The regristrations are finished and here are some details for the upcoming Holiday Seasons Games !

Day one: January 1st 2010:

1. New Sultana’s Champion of Ireem: Starting at 12.00 PM SLT (noon)
Location: Arena

Here is the schedule for the participants, make sure you show up on time, otherwise you forfeit !
Fighters are ONLY allowed to use one of the three basic swords that come with the meter, to keep it fair ! Money for food or bandages will be supplied by Dinky Wingtips or Tim Speiser if needed !

12.00 PM thtoneguy Lionheart v Sage Rosenfeld --> A1
12.10 PM Brittainy Collins v Phoenixx Karu --> A2
12.20 PM tyr threebeards v Richard Braveheart --> A3
12.30 PM Jordina McGinnis v Quint Spirt --> A4
12.40 PM Masterj Swashbuckler v BigPapa Yifu --> A5
12.50 PM Zoya Zhukovsky v Pawel Ziplon --> A6
01.00 PM Damien Sack v Tim Speiser --> A7
01.10 PM Aizen Wind v Daffodil Crimson --> A8
01.20 PM A1 v A2 --> B1
01.30 PM A3 v A4 --> B2
01.40 PM A5 v A6 --> B3
01.50 PM A7 v A8 --> B4
02.00 PM B1 v B2 --> C1
02.10 PM B3 v B4 --> C2
02.30 PM C1 v C2 --> Winner !!

The winner will get a reward of 2000 Dinar given out by our beloved Sultana herself and will be the new Champion of Ireem !

2. The grand „Last man standing“ fight : Starting at 2.30 PM SLT (or a bit later, if needed)
Location: Arena

Only the people that signed in are going to fight, as the arena allows us just a certain number of participants. Everyone stays inside the Arena during the battle. If you leave it for some reason (sword problems, potty break or for groping your personal slave in between), you are out and not allowed to jump back in. When you loose (beeing down to zero), please leave the Arena immediately. The last man standing is the winner ! Make sure you are there 10 minutes before starting ! Thank you !

Day two: January 2nd 2010:

1. Magic Carpet Race: Cancelled as not enough persons signed in for this !!

2. Who can catch the most preys ?: Starting at 12.00 PM SLT
Location: Desert, meeting point at the maingate

Set time approx 1 hour - All prey that are going to be caught please be there at 11.30 AM SLT. Sage is working on a special tag we can use, instructions and explanations will be given out half an hour before we start (or in between via Notecard as soon as i do have more Info of course ! ) . The predators that are going to catch the prey please be there at 11.50 AM SLT . Our meeting point is at the gate, entrance to the city !

3. Grand ball in the evening: Starting at 1.00 PM SLT
Location: Event island

Miss and Mister Ireem: Starting at 1.30 PM SLT

Present yourself in a fancy dress of your own choice ! The moderator Dinky will call everyone forward separately, you will have the chance to tell the audience in a few words, why you should be the winner ! Make sure you prepare a nice self presentation of yourself ! As we do not have so many participants, there is no second round needed. All participants will be asked a few questions and have some little tests to pass before the audience will vote on their personal favorites. The audience will vote for the best in the male and female category by sending an IM to Dinky Wingtips ! The winners will gain the title „Miss and Mister Ireem“, they will be portrayed and shown off in the Chronicles aswell (including a little interview if wished so).

4. Prey for a day: Starting after the Grand ball
Everyone can join, lets go and have some fun !

The Tree of Joys
by Moonshine Zifer, Court Storyteller of Ireem

Long ago, in the sandy land of Ireem, lived the sultana Lanzu. Her hair was dark as the starlit skies of the desert, her eyes green as a lush welcoming oasis; her lips the dusty color of the geranium; and her nature as sweet as the Arabian jasmine that perfumed her skin and hair. She would have been sought after just for her beauty, but her wealth and power attracted suitors as well. The task of sorting the rabble from the truly worthy was a monumental task.

Lanzu summoned together all those who sought her hand in marriage, and led them into the outer garden of the palace. With surprise, her eyes fell on the sad ragged figure hiding at the back of the crowd – the beggar Mustapha. She stepped up onto the platform in the center of the garden. Near her stood a mage with a large black sack. “Today I plant a tree here in the garden. A small tree today, as was Ireem when I became Sultana. But like Ireem it will grow –until like Ireem it stands tall, proud, and beautiful among its fellows here in the garden.”

“Each of you who seek my hand, will be given a token by this mage. Go into the country seeking out what is good, beautiful, and joyous in Ireem. When you find something, hold the token in your hand, stretch your hand out and say ‘duaiskodak’. You will receive a small globe in your hand that will hold the essence of what you found. The greater the joy you find, the brighter the globe will glow. At the end of the year, return and hang your globes on this tree – this tree of the Joys of Ireem. The man with the brightest joys will win my hand.”

On the designated day, three men returned to the garden out of all those who had set out on the quest. The first to step forward was a handsome courtier, dressed in dark silks, elegant and confident. Next came a knight in his brightly shining armor, strong and rugged. The third man was a wealthy citizen of the city. Each placed their globes of red, blue, green, and silver on the tree. Lanzu smiled quietly watching the tree taking on the joys of her land and transforming from a simple tree to something magical and magnificent.

But then the gates of the palace creaked open. Everyone turned and looked in surprise as the beggar, entered the garden dragging a rickety old cart behind him, covered with camel furs. From under the furs he pulled out a glowing orb the color of the setting sun and hung it on the tree. Again and again he reached under the furs and pulled out a globe, each brighter than the one before, each a color unlike anything the others had found. Those watching gasped in awe as ball after ball was added until there was no room left to hang any more.

Finally, Mustapha reached inside his ragged tunic and pulled out one last captured essence. It was oddly shaped, not round but like a small heart, and it glowed brightly, but also seemed to pulse, like a living heart. But he did not put it on the tree. He carried it cupped in his hands to the platform, knelt and offered it up to Lanzu. “My love for the sultana,” smiled the Mustapha. “The greatest joy any man can have.”

The Sultana smiled brightly. “Rise. You are no longer a beggar, but Royal Finder of Joys, and soon to be consort to the Sultana.” And thus is became a tradition in Ireem to come together in December to share our joys around a tree covered in brightly colored balls and lights.

As many citzen asked for defined dates, enclosed the time schedule for our games:
Day one: January 1st 2010:
1. New Sultana’s Champion of Ireem: Starting at 12.00 PM SLT (noon)
For the champion of Ireem, please sign in until december 26th 2009 latest , otherwise the planing is impossible. Everyone can join ! Fighting will take place in the Arena and will proceed in rounds of one-on-one combat, until there is only one standing. The tournament fighting ladder will be posted as soon as we have all the participants signed in !
2. The grand „Last man standing“ fight : Starting at 2.30 PM SLT
Rules under previous issue! Free for everyone to join, but of course the Arena only allows us a certain number of participants. So make sure to sign in in advance to get listed !
Day two: January 2nd 2010:
1. Magic Carpet Race: Starting at 10.30 AM SLT
Please sign in until december 26th 2009 latest , otherwise the planing is impossible. Everyone can join ! Rules under previous issue! ((Important note: to avoid cheating, using Emerald viewer is forbidden ! If you sign in, please make sure to use the standars SL viewer, otherwise you will not be able to participate ! Thank you for understanding ! )). We still need six volunteer people to help us, standing in the desert to give out the needed items. For details about the time flow we ( the organizers and helpers) will meet on Sunday, 27th at 1 PM SLT, to make sure everyone knows what he/she has to do (approx 30 - 45 min meeting).
2. Who can catch the most preys ?: Starting at 12.00 PM SLT
Set time approx 1 hour - We still need as many volunteer preys as possible, who are willing to play our targets. Not much planing to do here, all you have to make sure is : be there at 11.50 PM SLT, wearing a free prey tag, so you can be captured. Still: Please sign in until december 26th 2009 latest , otherwise the planing is really difficult.
3. Grand ball in the evening: Starting at 1.00 PM SLT , location is our event island
Miss and Mister Ireem: Starting at 1.30 PM SLT with round one.
Make sure you are ready to present yourself in a few words, wearing a fancy dress of your own choice. Round two starting right after the first one of course ! More information to be found under the previous issue. Please sign in until december 26th 2009 latest , otherwise the planing is really difficult.
4. Prey for a day: Starting after the Grand ball
Everyone can join, no need to sign in for that !! So lets go and have some fun !
Important reminder for all games: Please understand, that for these games we are in need of a good planing/organizing. This means, we will not have the time to answer requests on January 1st and 2nd. The organizers will be very busy, requests during the games will be disregarded / ignored ! So check your time schedule and sign in today !! Thank you for understanding !

The Ireem City Council has raised the rental fees for most businesses. Ireem economy experts raised some concerns about the inflation and the soon inevitable increase of prices for all basic goods (such as food , water and health care). Now that the wealth has grown for most citizens, revenue taxes will likely return to Ireem.

Uncle Ansome
Tax Collector
Ireem City Council

Dear citizen of Ireem !
The end of a busy and exciting year is near and the Ireem Chronicles wants to celebrate this with you all ! What are we planing ? During the holidays there will be some games, where everyone can prove his/her skills. Two days of fun and entertainment are waiting for you! Finishing the season games with a grand ball at the event island with drinks, dances and beautiful women, we want to say „Welcome New Year“ and over all: Thank you to Kora and Baal for your awesome work ! Enclosed a list of the different games and events to sign in:

Day one:

New Sultana’s Champion of Ireem:
Sultana and the Chronicles want to know: Who is the best fighter in Ireem ? All warriors, fighters or simply hobby blacksmiths come and pick your favorite weapon and join the big fight ! Fighting will take place in the Arena and will proceed in rounds of one-on-one combat, until there is only one standing. The winner will get a reward of 2000 Dinar from our beloved Sultana herself and the title „Champion of Ireem“! If you want to participate, please contact me to sign in.

The grand „Last man standing“ fight :
Every fighter will meet his opponents in the Arena at the same time ! The same time ?? Yes, your eyes are not betraying you ! In the past, it was just a simple and easy way to spend some time when beeing bored or getting the urge to set free some unused energy, now the Chronicles make it an official holiday seasons game! Rules: Everyone stays inside the Arena during the battle. If you leave it for some reason (sword problems, potty break or for groping your personal slave in between), you are out and not allowed to jump back in. When you loose (beeing down to zero), please leave the Arena immediately. The last man standing is the winner ! This fight obviously is not so much about your personal skill but about the fun ! So hurry and sign in for this. The number of participants is limited. The winner gets a nice reward!

Day two

Magic Carpet Race:
You will ride a carpet as fast as possible. But of course just flying is to simple. During your flight you will have to fullfill tasks to make it more interesting for the audience. Still thinking this is easy ? Hah! Then listen to this: After a flight around the whole city, you will have to pick up a flight companion and some items and bring all safely to the landing point. The items you will get from helping people standing in the desert, the names are secret until the race actually starts. The first one arriving and bringing all safely over to me will win the race ! Hmm, still thinking this is easy ? Then come and sign in for this game to prove you are the best ! The winner will get a nice reward !

Who can catch the most preys ?:
Everyone is welcome to join ! Catch as many preys as possible until all preys in this game are captured ! If you have more then everyone else, you win and will get a nice reward ! In case of a tie there will be a new round with an uneven number of preys to find out the final winner. Make sure you contact me to sign in for this game !

Grand ball in the evening:
Next to socializing, drinking, dancing and simply having fun there are two events planed for this evening aswell. First our beauty contest:

Miss and Mister Ireem:
First round: Every participant will have to show off him/herself in a dress of your own choice. Silks, gowns, kilts, pirate hat or even naked, its up to you, step infront of the audience and simply tell them who you are and why you think you should win. The audience will vote for the best three in the male and female category.
Round two: As we all like to see a great body and nice clothing, the charm and humor is of course important too. There will be some questions to answer and some little tests to pass before the audience will vote a last time on their personal favorites. The winners of this round will gain the title „Miss and Mister Ireem“, they will be portrayed and shown off in the Chronicles aswell (including a little interview if wished so).

But the whole event would be nothing without our beloved and famous „Prey for a day Chase“!

Prey for a day:
Who does not remember the fun we had last year around new years eve, when switching roles and chasing each other around the desert ! Knights, Bedouins, Slaver, Magi...they all became prey and were chased by slave girls and boys ! And oh my, they really had to run ! Watching the scene from the gate I just can tell you, it was a blast for everyone ! Of course it is up to you if you keep your catch /will be kept, sell it /will be sold or if you stay together for a while (all consensual of course). This is not a contest, but simply a fun way to end the event. So let us all meet again in the sands and show the other „side“, what you have to deal with every day ! Switch your role and start the chase !

Important for all games / events: Please sign in (by sending an IM / Notecard to me) for the events until december 26th 2009 latest (it would be nice to know the timezone/country you are from aswell to help planing the actual time of the events!). The holiday season games will be hold on January 1st and 2nd . We also need volunteers to help us with the games: girls and boys flying with the participants, some for standing in the desert to give out the items, prey that play the target for the „Who can catch the most preys“ event (your release after is of course guaranteed!) etc. Please contact me aswell, every help is welcome ! Thank you in advance ! Now citizen of Ireem, lets go and have some fun !

Last week we met some travellers from a country far far away, visiting our beloved city and trading with several goods. After we bought some spices for our meat pies, we invited them to sit with us around the fireplace for dinner, chatting and enjoying some fine music and dances.
During this evening one of the tradesman told me an interesting story. Every year, when the nights get colder then normal in the desert and the people get ready for the big celebration at the end of the year, the tradesman and his people are following an interesting tradition:
They are writing letters to a man called Santus Clausus, this man is not really a human, not really a god. I tried to find out more about it, but sadly I have to admit, that he lost me there in his story.
Whatever, this special man wears a long white beard, a huge red hat and a red robe. When he laughs it sounds like „Ho Ho Ho !" /*editorial note: I thought for a second he talks about Sir Kanon, but he sounds more like: Hu Hu Hu */ .
The foreign tradesman and his people believe, that Santus Clausus brings them gifts every year, putting them under a palm tree infront of their tents while they are sleeping. In this special letter they ask him to fullfill their dreams and wishes.
Questioning this of course, I asked him if he always gets what he wants as he nodded and smiled „Of course your wishes should be humble. You cannot go and wish for a palace and a neverending source of gold. For example one year I asked for a ram to complete our sheep breed and he really brought it to me ! My neighbor’s pregnant wife asked for getting a son finally after 7 daughters and the little boy is now two years old and running around happily among his sisters !"
Dear readers, I am not sure if I really believe in this Santus Clausus, but like my mother used to say: „You will not know until you try!".
Considering too, that my Master is stubborn as hell and does not buy me my own dog to play with, perhaps the „red man" will bring me my Fluffy ? So let us all send letters to this mysterious man and see what happens ! I don't think we have anything to loose, so send all your letter to the Chronicles and we make sure that your wishes will be spread !

Sergeant Tyr Threebeards has resigned from Palace Guard for important personal reasons. Sultana thanks him warmly for what he has done so far with such bravery and loyalty and wishes him the best of luck.

Sultana Zanlu Heron

Our lovely Sultana has graciously responded to the anonymous letter we published last week referring to that smelly Bedu man Master J.

Usually I’m nice and patient, but...after reading this ridiculous article...I’m really nervous.

Perhaps ,the anonymous “ writer “ is only a jester, that wants everybody laughing during these days..

Can you imagine MJ waiting for repairs to be made on a tent. If not he'd be embarrassed to take a girl in public? MJ, The only man of Ireem that ,with a single touch to your back with his long fingers ,is able with his vibrations to make you fall you down to his foot, asking him for a stroke? he is not a sheep, he is a man, or better. He is the MAN !

And this Jasmine ? This pathetic girl that would compare herself to me?
I have a suggestion for her.. come and look at me.. then go in your place and try to see your imagine in the fresh water of your lake...What do you see... Darling ?
There is comparison ?

I can safely answer a few questions, just because people deserve to know the truth.
MJ and miss Jasmine are not in love.
MJ has found his “Sun” a while ago.
MJ loves courting the Sultana and he will continue to do so, seeing that she loves that deeply.
The Sultana jealous of whom?? The dreams and desires of Miss Jasmine ? Hilarious!
And if you will, for other questions ..the answer is:
Do not make me laugh !
Just to be clear

Have a good day

Your Sultana
Zanlu Heron

I leave it to you dear readers to decide for yourself if our Sultana sounds jealous.

The last week or so, strange behaviour was noticed by two Bedouins known as "the bad man" and "the mad woman". We're talking about MasterJ and Jasmine here. They were often seen hunting together in the past, competing between them who could do the nastiest things to either slaver, knight, undead or whatever else crossed their way.

Lately, Jasmine is seen not in her regular hunting outfit but dresses up as if she thinks to be the Sultana herself while MJ walks around with a grin from ear to ear that is normally observed only after well using one of his slaves. Jasmine hangs out with MJ as usual except that she seems not interested in using her sword anymore. Instead she was observed swooning as MJ called her "his little desert flower" while she twists the truth by renaming him from "bad man" to "naughty boy" (YUCK)! It seems that as soon as they are close they are drawn to each other, holding hands and looking each other in the eyes like there exists nothing else around them.
A slave in their camp overheard MJ saying that: "he would soon have their tent ready". Now this could simply mean that one of their tents is damaged and he told Jasmine he would repair it. But no, when the next of his remarks was correctly relayed to us then it might mean something else entirely: "I can't wait to rip the clothes from you once we have our own tent". Nothing shocking here of course, MJ is not known to be too patient when it comes to undressing his girls. Only difference is that she is not one of his slaves... or? But there's more as Jasmine replied to him: "Only after we are wed my little bandit, you know I safe myself till after my wedding day" (ahum). Then added to it: "Ohhhh and... I expect a diamond ring that will make 'your sun' look pale in comparison".
  • Is it true? Are MJ and Jasmine in love?
  • The bad man finally found his true flower?
  • Is she opening up for him?
  • Did Jasmine find one that can tame her?
  • Is MJ the one being tamed here?
  • Will MJ stop courting the Sultana?
  • Will our Sultana be jealous now?
  • When will they wed?
  • What color of hair will MJ have on his wedding day?
  • Is it time to start decorating the event-isle with jasmines?

We, of the Ireem Chronicles will stick our noses deeper in this (no pun intended) to keep you all informed.

Sir Askavlos Oridium now runs the Good Knights Inn ! Always interested in satisfying his clients, he consolidated with Ireems brewers and took over the Good Knights Inn near the knights headquarter.

After an intense redecoration the doors are now open for all citizen of Ireem !

So come all and enjoy the drinks, the girls, the party ! Here you find the best wine in town for the Ladies and the darkest strong beer for the Gentlemen ! Each wine glas or beer mug only 10 Dinar !

Ireem's finest girls dancing for your entertainment. (Hint: If you want the girls for some "extra" entertainment, please contact the owner for special deals!).

The Good Knights Inn, in former times known as meeting point for exhausted and wounded knights after battles, is now an open spot for all people! You find knights united with slave girls, bedouins or slavers, all having fun and enjoying their time. The bartenders are a big flirt and the slave girls swing their hips for your entertainment !

If you bring your own slaves, you can chain them up on the pole next to the counter. The bartender will give them some water while you enjoy the gambling, dancing or smoking the pipe ! Doesn't that sound like the perfect place to be (well for the Masters, not for the poor slave at the pole of course, but whatever) ?

Ohhh,and Ladies: every now and then a handsome knight enters the Inn to satisfy his thirst, leaning against the counter and throwing his hair back while the sunshine puts him into the perfect spotlight !!!! Don't we love that all ?

P.S. : Bartenders, dancers and brewers wanted ! The good knights Inn offers a well founded traineeship and some perfect surroundings to work on your skills ! Always dreamed of becoming a brewer ? Here you can learn it and specialize in ! The owner pays good, so do not hesitate and take the chance for the job of your life !

My good and loyal readers, We have all had these days. The days where we want nothing more then to come home and relax as our slave rubs our back. This is what I had in mind just a few days past. So you can imagine my surprise when I returned home and found my slave in a frightful state.

Imagine if you will my Dinky, angry beyond belief. Pacing to and fro in our house, Swinging her new daggers around recklessly and swearing worse then the most hardened Pirate. Fearing for her safety, and mine, I quickly cast a spell and froze her in place until I could safely disarm her.

After much time, and a few colorful words I myself had never heard, I was able to calm her down enough to get the story out of her about what had her so upset. What follows is almost too much to believe but sadly it is true.

Recently, while NOT picking pockets she assures me, Dinky heard a commotion next to the stocks and an undead shouting. Curious as always she went closer to see what was causing all of the fuss.

It seems Damien, the leader of the undead, had a poor slave girl strapped to the stocks. Right away Dinky knew this was bad news, having seen what the Demon has done to innocent women in the past.

When she saw Dinky approach the girl shouted out. Identifying herself as Katja Pelliot and begging for help. The undead surrounded her as she hung there helpless. They said they were there for a “BBQ”. Now while I myself am not familiar with what a “BBQ” is, as the undead planed it I am sure it could not be good.

At this point Damien leaned forward and chopped the poor things foot clean off her body, as other undead cheered him on. Looking around Dinky made mental notes on who all was there. There were the usual undead : Louisia, Jordi, Una and Chanty. She was however truly shocked to find Tyr Threebeards, one of our Sultana’s royal guards, standing and watching this gruesome scene.

Desperate to help the girl and unable to fight the undead off on her own Dinky ran to Tyr.

Dinky Wingtips looks at tyr " guard ! do something !!!"
tyr Threebeards: no
Dinky Wingtips feels helpless and shouts " is no one here to help ?? hello ?? I am for sure the wrong person to fight any of them ! pffft !"

Sadly no help arrived for the girl and the undead do as undead are want to do.
Dejected Dinky fled back to our house and waited for me while her anger built.
In tears she asked me..

“How can a royal guard, trusted to protect the Sultana, stand and watch such a thin and refuse to help?”

Well I am not ashamed to admit that my girls tears got to me and I set out to find answers. I found another royal guard who was willing to speak on the condition of anonymity. I asked him why a royal guard would refuse to help a girl like Tyr did.

Royal Guard : “As a guard though we are to keep ourselves safe to defend the Sultana, it is more the knights job to get involved in these matters”

He went on to tell me that these orders came from the Polo, the Guard Capitan.

Wanting more information I went to Tyr to get his comments.

Tim Speiser: Tyr. I am preparing a story for the chronicles about your habit of watching torture and doing as Jordi asks. Would you like to comment on that before its published?

tyr Threebeards: I love Jordi to bits she is my world and the mother of my children I would do anything for her and sacrifice everything for her.

Tim Speiser: So even though you are a guard to our beloved sultana you place Jordi as your number one priority?

tyr Threebeards: yes secretly.

Tim Speiser: Its no secret. Several people have mentioned it to me and you just told me after I asked you for a comment on my story.

tyr Threebeards: guess not, cant hide secrets forever.

I am sure that many of you are as stunned as I that our Sultana guards would willingly allow these things to take place, while considering themselves too important to get involved. This leaves me with a few questions:

Does the Sultana know of and approve of this policy?

How can we trust these guards to protect our Sultana?

Will Tyr face punishment?

I assure you dear readers that the Chronicles staff will keep you well informed on this continuing story.

Attention Ireem ! The infamous and legendary Alawi Sultans have openings upon their Pirate ship. They are preparing to set sail on mission of "Royal" proportions thus, the Alawi Pirates have need of strong, sea worthy men and wenches to fill the crew and officer positions upon their vessel.
While they are predatory to the core, they are reputed to use their wits and words rather than relying solely on brute force to accomplish many if their goals so do not be put off if you are not handy with a sword. There will be room for you as well.
The Alawi Sultans are Pirates notorious for their exploits and their legend grows all along the Barbary Coast. Unlike traditional slave traders they engage themselves in diverse and profitable pursuits including but extending well beyond the flesh trade. If there are laws to be bent or broken you can bet the Alawi have tested the boundaries.
While some see them as common robbers and pickpockets they insist their critics overlook their greater exploits not to mention the very progressive means by which the crew helps govern the ship. By nature the Pirates hate rules of law so Capt. Sasha Borsuk wisely insists on treating the crew with stern respect and giving them plenty of rope to use at liberty.
It is also said that the Alawi Sultans have powerful and wealthy clients who look after their interest even as the pirates are reputed to help fund wars and build wealth for the Kingdom of Ireem.
Lets just say the Alawi Sultans have negotiated favorable terms of operation while rumors abound of connections extending to the palace itself. Of course this last bit cannot be confirmed or denied but there are indications that point that direction.
Lastly If you own slaves they may join the clan as your slaves and will also benefit from the protection of the Alawi clan in your absence.

After all the Alawi Sultans Pirate motto reads:
"No one messes with what is ours...and no one stops us from making ours what we wish."

If you wish to join the clan it will be open enrollment and you are urged to join at once before the various posts and crew assignments are filled. Clan number 48

Yesterday our beloved Sultana held a new audience in the Palace. Many well known citizen were there and of course I did not want to miss that. Not much interesting stories to tell about this event, next to the beautiful dresses of the Sultana and her Princesses we could watch Second Minister Kadar doing his job, as usual ordering people around.
I am not sure, but sometimes his smile looks kind of fake to me ! The Sultana trusts him obviously, but still I have my doubts about his intentions. He appears nervous very often, as if he wants to hide something. Especially when someone comes to speak to our highness, who is a head taller then him !
In this case, it was the dark knight Sir...sorry I mean Lord Richard Braveheart. He approached the throne with his head held up high, proud and even a bit arrogant, well armed and followed by his slaves, introducing himself as Lord Braveheart. A murmuring running through the room, the men impressed and the ladies even delighted, everyone watched this interesting character standing infront of the Sultana.
Sir Kadar became a little smaller next to him and it was funny to see, how eager he tried to convince the Lord giving him his weapons, until the audience is over. Lord Braveheart grumbled at the second Minister but gave him the weapons and started his speech:
"Let me present myself. I come from a lost Kingdom that vanish before you were born. I came to your lands seeking refuge [...] I couldnt help but observe the rise of vandalism in the streets of your land, plagued by undead creatures and thievery. I see your knights can not protect it by themselfs. My specialty in this time its the art of war, my sword was for hire for a long time [....] and I propose the using of Dark knights such as myself to improve the safety of this lands ! [...] we are also the finest warriors of the land and most of us of noble blood. Unlike the knights we do not fear to get our hands dirty and do what must be done !"
Second minister Kadar tried to stop him and quickly stated "We will undertake a study of this and get back to you at some point!" as he rushed him out. The dark knight turned and left the room the same way he entered it, proud and arrogant and very selfconfident.
Sir Kadar mentioned an upcoming tournament to change the topic quickly and promised to give out more information after the Palace staff meeting. Thinking about this audience there are some questions left:
  • Why is a Lord searching refuge in another land, what happened to his kingdom ?
  • Will Lord Braveheart be able to hire dark knights following him ?
  • Will they bring safety and peace to our city ?
  • And will he ever take of his hood? There are plenty of ladies already complaining about never seeing his face!

It was a quiet, very hot day and I was wandering through the alleys, selling some meat pie here and there, talking to some citizen, admiring the beauty of our city and wrinkling my nose about some smelly hidden corners aswell. Being lazy on days like this, everyone tried not to move to much, avoiding the sun and taking a nap whenever possible. So, all in all, nothing really interesting happened.

Until I reached the camel place infront of the city gate ! As usual, I was feeding the camels with some old meat pies from the day before, as suddenly a bunch of crazy, screaming females ran by, slapping some sleeping knights on the head, pulling at some slave girl's hair and poking my belly ! Laughing loud they made their way back to the ocean and a singsong could be heard, when they disappeared at the horizon " Beware the evil Mers !.....Beware the evil Mers !....". Shaking my head smirking, when my gaze followed them, I found a piece of paper in my pocket. I took it out, wondering where this came from as I curiously started reading:

"Beware the evil Mers!
There is a new clan of Merfolk in the bay, and already we are causing much mischief. Our clan, consisting mostly of agile pickpocketers, quick thieves, and those with less than saintly morals, are loyal only to ourselves and the Undead. We are currently recruiting new members, but only those who show the highest standards, or lowest would be more the proper term, need apply.
We are the Clan of Forsaken Mers. Sneaky, a little evil, and lots of fun. Allied completely with the Undead. Whether as fighters, healers, or for our Masters use as Their Blood Dolls, we will follow The Forsaken Family without question. If you like to have fun, wreak havoc, or cause mayhem, be welcome! **Clan Leaders Una Flux and Layla Lekvoda reserve the right to kill or have killed, by way of torture in the catacombs, any and all applicants they deem unworthy. "

Dear reader, these are indeed shocking news ! Not enough the undead population grows more and more everyday, now they even ally with the Mer ? The Merfolk, still a mystery for most of us seemed to be such a peaceful and relaxed group. Did we all misjudge the Mer ? Or is it some kind of spell they are under ?

Today I recieved some anonymous drawings and a message, which I want to share with you, dear readers. As a girl, I of course love the color pink and first was amused seeing these drawings. But as an honest and law-abiding citizen I am really shocked about this act of vandalism !! /*editorial note: well not really, but better keep that in the article, could help with the knights in case they find out about my pickpocketing */

Especially the enclosed message is disturbing and leaves many questions. But see for yourself:

"Twin sisters, who mysteriously appear and tend to paint the city various colors and steal the Pirate's Rum. They aim for the Knights, the Mer, the Bedouin and the Slavers. They shroud themselves in dark cloaks and where ever they go, signs of them appear. Flowers, colorful paintings and the words TWINS OF TERROR STRIKE AGAIN!
In the past they have planted fields of flowers amoungst the bedu and the slavers. Painted tents, multiple shades and set loose pink frogs.
To all citizen: We shall bring elven joy and love of bunnies and pinkness to all Ireem! Beware the smelly fishy people, the camel lovin people, the boring defenders of justice and those rummy rum pirates! We are after your rum and to bring peace, joy and happiness to all of Ireem in a rainbow of flavors!"

Come and get the best Meat Pies in town ! Owner Tim Speiser send his slave Dinky Wingtips out to the hardest cooking drill he could find, which she passed with distinction ! Her formerly two "left hands" now are well trained in cooking, the days of burned food are over ! Sharing her new knowledge with the other employees, the Street Meats Food Stall is now prepared to satisfy every customers wish !

Enclosed a short overview on our product line-up:
  • Standard Meat pie "Yummy" ~ 7 Dinar, Discount: Take 2, pay 6 Dinar each
  • Special Taste Meat pie ~ 8 Dinar, Discount: Take 2, pay 7 Dinar each
  • Magi Burger ~ with delicious Spell enforcing onions and a secret magical potion
  • Bedouin Wrap ~ with our best camel poo aroma
  • Slaver Meatloafs ~ with garlic (to keep away the undead) and rum
  • Djinn Rolls ~ with natural ingredients like chopped palm leaves and goat milk
  • Mermaid Fishsticks ~ with Salmon and Trout
  • Knights Whopper ~ with garlic (to keep away the undead) and in-carved knights code symbols
  • And for our sugar addicted citizen the special "sweet meat pie" edition with raisins and honey ! ~ 7 Dinar, Discount: Take 2, pay 6 Dinar each !
Please remember that the owner is the Leader of the Magi ! You can ask for a special spell, that makes your meat pie taste like whatever you wish ! Special price offer for "Spell Pies": 9 Dinar !

Our References:
Knight Smooth - his meat pie tasted like the sweet lips of a young beautiful lady
Citizen Dinky - her meat pie tasted like the summerwind brushing through your hair
Undead Jordina - her meat pie tasted like a whining knight kneeling to her feet

Our employees can be found at the Street Meats Food stall near the auction or on their daily rounds through the desert. So do not hesitate to taste the BEST MEAT PIES IN TOWN !

Tim Speiser, Owner
Dinky Wingtips, Executive Chef

*the blacksmiths curse*laid down on the blacksmith " Namen Dreamscape" and all who come after him, by Indigo (wolfenstien Khandr)

The power of the djinn of the ghul is to enter and manipulate the mind. This is easiest for Indigo when her victim is sleeping and can't resist. She plants dreams and nightmares like seeds then steps back to watch them grow...
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In the middle of the night when the owl hoots and the stars are bright the slumbering smith will dream. At first softly he will hear the tap tap tap of his hammer on the anvil. He will toss and turn disturbed by the noise as it grows.. tap ..tap tappity tap ..
Each tap will be like its hitting his head..resounding though his scull and echoing there ..growing louder as it repeats. tap.... tap tapitty.... tap
Louder it will grow until it rings like church bells in his ears and cannot ignore its call. His anvil calls him, calls him to work. His body will respond to the sound he cannot ignore it , he will be compelled to rise in his sleep no matter what he is wearing..(I imagine he sleeps naked like the rest of us) and go directly to his shop..take up his hammer fire up the bellows and begin to work in his sleep
He will work at his shop all though the night churning out things of metal ..weapons of destruction crewel and unusual implements of torture.. strange misshappen things he makes as he toils through the night, not resting till the dawn light breaks the dream ..or some person unwittingly wakes him. Many of these items may disappear before he wakes destined for the hands of the djinn, there purpose beyond mortal comprehension.
At dawn he will wake, not remembering the labors of the night..naked and coated in sweat and grime , in his shop. Exhausted never to rest.. driven by the curse to create night and day ..
This curse is laid down not on the man himself but on the anvil in the blacksmiths shop ..he who lifts the hammer will take the curse upon himself from this day forward..

Last Sunday our beloved Sultana welcomed her people for another audience at the Palace. The audience was officially started by Lord Kadar, second minister of the palace as our Majesty introduced former Lady Mirna, now Princess Mirna to everyone stating: "It's an honor for me to introduce you the Princess officially! She deserves this title for a lot of things. Things like loyality, kindness and availability!".
Asking her to say some personal words, everyone could see Princess Mirna blushing, as she quietly thanked everyone, telling she will do her best being a good princess, always being eager to help wherever she can. After her shy, sweet speach everyone applauded and many "Congratulations !" shouts were heard in the throne room.
The first one being allowed to speak to our highness was Magi Zoya Zhukovsky, also owner of the local bakery. She explained her concern by telling the Sultana, that her shop was robbed twice in one week. She wanted to draw her attention to the amount of crime in the city lately. Knights would do their best to counter this, but the number of crimes would increase daily!
The Sultana promised to take care of this, but before Miss Zoya had any more chance to talk, Lord Kadar rushed things suddenly and already summoned slavegirl Cleopatra over to introduce her to the Sultana (I am pretty sure he just fears the work coming up for him, if going deeper into this topic !!).
The girl told her about being new to the city and how proud she is to meet her personally, as she offered her to always be at her disposal.
High priestess Grizel Halberstadt was the next one to speak. After sending her wishes of love from Zin Ra, she talked about some disturbing things going on "I come today with the orb of our Oracle. The oracle says your old enemies are still about us. You should seek caution, and protect yourself as best as you can, as there is one hidden she cannot see, that works against you!"
The majesty got very silent and just nodded slowly as Lord Kadar quickly summoned the next one over.
A huge man wearing a helmet, which he refused to take of, approached the throne and introduced himself as dark knight Havoc Later, pointing to all guards, then to the Sultana herself, growling loudly: "While you all sit here in your palace, your citizens are being enslaved! What are your knights doing to protect your own people? I have had to take matter into my own hands and pay for it by your knights scolding me! You people sicken me, the forsaken ran a rampage through this city yesterday and where were any of you ?"
He turned and walked away as everyone got very quiet, eyes following him on his way out. Dear reader, this scary but somehow interesting character will be observed more, this I can promise you!
But back to the audience: well known Bedouin Sheik MasterJ Swashbuckler of course could not resist coming to see her highness. His affection for her is no secret anymore and I am not quiet sure, but I think I saw the Sultana trembling in excitement aswell, when he approached!!
His words just underline, what we all think to know already "My business is the Sun's safety as always! My Sun, I have observed you being watched, I am sure your guards have as well! It was a boy, dressed like a man, but wearing a skirt, perhaps the oddest sight I have seen in a bit....but I want you to know you are safe and that My clan will be watching out for you" .
What is interesting here - next to Sir MJ's affection for our Sultana of course- is, that this matches to the words from the oracle ! Dear reader, what is this all about ? Lets hope and pray it is not as bad, as it sounds right now !
The audience was over at this point and the people started leaving slowly. Summarized I just can say at the end: this was definetly a very disconcerting and strange event, leaving us at this point with many questions...

Ireem's finest carpets to decorate your home! Name the color and we will make it possible ! But we have more ! Our carpets are magical, with the right spell we make them fly ! Jump on board and enjoy an overview of the city, you can't imagine in your wildest dreams !

Rent a carpet and make a trip on your own, or book a Guided tour ! The owner and his slaves/employees will be happy to fullfill all your desires !
Special offer: Book two female slaves - pay half for the second! One girl will ride the carpet and guide the tour, the other one will completely be there for your personal entertainment !

Payment conditions:
  • Rent a flying carpet ~ Free (but tips are always welcome !)
  • Guided tour "Single Joy" ~ 10 Dinar
  • Guided tour "Double Joy ~ 15 Dinar
  • Guided tour "Double Joy with Extras"* ~ 20 Dinar (+ Tip for the slave)

Yes, Your fantasies come true ! (Guided tours are not everytime available, please contact Askavlos Oridium for an appointment)
Askavlos Oridium, Owner

*Warning / Disclaimer: Wild sexual experiments are highly not recommended. The flying altitude lays above 20 meters, the owner CANNOT be hold liable for ANY accidents !

Welcome to the Arabesque Cafe!

Let the others feed your body. We shall feed your soul. The Arabesque Cafe, Ireem's premier hotspot for entertainers of all kind. Leave your squables and disagreements at the door. No weapons drawn. No peddling of wares within the walls.

Now hiring Dancers, Musicians, and Bouncers. Please inquire within for Entertainers.
Bouncers and Security inquiries please contact Brittainy Collins, Owner

Yesterday, when I was on my way through the desert, my bag full with meat pies I wanted to sell, I suddenly saw a gathering at the old wreck in the water near Mermaids bay. Curiously walking over, I found some of Ireems well known citizens, all happily together chatting around. This alone was already surprising, as you could see known enemies beeing together like old friends. I found Knights Leader Seraf with his Wife Enigma, Magi Jilsun and Knight Sulaiman sitting on the landing stage and right in the middle of them the Undeads Silver and Jordina !

But what peaked my interest even more were the fishing rods they all were using. When I reached them, they waved me over giving me their nicest "Salaam" and "Welcome" and before I was able to answer, I already had a fishing rod in my hand aswell !

Of course, as a reporter I had to question this deeper. I asked them, what they are doing here, but I did not really get a proper answer, as Knight Sulaiman suddenly squealed with glee "Fishy Fishy ! Come here ! ", then pointing out his hand excitedtly "There is one ! A male ! Who gets him first, will win !".
I looked over to see, what he was talking about. And by the priests of Zin Ra ! There really was a Merman swimming around, his tail fin popping out of the water from time to time. At this point I understood, what this all was about. They all were here to catch one of the Mermaids / Mermen !

I still doubt, they all had the same reason to do so, but this is another story. Quickly sitting down among them I got the instructions how to use my rod and eagerly started trying to catch something too. The Merman looked at us first curiously, but as soon as he found out what we were trying there, he disappeared in the deep water, only leaving some small waves.

A bit disappointed about this, the crowd got pretty silent, all rods swinging lethargicly in the water ,as Seraf suddenly screamed out loudly "I got one, I got one !!".
Jumping on his feet he pulled hard on the rod until the sweat ran down his face, not beeing able to lift up, whatever he had caught there. Sulaiman and Silver came running to help him and all three together finally managed to pull his "catch" up in the air!

And dear citizens of Ireem, at this point you will really regret you weren't there. The sight was one of the funniest in my whole life ! Seraf's crestfallen face was simply hilarious! What did he catch ?
Well, luckily for the Mermaids he did not catch one of them. Instead he pulled out an enormous, huge trunk of a tree, covered over and over with algae and seaweed ! The others burst out into great laughter and Seraf sat down disappointed.
Thanking them all for this nice and amusing break from my daily work, I stood up and left them. But I still have to laugh, when I think about the hilarious look on Serafs face !

There is only one question left: will anyone in Ireem ever be able to "catch" one of the Mermaids ? These mystical beeings can be seen very often lately in the waters of our beloved kingdom, but no one ever was able to get close enough. All we know about them is from old tales our parents and fellow citizen were telling in mild summer nights around a fireplace. But if any citizen is ever able to get find one, please let the reporters of the Chronicles know !

Salaam all!

As you surely have seen, the Palace has become very big and we need more persons in our staff !
Here a list of people who will have job opportunities:

  • Slaves
  • Dancers
  • Musicians
  • Cooks
  • Storytellers
  • Guards
Ladies and Gentlemen of the court and nobles are welcome. Wages are good and there are many career opportunities. We require kindness and good manners.

If you are interested please write (for Europe) to Princess Mirna Muggins and (for the U.S.) to Princess Jacqueline Aluveaux. The princesses will be interviewing you and it would be very interesting if you bring your backstory, too.

Thanks and see you soon

Your Sultana Zanlu Heron

OOC: Thank You Kora

Salaam good people of Ireem! The time has finally come and we have our new game system here in KOS.

I am sure most of you are just as excited as I am about this. However it is important we all keep our heads in these exciting times.

It is important to remember that Kora and Baal told us in their messages that this is NOT the final version of the meter. I like to think of this as the beta test. They have opened the game to us to test it for them, knowing there will be a few bugs to work out of the system.

This is why as of yet only three swords are available. There’s no need to saturate the sim with multiple weapons then find out there is a problem with the combat system.

We would all love for the first release of the system to be perfect, however that isnt realistic.

I personally will try to use this time to once again immerse myself in the fantasy of KOS. To return to the practice of arriving in KOS ready to Rp, rather then hang out. I would invite you all to join me in this, as we have had an amazing fantasy world created for us here.

As a final thought I would like to recommend that you let Kora and her entire team know you are grateful for their long and hard work. They put in many hours of work so that we would have a beautiful place to Rp, and a more expansive experience with the game system. Lets show them that we appreciate it.


The reporters of the Chronicles are always proud and honored to recieve a message from the Palace, especially when it is from our beloved highness the Sultana herself ! Today we got followed message:
"It's for me a great pleasure and joy to declare that I have promoted Lady MIRNA MUGGINS and lady KERRI KOWALSKI “ PRINCESS OF IREEM” . Lady Mirna is by my side for a long time as my Secretary. She has been always loyal, devote to me and her job and, in time of need ,she offered her life for defending and saving mine. She is always available to help everybody need palace assistance with friendship and kindness.
Lady Kerri is by my side for a long time as Healer. She has always offered her knowledge to help people in need, indiscriminately who they are. She is always available, often without taking a little rest, and has a good word for everyone.
It's an honor for me to have them at my side.
You will have the pleasure to meet them at the next audience, but they are Princesses from today.
Zanlu Heron, Sultana"
Congratulations Ladies, ....I mean Princesses of Ireem !

It is a happy day in the Kingdom, more babies have been born! Twin baby girls have been born to the powerful and magical Djinn Addison Lexenstar and his lovely wife our Physician of Ireem Kerri Kowalski. The infants were born on October 20th at 5:47 and 5:48 in the evening. Chloe was the first to enter the world with blonde hair and light green eyes and her sister Emily followed a minute later with brunette hair and emerald green eyes. The parents are so delighted and full of joy over their new baby girls.
They will be lovingly cared for by the Lexenstar's and in the palace by their Godmother Her Royal Highness, the Sultana Zanlu Heron and their Uncle and Lady Kerri's brother, Prince of Damascus Ponzio Rossini, and dear friends Lady of the Palace Aunt Mirna Muggins, Magi Uncle Cor Sands, Bedouin Uncle Copper Convair and lovely Aunt Jordina McGinnis and the magical and beautiful Djinn Aunts Nova Caerndow and Djinn Brittainy Collins and of course Uncle Majid Axel, and with many other djinn aunts and uncles to teach them the magic of the djinn ways.
The Lexenstar's will be in need of trusted servants to watch over and care for the girls when mother returns to her physician duties. Please contact Kerri Kowalski if you are interested in helping to be a personal assistant and care for the babies.

"We have some sad news. KOS has lost a dear and beloved friend this past week. Hailea Alter was very ill for quite some time. She passed away on Friday.
She wrote to me last week, from the hospital, and she said, "tell all my friends I loved them." And I don't know who all her friends are - I suspect more people loved her than she would have realized, because how could you not love Hailea? She was, as one of her friends has said, "A pure soul."
She loved being here, in Ireem, and playing with us. Her friendships here meant a lot to her - we were a family to her, even though she has had such a strong and loving family in her real life.
Her friend had a message for us from her: "Send you a big hug from her with all her love. She always talk how happy she was playing on her game and that she had a family. Be her friend was a wonderful thing, I know she is going to care for us close to God's feet.'
If you wish to send a message to her family, you can put it in a notecard, and I will make sure they get it.
Anneliese Wolfenhaut"

Dear citizen of Ireem, the Chronicles is just an IC paper. But Hailea was such a wonderful and awesome person, so we make an exception today. Hailea had so many friends in KoS and SL, she was loved for beeing the one she was. Everytime someone needed help, she was there. Her castle was open for everyone, I myself was able to celebrate my birthday on her land. She loved playing the game and was always able to bring a smile on everyones face. Her motto was: Don't worry, be happy ! Close friends told me she would not like us beeing sad about loosing her. This goes out to all: try not to be sad, wipe away your tears and smile ! Think of Hailea as the person she was: a wonderful, amazing, generous, loving, caring person we will miss so much but always keep in our hearts ! Please all, leave a comment if you know her. Show Ireem and her family and friends, how loved she was ! Hailea we will all miss you like hell !!

In all my days as a citizen of this great city, I have never seen a stranger sight then what presented itself this evening. While lounging near the front gate, I heard a familiar voice shouting for the djinn Sage angrily. Curious as always I went to see what the disturbance was about.

What I found was truly a sight. The Bedouin, and self proclaimed “Bastard” MasterJ had just dismounted from his camel. Now this in and of itself is no strange sight. However the long flowing mane of bright pink hair stopped me in my tracks and doubled me over with laughter.

When I finally had myself under control I approached and found Olive MacMoragh had the pink hair as well, though hers was tucked under a hat discreetly. I asked the “Bad Bedu” what happened and he simply said “Sage” in an extremely angry tone.

I asked if the Djinn had cursed him or simply dyed his hair. "Well how the sweet fuck would I know? do I look like a djinn or a magi?" he seethed. Seeing that I would get no answer from him I turned to Oli for answers. Sadly she was too busy giggling at MJ’s predicament.

So off I went in search of Sage. Upon finding the slippery little Djinn I managed to get a few answers as to why this happened. When asked why she did this her answer at first was simple. “I made it pink. I felt it would bring out his feminine side.”

After that her answers became harder to understand….and honestly who among us can truly understand the mind of a Djinn? But from what she said it seems this was a punishment because of MJ’s well known penchant for oral gratification.

I was able to get no answer as to whether this pink hair is the result of a Djinn curse or a simple dye job. However I would caution you all to be wary around the pink haired Bedu. He was last seen storming into the sands screaming Sage’s name at the top of his lungs.

Today we recieved a disturbing letter from Miss Zoya. Males of Ireem be warned:
"To my surprise I found an article in our newspaper about me, when I returned from a short journey to one of the great bazaars in our neighbouring city. /*editorial note: and it was soooo much fun to write this ! */ The subject of the article in the Chronicles is really a private matter between me and my sponsor, so you must understand that I am quite upset that it was published this week. I know I am not the source of the information. It must be brought to the reporters attention by the slave I had to use for testing or his Mistress. I should have cut his tongue! /* editorial note : phew, i am lucky that she does not ask me where I got my information from ! */
The matter is now public and I feel the need to set some facts straight and also to warn you all.
First I want it to be known that I never gave this substance to the unnamed slave or his Mistress. The secret records of the Magi tower showed that a few hours after all this happned a thief entered the tower and stole my entire stash of the blue powder. After reading your article I have reasons to believe that this thief was the slave I used or his Mistress. This slave will suffer, but more importantly I have no powder left for further finetuning of the mixture and I have to disappoint my sponsor temporarely. I assure you that I had a very unpleasant conversation with the elder knight.
/*editorial note: that reminds me: I still want to know who this knight is !! */
The powder in hands of the undead is of course a bad idea. Pranksters should not be in possession of powerful potions. This saddens me as I am a serious healer and want to be a reliable supplier of magical goods and services.
A last word of warning. I had to travel to the bazaar because I need to recreate the blue magical substance. I had to buy a few ingredients that are difficult to find in Ireem. One of them is gum arabica. I was warned by my supplier, the merchant Pfie Zerr, that the last batch of the gum was contaminated. And this contaminated gum was used in the stolen batch of the blue Viagrus. I asked the merchant what would happen with people eating the dangerous gum. He answered that some have been losing their memory suffering excrutiating pains and that others have turned into snakes for three days.
/* editorial note: eeek ! I have to burn the cake I made for my Master before he eats some of it ! He would kill me !! */You should have waited until all testing was done on cheap slaves ! Miss Zoya Zhukovsky"
Dear readers, please make sure you bring this message to everyone in Ireem because we do not know, who all does have some viagrus already ! And I saw Sir Polo on my own, he was very confused and could not answer my question about where he has been the last days ! /* editorial note: and more important: take out your comments before you bring the article ! */

Greetings, Dear Ireem!

Join us for games before the party on Saturday 26 September.

~Carpet Races~
Guys - get your girl on the carpet! Unfortunately, this is one of those contests in which the men must compete, and the women sit there looking pretty. But alas, this is the way of the world, and fortunately, there is no lack of beautiful women in Ireem. Each male contestant will bring as many females to the palace from auction as they can in ten minutes... one female at a time on the carpet.

~MMM... Mudwrestling~
Two opponents in each fight, with three rounds. Two out of three wins. The game will continue until one man (or really brawny woman) is left standing.

~Camel Race~
We would love to have the camel race, but it does depend on the lag on Saturday. Prize: $50 dinar (in the currency for the new SIM) for each final winner of each game.

Folie Luckstone, Palace Scribe

It was brought to our attention, that the Magi Zoya Zhukosky invented something very interesting ! As we all know, the Magi study everyday to improve their magical skills. I know that very well, because I often enter the tower and find it smelling strange or I see Magis with black faces, wild hair or burned clothes after a failed spell or potion !
But sometimes, they just find something new and great. So did Miss Zoya. After capturing a male prey she planed to try out someting new she was working on. Miss Zoya was approached by an unknown elder knight, who has troubles satisfiying his young wife in bed. She found a herb that might help, called taxus viagrus, and was now about to test this on her male captive.
After he agreed - and I doubt he knew what he is going to agree on - she gave him a spoonfull of the blue powder and some water and waited for some moments. And yes, we are talking of some moments, dear reader ! Planing to tease him by getting naked she turned around and already found him, well lets call it in the state she wanted him to be.
What followed now is nothing for the eyes and ears of our children, just let me sum it up: her experiment worked wonderful, the joyfull screams of the male slave, who does not want to be namend in here, were heard over the whole city ! Miss Zoya, not only excited about the good turn out of her experiment asked him gently " How do you feel, boy ? Describe it to me." He blushed and simply pointed down to his crotch mumbling " I don't feel very well Miss ! Will you please release me from my pain ?"
Zoya, as we all know her, is a gentle and nice Magi. On the one hand, his "pain" simply was a proof of her success, on the other hand she could not let him suffer that much. Telling him, this strictly would be in the name of science, she finally released him from his pain, and rumors tell, she enjoyed it very much on her own. I am not sure, but this time I heard her screaming now too. Only Allah knows what had happened in the tower !
After giving him back his clothes she let him go and disappeared in the basement to finish her work on the new potion. She smiled happily and nodded " great ! it is fullfilled ! I will simply call it Viagrus !"

Some hours later I talked to the well known undead Anneliese Wolfenhaut and she secretly showed me what she got from Miss Zoya. She told me laughing, that Palace guard Polo will have some fun soon. She gave me the information, the blue powder now was in his food and she saw him walking into his rooms with it by herself. Knowing how hungry Sir Polo always is, she assured me his wife Rana will soon scream in joy aswell. Not giving me any hint, who did this to him, she just shrugged and left me standing there alone, wondering.
Rana, who is still out on travels, for sure was not able to enjoy the new invention, but now thinking of it I recognize: Sir Polo did not leave his rooms since three days !
Dear reader, if anyone sees him , please let him know to contact me as soon as possible, as there are still some questions left !

Dear citizen, what an honor ! The Sultana herself speaks in our beloved newspaper ! I am proud and happy to share her wonderful thoughts with you, dear readers:
"It's a quiet night. There is no wind, no storms, no noise of swords ..... it seems that everyone is asleep. The Sultana wears her dark cloak and sneaks out of the palace. A few quick steps and she is in the desert. She kneels and takes a bunch of fresh sand in her hands, and a few tears fall from her eyes"I know, it's time to go. I saw the new city as in a dream. The new Ireem is beautiful and I'm sure I'll be happy !
But how can I forget this old Ireem? I was born here, grew up with her. How can I forget the people I met and loved here? How can I forget who made me smile, laugh and touched my heart ? Each and everyone gave me something, each in its own way "
And she remembers every name and every face .....
Then she collects another handful of sand, stretches out her hand and shifts the sand in a bottle and carefully takes the small bottle in her purse and whispers ” You come with me..”
Then she lies down slowly, facing the sky where many stars smile. She feels in awe of the wonder of creation.

Zanlu Heron, Sultana of Ireem "
How wonderful she describes how we all feel. Citizen of Ireem, we will miss our old land, but we will love our new one even more ! Everyone join and move together, bring the spirit of the old Ireem into the new ! And your highness, the reporters of the Chronicles are honored by your wonderful words and thank you in the name of all citizen for your generous and wise leadership !
Ireem let us bow !

Last week the Sultana held another audience again, giving her people the chance to speak. I was of course there to witness this, though my wedding was just a bit after ! Now, back from the honeymoon I will inform you, dear citizen about what had happened. Talking a bit about the knights and guards in general, the Sultana was heard saying, she would love to have a younger one, Princess Lillie got all excited and clapped her hands saying "Oh yes a younger one, a handsome good looking young man !"
Then Sir Kadar beckoned me to come forward. He asked the Sultana to honor me on my wedding day with a special congratulation, which she did. I was so excited, words cannot describe this !
After I stepped back into my corner, undead Jordina McGinnis was the next to speak. She talked about the rules of the city, stating she and her family are not very happy that the rules obviously do not count for everyone. She complained about beeing attacked everytime she enters the city unarmed. But she witnessed other entering the city armed and no one worried about this at all. Sir Kadar sighed and told her, she will not have to worry about this soon, things will change as we all know. He also promised to pass the concerns to the knights and was obviously shocked to hear of this all ! So was the Sultana and Jordi was leaving satisfied, that her wishes were heard.
Slaver Majid Axel invited the Sultana to his camp, but everyone saw his mischievous grin, so I still hope she does not give in to that !
The audience was quickly over as everyone tried to hurry home to get ready for the wedding. I hereby bow to the Sultana and the Princess " Thank you for coming and beeing part of this special moment in my life ! I will never forget this happy day !"
Oh, and we should not forget the wish from our highness: young men of Ireem ! If you are searching for a high position in Palace, if your are a smart and goodlooking man, strong and trustworthy, think about becoming a guard ! Princess Lillie would favor a single man aswell, so do not hesitate, be brave and take this chance !

Last friday our beloved Sultana was invited to visit the Magi tower and have a little chat with the Magis themselves. I witnessed this exciting moment of course, when the Sultana came with her staff Sir Polo, Lady Mirna, knight Ferax and knights leader Sir Seraf up the stairs to the tower.

Many Magi were crowded infront of the tower, waiting curiously to meet our highness. Magi leader Tim Speiser introduced his sisters one by one, not forgetting to mention their special magical subjects. Starting with Miss Dawnevea Destiny, he went on introducing Miss Zoya Zhukovsky, Miss Solsinn Franizzi, Miss Zeerya Pyrithea, Miss Lolita Nachtigall and Miss Jilsun Beverly.

After that, the Magi leader gave our highness a tour of the tower, while the Magi ladies stayed outside with me, waiting patiently. I handed out some cookies in between, knowing waiting can make you very hungry, but sadly I stole...I mean I took the wrong cookies, again ! Rumors tell, next to me three other Magi felt....sick. Of course I got the cookies that were used for spell and potion trainging! And I hereby want to apologize for handing them out *blushes*. Sir Tim explained the Sultana all different rooms and sections in the tower and what they are used for. He told her about the studies the Magi are doing to increase their magical power and the highness was very impressed.

Outide people started to entertain themselves, Solsinn was seen flirting with the knight Ferax and the knights leader Seraf was yawning several times. He obviously did not get much sleep the night before, I ask myself if this has something to do with his beloved wife Enigma ? Anyway, after Magi leader Tim showed our highness everything, they came back to the crowd infront of the tower. The Sultana answered Sir Polo's question "Interesting visit your highness?" with an excited "Oh yes, I have seen very interesting things !" and Sir Tim thanked everyone for joinging this event.

The Palace staff brought the Sultana safely back to her Palace and all Magi went on doing their normal business. After recovering from the side effects of the "poisened" cookies, I was able again to go to my wedding rehearsal and the day ended perfectly for all with new impressions, new ideas and new interesting people met. There is only one question left: What is Miss Dawnevea going to do with the strand of hair she picked up from the ground, where the Sultana was standing, putting it secretly into her pouch ?

Ireem is Dead...Long Live Ireem!

Join us in saying goodbye to the lovely old Ireem and to thank her and celebrate all she has meant to us. We have lived, loved, fought, and died, then reincarnated to do it all again, more times than most of us could begin to count. All on her beloved sands. And city streets. And ships. And musty old catacombs. Let's celebrate the joys and heartaches of the old Ireem, and say goodbye (with no regrets) to the vicious sandstorms that have tormented us all! September 26th, please join us in the Kingdom of Sand for a party!

"A party" is not a very good name for an event that represents so much to us all. We need your help with a better name. "Bye Bye Ireem"? "Last Chance Dance"? Yeah. Those suck, too. Please submit names for the party - the winner - if female - will get a wonderful prize - a beautiful necklace, heirloom of the Sultana's family! She will present it to you herself. If the winner is male, he gets something even better - a dance with our beloved Zanlu! (Send submissions to Mirna Muggins, the Sultana's personal secretary.)
And now Hiring: We are looking for entertainers for the goodbye-to-lag party: magicians, jugglers, storytellers, musicians, pets... We will need dancers, too, of course. If you are interested in applying for the job, please send your backstory to Mirna Muggins, the Sultana's personal secretary. Please note that if you are a male dancer, the Sultana herself may wish to privately interview you and make sure, first-hand, that your performance is.. well, adequate would be the best word to use here.All entertainers will be well paid, and just think of how good this will be on your resume!

Of course, we will all be meeting again in the New Ireem, which has been built with its back to the desert in such a way that we should suffer less from the terrible sandstorms which must, occasionally, afflict every desert city.
Folie Luckstone, Palace Scribe

Strange things are going on in our beloved kingdom ! After "cleaning up" the bounty boards by the law, because most of the citizen on there were already dead, travelled along or just dissapeared forever, Ireem had only a few quiet and peaceful days. This morning, when I went out on my daily rounds to search for new stories and gossip, I finally reached the above mentioned bounty boards. First just giving them a slightly bored look, my heart suddenly stopped beating, so did my breath ! Not only that every board is now signed out again ! No ! Every board is filled with amounts on the persons, that are ridiculous high ! But see for yourself:

Zanlu Heron: 100.000 K$
Damien Sack: 50.000 K$
lolita McAuley: 30.000 K$
Dinky Wingtips: 30.000 K$
Anneliese Wolfenhaut: 10.000 K$
Merlion Sabra: 2.000 K$
cowboy Boronski: 100 K$
cowboy Boronski: 100 K$

The questions here are now:

  • Who put so much money on these people and why ?
  • Who else then the Sultana has so much money ?
  • Is it a single person, are there different people or is it a group of people planing something big and evil ?
  • But if so, why this combination ?
  • What do these people have in common ?
  • Is someone trying to take over Ireem ?
Many questions to be answered here. Our beloved Sultana is in great danger, so are many others ! I just hope (and yes, especially for myself !) not to find this out so quickly ! And I hope to see some common sense among the citizen ! Don't let the money blind you to do something bad !

Today we recieved this letter from the Magi Mikael (MikeGL Undercroft):
"I am looking for test subjects that would be willing to be given a simple physical to test the differences in various effects of the desert sun on the skin.
Please send a letter (notecard) to me, Mikael , if you are interested. Payment for services can either be one magical favour, or simple cash.
While being treated as a subject you will be under Magi care, and will be allowed certain privileges. These include but are not limited to:
  • Bathing by means of magically purified water
  • Healing of any wounds or injuries
  • Protection in our luxurious basement
Also you will be given these rights:
  • No harm will befall you by Myself or my assistant.
  • You will not be thought of differently due to your faction
  • You will be treated with the utmost respect
  • You will leave with a prize!
Thankyou for your time.... all of it
From the desk of the Great Mikael"

During the last week we recieved a letter from the former slaver Raven McAuley. Reading his announcement to the citizen of Ireem, we of course got curious what happened. But read first for yourself:
"Dear Citizen!

After being captured by the djinn Naiyah, Naiyah looked into my soul and saw the trauma within. I recounted the story my father has told me as a child. My mother was a djinn, living in the Dijnn Realm. This would probably explain, why I spent so much time sneaking into their realm and eating their food. I had to learn, I am half human, half djinn. Indeed without my half Dijnn blood I could not have entered their Realm at all. Naiyah helped me to renew my feelings of honour and protection, rather than my slaver instinct of attack and capture. While still weak from my ordeal, Naiyah carried me to the knights camp, hoping that their leader will agree to take me in. Ohterwise I would have been doomed to roam the desert alone, with no home and no company other than my pet Raven, as I was no longer able to be among the slaver.
Today I belong to the knights, proud and honored to be part of them. From now on, I will put all my efford into saving the peace in Ireem, fight for the poor and weak and live after the knights codex ! Criminals, Capturer, warned !
Raven McAuley "
Yesterday we went to interview him about his letter. He repeated his story to us, revealing us he always knew, there was something special inside him. His father died when he was a little boy, all he knows are some memories of the stories he told him, when they sat together at the fireplace. He never met his mother, or at least cannot remember her at all.
After his father died, he was found by some slavers near the ocean, sitting in the sand. They took him with them, teaching him the life of a slaver. He tried his best to follow their rules, their way of living, but he never felt home.
After a huge fight with a bedouin, the djinn Naiyah found him wounded in the desert, taking him with her and caring for his wounds. When she touched him, she had a vision of his inner truth. His story revealing to her, they both made a decision. They agreed, he could never go back to the slavers. His true nature still fights against his dark side from time to time, but his heart belongs to the knights code now.
Ireem can be happy to have a man like him protecting the innocent. But only Allah knows, who will win the fight inside of him: his good nature or his dark side....

Dear World,

today I had a vision in a Dream. I was walking through darkness like always and then suddenly an annoying light came. It hunted me. I was confused and it made me aggresive. I fought against it but I never got it, so it made me more angry and I started to feel hatred. I woke up and still had this feeling. Hatred... against everyone and everything. This world is not good for a Demon like me. Every mortal makes dramatic scenes in his life, the excisting immortals are weak, fight against their nature and only excist as better humans. I thought about it very long and find a way as I told with Britt, the Djinn, why everything is bad for me. The world is a place of light and I am dark. Hatred is my shield. Intelligence is my sword. Darkness is my nature and light isn't my resort. I was hungering for so long. Didnt eat flesh and my demonic nature increases my murderous frenzy. I am a murderer, I like blood and hatred.So I made a decision: Since my pact with the City, I am not allowed to attack Citizens. Demons are like Djinns. Demons are living creatures, they don't rot and feel pain. The Djinns will make me to one of them and I will fight against the weaknesses of my old family and the mortals.

Darkness will come over you.
Loona Azazil, the Darkening.

Gain an Audience with the Sultana this Saturday, September 12th, at 1pm SLT.
Anyone of Ireem can ask to attend these... not just leaders. The Sultana wants to hear from all of her subjects.
The Sultana will hear your praise and any concerns for her kingdom THIS Saturday at 1pm SLT. This is rare chance to speak to the Beloved Sun of Ireem. You may praise her Majesty or ask for a boon, such as gold or land, or for relief of any back taxes and penalties. You may ask any questions of her that you wish, or discuss with her any reasonable subject, within the bounds of courtesy and respect. Only a limited number of audiences will be granted so make your appointment now.
IM Second Minister Kadar Jayaram or the Sultana's Secretary Lady Mirna Muggins to make an appointment.

The Muse

*Sits down in the café, inhaling the fragrant spices of the chai tea before her. Picking up her quill she pauses a moment in thought before dipping it in the ink and begins to write.*

Salaam good readers,
We have much to tell. So many things happening one never knows quite where to start. The beginning of the week, the middle, just a moment ago. It can be very confusing at times. We have Weddings, Lust Crazed Men, News from the Slavers, Proposals. It seems we, the Denizens of Ireem have been very busy.

Why just today I happened to be strolling through the Auction Square when I happened to discover it quite full. Brimming if truth be told. Everone stood in breathless anticipation as the Undead Tyr Threebeards took hold of the lovely Undead Jordina McGinnis’s hand, asking her to be his undead immortal bride. She of course said yes much to the applause of all.

But wait! There’s more! *stops to dip quill into the ink bowl.* The forthcoming weddings does not stop with the Romeo and Juliet of the Undead. It came to this Muse’s ears that the Grand Magi Tim has proposed to his beloved Dinky, owner of the Ireem Chronicles and newly appointed leader of the Citizens of Ireem. This will of course truly be a spectacular wedding to behold. I shall try my best to get a peek at the wedding list and snaggle myself an invite to the magical wedding of the year.

Weddings weddings weddings. Still another one! My my Ireem. Romance was in the air this week. I happened to be within earshot when a juicy tidbit fell right into my lap! Darkness Enyo of the Undead (fondly known as Darkii) has accepted the proposal of marriage from Cath the Slaver. If one was near enough to the catacombs you could hear the negotiations. Oddly enough they were arguing over the amount of times one could be intimate and not where the happy couple will reside.

Congratulations to all upcoming Brides and Grooms: Jordi & Tyr, Dinky & Tim, Darkness & Cath

*sits back to take a long sip of chai while thinking*

I received a bit of news this week. It seems the Slavers’ Captain Raiden has decided to retire. There comes a time in every Captain’s life when they must hand the torch to someone else, sit back enjoy the sound of the rolling waves, and a wench on his lap. Though no election at this time is pending, he has passed on the mantle of leadership to his right hand and General KITTY. Known through out Ireem for her tireless pursuits, wisdom, and generosity we feel sure the Slavers are left in good hands.
Captain Raiden *lifts quill in the manner of a fencing foil* we salute you and thank you for your services.

Now our final bit of news occurred last weekend… this was of lust crazed men scouring the sands in desperate need of women. They viewed all women as prey, even their own SISTERS! I was shocked I tell you. This Muse of course would never take part in such spectacle and hid herself away in a small dark space. I was able to observe as the men went bounding over the dunes chasing the women of Ireem. What makes this the more shocking is that the women were laughing at the men. They were seen whispering in corners and behind hands. Their eyes glinting with mischief and devious plotting, only a woman would understand. It had me pause and think. How could this be? How the men could be drawn up off silken pillows and sent to the sands. What could possibly induce such a thing? Then it came to me. The Sisterhood! Yes my lovely Ireem, it seems the mysterious Sisterhood has struck again. Who is behind this network, one can only fathom. This muse sits in anticipation for the next plot of the Ireem Sisterhood. Who knows… mayhap I shall even get a bit of info concerning it before it happens?

*stretches arms*

Well I think it is time for me to end our chat here. Remember keep those ears open, quills ready, and eyes wide.

The Muse

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