The blacksmith's curse

*the blacksmiths curse*laid down on the blacksmith " Namen Dreamscape" and all who come after him, by Indigo (wolfenstien Khandr)

The power of the djinn of the ghul is to enter and manipulate the mind. This is easiest for Indigo when her victim is sleeping and can't resist. She plants dreams and nightmares like seeds then steps back to watch them grow...
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In the middle of the night when the owl hoots and the stars are bright the slumbering smith will dream. At first softly he will hear the tap tap tap of his hammer on the anvil. He will toss and turn disturbed by the noise as it grows.. tap ..tap tappity tap ..
Each tap will be like its hitting his head..resounding though his scull and echoing there ..growing louder as it repeats. tap.... tap tapitty.... tap
Louder it will grow until it rings like church bells in his ears and cannot ignore its call. His anvil calls him, calls him to work. His body will respond to the sound he cannot ignore it , he will be compelled to rise in his sleep no matter what he is wearing..(I imagine he sleeps naked like the rest of us) and go directly to his shop..take up his hammer fire up the bellows and begin to work in his sleep
He will work at his shop all though the night churning out things of metal ..weapons of destruction crewel and unusual implements of torture.. strange misshappen things he makes as he toils through the night, not resting till the dawn light breaks the dream ..or some person unwittingly wakes him. Many of these items may disappear before he wakes destined for the hands of the djinn, there purpose beyond mortal comprehension.
At dawn he will wake, not remembering the labors of the night..naked and coated in sweat and grime , in his shop. Exhausted never to rest.. driven by the curse to create night and day ..
This curse is laid down not on the man himself but on the anvil in the blacksmiths shop ..he who lifts the hammer will take the curse upon himself from this day forward..


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