Dear People of Ireem

  It's voting time again and I (KAYA Blinker) am running for the ownership of the Good Knights Tavern.

  I joined the city of Ireem as a knight and worked under some great leaders , Catherine, Tamer and Brandon. I left the Knights to become a Palace Guard under the command of Cara but was forced to leave when Pirates Pressed ganged me to join for a short time ..Cara would not let me return to guards believing I was infected or something. After many months I returned to the Royal Guards with Joris as Co-Commander.

  At this time the people or Ireem voted me to own the Blacksmiths which I have done for a while but my  term is up there and time to pass onto another .

  Also now I am retired from the Royal guards and my dream to live out my Retirment is to Run and own the Good Knights Tavern. As I have alway worked to protect  both the city and the palace , I feel it is now time to enjoy the company of the people of Ireem. To provide them with the Best Wines and Beers I have been able to aquire with my contacts to the Royal palace and of course the finest Blood for those who require this sustanance.

  I therefor Ask you all to Vote for KAYA Blinker as owner of the Good knights tavern
Free drinks all round for a week  If I win!


It had been yet another typical evening in Ireem. The market place was busy with people selling everything from bread to human lives. I spent most of the evening quietly observing with the hopes of catching something news worthy... but nothing amazing occurred.

  So, I returned to the office to feed the cats and to later fall asleep on one of Kito's naughty books. But as I entered, I heard the sound of someone approaching behind me. The figure was dressed in black rob. Saying nothing, they simply handed me a dusty scroll.

  I took a moment to unroll the parchment, but when I looked up the figure had vanished! I decided to read over this scroll. I personally hoped this one had nothing to do with the crystal nonsense that this writer wants no part of -- regardless of what race it hails from.

  In the scroll was a prophecy! No, it did not foretell the palace being overrun by giant spotted purple peacocks, but something far worse. One of which I will share with Ireem:

A prediction from the great Magi Akhsup'ah.

The dark will take control
And the sun will fail to rise!
Through the night and into the day
This evil you must despise will arise
On the night of a full blood red moon, 
A great fire shall decent from the heavens.
A massive orb with a tale of blue and purple
Flame shall rain down chaos.
Many a life shall come to end,
This city will crumble under the chaos!
The gods must be appeased to prevent damnation!
The umber dove will finally waver just outside a city in the age of royalty.

  While I personally don't believe this. I'll leave a small offering to Oceanius! All of Ireem should take the time to offer something small to the gods or goddesses of your people. It could very well prevent the end! Or at least give you something to do with the extra rum found in a random jar. Because the last time I checked, Ireem doesn't need more drunks.

~ Written by Sayuri

ARTICLE: Peace, Love, tolerance

Our Sultana Zanlu made an announcement to celebrate unity and peace in the Kingdom after the successful trial of battling the plague monks.  It was quite a feat indeed to fight those three powerful plague monks, and surprising the likes of the rebellious evil dark knights did not take the opportunity to destroy the rest of the kingdom and in fact helped defeat the plague monks too. Even though their leader and most of the dark knights were told to boycott the event. For the occasion, the doors of the palace was open to all for a day, and visitors welcomed as friends to enjoy the best food and drinks, and the following evening a Masquerade Ball.

You can run but when love finds you, cupid's golden arrow will at least graze you if not gift you with a leash ..a full fledged intrusion on your heart.  We see several coupling at this Masquerade Ball, refreshing sight from the usual pool of shy awkward individuals with two left feet..   Perhaps it was Cupid's magic that maintained no combat over the celebrations, and hopefully it was not mischiefs but true pairings be it lovers or friends.

Lady Soh Berry did a great job with the decorations creating a beautiful romantic atmosphere for us, coupled with Lady Raven's team of the best musicians, making it all a perfect atmosphere for love.  Everyone looked gorgeous dancing in a sea of pink and reds, it was a lovely sight to behold and our artists have captured as many pictures possible of the bosom-baring beauties at the party.  (to please our Editor for a well-deserved bonus, yes?)

Enjoy the paintings!

~Written by Munira(edited by Kito. And no bonus for any writers this year)

Sultana Zanlu + Vilasenia (Liphx Fiertze) in charge of PLT hunt event
Lady Raven (Serenity Vonderheide) in charge of music; Sultana Zanlu ; Lady Soh berry (Soh Ree) in charge of decorating
KCEE Congrejo, Kylie Lacombe, Prince Randdom Ivercourt & Sultana

Damien and Leah
Eteocles and Ianira (Ivery Silverfall)
Nightmare Rain and Kioko Kumaki
mer man (YaYoo Pralou) and Dr. Pralou(Namira Scarfould)
Lady Sayuri and Munira (outlast everyone at the dance and extends arms out for Editor's award ;p)

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