Here is the candidate statement from Kagura for the upcoming Mystic Nomination


As many of you may or may not know, there is currently a town election for Ireem Mystic. Any resident regardless of race is eligible to vote as long as they are of age. The following is my reasoning for running and what I will do if I am elected as town mystic:

I, Kagura, am a Loa here in Ireem and I plan to tie in the mystic shop with my current affairs. We, the Loa, will do tarot readings, hoodoo and other voodoo practices in the shop such as fortune telling and creating voodoo dolls or charms for customers. I'll use the shop as a center for commerce and wealth for all of Ireem. We, the Loa, are often called intermediaries between man and the gods. Our elders are often worshipped and served in exchange for power, magic or prophecy. We will grant you our power for very small fees, only a few dinar.

We, the Loa, will use the funds generated by the shop to help stimulate public events. The revenues I collect from the shop till will be placed back into the economy and not harvested for personal gain. I will either host public events myself or sponsor them if others get ideas they'll like to do. Ideas so far are horse races, archery competitions and arena tournaments. Overall, I want to use the shop to help stimulate Ireem.

So please, vote Kagura [Keezie Serpente]~!


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