Message from the Palace

To the Esteemed People of Ireem!

Be it known that I, the Princess Lillie of Ireem, Niece to our beloved Sultana Zanlu - may She reign forever - herewith requests and requires that all citizens should seek out one artisan, Tito Tachibana.

The Palace seeks the presence of this artist to verify the artisanship of, and to assert his moral right to, a painting left in the stall of the Mare Almase at the stables.

Naturally, a suitably propitious reward shall be paid to the Citizen who first presents M. Tachibana to the Princess at the earliest opportunity.

The Princess Lillie of Ireem,
Niece of the Sultana Zanlu, may She live forever

KoS Open Games

Salaam good people of KoS,

I am excited to officially announce that the **Bedouin Open Games** hosted by the Najdi and now open to all groups and clans, will be held on Saturday 4th December 2010 at the following regional times:-

* 11am SL and West coast of America time
* 2pm East Coast of America time
* 7pm UK time
* 8pm Western European time
* 5am Sunday 5th December, Australian EST and 6am EDST.
* 8am Sunday 5th December, New Zealand NZDT

The events are designed to be fun and a departure from the traditional prey run or combat competitions.
They will be open to anyone in KoS.

The Games will consist of 5 events - the first four events require the participation of 1 prey and 1 predator, but entries for two predators will be considered favourably, if prey are too scarce.


The prey will pull a supply cart carrying her/his Predator. The race will commence from the oasis in the Bedouin camp, across the sands rounding the Rotunda (round structure on the sand) in a clockwise direction and returning to the oasis. The prey will then change places with her/his Predator and complete the same route. First to complete task will progress to the next round.


The Predator is required to fly her/his Magic carpet from the Oasis in the Bedouin camp to the Arena where the Predator will land the magic carpet in the Arena, pick up a prey and then fly to Eventus (Event area in KOS2 residential area). Predator will land the magic carpet, prey will get off and Predator will return on the carpet back to the oasis. First Predator to arrive at the oasis will progress to the next round.


The prey will push her/his *wounded* Predator in a wheel chair to the hospital. There the Predator must wear their bandage. When the bandage is on, and only then, they may leave the hospital and return to the oasis. The route for this event is the prey's choice. The wheel chair wheels must remain in contact with the ground at all times - no magic carpet ride or suicidal leaps over city walls. First back to the oasis will progress to the next round.


First runner will leave the oasis, round the Rotunda and return to the oasis where the first runner will hand the baton to the second runner, only then can the second runner leave the oasis to complete his/her leg of the relay (same as the first leg). First back to the oasis will progress to the next round.


Camel/Horse and rider will leave the oasis in the Bedouin camp, taking the lower natural sand path to the Rotunda, rounding in a clockwise direction and then returning to the oasis using the upper path, then repeat the circuit. First finished will progress to the next round.

The following points system will apply to each event final:

30 points for first place
20 points for second place
10 points for third place

In the event of a tie the points will be shared between the winners.

The following articles will be supplied:
Magic Carpet

Competitors will need to supply:



2. Any team or individual deemed not to have completed the correct course will be disqualified.

3. Any event with insufficient entrants may be cancelled.

4. The Adjudicator's decision is final. No discussion will be entered into.

5. Please submit a notecard, stating your name, whether you are Predator or prey, your event and, for team events, your partner's name. All entries must be sent to April Axel or Unity Catlyn as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday 1st December 2010.


Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each event - 1st place G$1,000
2nd place G$500
3rd place G$250

At the end of the five events, the team that has accrued the most points will receive L$1,000 to share and the title of All-KoS Games Champions, 2010.                                                                                       

At the Chronicles we just received this alarming note:

Dear Chronicles,

With the creation of an army that intends to force us into submission on Ireem's doorstep, we find the need to address the situation with our own words of compassion. We shall not stand for this outrage while we do not wish for battle and blood to litter our streets it is inevitable with the creation of this army. What can you expect from an army? Armies are created for war and violence, and if this army is created we shall bring that war to them.
Now is the time to rebel and resist our oppressors! We shall not stand for this any longer! Too long have we stood and accepted our fate as lowly citizens fighting amongst each other and the putrid rats of the streets to survive, whilst the royal pigs sleep soundly in warm beds and feast upon endless quantities of food. We say ENOUGH!
With this letter we announce the founding or The Rebels Of Ireem! If anyone wishes to join in our fight call for meya [Silverfall] or One Flea [Stelthah Snowpaw]. We will accept anyone at all, no matter the race nor clan.

                                                                    Meya and One Flea

My dear  people,
Everyone of you  know that I have a desire : the peace.
Unfortunately it seems impossible to realize.
 Why do I always see people running  because  pursued, why do i have to hear the sound of swords that cross over, why each tribe hates the other one ? There is a place for everyone in our beautiful city .. there are shops, cafes, taverns where you can meet friendly, drink and eat together, dance, play cards honestly... but no .. you must always be careful who follows you .. keep the door tightly closed and well-hidden the money earned by honest work .. and hope that nobody will want to capture your beloved one....*looks down sadly *..
Well .. You know that I'm very close to our Gods... The other night they appeared to me in a dream and told me "Zanlu..We see are nervous ..anxious ...time for us to help you ... There will come a man dressed in black, a man who knew evil, but that has long been converted and his faith became so strong that  now he is a priest of ours
His name is Ragnar”
Then I woke up feeling so strange .. ....
On the afternoon of that day a man  in black, asked me for an audience... .. Well .. you can not believe  ! his name is Ragnar Niekerk !!
He  spoke at length and I found it very inspiring. His goal is mine : The peace !
He is working to organize a small group ...and this one is his aim:

 Keep people in a decent or honorable life, helping them to find the right way. Keep them distant of bad habits like gratuitous violence as seek for fights without a honorable reason, decrease dramatically or finish with robbery / pickpocket in our beloved Ireem.
Show that a decent life can bring more benefits then to surrender to temptations such as greed and lust.

I'm sure he will be so convincing and they will listen to his words .. if not ... he might get to inflict a penalty .. but just as an example for others ..
(He is a priest, a person with a heart of gold .. and I am sure that he will suffer if he must  whip on somebody .).
He also spoke with the commander knights  lady Milua and she agreed to accept him in her family.. but the new group will be called "Sanctificated Army”
If you want to talk with him, to have more clarification .. you can find him in the chapel or around the city ... I believe in him .. he has promised not to seek power, wealth, nothing.. but peace
He has my blessing.
and you all too,my dear people..have my blessing

Your Sultana


Dear Lady Sultana!

Follow informations about Sanctificated Army:

Sanctificated Army has approval and permission from our Beloved Sultana to act seeking always PEACE and call depraved/delinquent ones to account for living a depraved life.

Definition: An army that will fight against deliquent/depraved/ who refuse to accept the law and Gods, leading or forcing them to the right way according to our Sultana and Priests.

Goal: Keep people in a decent or honorable life, helping them to find the right way. Keep them distant of bad habits like card games, gratuitous violence as seek for fights without a honorable reason, decrease dramatically or Finish with robbery / pickpocket in our beloved Ireem. Show that a decent life can bring more benefits then to surrender to temptations such as greed and lust.

Final Goal: Lead or Force people in a decent or honorable life

Members: members of any clan or specie can join, since they are looking for a civilized society in Ireem with the objective to clean the depraved/delinquent persons away from city. The Sanctificated Army have to feel the weight of their chances, have focus and don´t risk any sanctificated life for nothing, respect each other while are working toghether as a Sanctificated Army forgetting and not taking into account any issue or problem you have with a brother or sister in civilian life. Who was fallen in a duty, the other members have to find the right solution how to help the fallen one out from the trouble, we are not against any clan or group, nor against any leader until they give us reason to fight!
MEMBERS OOC NOTE: The members  will fight in disguised mode and with activated grouptag. If your grouptag is activated (and being in disguised mode) and showed to others you have to behave like a member from the sanctificated army, you can not change your mind and don´t help to the army, cos you suddenly find yourself in an awkward situation against your family, you have to support the army with your help and have to ask your brother or sister to confess their sins. If your grouptag is actived the army is first of all! Any other target is not allowed with the activeted grouptag.

1 – Sanctificated Army will work aligned with Knights. Those suspects who refuses to accept a decent and honorable life will be  hunted or handed to Sanctificated Army, and will face the consequences of their acts until they accept the light way. If the Sanctificated Army arrest, in some special situation, some honorable or decent criminal, they will be passed directly to the knights.
OOC NOTE: It is not about criminals, it is about delinquent/depraved ones.

2 – Depraved/delinquent persons, who is owned by Sanctificated Army,  before to be considered a criminal, they will have the chance to confess their sins, regreting of their acts and then be handed to knights for a fair trial , ONLY if they are under suspicion. After trial knights will decide their fate if they were consider guilty. Knights will just interfere at this point if the suspect in under suspicion, IF NOT the Sanctificated ARmy will release the converted.

3 - If the depraved/deliquent persons deny confession, then they will be considered a criminal and will continue being owned by the Sanctificated Army and suffer the consequences. Punishments will be decided by our beloved Sultana or  Priests, depending of the conditions. Knights can´t interfere as the criminal did a choice to don´t cooperate with the law.

3.1 - If these criminals are owned or prisoned ones, their owners have to turn them back under the light side immediately. The owner'd not pay, as they Sanctificated ARmy don´t need theier permission to arrest their slaves, but if they are around, they will be informed that the slave will be whipped and arrested, nothing else needed.

3.2 - If these criminals owners deny to turn their slaves back to a honorable life or these owners are not around, the criminals resisters'd be whipped until unconsciousity and they will continue being arrested by the sanctificated army until they accept the light side. If the Owner interupt and threating the army, owner would be arrested too.
OOC NOTE: Limit´s players will be always respected

3.3 - If much more resisters, include honorable ones,  comming to help to the depraved or deliquent person, they will have to be informed it is being done with approval of our beloved Sultana and the criminal didn´t cooperate with the law, if they insist , they will become accomplices and they have to take the consequences later.


(about salary or taxes it must to be decided for our beloved Sultana and Kora, people won´t join us for nothing...a reward will be expect for the work done)

1) this army  never will serve any other target, but to lead or force depraved or deliquent ones back to the right way.
2) the depraved and deliquent persons always has to be well informed about the further consequences!
3) no every depraved and deliquent persons are criminals, first of all give them help to confess their sins.

Yes,dear citizen, today we have some pictures of a well known KNIGHT ! I hesitated to show you this, as she didn't give the pictures to me herself or ever had an interview too. Someone anonymous put the drawings together with a note under the office door.

But in the end I decided to bring it here, as our days as reporters is soon over anyway and no one can blame us anymore ! *grins*. So here we go:

Question: "What turns you on?"
Answer: "Adventures, and that to me means prospect of something unexpected, dangerous, crazy, funny, thrilling, and sexy, even erotic. "

Question:" What turns you off? "
Answer: "Intollerance. I do have to confess that sometimes I do fall prey to that trap, but I remind myself that we are here to have fun, not anything else."

Question: " If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?"
Answer: "It would definately be with Mustafa the beggar! Something tell me that he is a very experienced lover. (It be even be more of a turn on if Babek was watching while we are at it!) "

Question:" Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?"
Answer: "My self! (embarassed and turning scarlet) Not that I please myself in that way.... I mean... that often!!! NEXT QUESTION!! "

Question:" Tell us something embarrasing about yourself."
Answer: "I am really bad at fighting though I have been with the knights so long. I seem to loose more than I win. I am just hoping that the criminals will not find out that I am easy game !"

To the friends of Anneliese Wolfenhaut:

My mother wrote to me often, telling me stories of Ireem. She loved this place, and loved many of the people here, at least the ones she'd killed and turned Undead.

Before she boarded her little raft, she asked me to explain her actions. She'd grown corrupted inside - even for an undead. Something had changed in her, slowly rotted, and she tried to cure the sickness for a long, long time.

Eventually she realized that some illnesses cannot be cured.

My mother piled driftwood high on the little raft, then climbed aboard. She drifted out to sea and after a long time, when she'd neared the horizon, I saw the smoke and flames. She'd spoken to me of suttee - the Indian practice of widows being set afire, so they might join their husbands in the afterlife.

In this case, my mother was never wed, and the man she loved yet lives, or so she thought. But the pain of losing him would fester in her soul, and she would never heal. She was rotten inside, she'd said. Death - a true death, one that even a succubus could not survive - was the only cure.

I had just returned from Avalon, the home of my father, and had no real chance to get to know my mother. But I believe what she said - there was something very ill in her, something that seemed to be incurable.

I believe she has found peace now, in that eternal silence that awaits us all.

She said her friends would understand. I hope those same friends will welcome me now.

Yours sincerely,
Melanthe Faerye
daughter of Anneliese

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