Here is an announcement from Milly, the Captain of the Palace Guard


Today, I am proud to inform for our beloved city, of our new team of Palace Guards. Also, that besides the guards, we can count on the collaboration and support of the honorable Prince Falcon

As Palace Guards:

Jordina McGinnis
Cowboy Boronski
Mathias Brucato
Joris Hudson

I want to clarify, in short, who we are and our assignments, so the inhabitants of Ireem may seek us out in case of any need.

We are a military force, elite troops who have the highest priority to ensure and protect the life and safety of our Sultana. As well, Palace Guards protect those who live in the palace Harem, and the palace itself, because as we all know, there are objects of immeasurable value, jewelry that are part of Ireem´s history.

We are an extension of the Palace, so the orders requested from the Palace will run in and out of town, inside the city we can have knight´s support. Outside the city, Knights aren´t required to participate in battles, if and except some request should come from our Sultana.

The laws practiced in Ireem we will follow, but we have total freedom to attack inside the city to capture people wanted by the palace as well as use the dungeon prisons if we need to interrogate..*grins a bit* Some captives, if necessary, will be handed over to the knights and a trial will be done. It is not our job hunt or arrest criminals, only people wanted by the Palace, but Palace Guards can and must help knights if they need our support.

Palace Guards have an honorable behavior, always acting with diplomacy and education, interacting amicably with all inhabitants of Ireem, but we will act firmly and accurately when asked. As I stated above we are a military Force, an extension of the Palace.

Thank you all, and if some of you feel that this can be your path, come to me and we will talk.

Captain of the Palace Guard

Here is the candidate statement from Kagura for the upcoming Mystic Nomination


As many of you may or may not know, there is currently a town election for Ireem Mystic. Any resident regardless of race is eligible to vote as long as they are of age. The following is my reasoning for running and what I will do if I am elected as town mystic:

I, Kagura, am a Loa here in Ireem and I plan to tie in the mystic shop with my current affairs. We, the Loa, will do tarot readings, hoodoo and other voodoo practices in the shop such as fortune telling and creating voodoo dolls or charms for customers. I'll use the shop as a center for commerce and wealth for all of Ireem. We, the Loa, are often called intermediaries between man and the gods. Our elders are often worshipped and served in exchange for power, magic or prophecy. We will grant you our power for very small fees, only a few dinar.

We, the Loa, will use the funds generated by the shop to help stimulate public events. The revenues I collect from the shop till will be placed back into the economy and not harvested for personal gain. I will either host public events myself or sponsor them if others get ideas they'll like to do. Ideas so far are horse races, archery competitions and arena tournaments. Overall, I want to use the shop to help stimulate Ireem.

So please, vote Kagura [Keezie Serpente]~!

The Chronicles can report that a senior Palace member (in age presumably, rather than rank) has been secretly and not so secretly aiding criminals in Ireem.

Sources from the Knights HQ reveal that on several occasions, this particular Palace member was abusing her privileges to access the HQ cell and help a number of infamous criminals escape. One of those assisted was a notoriously slimy slaver who has committed crimes such as disfiguring women’s faces as well as killing unborn babies from pregnant women. It was rumored that he had fathered a daughter with the said senior palace member.

“It was an afternoon, when Knight Andrew took the slaver into custody,” the cleaner in the HQ revealed to us, “the slaver tried to escape. Usually the guards at the HQ door would prevent anyone from escaping. But the palace lady came in and ordered the guards to let the slaver go.”

According to a senior lawyer in the Law Office, who would like to remain anonymous while speaking to us, this is not the first and only incident of this palace member helping criminals, either.

“Recently, we were told to clarify the law regarding Knights making arrests in Ireem,” the anonymous lawyer said to us, “What happened was the knights were trying to arrest a criminal in the desert, and this palace woman decided that the Knights cannot arrest anyone outside of the city. So she was throwing her weight around and trying to get this criminal to be released.”

“So the knights cannot arrest anyone outside of the city?” our reporter asked.

“Yes they can. The knights have the power to arrest any criminal on the wanted list outside of the city, too. It would be so silly if the criminal can escape justice simply by walking past the gates.”

“So the palace lady is wrong to suggest that the knight shouldn’t make the arrest in the desert?”

“Correct. Between me, you and your readers, she was trying to utilize certain aspects of being a palace member to her advantage, pretending she is the chosen one from the palace. The truth is, that just because the woman is wiping the Sultana’s bum everyday, it doesn’t mean she is above the law, nor has the power to change it.”

There are also other rumours about the same palace lady aiding the Undead during their campaign against the humans. The Chronicles will bring you more of this story when our special investigator comes back from their mission to the catacombs.

Out in the deserts of Ireem, one could see dust clouds building. Out there lives a herd of horses. How they came to be depends on each horse's past. Some brought in by boats who escaped their owners. Others born here or in other Bedouin camps but were kicked out for not being a pure Arab horse. Despite this, they had the blood in them which would help them survive the harsh desert. The herd was formed by a black draft mare and her mate. They took in horses that broke loose from owners or those that were rejected by the Bedouin.

For this herd they would roam the sands resting in camps where there was water for them to drink and fresh plants. Other times a few would raid the city for food when they were near by one. For days the herd would travel, and on their travels many lives were lost. Though one mare had lost her foal, the group came across a young camel who lost her mother in the recent desert storm. This mare adopted the camel and the herd treated the camel as a horse. Continuing till they came across the city of Ireem. Here they found there were many spots to meet at for water and food, or to escape humans that had spotted the herd.

Among the group they noticed that a group of strange creatures, Djinn's, would protect some of the herd from the dangers of the undead and many others that wanted to either eat them, sell them or use them for their personal gain.

A few horses in the herd now have owners who trust them but still let them roam free with the rest. Others protect those they came to trust from the signs of danger. While the rest roam free but still fear for their lives against the life of the desert.

And Finally.......

Something light hearted today. A caption competition. Post your suggestion here, and the best one will win a prize from the Chronicles.

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