Hi, I am Myth. I am a Magi. My talents are used to heal. I even have a lovely pet donkey named Djari' who helps bring injured people to the phsicians office for healing. I am blessed to have trained under our wonderful physican Anna and currently work at the Mystic to increase my knowlwedge of mental healing. My pursuit of healing will continue as after I have mastered mental healing I will move on to learn the skills of an alchemist. I do hope you vote for me to be the next owner of the Mystic. I am a skilled reader of cards and would enjoy giving private readings from 3 to 15 cards. I have many wonderful ideas for events as the next owner, some a bit silly, always fun and enjoyable. Thank you for your vote ahead of time, I look forward to making the Mystic an amazing place to pursue your mystical inquires.

NEWS: Best in Silk Winner


The lovely Sayuri was awarded Best in Silks at the recent competition sponsored by The House of Pleasure!

The event was sponsored by the owner and co-owner of the House of Pleasure, Bhaiyen Cvercko and Witchfire Breed.

Most of Ireem’s citizens normally see Sayuri going about her business in the city dressed modestly and covered appropriately as her position in the harem requires. She said of this, “When I venture out of the harem I usually wear the traditional coverings of this land." This is done for her own safety as well as for modesty purposes.

What makes it even more interesting is that she graciously donned those gorgeous silks and allowed herself to be viewed within the safety of the harem as the beautiful delicate woman beneath the traditional coverings.

Sayuri said of the win, “I was actually surprised when I was notified!” Of the winning outfit Sayuri offered, “It's a special set of silks that were given to me by a talented seamstress. I always patron this particular person. I suppose they were a thank you gift -- so they mean the world to me".

When asked about her life in the harem, she talked about some recent excitement encountered there, “At the moment, life in the harem as been akin to a fast paced horse ride through the desert! There are a few slow, peaceful moments… and then suddenly things pick up! The harem Valide, the head of the harem, the Seren, has been attacked a few times and things are starting to become more lively with the new harem members joining.”

Getting back to a more normal representation of harem life, she said that, “It's fairly relaxing. I would normally spend time training new girls, or serving tea in the court gardens.” When asked how one gets to join a harem she explained, “It’s fairly simple. If you are interested you would meet with either myself or the Seren. After an interview the girl would get accepted as an acemi. Past the point of acemi it deepens on what role she takes. If she is not a virgin she takes the path of a concubine. The more sexually driven role of the concubine would be to “entertain” members of the royal court or visiting royals. However, virgins can take this path as well. Odalisques are ladies who are raised to become royal wives, so they must remain pure.”

Recommending the harem life to others she said, “it is a nice option for those who are tired of being chased through the sands."

In general, Sayuri reflected on life in Ireem when she said, “Life in Ireem is like a carpet ride... always something new and exiting... and just a bit of turbulence."

- Pasha Braveheart

The Chronicles has learn that from a messenger that Davey was forced to seek peace with the Djinn after he was captured and had his fangs removed.

According to our source, Davey was captured by the Djinn warrior for betraying the alliance between the two clans by murdering one of the Djinn. Despite Davey's desperate plea, at one point even offering his clansman in exchange of his release. After much torture and punishment, including having his fangs remove from his mouth so cannot draw blood from anyone anymore, it was finally settle that the Undead will cease from any hostility to the Djinn and Davey will hand one of his undead, Commander Dayan over to the djinn

" On my first born I will not harm any more of youres ......and do what you must with Day, now let me out of this hell I cannot stand to be near this witch" was the promise that was were witness by the Djinn in the Realm.

Of course, whether the vile undead will keep the promise is waiting to be seen. We have repeatedly seen the Undead army went back on their promise as well as other sneaky tactics like befriending the knights and Bedouins and feed them wrong information. So we will all be watching the development of this latest surrender from the Undead to the Djinn with interest.

The Chronicles can report that our popular doctor, Dr. Anna, and her sister Nena, were publicly threatened by a Bedouin man named Jake Despres. Reported by Kilia

The disgusting Bedouin was caught by Nena attacking a girl in the physician's office, as well as a number of other women around the city. While he may seemingly be on a one-man mission to outdo the recent lowly and sneaky antics of the Undead, Jake Despres stepped up the game by publicly threatening to cut Nena into pieces and feed to pigs, as well as telling Dr. Anna that he will kill her and burn down her business.

Dr. Anna, is the well loved doctor who is famed for both her medical ability and charitable character. She is known to give away free medicines to the needy as well as lending her helping hands even to the most evil people around. Already, a fund has been set up and a bounty of 1000 dinars has been put on top of Jake's head. Our leading Columnist Granny Robyn has also declared that she will personally hunt him down and a custom made torture chamber is being constructed as we go to press.

Anyone who provides information leading to the capture of this vile criminal will receive a special gift from Chronicles.

~ Kilia


The worse fears of the citizens of Ireem were realized when the cursed undead launched a sneak attack on the city as the innocent inhabitants were going about their normal business!

The stench of the undeads preceded them as they strategically entered the city from various locations insuring maximum damage as they seriously wounded scores of stunned and helpless residents during their vicious rampage through the city streets!

While our esteemed Hashim Imperiatrix, Avery, was away from the city on official business elsewhere, the courageous actions of Ai Vair, the Archon of the Hashim, Knights Darr Islarr and Night , and with the help of Beduoin volunteers like Bero and Younes, and even pirate xylimer, the treacherous undead were beaten back to the desert and captured! Yay!

During the melee of the Battle Royale, Darr was unfortunately captured by the dastardly undead
Dayan. Negotiations resulted in the trade of all undead prisoners, with the exception of Damien and Davey, for the release of our brave and beloved Darr. Even in defeat the scurrilous undead were defiant when Davey used obscene gestures toward the chronicles reporter on the scene and the huge ugly beast of an undead Aizen broke free and landed a direct hit on our reporter before Bero chased him down and captured his ugly butt!

Back in the city, our physicians and healers of all types quickly set upon the task of tending to the injured citizens of Ireem. By some miracle, not one citizen was killed and all have been healed of their wounds thanks to the fast action of our benevolent healers!

Charged for inciting to war in the city as well as other recent crimes, the evil Damien stood trial with the normal decorum of the court proceedings interrupted by his followers who jeered and demanded his release! The prosecutor, Ven, paid the rowdy uncouth crowd no mind as she deftly handled the business of representing the citizens of Ireem. Damien's lawyer Noctis had great difficulty convincing anyone of his client’s innocence. To make the situation worse for Noctis, his client was prone to outrageous outbursts spewing violent threats of murder and unspeakable acts against the shocked and appalled on-lookers. Needless to say, the dammed cutthroat was found guilty as expected. One has to wonder of the punishment though. To simply pay a fine and walk away with the sentence mitigated seems unfitting for the convicted crimes. Are our justice system too lenient and our culture too civilized for the likes of the undead? This is a topic for our scholars to ponder.

While the undead have had their clocks cleaned this time by the righteous champions of our city, the citizens of Ireem can never rest while the Undeads still lurk in the dark corners of our kingdom.

None-the-less, the relieved and joyous citizens of Ireem celebrated the victory with much dancing and merriment long into the night!

-Pasha Braveheart

Ladies and gentlemen and supernaturals of Ireem! Velvet Hamelin, manager of the Blue Lodge along with her Bedouin Clan Simoon, would like to invite everyone to attend her first slumber party at the Inn! It will be held on Friday August 26, at 9:00 p.m. SLT, until all the party goers are passed out or too drunk to dance anymore!

This will be an OOC event, and prizes will be given for both the sexiest lingerie in attendance, and for the cutest pajamas! Ladies, if you can get your Man, Master, or Pet into their most dashing sleep wear, we may give out a prize for the best couple's attire. There will be dancing, drinking, conversation, laughing and fun!

All races and factions are welcome, no RSVP required. Just show up and be ready drink and enjoy the comfort of your slippers!

A Candidate statement from Lola


Citizens of Ireem, as you have heard by now, Im sure, I have applied once again to run the mystic shop. I hope my persistence at least will show you how eager I am to bring this beautiful space to life again.

Its not really my style to beg for votes or run down my competition with sharp words, so I thought I would tell you all what my vision is for the Mystic and so you can decide for yourselves if you like my ideas and feel you want to give me your support.

I have been blessed with many teachers along my journey to Ireem, but none have been so fascinating as the Romani people. They taught me how to look to the stars, the tarot cards and Mother Nature to seek signs and visions, to heal and yes, even to curse those who deserve it. I am excited at the opportunity to offer my services, gifts and knowledge in our beautiful city to all who seek it.

Even though I was not born into the ways of the wanderers, some of my favorite memories are of my time living amongst them. There was always a kind of festival atmosphere around them, whether they were going about daily chores, performing for passers by or feasting around their own bonfires.

Its my wish to create this kind feeling around the shop. I plan to hold regular festival events and will invite performers, magicians and mystics of all kinds to help me make these an unforgettable experience for all.

I look forward to seeing you all around the sands Feel free to stop and talk to me if you want to know more, or just say hi!

A lovely painting of Countess Page, by one of the Palace Artist. It shown how our Countess bravely defending the city against the vile undead attack!

A Candidate statement from Lady Elyza (Elyza Swansong)

Many of you know me already, as I came to Ireem as a young woman, orphaned and destitute. I was raised from the streets by the Sultana, who gave me a job in the palace and a home. For so long I was Royal Scribe, until my djinn heritage made itself known and I left to study magick under the Magi Tim and KCEE.

Now I am a fortune teller and mystic. I spend much time every day in the Mystic Parlor, doing tarot readings without charge (donations always appreciated however!), giving advice, listening to people's joys and sorrows. Now it is time that this Mystic Parlor is available, and with the vote of those who wish to have the Mystic Parlor continue to be active as it has been since I came to work here long ago, it will continue to thrive and provide these much sought after services for the people of Ireem. Events planning is already in my thoughts. For those of you who accustomed in the past to seeing the place empty, abandoned by all its owners before I took up residence here, now is your chance to vote for me, as I am here now, I have been here, and here I will stay.

To those others who have applied for ownership, I say: Where are you? Why do you want this? Do you care? Because I have been here for a long time. And I have not seen one of you here, caring for this place, tending to the needs of the people. There has been only me.

Lady Elysa, Ireem's Fortune Teller

Congratulation to the Chronicles very own Lead Columnist, Granny Robyn, for winning the second Skin to Win event in the Arena yesterday. Granny Robyn famouly (or infamously) won the previous event by beating Sonya of Simoon, and this time she beated Jos of the Undead in the Final, and spare the rest of us from witnessing the horri.... I mean wonderful sight of Granny strip down to her fully nude state.

More Havoc Perpetrated by the Undeads!

As you know the filthy undeads have vowed to capture the Bedouin women of Ireem in their quest to control the desert and then to push toward conquest of the city! A trusted source has reported to the chronicle that just the other day, without warning, the loathsome undead, Savage Zuta, did attack the Bedouin woman known as Sher. She fought hard to beat off her attacker but was no match for his combat skills. While able to capture Sher, he was set upon by the courageous Juliet who then captured Savage before he could do any further injury to Sher.

Juliet dragged Savage to the Bedouin camp where she realized that he was one of the disgusting brutes who raped her when she was in the hands of the undead earlier in the week. At the camp discussions revolved around suitable punishment for the belligerent undead who continued to spew obscenities and threats against those at the camp.

Countess Page arrived on the scene and recognized Savage as the undead who had attacked her earlier in the day. Once this was known, Juliet offered to turn the stinking miscreant over to her. Taking control of the prisoner, Countess Page delivered him to the Knight's Headquarters where he was held pending an exchange for the Bedouin Sher and Lonesome, the newly appointed Captain of the Palace Guard, who was also captured by the undead the day before.

The Chronicles will stay on this story and provide further updates as information is known!

- Pasha Braveheart

A candidate statement for the upcoming Mystic Shop Election


To all Citizen of Ireem

My Name is Rowan Dyrkwyr and I am a gyspy, recently relocated to Ireem. Back in my home country my family would travel to the market everyday and make money dancing, selling our homemade tea, cookies, hand crafted jewerly, quilts, skirts and fortune telling. A skill that was passed down among the woman of my clan, I was walking past the vacant parlor and seeing that brought back fond memories of myself as a young girl watching my mother wow the townspeople with her visions and tell me,

"Someday Rowan it will be your turn, to show the common folk the light."

Since fleeing my countrydue to the war that tore apart my homeland and burned our camp to the ground I have been wandering, without purpose it would seem. I am writing to see if I could perhaps take over the parlor and restore it. I would offer services such as authentic gypsy fortune telling and tarot reading, teas & cookies and of course the finest handcrafted gypsy style jewelry and clothing. I hope you chose me and promise neither you or the citizens will be disappointed

Tomorrow Sunday 21th. ad noon 12 pm slt

Dolphin Bath`s proudly Present Scavenger hunt race
With a chance to win 1000 coins.
Evryone can join start point will be the Dolphin bath

Looking forwar to seeing you there.

Dolphin Bath`s Crew

Our beloved doctor, Anna had struck again. The lucky recipient of her kindness and magical healing is the former undead, Macus, as reported by Pasha

It was a busy night the other night in the Physicians’ office of Ireem for Head Physician Anna and Physician and Priest Hawke. Along with the assorted minor injuries and the usual amount of damage inflicted on our citizens by the horrible invasion of rats, Anna had a particularly delicate and dangerous procedure to perform on Marcus; dangerous not just for Marcus but for our beloved Anna.

As you may know, Marcus has, despite being an undead, and in fact, tehnically the General of the undead, offered protection to our dear Countess Page, pledging to defend her against any who sought to kidnap or injure her. That list of culprits has grown lately to include not just the undead but, slaver Cow who has expressed his intention to capture our Countess to add to his harem.

It seems that Marcus approached Anna, also a Djinn, regarding his desire to once again become human. Indeed his behavior of late suggests that he has the most honorable of intentions. It was reported that the courageous Anna, risked her own life to bring Marcus back to life. Those present saw the healing white light of Anna’s magic surrounding her as Darr and Night stood guard lest the undead try to stop the process from happening. As Anna slipped into deep meditation and entered the Djinn realm to find Marcus’ soul, her physical body became most vulnerable while in this suspended state. Anna’s body body glowed white as her soul traveled deep into the Realms. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, the only outward sign of the drain on her energy. Every moment was critical for she could not be away from her body for long lest her own soul be lost. Finally, as she recounted afterward, she found Marcus’ soul in the darkest spot in Realms, formed a magical bubble about it and guided it back with her.

As Marcus began having feelings he’d not experienced in ages, he realized that he was truly ALIVE! At the same time, the courageous Anna succumbed to sudden weakness that required her to rest with everyone around her, all deeply concerned for her welfare.

While Anna rested, the emergencies continued as the feisty goat Flea charged in with a gaping wound. As it happens, Flea courageously orchestrated the rescue of the Djinn Amana from the undead earlier in the day. In the process, she was seriously wounded by the miserable meanspirited vile stinky and down right disgusting and not to mention completely uneducated and therefore illiterated undead. With Anna incapacitated, Hawke stepped in to care for Flea and to suture her wound. This was not without peril for the physician, as Flea is quite unpredictable and had to be held down by Night and Darr while Hawke addressed the problem.

This is just a brief glimpse into a relatively routine day of those who care for our citizens. Kudos to the Physicians of Ireem!

- Pasha Braveheart

The Chronicles reports that a shameful knight was found guilty by the court of attacking our Harem Valide

The knight in question, Darth One-eye aka Jeb (Witchfire Breed), was found guilty earlier this week by our court of using black magic to hypnotise our Harem Valide and then attempt to attack her.

The incident occurred few weeks ago in the palace where Jeb went into the Harem under the pretence of palace business. Once he gained entry into the harem, he performed his black art and hypnotise the Valide and attacked her. Fortunately the attack was soon distribute by other palace member who arrived at the scene. Trying to cover up his track, the shameful and vile knight fed the Valide with some strange potion in order to cloud her memory. But, with the help of the magi in the tower, our Valide recovered and reported the incident to the knight.

While we are unable to get a hold of the Knight's spokeperson as to whether Jeb will be relieve from his duty, the Chronicles would like to warn all the citizen, especially women to be careful of this knight. He wears a distinctive eye patch and his red eye is believed to have power to hypnotise people. Lady Raven of the Magi Tower is offering any women free help and advice to guard themselves against such despicable spell.

The Chronicles can revealed that Davey has agree to sell out Dayan in order to aviod a war against the superior force from the Djinn

Since the declaration of the war, Davey was said to be busy to try to secure a peace deal with Djinn. Knowing that he cannot beat the superior fighters like Urso, he shamelessly sold out his borther Dayan, an important undead fighter in their rank, in order to secure such peace deal. According to our source, Dayan has been threatening Davey's co-leadership, especially after leading the most recently successful attack to the city, while Davey himself failed to protect his mate Alina on serveral occasions (she even got captured from the catacomb, no less), and then there was this hilarious news of him being made impotent by Alina.

The latter incident was especially been an annoyance to Davey, since Dayan and other undeads has been using every opportunity to poke fun at the impotence of the Undead co-leader. So it is very possible that this latest turn of event is Davey's way to get reverage on constant remarks from the other undead, rather than any geninue intention to keep peace with the Djinn

There was a packed crowd at the Blue Lagoon Cafe the other night as proprietors Polo and Misti hosted live entertainment by none other than Ireem's own resident muscian, YaYoo Pralou, who played first the sitar and then the duduk to the delight of everyone present. The lovely Blossom danced on stage as YaYoo played. There was dancing all around the cafe and even outside as some took up firesticks to continue their dancing in the evening air. At the conclusion and throughout his performance, the audience applauded and expressed their appreciation for the YaYoo sharing his talent with the enthralled patrons. Polo and Misti plan other exciting events in the near future.

The Chronicles can revlealed that the Undead, lead by Davey and his lackey Dayan, had declared war on the City of Ireem and Bedouins of the Desert and plan to captued leaders of various Bedouins Clans

According to an undead who spoke to us, Davey and Dayan had issued an order to other undead to attack the city as well as capture any Beduoins who crossed their path. The plan from Davey and Dayan is to take any bedouins women as sex slave and to capture any leaders of the Bedouins clan, such as April and Bero, to extort money to fund the war. Already, in one successful sneak attack, they have managed to captued two bedouins fighters in the city.

In respones, the Palace had issued an order that Davey, Dayan, Sting and any other hostile undead will be arrested on sight in the city. No punishment from the knights for anyone who attacked thost hostile undead inside or outside of the city. On the same gesture, Bero of Bedouins already declared publicly that they will be gathering their fighters and launch a counter attack to the Undead soon.

Berserk Djinn attacks unsuspecting citizens of Ireem!

A crazed Djinn, LucianFlame, attacked three citizens of Ireem in broad daylight while they were going about their business. Earlier in the day, the criminal Djinn had attempted theft at several of Ireem's businesses. While evading capture by the Knights of the City, he came up behind the Cronicles own Pasha Braveheart as she walked with her husband, physician and priest, Hawke. At that point, he did strike Pasha in the head with his weapon, injuring her gravely and causing her to collapse. Bleeding profusely from a gapping wound, she was attended by a healer, Icy Silverweb, who happened to be nearby, while her husband took off after the culprit.

Also nearby was a bedouin Simoon, known as Velvet Hamelin, who joined the chase along with Hawke to capture the attacker. In his deranged state, the frenzied Djinn resisted apprehension putting up a fight that continued within the city and outside the city walls. In the process, the evil Djinn did injure yet another innocent bystander named neo who required treatment for wounds inflicted by the lunatic.

Finally, Velvet, having successfully captured the criminal, turned him over to Hawke for punishment. While not in his character to inflict punishment, urged on by his indignant wife, he did, with the help of bystanders, raise him and tie him onto the crux near the city gates. In his vulnerable state, the Djinn was then subjected to verbal insults and was pelted with rotted fruit and vegetables and handfulls of camel dung that was lying about! After several hours of this, and after paying suitable ransom to Hawke, he was released.

Citizens of Ireem! Be on the watch for this unstable Djinn! There is no telling when he will go berserk again and do great damage to anyone in his path! Steer clear of this madman!

reported by Pasha Braveheart

The Chronicles has received a letter from the Palace Press Office:

Dear Editor of the Ireem Chronicles,

It is with great sadness that the Palace announces Royal Palace Guard Cowboy Boronski is leaving his job. He has been perfect in his protective duties to Sultana and those of the palace. Always polite, available, gentle and ready to pull his sword when needed. He also has helped many in need of protection in the city and out on the sands. He was helpful to every new inhabitant where he welcomed them and helped in every way he could.

Good luck, Cow.. you deserve the best !!
Your Sultana

Cowboy is clever and that was proven in the latest rescue of Countess Page and Impertrix Avery Allegrant.

Co-Leader of the Undeads Davey Spanton wanted Juliet's baby in exchange for the release of Countess Page Siegel and Impertrix Avery Allegrant. Palace Royal Guard Cowboy Boronski did not pull his sword but with his clever wit went to Juliet Silverfall (LIam's Mother) explaining the situation telling her of his idea. He then took a doll and with help from Juliet Silverfall wrapped the doll in Liam's (Juliet's baby) poopy diaper and bundling cloth to cover the dolls scent from the undead Co-Leader Davey Spanton.

Cow came back to the Combs refusing to set the babe (doll) down till Davey released Countess Page and Impertrix Avery Allegrant.... So Davey released the prisoners..

Countess Page recalls; as I was led out of the Combs I heard juliet yell Run Page Run.... Cow set the doll down and ran catching up to me grabbing me by the arm pullling me all the way to the palace. I am thankful for how Valiant Cow was and how my humble sister Bedu Juliet had worked together for our release.... Juliet later told me it was all Cows idea... I say yes but it was Juliet's frantic voice that led Davey to believe this was real....

Cow you will be very missed by us all in the Palace... I am sure Talib will miss you kicking him in the shins to wake him up.

Countess Page Siegel
Secretary to Sultana


Let's salute the hero Cow who had outwitted Davey with a doll!

EVENT: Blue Lagoon Cafe

Sunday, August 14, 12 pm (noon) sl time.

Please come join us and relax after a morning of cap'ing prey.

Join us in hearing the talented yaYoo Pralou play the sitar at the Blue Lagoon Cafe in KoS 2 on Sunday, August 14 starting at 12 pm (noon) slt time. We will have a few girls bellydancing to his sultry rhythm.

We also have fine wine and food for those who work up an appetite *winks*.

Hope to see you there!

Misti and Polo

A message from our beloved Sultana:

"Salaam everybody..!
I have the pleasure to inform you that we have a new Captain of the Guards and Lonesome is her name. I am sure that many know her and her bravety and her loyality! We will feel safer with a captain like her around.


The Chronicles would like to congratulate Lady Lonesome on her appointment. We would schedule a chat with her soon about her thought of this news.

EVENT: Arabesque Café


Brittainy Collins and Nena Easterwood, proprietors of the beautiful Arabesque Café, invite the citizens of Ireem to join them and their dancers for events scheduled each week.

1001 Arabian Nights Storytelling Thursdays at 7 p.m.
Ireem’s most eloquent orators will enthrall you with amazing stories of folk lore. It’s rumored that a lineup of prestigious dignitaries will serve as guest orators from time to time.

Harem Nights Fridays at 4 p.m.

Belly dancing did you say? Only the most talented Belly dancers, including the latest winner of the popular SlavesHead Competition, will grace the stage and perform for your entertainment. Happy hour includes hejira, wine and cheese.

Don’t miss out on the fun!


Trusted sources close to the chronicles told us of a horrible incident involving none other than the loathsome putrid undead Davey, who appears to have sunken to a new low, even for an undead!

After a confrontation with Alina over his infidelity, Davey attacked the pregnant Alina causing her, Countess Page, Myth and Juliet to put a spell on him in order to get him to apologize. The collateral effect of the spell, amusingly, resulted in rendering Davey impotent! A well earned dilemma for the despicable scoundrel!

As you might expect, this infuriated the already unstable miscreant. Launching an attack on all four women, he was able to capture the beloved Countess Page and carried her off to the dark disgusting catacombs as the others screamed in horror!

Alina, even in her delicate condition, ran quickly to get her Aunt Avery, a Knight of Ireem, to handle the situation. Fortunately for Countess Page, Davey was unable to rape her due to his temporary emasculated state. However, that didn’t stop him from whipping her mercilessly. Courageously, Avery charged to the catacombs to secure Page’s freedom. Sadly, the scum of the catacombs was able to capture Avery complicating the already horrific situation.

Knowing that the undead have had an unexplainable and sadistic obsession with the babies of Ireem, Juliet and Cow cleverly hatched a plan to trick the unsuspecting, and not so bright, Davey. Cow approached Davey with the proposition to trade Juliet’s baby Liam for the two captives. After much haggling, the transfer was made and cow quickly escaped with the grateful women before Davey realized he had been made a fool of! Davey realized, only after they were gone, that he had been duped with a mere doll and not the precious Liam!

Mothers of Ireem! Guard your babies closely for the undead will not stop until they get what they want… Your precious newborns! It was reported that Davey was heard growling “Babies have a special purpose.” What can this special purpose be? What horrors await our treasured infants in the belly of the catacombs?

The Chronicles will stay on this investigation until we uncover the unholy plan of the dastardly undead!

Reported by Pasha Braveheart

Proprietors of the SlavesHead Inn, Am Demina and MeBo Grut, sponsored a spectacular Dance Contest today in their establishment. The event was well attended as the Kingdom's most beautiful and talented belly dancers competed for prizes and the prestige of being the best of Ireem. Pairs of dancers competed and were judged until the final two dancers faced off for the finale. The crowd cheered as past grudges and animosities were forgotten for this brief interlude of community bonding and enjoyment.

The dancers were judged not just on their dancing skills but also on their attire and their ability to enthrall the audience. It's a proud day for the Chronicles since it's own Pasha Braveheart carried off the first prize and earned the distinction of being the best of Ireem!

Pasha said of her win, "I am thrilled and very honored with the win! I am so very humbled by the support of the citizens of Ireem. My compeditors were all very beautiful and most talented. I can't believe I won!".

Pasha's husband, Hawke beamed saying "I am very proud of my wife." The second place prize went to Maryam Camino, and the third place went to Sayuri. Also competing were Noriah Macarthur and Leslie Beaumont.

Countess Page was observed raising her glass to toast the hosts and compeditors saying, "Thank you for the dance contest which has shown us the finest dancers!" Am and MeBo promised another amazing event next month.

ARTICLE: A benevolent Act

It's not so often that the Chronicles can report on an act of such benevolence but one of Ireem's great citizens, Juliet, of the Dolphin Baths, came to the rescue of a beautiful young women, Tasha, enslaved by the disgusting cutthroat lowlife Dayan

In recent weeks, Tasha has been in Juliet's employ at the baths where she has become quite popular for her talent at bathing customers and skillfully delivering the most relaxing massages. Much praise has been relayed to Juliet on Tasha's abilities and the girl has helped to increase the number of clients visiting the baths desiring her services.

Unfortunately, the word of Tasha's skills reached the ears of the miserable brut, Dayan. who was prowling the city looking to capture a slave. The unsuspecting Tasha was captured by the vile predator as she left the baths to run an errand for Juliet. One can only guess about what she went through at the hands of that meanspirited thug.

Shockingly, Juliet heard Dayan announcing the sale of a slave, and wondering what happened to her precious Tasha, she immediately put two and two together! She ran faster than she ever did to get toTasha before some lecherous beast bought her to do unspeakable things to her! You may remember that Juliet recently gave birth and still somewhat weak from her ordeal, she was panting and gasping for breath as she reached the auction block.

To Juliet's dismay she saw her sweet Tasha trembling with tears streaming down her face. She also saw that the notorious slaver Am, known for torturing his slaves mercilessly, was already there eyeing poor Tasha up and down. To Tasha's credit, she must have resisted Dayan fiercely since he was heard complaining about her noncomplance with his demands resulting in him wanting to sell her. Am was more than happy to take the challenge of breaking Tasha's spirit and started the bidding offering a goat along with his bid. Juliet, already hurting financially due to her recent acquisition of the baths, engaged in a bidding war with Am, determined to save her Tasha from a the cruel life of slavery.

As the bidding continued, Am eventually walked away in disgust conceding to Juliet grumbling that he can catch is own slaves. Dayan released Tasha shoving her toward Juliet while muttering obscenities. Tasha fell into juliet's arms sobbing uncontrollably and thanking her for her kindness.

It does our hearts good to know that there is still a glimmer of selfless charity here amidst the dangers that lurk in the dark corners of our community

~ Pasha Braveheart

Chronicles can reported that the continuous violence from the Undead toward newborn babies are reaching the new disgusting low

Teena, the vile undead who is under the command of Davey, was seen once again attacking mothers and babies in the city today. It was believed that his aim was to snatches the babies and takes them to the catacomb for comsumption. After some heroic fight back from the Knights of our city, they managed to fend off the undead and send him back to his master Davey's side at the catacomb.

This increase of violence toward the vulnerable ones in the city had angered many people in the city. Majority of the people the Chronicles had spoken to are up in arms about this latest trend of violence started off by Davey when he attacked several pregnant women recently. Already there are stories about plan to capture Teena and send him to the torture chamber of Granny Robyn.

The Knights would like remain everyone to be cautious when travelling in and around the city, especially those with babies or little children. Also anyone who has any information that can lead to the arrest of Teena, will be handsomely rewarded by a joint fund of the Chronicles' Office and the Newly established " Stop Violence Against Women Union", headed by Lady Raven and Granny Robyn of the magi tower.

Despite the best efforts from the Undead trying to kill of new babies, Ireem is actually experiencing a baby boom recently. Our writer Pasha had catch up with one of them recently.....

Ireem is a place where citizens enjoy community, friendship, delicious foods from many cultures, music, dance and romance. It's place where weary travelers find comfort and relaxation. Many travelers decide to make Ireem their home when they realize they can earn a living here at the many trades avaiable in the kingdom. Now, that's not to say that Ireem is a utopia. We all know that is not the case. As reported in the chronicles, we have more than our share of pickpockets, armed robbers, disgusting and dangerous undeads, horrid rapists, violent slavers and a myriad of despicable beasts.

Amid all the chaos, unbelieveably, two of our esteemed citizens have chosen to bring children into the world here in our great city.

Our beloved head physician, Anna, gave birth to baby girl Rin just two weeks ago. There's never been a prouder mother and she is content to raise her precious Rin in the City under her watchful eyes and those of the other physicians. You may have read the report about the attack on Anna and baby Rin by the horrible undead Teena. Rest assured that both Anna and baby Rin have fully recovered from that traumatic event.

Juliet, owner of the Dolphin Baths, gave birth to baby boy Liam just last month. Gently holding his fingers between hers, she smiled and said ... "a lot of people are starting to think about having a baby". It does seem that a trend has been started here in Ireem recently. Juliet doesn't share the same contentment with Ireem as the good physician. "Ireem is not the place to raise a child. When he is bigger I plan to take him to a more safe place for a bedu child to grow up." Recently taking over the Dolphin Baths, Juliet speculates that she expects more people to come to the baths since she's made a great effort to sanitize them. Proclaiming the benefits of visiting the baths, she said, "... well aside from the general hygene improving, people might be able to get some of the built up tension relieved from their bodies." She acknowledged that there are too many people in Ireem involved in arguments and altercations.
She added. "the baths are a good place to gather and talk about what's happening". She provides her own hand made soaps and oils to help provide a relaxed atmosphere.

On the matter of babies, one questions the logic of the undead following this baby trend, but Alina has been seen with a swollen belly which strikes fear in the hearts of the citizens of Ireem. Could it be that the demon spawn of the notorious undead Davey lives in Alina's womb? Trembles at the thought!

- Pasha Braveheart

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