Her Highness, Sultana Zanlu Heron, the Sun of Ireem, wishes to invite all Knights and Dark Knights who are Loyal to Her, to a special audience with the Sultana on Thursday, April 1, 2010, at 2 pm SLT.
Please give your name to Milua Schor to attend this unique opportunity to meet with Her Highness.
By Order of Her Highness
Elysa Swansong, Royal Scribe

Welcome to the "SEA WITCH" ship, the Pirate slaver's pride and joy !
All slavers are more then welcome to spend their time on the ship with or without their slaves and prisoners, to have some fun. When we slavers are not sailing to foreign lands looking for gold, slaves or rum, the Witch will be anchored in the bay, in the shadows of Ireem, near by slavers camp and the auction.
After raiding other countries and stealing whatever we get, we sail home and take the gold and slaves off board to sell or trade them for dinars or rum.
So, when we are not sailing or trading, you are free to spend some time on the ship with drinking rum, partying or training your slave some dance lessons or some manners.
The Sea Witch should always be a safe place for us Slavers ! So we keep it safe, no matter what it takes ! Be warned: if your are not a slaver, a slaver's slave or a slaver's prisoner, you are probably not very welcome and better stay away! *grins*
Glenn Grazy Graves
P.S.: We have some very nice guestrooms inside the ship for all those, who enter the ship without permission !

As a reporter, you sometimes hear the strangest rumors, some of them are true, others are not. But the newest rumor that spreads all over the city of Ireem is such a horrible and cruel imagination, that it gives me the creeps! I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of my informations, but what I saw with my own eyes lately proves the validity of those stories.

What happened ? Witnesses reported, that they saw the blue djinn leader Indigo (wolfenstien Khandr) and the black worm djinn Loona (Gatha Loon) arguing loudly in the streets. Indigo complained about Loona’s intention to leave her clan, Loona accused her of trying to tame her and every other djinn, making them all her personal slaves or tools. Loona’s daughter Oro Kamala interfered aswell and the arguement nearly ended in a sword fight on the streets.

A bit later, Oro got captured by Indigo and her fellow djinn and detained in the djinn realm. Loona, really pissed now, started to threaten Indigo, Indigo herself did the same and threatened to sacrifice Oro to Hora Ma, if Loona will not give in.

The tension got even bigger, as djinn Nova changed into her dark form and started feeding from Loona’s daughter. Loona, clearly outnumbered by Indigo and her fellow djinn, did not see any other way but sacrifice herself for the life of her daughter. Knowing, Oro will not be of any worth to them if she died, she cut her throat with her own dagger.

Now comes the part that is nearly unbelievable, yes, shocking even ! The djinn leader‘s eyes turned dark as she watched Loona killing herself, as Loona’s blood spread all over the place and she spit some of it into Indigo’s face, Indigo suddenly got the urgent need to feed from the corspe ! Yes dear reader ! Feeding from her own kind, a corspe, a djinn that sacrificed herself for the life of her daughter ! Nova tried to pull her away but failed.

Indigo was not to stop as she grabbed parts of Loona’s flesh, gorging on it and repeating over and over „She is mine…..she is mine !“. The rumors tell, that Loona’s flesh was poisened – a natural shield, djinn of her kind do have for self-defense. In situations of danger, they bite their opponent and the poison coming out of their eyeteeth makes the victim…well yes, that is the question here - what happens with the victim ?

Anyway, back to the story: while Indigo swallows the flesh of the fallen djinn, the poison entered her system, and Nova and Steven did not see any other way but escaping quickly before Indigo is done, taking Oro with them to safe their own souls.

Dear readers, this is all I heard. Some of you will now say: "Pah ! All rumors ! Just lies ! "But think about some simple facts, before you judge:

  • Did you see Loona around lately ?
  • Why is Oro crying when roaming the desert, if not because of her lost mother ?
  • Did someone see Indigo ?
  • And if someone did, is he or she still alive ?
  • Why do Nova and Steven refuse to talk to the press ?
  • And why are some djinn turning green lately ? Talking in a strange way and seeming to be delusional ?

If those hints are not enough for you to be careful, then may Hora Ma be with you ! I myself met a green djinn just yesterday and she tried to offer me a strange drink, telling me over and over, all will be better after I drank it. Of course I am a smart one and did not take it ! //* editorial note: actually Master forbid me to drink it, but hey *//

Lets pray for all the lost souls that are already infected and lets hope, our physicians quickly find out about the spreading infection, which source seems to come from the djinn…

Well dear reader, it is rare, but sometimes I am speechless too ! Today a slave girl came running to me, whispering into my ear " This letter is from Anneliese, the succubus !" and turning on her heels she disappeared in the desert before I could answer anything.
I already heard the rumors about a new agressive and belligerent Magi woman in Ireem, but did not meet her by myself yet. After reading Anne's letter, well...I simply hope I will not meet her so soon //* Editorial note : and Anne neither during my sleep !! Dont forget to shut the doors properly before you go to bed ! *//. But read for yourself:

"I must do the turning of this woman! Of the succubi clan, I am the only one with the experience. And the clock is ticking. If she dies before the turning begins, she will not be a gorgeous succubus. She will be a hideous, corpse-like succubus.
Have you all seen Xan on a bad day? You know, the chick with the leg rotted off?
Or Jos? He's the one who crawls around like a dog, with flies circling his head.
Or... need I say it? My own dear, sweet Ragnar? I did not realize, when I cut off his head and cut out his heart, that those were essential organs to maintaining an undead's youthful good looks !!
I need to turn this woman. For YOUR sakes. And it must be done quickly. Cowboy has me in a cage in the slavers' bay. Please capture him and make him release me.
And whatever you do - please, please, please do not tell Ragnar he paid $1300 gold pieces to buy me at auction!! Ragnar will take my sword and he'll keep me chained to a bed forever. And then, just imagine the trouble Ireem would be in. Hideous, decaying, grotesque succubi coming to all your beds at night.
You all need me!! And you need me to do my job! Please help.
If you need directions to the slavers' bay, just follow the girls who are following Am."

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