clear his name, and can the slavers accept that in their midst...a matter how damn hot that is.

- Tre

As you know, the Chronicle always tries to bring you interesting news and gossip from Ireem. I heard that there is a new development in the city and decided to investigate. It appears that the Merchants of Ireem are forming a guild. Why? What is its purpose? I talked to one of the Merchants to find out more. Ulric MacNeasa, owner of The Ship Inn, agreed to a brief interview.

Tre Marjeta: So what would you tell the people of Ireem about this new Merchant's Guild?

Ulric the Celt: We - that is the merchants of Ireem - have decided to collaborate more closely on matters of common interest. It is open to all who own or run businesses in Ireem. We are calling it The Merchant's Guild.

Tre Marjeta: Common interests? What are they?

Ulric the Celt: The merchants are finding it very difficult to survive in the city. We pay high rents for our businesses, high taxes to the Sultana and yet we have few ways of making money. We try very hard to offer high quality services to the citizens, knights, factions and the poor girls who have to run the sands. Sadly, we find that most who use our services do not even stop to say 'Hello', let alone talk to us properly or pay us for providing the service. It is really tough and I know many business owners who sold up and left the city because they grew tired or worse, went bankrupt. So we will now cooperate with one another more closely. For a start we will lobby the city authorities to reduce the taxes and rents because they are penal and we get nothing for them: no protection, no support and no representation. There is a council but I have never once been approached by a councillor to discuss my needs as a business owner. So who do the councillors represent? Citizens are supposed to have jobs or official offices. If councillors represent citizens then why aren't they interested in our business? Well now that there is a Merchant's Guild the council had better sit up and take notice of the people who invest themselves and their money in the businesses that pull people into Ireem.

Tre Marjeta: You sound angry.

Ulric the Celt: No, not angry. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a happy chappie who takes pretty much everything in his stride and with a smile on my face. That's important for an Innkeeper. I am not angry, I am just very frustrated as are my fellow merchants. We want to help people and make them happy but we don't seem to be making inroads. Look at Meagan Ling, who owns the bathhouse. You will not find a sweeter or more beautiful woman in the whole of Ireem - apart from my silk of course. She offers excellent bathing and massage services in her lovely bath house and yet I see dirty near-savages pass her establishment every day. Judging by how many of them fight openly in the streets, they could use w good massage to ease their stress. And then there's Elder Lubitsch. His Cafe is a wonderful place, often packed to the gunnels with lovely dancing girls. He is the happiest, most helpful guy I know and yet he gets grief from campers every day and few seem to want to enjoy his dancers or his coffee. Okay, I mean I know he can talk a little fast but is that a crime? I mention just a couple of the hardworking, dedicated, diligent people that try to ply their trades in Ireem every day. We are up before the sun, making our bread and our carpets and our beer. We provide these to people in the best establishments we can make. All we ask in return is a little respect and some business.

Tre Marjeta: So taxes and rents are the areas of common interest. Is that all?

Ulric the Celt: That's all to start with. Over time we may decide that there are other issues that we want to be addressed. I will let you know, Tre.

Tre Marjeta: Are there any other messages you want to give to the people of Ireem.

Ulric the Celt: I just want to ask them to come and use our businesses. They are always welcome. We are here to help and in doing so we hope that we might be able to make a profit because we add value to people's lives and their play. Thanks for listening Tre. And keep up the good work, I read your paper cover to cover every day.

- Tre

*GASP* What did I find when I Anne..but in her pockets a folded piece of paper..all of Ireem need to see this..and I thank the kind Knight Chatomen and my sister Grizel for keeping Anne busy while I publish this:


I have your daughter. If you want her back, you will say nothing to anyone of this, but you will come to the bedouin camp and discuss the terms of her release.

Hide the healer. Let no one find her, and do not release her.

I'm warning you... if the knights find out, or if you lose Kerrina, your daughter will suffer.


Now we know how Jaime got Kerri! But..can she be saved before it is too late?

- Tre

Yes, I did it, I did it tonight, I snuck into the slavers camp while the lazy men were asleep, so sure of themselves they had no guard posted, it was not easy..I was winded, thank god for the kind folks at the auction block to pay attention..but I got a page from Sir Hojo's diary! See below:

And it started out such a good day..... I always love a good battle but it was everywhere. I had no idea why....but where there is battle there is opportunity. After fighting for a good hour stabbing all the knights who wandered too close and even chasing some all the way to their camp in hope of capturing them they eluded me. Before I realized what had happened all the other combatants had fled...none remained to fight the knights...and suddenly in the middle i found myself besieged. I had no idea why they wanted me so badly but i fought them even dropping a few to the ground before escaping badly wounded toward camp only to be met by a magi....that battle went badly as i was already almost dropping over from blood loss....i managed to escape but I was being chased by knights...right in to the very heart of the slavers camp where i fell....when i awoke I was sure I was seeing things....Jaime had the healer tied up. What a fool.....the whole city was searching for her and he had not even warned his brothers. From there my anger took hold and things were said and done that perhaps should not have. I waited for what i knew was coming...and it did....dozens of knights came to the camp. I thought it foolish to risk my neck over this...and I stepped aside....who really wants to feel a knights steel slide between their ribs eh? And quickly it got out of hand as the other slavers tried to defended him. In the end after the knights left I managed to pull the camp back together but what a mess this was....If they do not trust me I hope next time they at least trust the rest of us when they put our necks in the noose.........For now we have to put her somewhere like the *a large ink blot hides whatever this said* untill this mess is sorted out. I'll tell the fools I had nothing to do with it...they wont believe me of course....but perhaps they will get careless and chase me in to the ambush we have planned......


It's been brought to my attention that the slavers had a bit of a scuffle/argument in their camp this very night. I'm shocked, but who's to say what really goes on behind the curtains hm?

I was sent a firsthand report, including a document of the happenings, and it seems to be that Hojo Beck, the one who wishes to be voted in as leader of the Slavers, had issues with what one of his minions did, that we all know...the rumor of Jaime having kidnapped our wonderful healer, Kerri.

The horror of this runs deep, I have requested that Jaime contact me so I can investigate this and find out the truth beneath the surface, and if he does have our beloved healer as stories seem to claim, I'd like to check on her well being. Kerri trusts me, I am sure of this..but does Jaime, and would he be willing to allow this...humble reporter/editor in to his realm safely and make sure if she is his for now..that she is well taken care of.

The person reporting this to me could be in much danger if it got out that they did it, so I must insist they remain anonymous, as you know, this paper, it's reporters, and it's editor now have many sources and we go on trust, if there is slander or argument here..see me personally.

Does Hojo have what it takes to pull the slavers he wishes to lead under rank? Can he handle the stress of now knowing that every knight in the city may well besiege his camp once I post this, to find the honorable Kerri? What is to become of our city if the slavers can't even get along amongst themselves....who knows anymore! Oh the drama!

It's also been said that Hojo did offer apologies for calling one of his own a traitor and even offered a gift in trade for his actions, what comes of that is yet to be slavers wish to come forward and speak of this? Or will they continue to hide in their camp and wait for the attack of the knights?

- Tre

As quoted at the party held today, all citizens who did NOT come to the party should kiss the feet of those who DID, just to give them lag free runtime!

Selena & Devlin held a great off sim party for KoS folks, all were invited, many showed up, it was a GREAT way to connect off sim and see how we all look in...normal clothing, boy,some of these men are stunning, mhm, give the girls a reason to want to be captured, gosh.

Jaime showed up there, but I didn't feel like pushing him for info on the baby he seems to have been seen carrying away to the sands, not while watching him wiggle his booty for all and sundry.

Jasbert was heard to say that a tshirt and jeans are not his normal we have a guy who likes blouses and skirts?

The gorgeous Kerri showed up, and lo and behold..NOT in white! I was in shock, she looked great.

We got some gossip on german movies from the hot and sexy Dinky, and Am and Dunraven kinda stood around staring at all of us for a bit, maybe trying to figure out how to join in and not be quoted?

Chris was there..but left early, a girl at the helm maybe?

Dunraven has great legs in a man-skirt and Jaime is jealous!

Music was awesome, slow and lovely, made me want to wriggle against everyone, including the women.

What a great idea this party was Selena & Devlin, thank you both for having it, and let's hope the fine citizens and folks around Ireem get to know and connect with each other often, it is, after all, what makes us a community.

- Tre

I have a proposition to make,as was suggested to me so far by no less than 3 people in Ireem.

Could representatives from each camp contact me and set up meeting times. What I would like to do is hear how each camp see's the other camps, and their own personal camp, this information would come in very helpful to new folks arriving in Ireem and allow each camp to get their say in how they wish to be seen and believe they are seen. Please talk amongst each other and send 1-2 reps to me for a discussion.

Each will be posted fairly, and feel free to say as you will about the other camps/groups, the goal here is to allow folks just arriving, to see how Ireem works somewhat, just keep it all IC, please do not drag OOC crap into this.

- Tre

Do you want to improve your fighting ability? Do you want to take your foes by surprise, appearing drunk as you attack? For a mere 50 Dinar per class, Wong Fei Hong can show you the way. His Drunken Kung Fu technique, developed by the Po Chi Lam school of martial arts, will have you confounding your enemies in the middle of any battle. Contact him (SL name, WongFei Quan) at his Arabesque Cafe establishment across from the public baths for more details.

- Tre

It seems our fine fellow has been...busy the past two days, in some pretty..compromising work, from the details I was given.

I would like to apologize to him, from both myself and my source, for the mistaken identity, and I hope like hell he...enjoyed those positions he found himself in.

The rest of the story far stands true! But now someone tell me..who could possibly be mistaken for Kahdoosch? Do we have an impersonator in our midst?

PS. I even received pics of Kahdoosch and this mysterious person horsing eyes, my eyes!

- Tre

I have received a "legal" threat from Kahdoosch, stating that I must retract my statement of him being in the palace when Kerri was discovered missing. Since I get my info from sources, all I can truly say is.."sue away", I will not reveal who gives me the information, but I will state that -I- personally did not see Kahdoosch in the palace, if anyone has any proof to prove he was not, or to prove he was, then please...send it, all sources are kept private. Again..the article on Kerri was sent by a private source, if this source is mistaken on Kahdoosch being there, then I do send out my own personal apology.

It has also come to my attention that there is a Knight claiming Kerri is dead, yet another source has told me they do not believe this is so, that they saw -a- bedu, not -the- bedu, carrying a body that looked remarkably like Kerri's from a distance and the leg was moving on this body. Has a bedu gone rogue and taken our beloved healer?

Please give info as you can, the city needs Kerri back!

- Tre

Kerri is missing, how has this happened!

The word "assassin" screamed from the palace, my source recognizing the chief eunich, zhexiao's, voice, seeing kaz, copper and Anne running to offer assistance, they were followed by my source to see what was going on.

it seems they found a room, empty, but for kahdoosch. On the harem floor there lied Kerri's bloodstained gown and a slipper. As the three took off to find Kerri, they stumbled upon Con, with Kerri's tiara in his pocket!

Are Kerri and zhexiao in the catacombs, wandering lost? Taken by the Undead? These questions must be answered and the undead questioned!

- Tre

Knights, Bedouins, fighting, who is to know who is right, accusations of barging into camps with questions, instead of respectfully asking for a meeting to clarify issues, where is the Knight leader as these issues are being thrown around.

Is Lancelot's daughter missing? Has she been taken by a Bedouin? Or are the Knights barging in where they are not needed this time, just to create a war.

Where is Anne when it is she who should be questioned regarding her daughter, and if she is missing or not.

Questions abound, answers need to be found.

And who let the tiger out, the white tiger, so preciously adorable it makes my eyes tear when I see it, and my throat purr with contentment, be sure it is well fed.

Anne has been questioned, she claims her daughter is asleep in her crib, who is the baby the Knights are trying to get from Sir Jaime then, a strange baby in our midst? And who might the mother be?

Lady Enigma did hear a woman in the magi tower crying, and a man was seen running from there with a baby..any and all information on this will be more than welcomed.

- Tre

This reporter has found evidence of a slaver who is posing as a knight to gain the trust of the girls of Ireem, revealing his true nature only upon finding a suitable target. Take care, citizens! All is not always as it may seem.

- Ming


After a short stint as the so-called Avatar of Justice, single-mindedly trying to hunt down and kill every knight in Ireem for their perceived sins, Gwen was captured by a fledgling Magi who used a short-term spell to bring her back to life and tried to sell her on the auction block.

Eventually, Gwen was released, still living, to go about her way. Disoriented by the change, she wandered the desert until the following day, finally finding her way to the bedouin camp and collapsing from exhaustion and hunger. After being nursed back to health by the bedouin, she found her way back into the city to look for other Magi to examine the spell. She found Anneliese, who took her to the Mage Tower. Eventually, she was able to speak to another Magi who divined the nature of the spell cast upon her and made it permanent, erasing the effects of undeath.

Gwen is now fully alive again and temporarily working as a dungeon guard, although she has sworn not to fight any Undead, for whom she retains a certain affection. In addition, her mind no longer twisted by undeath, she is now longer pursuing her agenda against the knights, though she holds little respect for them as a whole.

- Gwen

Dear Editor,
Just wanted to drop you a note for clarification in reference to Anne's daughter Melanthe, should any of your readers be interested. Perhaps some have seen by now, the child was not harmed in any way, she was well cared for....Brother Kahdoosch had been seeing to the well being of the child in the combs and indeed had grown quite fond of her, I can close my eyes and still see the single solitary tear, which weaved it's mournful way down his cheek, as he said his goodbye to the little one. the child had armed his undead heart with her infectious giggles.
Sadly, while waiting for Sister Anne to come and collect her child, circumstances arose and Brother Kahdoosch needed to go see a man about a camel. "She likes to be tickled under her chin", he said as he passed me the child and asked that I hold her until such time as her mother finally saw fit to come and collect her (I personally had seen the childs mother running about the city fighting earlier, perhaps putting herself in harms way was more important than being reunited with her daughter.... it is not my place to say....)
Although I was past the point of exhaustion, believeing the child had been abandoned for far too long by it's parents, I took in upon myself to force a reunion by taking the child to the city in search of her missing mother. Searching yet not finding, I took a moment to rest and it seems I nodded off... I woke to the sound of my dear Brother Damien shouting from afar "BAD MOTHER!".... now perhaps this is something your readers can judge for themselves... maybe in these times it is the mark of a caring parent to leave their children in places most mortals would not care to set foot, let alone live.... but I digress... as I mentioned I was startled awake by my Brothers call, and feeling something pressed against my neck, I opened my eyes to find some unknown woman, the knight Alexii2 Laville and Former Sister Anne who had a knife to my flesh.... perhaps not the nicest way to thank someone for helping to care for your child and truthfully I am more then a little offended by this rough treatment. It seemed to me the Knight was as confused as I was by what was happening, but you would have to confirm that with him. Indeed I did not wish to upset the child (as she will probably already need therapy to get over being abandonded) so I handed her over to her Mother without a word and watched the woman leave without so much as a thank you...

PS. Brother Kahdoosch wanted me to add this message to Melanthe... "oocheee koochee koochee Koo". it must be a Jester thing.


Xan of the Undeads

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