Bedu Diet !

If you wonder why a brigade of at least 10 slaves entered the Palace yesterday in a hurry, packed with cleaning mops, barrels of water and some bottles with unidentifiable potion in it, you better continue reading, as we do have the answers !

The two undead girls Xan Baran and Una Flux were visiting the Palace, talking to her Sultana’s guard Sir Smooth Citron. My secret source told me, the two girls were sweettalking with the guard, trying to charm him, but as we all know him, Sir Smooth resisted and didn’t give in at all. Typical male knight/guardian, this seems to be part of their codex, Sir Urso is resisting the charms of the beautiful succubus Anneliese everytime too ! Anyway, back to the story:

During their talk, Una suddenly started to feel really sick, gulping turned into burping, until she coughed out blood. Holding herself on Xan as she stumbled around, paler then ever before. She mumbled „I think I might faint! I need to sit down.. where is the closest seat?“ as she suddenly pushed Hakim, the silent guard to the side and sat down in the throne !
Yes, dear reader, it is true ! The throne, the chair every citizen would love to sit in only ONE time, but never dares ! //*editorial note: that reminds me of the drawing my sister took when I was sitting in it secretly ! Have to find that again, this was hilarious ! Just make sure, no one else ever sees it, otherwise they know you are sometimes mixing the truth *//

Sir Smooth got really angry, as he saw this but didnt dare to pull her out, as Una continued to cough, blood spilling everywhere, draping her body across the chair groaning. Even Xan was seen to turn pale and fanning her nose to rid the smell, as Una vomitted all over the throne and the cushions arround it. Una cursed and stated weakly „"Don't eat the bedu…they told me not to.. but I couldn't resist….oooh!“ as Xan got angry and yelled at her „ You ate Bedu ?!?!? We warned you about that !“

The scenery just got complete as Palace inhabitant Miss Starlight Eleonora and Bedu girl Alina Furuseth entered the rooms, shocked about all the blood and vomit splattered across the throne, cushions and floor. Miss Star got order to help the sick girl and rushed over as Una moaned „Xan!! Get me out of here…the stench of the humans.. there's a bedu near me.. I can smell it!“, but Xan ignored it, as she was caught in a dispute with Alina already. Rumors tell they blamed each other for Una’s sickness, but in the end we will never know.

Only ten minutes later, Una suddenly jumped out of the throne all happily again, cracking her neck and smiling as she vomitted a last time „ Aaaahh that's the end of it I think!" and the undeads left the Palace without looking back. The slaves that got ordered to clean did not come out until this morning and witnesses tell, they all did not look very happy !

The question left here is : Are bedouins really that unsavory that you get sick after eating them ? Or did Una eat a special one ? Someone that perhaps was poisoned ?
It is no secret that the old, horny bedu men swallow a lot of this magi potion called Viagrus to keep their sex life as it was when they were young, perhaps this is the reason why you have to vomit after eating one of them ?
A question I surely cannot answer, the only "flesh" I nibble and chew on from time to time is defenitely not bedouin and despite all rumors I am not eating it either ! We for sure will investigate this more, especially after Una was heard saying „ No more bedus for me !! I am on bedu diet now !“

Love ?

Today on my daily rounds through the city I entered the dungeon and found knight Avery Allegrant guarding a cell, sleeping peacefully on a chair. Looking deeper into the cell I saw Indigo (Wolfenstien Khandr) laying on the ground sleeping aswell.

These facts alone are not the really interesting part as we all know, knights sleep from time to time during their shift and the cells are often filled with well known citizen too. What caught my interest, was this huge drawing on the ground of Indigos cell, a disturbing but at the same time very interesting picture of a creature with a heart in its hands, ready to eat it !! But see for yourself:

As reporter I am curious and could not help it, I woke up knight Avery and asked her what this is about. Avery nodded sadly at me and began to explain.

The drawing on the floor was made by Indigo. The creature on the picture was the djinn herself, the heart in her hand the one from her pet One Flea, the heart she just ripped out of its body and intended to eat it ! After this happening Indigo went to turn herself in into prison - willingly.

Avery of course questioned the background of it all, as she wanted to understand her motivation and Indigo tried to explain it to her. Quoting Indigo it was an utter expression of love "Flea was my pet. She served me for a long time, she was important to me in more ways than I can describe in words. I'm not sure I can even begin to say how deeply I cared for her…let alone give that emotion a value such things are beyond words alone"

Avery‘s question, if Flea did consent, the djinn answered with a short „She did not struggle !“ and my secret sources tell that witnesses in the knights Inn can confirm this. After this so called act of love she went to punish herself by willingly being locked up in the dungeon, and according to Avery she mentioned „Perhaps I just like it here. Its quiet. I'm not expected to do anything. I must pay for what I've done, such is the law of the redde the triple law that binds all majic."

Yes it is time for another page three girl ! This one is for all men and women that love some extras ! I am sure whoever is allowed to play with her will not forget it so quickly !

Question: What turns you on?
Answer: Dominance and rough treatment!Tie me down beat me and I'm horny as hell

Question: What turns you off?
Answer: Players and wimps, nothing worse than having someone trying to act macho when there not! Be yourself

Question: If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?
Answer: That would be telling a ladies got to have some secrets

Question: Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?
Answer: Myself! Its no fun playing with yourself *giggles*

Question: Tell us something embarrassing about yourself.
Answer: I don't get embarrassed, I am usually having too much fun to get embarrassed about anything

Last Sunday the chief of the Arena, Miss Kora Zenovka welcomed the citizen of Ireem to the new Championship Tournament of Ireem. Many showed up to watch, but only the bravest ones dared to fight. The opponents of the first round were announced as followed:

Tim Speiser vs. Jordina McGinnis
Leena Xue vs. WongFei Quan
Ruxia Zuta vs. Tusk Bilasimo
Una Flux vs. Gatha Loon
Champagne Roxan vs. WongFei Quan
Urso Kronsage vs. Ehson Miles

The fights of the first round were thrilling to watch, fighters showed off their skills and one by one either made it into the next round or dropped out.

Because of an odd number of fighters, Sir Wong as bi player had to fight twice. He entertained the audience with his drunken moves in both rounds, even if it looked like escaping from Miss Champagne, as he was running big circles in the Arena, he finally turned around and with one quick hit knocked her down. Rumors tell, he just ran out of rum, that is why he decided to finally beat her.

Sir Ehson, who had to fight the brave knight Urso disappeared – we still investigate the reasons for that - and as Miss Kora asked for someone to jump in , suddenly the sweet, shy and innocent slave girl Caren Zuta got pushed into the middle of the arena by her Mistress Polgara Auer. Miss Polgara handed her a sword and Caren officially took Sir Ehson’s place ! You for sure can imagine the agitation rising up among the audience !

The opponents entering the second round of the tournament were announced:

Bi-Player: Ruxia Zuta
WongFei Quan vs. Tim Speiser
Gatha Loon vs. Ruxia Zuta
Caren Zuta vs. Ruxia Zuta

Sir Wongs wife Dharma Lupindo promised her man a nice surprise at home when he wins. Sadly this promise had the exact opposite effect on him: whatever he was thinking of, distracted him so much that he lost against Sir Tim.

Bi Player Ruxia must have been distracted aswell as Loona (Gatha Loon) and Caren defeated her both.

The three winners Gatha Loon, Caren Zuta and Tim Speiser went into the semi final, bi player this time was the Magi Tim. He used his first chance and beat the undead Loona in a close fight, but his second fight didn’t go very well. Caren – or let us call her the best hidden secret in Ireem (!!) – not only showed amazing fighting skills, but also tried to distract my Master by showing of her naked breasts. He still tells me daily that it did not have any effect on him, but seriously ! I am not stupid! In the end, he is a just man !! Anyway, back to the tournament:

Tim was defeated by Caren, so they both got ready for the official final fight and the audience stopped picking at each other and got silent, as everyone’s full attention focused on the two fighters now. The big question was: Will Sir Tim be able to defend his champion title or will the little innocent and shy slave girl kick his ass ?

Well, what can I say….she won ! We from the Chronicles are of course totally unbiased so:


//*editorial note: Pfffft ! She beat MY Master and thinks she is getting away with that ??? No way ! Note to myself: use your Magi talent to pay it back secretly, like a scratching potion…or a long nose spell. Just make sure, no one knows about your intentions ! *//

And to everyone out there that doubts what he or she saw: Caren Zuta may be a slave girl, but she obviously has her talents ! So we don’t want to hear any word about her cheating as she showed of her naked breasts as this is NOT the reason, that Sir Tim lost. He does have himself under control if neccessary ! And seriously: who really falls for naked boobs in our depraved city anyway !

So congrats again to the winner of the Ireem Championship, Miss Caren Zuta !! If you want to admire her, you will find her picture at the board near the auction, or her in person roaming the desert !

Arriving for her evening patrol duties, Lone is seen gracefully moving about as she rehydrates at the tavern with some refreshing water and chats to Smooth before moving onto the bakery. Here she finds Fury and two other patrons, but before she eats she questions Fury, who claims it’s safe as she did not bake it herself. Its clear Lone is a little hesitant, but she eats a whole loaf as she does before each shift.
Looking satisfied she moves on to greet her husband, Big Papa, as her shift does not begin for another 10 minutes. However, she does not get to speak to him long before she starts to feel sweat beading on her brow and her stomach starts to ache. Commenting that it must be heat of the desert and the heaviness of the bread, she heads back to the tavern for some more water, but it is clear that she is also dizzy as displayed by the swaying as she walks. She even comments something about the bread possibly not being any good.
She is becoming paler by the second as she approaches Smooth, who was still dealing with a disorderly undead looks at her in concern as she walks into the tavern.

Unknown to Lone, the creature known as Once Flea follows Lone into the tavern very closely, fangs showing and huffing, but Lone is desperate to get some water. As she reaches for the pitcher to pour herself a glass, she suddenly passes out, SLAMMING her forehead on the counter before her body hits the hard stone floor with a final sounding THUD.
Surprised by this, Flea leans over and sniffs her. It is thought that one Flea may have sense some illness in the Knight Leader as she licked her. However, this was not seen by Smooth or Big who were still in the door way and only saw the previously threatening creature behavior and is now leaning over Lone’s limp body.
Big becomes enraged in his fear for his wife’s health and threatens the beast but Smooth notices the motherly protective stance Flea is displaying and tries to restrain Big so they can decide how to best help Lone.
Lone is unconscious throughout all of this as the poison runs a furious path through her body, weakening her heart, bringing it to a dangerously slow pace as it works its way up to her brain where is spins her into dark and tortures nightmares that are unseen by the rest of the world. All that those in the tavern can see is her clothes become damn from sweat as her temperature rises to deadly highs.
Desperately wanting to help her, but unable to do so with Flea curled over Lone’s failing body, Big raises his sword as his mind battles whether to attack Flea with risk of further harming his wife in the process and leave to find a physician. Seeing the desperation in the male’s eyes, the beast licks and nudges Lone to wake her, but Lone’s head just flaccidly sways with the nudge but shows no signs of awareness. With this, Flea gives a low and mournful sound; the tone alone enough to draw tears from the coldest of hearts as she moves away, her heart wrenched by sadness, she leaves like a mother abandoning her dead cub.

At this point is can be observed that the sweat on Lone’s body is steaming off as her temperature reaches beyond what the normal human body should be able to withstand. Frantic, Smooth runs off to find a physician while Big lifts Lone and carries her still limp body to the hospital to await help.
Big, the attentive, loving husband does what he can to sooth her by ripping off a piece of his kilt and wipes her down with cool water, hoping to lower her temperature. Those observing said his hands were visibly shaking and he was clearly lost in his concern for his beloved wife. They also commented on how pink Lone’s flesh had become, as if she was scolding hot. What they were not aware of that during this stage the poison would have had complete control of her mind; however, an unusual site was the trembles that were becoming visible as Lone’s spirit fights to regain control again from the depths of the darkness.

Flea enters the hospital at this point, sees Lone, and rushes over gently grabs her now tense, trembling body in her mighty jaws. Big, who is overwhelmed with despair and has tears in his eyes, looks pleadingly at the beast "If you understand anything that I’m saying… Help her please”.
Shocking to everyone there, Flea gives Big a sad look as she bites down on Lone's shoulder, piercing the flesh with a popping noise as she attempts to eat her and spare her the pain of sickness… causing poisoned blood to run over Flea’s tongue and into her mouth. Not knowing that this seepage of poison is ultimately what prevents Lone’s death, Big naturally become angry at the creatures attack on his wife and punches Flea on the nose shouting “NO! That is not helping!”
Meanwhile, Lone’s shows no acknowledgement to this attack as her muscles continue to tremble as nightmares bruise and batter her from the inside; the screams in her head drowning out any noises going on around her.

Smooth comes rushing in, anxious as he could not find a physician, but discovering the beast with a bloody mouth and seeing Lone’s new wound, he is happy to help remove the beast from the hospital. Big ties to attend to Lone’s wounded shoulder but her body stiffens as sweat continues steaming off from the high fever and tears begin running down her cheeks.
Suddenly, she starts to convulse as her mental torment continues and a loud, chilling scream escapes her lips, shattering glass bottles on the shelf and several window throughout the kingdom. Not to mention causing us in the room to cover their ears and hunch down before any damage is done to us directly.
When we look back at Lone, her body is once again limp. Big refuses treatment for blood coming from his ear as he continues to attend to his wife’s wound. Distracted by the commotion as the hospital picks up with other injured people arriving or those simply wishing to checking on Lone, it is hardly noticed that Lone’s temperature has dropped some and her flesh starts to appear more normal. Even Big has stepped aside to help bandage a citizen.

When he returns to his wife, he sits on the edge of the bed, which stirs Lone, and her eyes flutter open, but this goes unnoticed as Flea returns again, but this time looking very sickly; panting and vomiting. Big stands protectively in front of his wife’s bed, arguing with a man who claims to be Flea’s father over the earlier attack on his wife, but the argument leads nowhere as both parties are concerned over their sick loved ones.
Observing all of this, Lone has a very confused look on her face as she rubs her temple and examines her bandage shoulder. Realizing that Lone is awake, Big rushes to her side and tries to hold her hand but Lone’s become very insulted and smack his hand away. Expression of shock spread across the room as Lone calls her husband “Sir” like he is a complete stranger, but no face is as memorable as the expression of pain seen on Big’s face as he tries to explain to Lone that she is his wife.
Page, a palace dancer tries to step in to offer Lone tea, which she refuses stating that Big needed it more as he seems very confused on who she is. After some time, it is clear that Lone does not trust these people as she tries to quickly escape, but is unable to do more than stumble and sway out of the hospital in her weakened state…

This leaves many questions for Ireem! Who has poisoned their beloved Knight leader? Will her memory return? What will become of the Knights?

Today I recieved info about a happening in Ireem, which makes me think about what methods are allowed to reach your goals lately.

Indigo’s pet One Flea (Stelthah Snowpaw) got arrested by the honorable knight Lonesome Charisma. My source told me the reason for the arrest was the beasts‘s attack on a citizen girl named Helena, but this is not confirmed, so to be considered as rumor for now.

The brave knight Urso Kronsage had orders to transport the creature safely to the dungeon for further interrogation after Lone’s return. He got assistance by knight Lyra Gundersen, the well known slaver WongFei Quan and Magi Odellin Frostbite who put a spell on One Flea to calm it down and secure the actual transport. The beast did not feel what happened around and just followed the orders to move until it was finally locked up securely in a cell.

While it slept inside the cell, the knight and his fellows discussed the problem, tried to find out what had happened and different ways of punishment as succubus Anneliese Wolfenhaut came in, trying to seduce knight Urso - as usual. He of course did not give in - as usual too //*editorial note: poor Anne, she tries so hard, but this Urso is so stubborn !! Unbelievable he can resist her charms every time !*//, so Anne started to think about the reason for the attack too „ Hmm, maybe she wore the wrong color ! It might be safer to ask the ladies to wear nothing at all. For their own protection!“, followed by a promt nodding from and a smirk from Wong.

Urso stopped the nonsense talk and decided to keep the awakening beast locked up until the return of Lone, as the owner Indigo (Wolfenstien Khandr) herself showed up, gasping as she saw her pet in the cell. Convincing her old friend Urso to let her look after the beast, Urso opened the cell and Indigo slipped inside, sitting down next to Flea.

Still not able to bring some light into the whole incident Indigo tried her best to get her pet out, but Urso stayed solid and ordered her to leave the cell "I did you a favor by letting you in that cell with your pet, only because I trusted you. I'll ask you again to not break that trust by listening to me. I told you what I know. And I'll ask you once more politely to listen to me and repect what I have to say in my home, just as I would respect you in your home! I was told by Lone to bring her here and I will wait for Lone to say what to do next!“

Indigo nodded and stood up slowly as suddenly on her way out of the cell - right as she passed him - Urso started to scream out loudly, holding his head in pain and finally colapsing on the floor ! Indigo quickly ordered One Flea to run as she blowed a kiss to Urso, escaping by herself.

It was Lonesome who found Urso still unconcious on the floor an hour later. My source told me she tried hard to get through to him, but he still seemed to be out of his mind, yelling and hissing at Lone "How could you do this to me....?!?!“. Meya Silverfall arrived, send by Indigo to look after Urso as she explained to Lone, that Indigo attacked his mind to rescue her pet. He will stay insane until he gets help on mermaids island.

This was all information my source could give me. Since then I try to find Sir Urso to interview him and of course to find out if he feels better. Some questions still are unsolved:

  • Did Indigo really betray her friend ? And why ?
  • What exactly did the beast do to deserve arrestment in the dungeon ?
  • And will Urso forgive Indigo her betrayal ?
  • Is every method allowed to get what you want or where is the limit ?

The Slaves Head Inn is now hireing!

Bartenders, bouncers, dancers, and even musicians and courtesans, all are being sought for positions of employment.

If interested in more information on the job you would like to apply for, please contact Damien Nadir for interviews.

The position promises great tips, all the rum you can chug down, and an exciting atmosphere. (If not at times a little dangerous.)

Shevaunn Clarity ~ Djinn, Leader of the KoS Sisterhood and the Naked Bandits.

Chronicles: What turns you on?

Sheva: Hanging onto my hair, nice and tight and being chained, yeah, thats it.

Chronicles: What turns you off?

Sheva: People that attack me without saying anything. Least they could let me know what I've done so I can admit to it, cause it probably was me anyhow.

Chronicles: If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?

Sheva: It would be the Sulatana for sure, yup, thats who it would be. I'm not bi or gay or anything but just to be able to say I had sex with the Sultana would be pretty cool.

Chronicles: Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?

Sheva: Thats an easy one, it would be the camel that EVERYONE rides down on. Some linger behind it a little too long if you know what I mean. I think that camel gets more than anyone else in all of Ireem.

Chronicles: Tell us something embarrasing about yourself.

Sheva: I"m really quite shy and insecure but I over compensate to get over it. Hopefully it works.

Today we recieved an anonymous letter which is very interesting to read, enclosed a drawing of one of the....lovely....innocent babies that the author is talking about:

"Dear Ireemians !

Has Ireem totally gone mad? In the time I have lived there, which is almost two years now I have never seen anything like this!!!

Last weekend three special babe's were born all within 24 hours of each other. I'm not sure if they were affected by the stars going out, or as one suggested Iron in the water.

All three of these babes have been threatened with death, by different people. What on earth is happening here?? Even when the undead gave birth to their babes the infants were not threatened.

Is Ireem so afraid of what is different they will kill an innocent life now?? The thought of this sickens me. I"m hoping something happens soon so that these babes have a chance for life, as all deserve.

The parents are all worried and the mothers all hide the babes, except for KC who boldly brings Celestial out for air a few times a day. Tamar and Katia are mostly in hiding, sheltering them and in fear of their own lifes as well.


Yes dear Ireemians, it is time for another page three girl . Today we have the beautiful Miss DeLyssia Sahara showing herself off and answering some questions ! Enjoy !

  • Question: What turns you on?
  • Answer: When he touches me right there. Can I have some privacy!!!
  • Question: What turns you off?
  • Answer: Liars, Cheaters, Thiefs...she wonders if that is everyone around her. She takes out her sword.
  • Question: If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?
  • Answer: Fans herself at the thought of him...I have had sex with him already.
  • Question: Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?
  • Answer: Ummm..none of the women...I prefer a man.
  • Question: Tell us something embarrasing about yourself.
  • Answer: I was very drunk and ended up with all these tattoos. Growls at the ones who did this to her.

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