As earlier reported, the wedding of the two undeads Chantalle Atlass and Marcus Audeburgh originally was planed to happen in the catacombs. But since when do things in our beloved Kingdom go according to the plan !
Before the ceremony could start, people started gathering at the well to convoy the couple to the catacombs. Undeads, citizen, magis, djinn and slaves...everyone united to celebrate the happy couple. A sound like wings flapping rose up in the air as the citizen looked up to see what this is, a murmur went through the crowd. The gigantic dragon Cybelle came flying straight down to the crowd and a loud familiar voice shouted down " That's right, BAD MAN in the house!", riding the dragon was the well known Bedouin Sheik MasterJ Swashbuckler !
Asked to officiate the wedding as one of the couple's closest friends, he of course could not simply walk over from his camp, or at least ride a camel ! No ! This grand entrance and the try to land in the middle of the waiting crowd released a mass hysteria and all citizen ran away, fighting to find their way through the sandstorm that the dragon brought up with its wings ! Many tried to hide behind the hill, some of them are still missed and for sure buried under the desert sand. The ceremony finally started half an hour later then expected. MJ, still grining about the mess he brought up earlier, threatened the few watching people that dared to come back up on the hill: "I see you all up there and I am taking names for after........ now get off !" Three people ran away in fear, the rest just ignored his words and decided to stay.
Undead Anneliese Wolfenhaut was seen drooling as she looked from MJ to a foreign stranger that came to witness the marriage of his friends. The mysterious man disappeared during the ceremony too, Anneliese later was seen licking her lips with a satisfied smile. We still try to find out what happened.
Chantalle's mother Xan Baran could not hold back her tears anymore as the Minister started his speach "Welcome, A/all to the joining of this fine woman Channie, and this rare breed of fella Marcus, both outstanding citizens of the sand. Although lacking in pulse, their love is very evident in all that they do."
After more words, some threats and curses, he asked for the rings as Undead Jester Kahdoosch sliped the rings out of his pocket, slid them over Hat's bells and inclined his head so they fell forward into the Ministers hands. The Minister grabbed both their hands and slid a ring on each finger "Now before the final blessing from Me, High Priest of Yaghaith, any words from the bride or groom?"
Chantalle nodding at MJ peeked over Marcus "We said no vows, but I must say a word...May I ?" as she turned to him smiling, stating as followed (short version): "Once a Master explained to me His so called Chaos theory [...]: "It turns out there are few things that are more chaotic than that of a human heart. Speeding up, slowing down, pretty face, flight of stairs, it’s always changing no matter what happens. It’s an erratic son-of-a-bitch. Most important thing about love is we choose to give it. And we choose to receive it, making it the least random act in the entire universe. It transcends blood, it transcends betrayal, and all that dirt that makes us human. If you can figure that out, they've got nothing on you." Basicly, what I want to say is that you can learn how to emend ones prerogative by simply listening and learning. My husband tought that to me that in these months of love. That one must take and one must give. Without no questions.That love is wise and can’t ever, ever broke your wings.[...] How to explain this love ? I just can’t. This love passion between my soul and my husband is obsessed and powerfull. [...] Words are meaningless but I must repeat it…I love you, Marcus!"
The groom, overwhelmed by her words quietly answered: "You leave me speechless. I love you too and I will prove it with actions forever."
Turning to the Minister he nodded "Procede, My friend" and the Sheik loudly stated "Let's no man or woman speak, as I now pronounce you two, Man and wife, Marcus, you may begin rocking her world". Marcus kissed Chanty passionately and the crowd started shouting their congrats to the newlyweds.
After drawing some sketches as a memory, the party began and the citizen of Ireem celebrated together with the happy couple until the early morning. Dear Chanty, Dear Marcus: The reporters of the Chronicles wish you both a happy, love filled life together !... finishing this with quoting the Minister ""LET THE LOVING BEGIN!"

Let us welcome our new gossip columnist, mysteriously called " The Muse". To make it easier for her to get the latest information (some call it spying, but hey) she wants to stay anonymous of course !

"Gather near for I have much to tell. Lean a bit closer. We would not want these juicy bits of gossip to get about now would we? I have much to tell. Such exciting news! I almost know not where to begin.

It seems the Djinn have much to rejoice and have done so in over abundance, though I am not sure the Slavers will enjoy their attempts. *chuckles* . This Muse has learned of the impending nuptials of Lady Kerri, Physician of Ireem and the Djinn Addison. A joyful event, but one that is doubly blessed. I just happened to be near when I overheard the news as she was speaking with friends. Then this morning, when I thought it could not get any better, it was discovered she was to have twin girls. A Djinn pregnancy is rare but one of twins is even rarer. Can we say double trouble with a capital D and T? These were the words I just happened to overhear from the lady herself… "There is great cheer and celebrating in the Kingdom of Ireem as the Djinn family announces the marriage of Djinn Addison Lexenstar to the lovely Palace Physician Kerri Kowalski. The Djinn wish to express their welcoming of deeper friendship now of the Palace and the Djinn through this union. The couple was wed in a small private event and due to the potency of the Djinn magic after their wonderful day is now expecting twin girls. This is a momentous occasion as it has been many years since a Djinn child has been born and even rarer is the occasion of the expectation of twins in Ireem."

Congratulations Lady Kerri and Addison, may hearts be filled with joy and your patience never fail!

The Djinn always love a celebration as we all know. They took this news as a chance to be merry and drink a toast. Numerous toasts. Where you may ask did they find so much to drink? Where else, but the Slavers camp would have such fine Rum? It was noted that three of the Djinn were seen frolicking the night away as they emptied several casks of fine rum. One Djinn, in particular, it seems rum agrees with her too much. One has to wonder what the slavers will do with the field of strawberries and daisies she left when she stumbled away blindly and not quite steadily. Before she left she was heard singing loudly to her sister who lay curled up in the coals, while she drank port. Hmm, mayhap she should have asked Raiden, the Slavers Leader before she snuck his port from the ship?In the end one cannot say the Djinn do not know how to be merry and celebrate. Until next time…

The Muse"

Long have the slavers wantonly attacked everyone in this realm with no reason. After many attacks on my own Magi, I sought out the slaver leader Raiden.

I warned him that if these random attacks continued the Magi would gather and bring down curses on the entire slaver group. Each curse lasting twenty four hours, until such time as the slavers learned even a little restraint.

Sadly my message was not heeded. As this morning the barbarian Duc has captured two slavers again. His only reason for doing so was that " They were standing idly in my desert."

In response to this several Magi gathered this morning. Combining our power we called upon the great guardians of the four ancient elements. With their help we called down the first curse against the barbaric slavers tribe.

For the next twenty four hours the slavers will all find themselves lethargic. All of there movements will be slowed as their limbs weigh heavily down upon them. Their feet sluggish and their sword arms so heavy they can barely swing. (( Easily Rpd by walking rather then running for the allotted time.))

Let us hope this one curse is enough to make the slavers think for one moment before sticking their sword in someone. If the attacks by them continue more curses will follow.

"I would like to inform the readers of the Chronicles of a wonderous event. My apprentice Ravid, the beautiful woman from the far east, is with child. I know many have had their doubts about me in the past, but be safe in the knowledge that I am now entrusted with the magiks of life and will hold true.
This is also a warning to all. Do not tred upon this occasion. I ask out of respect that all will keep my beloved safe in her pregnancy. Also I would like to announce that we have deemed the Djinn Gara as the official gaurdian of our child, and thank her for her help in learning of the pregnancy. She was wonderful in her assistance, and we thank all the Djinn for their support."

The Undead family invites the worthy citizens of Ireem to witness the spectacle of two of their own binding themselves together for all of eternity in unholy matrimony. Master of Darkness Marcus Audeburgh and Ambassador Chantalle Atlass, daughter of Xan Baran and Aizen Wind, will marry next Saturday 29th, 2 pm SL Time.
The wedding shall be officiated by Undead Leader, Lord Damien Sack, whose blessing upon the marriage will surely result in many long years of happiness for the blessed couple. The event will be held in the catacombs, but we are working slaves to death to clean the place, so you won't have to worry about rabid rat bites.
This is a joyful occasion for the Undeads, as consensual marriages are so rare in our family (not to mention consensual sex), and therefore the wedding will be followed by a party for all guests.

The Kos Sisterhood uses secret potion to torture the males for their insatiable sexual appetite!
The Kos Sisterhood is fast growing in numbers as all female factions have joined to continue the uprise against the Ireem men. After the "small" defeat they faced during the war of the sexes , it is reported that only the Sisterhood torturer Tera Turbo managed to stay free while all the other sisters were locked up in the dungeon before being auctioned for relatively low prices as it is well known the men can only count to 10.
After much thought and consideration, it was wisely decided the next rebellion should not involve swords but a much deadlier weapon.... the only thing a man can’t resist.... yes indeed.... a women’s natural sexuality! Only in this case it would not cause them pleasure but excruciating pain. Thanks to the help of the sisterhood Magi, a secret potion was created that was to be smeared on the men's skin. Once applied, the sisters would tease and flirt, which would lead the men to horrible pain in their groin each time they had sexual thoughts.
Now, with the raw sexuality dripping from the lovely ladies of Ireem the reaction was guaranteed. One of the sisters in particular, Sylvia Tiraxibar, usually known for her angelic face and exemplary knight behaviour, managed to wipe out most of the male population with her devilicious flirting! She is now known within the sisterhood as The Temptress.
As expected, the potion certainly was a success! Males were seen all over Ireem on their knees begging for the pain to stop and promising never to look at a women again unless it was their own and to treat them all as their equal. However, things dont change overnight and as one may have predicted the men did not stay true to their word. As soon as the potion's efffects wore off, they got up on the laszy bums and tried to capture some of the sisters for revenge. According to a message intercepted today, the sisterhood is already planning another uprise very soon and this time they will manage to turn those lazy bums into real men !!!
Shev Clarity - Leader
Kitty Maggs - Pimp Mistress

Well good readers it is election time again. This time it is the Bedouin’s turn. Read the following statements carefully and decide who is the best to lead you.

April Axel
Sits down and makes herself comfortable on a cushion, slowly sipping a hot cup of fragrant tea. In the relative safety of the Bedouin camp she ponders what made her seek election as Bedouin Leader.

Now lets see.... the last leader was Sando Nagy and before him was de facto Leader MasterJ Swashbuckler and before him Jonathan Moriarty and before him Ponzio Rossini, the founder of our tribe. A pattern is emerging here... no female leaders. Well, that is definitely going to change after this election, the only question is .. which female will lead the bedouin?

Looks around the tent and all I see are empty cushions. Outside, near the fire, Helena is snoozing (you snore sis!!!). Where are all the famous dancing Bedouin? Why can't I hear the constant chatter of prey discussing their Master's prowess? I cannot hear the friendly banter of brothers teasing sisters. They have all but disappeared, camp is deserted. I feel a pang of sadness.

This has to change. We have to bring our brothers and sisters back to torment the undead, who are breeding like rats - they need controlling. The slavers run amok - let's send them scampering to their camp. We will be a force to be reckoned with, so once again our camp will be a hive of activity and the hub of Ireem.

We Bedouin will proudly roam the sands, taking ownership of Bedu Hill and anyone who is foolish enough stand there.

I want each Bedouin to feel as important as any other brother or sister, be they a tribesman or a Sheikh. We will openly share thoughts and ideas. I will always try to make the best decision based on the views and feelings of the tribe.

Due to our nomadic lifestyle, I know it is difficult for all of us to be in camp at the same time, but I propose to have discussions around the campfire at various times to accommodate my roaming brothers and sisters.

If elected, I will do my utmost to lead by example. Once again you will see the Ships of the Desert freely traversing the sands carrying goods to all points of the compass.
You will hear the sound of happy voices floating from the Bedouin camp on the desert winds.

Just remember brothers and sisters ... the best man for the job is a wo-man.....THIS wo-man!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish my rivals all the luck they deserve.

Born a Bedouin
Lives as a Bedouin
Will die as a Bedouin ( of old age)

Leena Xue
Having been part of the Bedouin tribe since November I have seen 3 leaders. None have seemed to last or made great changes. Our numbers are dwindling, our position in the sands threatened more and more each day. The Bedouins are not the strong tribe of Ireem they once were. This time, even if I am not chosen there will be change. The strong women of the tribe have chosen to take leadership. Both April and Kylara are worthy of leadership. My goal would be to make our membership strong again. Bring interest into the Bedouin tribe. See our direction toward more than the hatred of the undead. Its time to support our Sultana and take back the sands.

Kylara Kuhn

Known as Jasmine, people know I've always been a Bedu at heart, even if not pure breed.

Not everybody is the same. As a leader I will see it as my job to try and get Bedouins with different personalities to get along with each other, making our tribe stronger by filling up each other's gaps (really, I swear this is not meant as pun) .

The biggest thing for me to accomplish: To get people to have fun together again. For that, I need to try and create an atmosphere in which it is again great to be a Bedouin. Too long, I have seen people defect because they were bored being one. Regular events ((roleplays or hunts)) will be set up and people encouraged to actively participate in them and what happens in the tribe.

I have a good idea of what is possible and what I want to accomplish. I will spread those ideas, opening myself up for better ones. But once I think there is enough potential (this includes people of other groups): ACT upon it. Too often I see good ideas badly or not executed at all, leaving people with a discontented feeling where it could have been big fun instead. The ideas I (or others) have to get to the next thing to accomplish will be summarized and given to all relevant people. This includes the whole tribe and possibly leaders or specific persons of other groups.

Long term objectives:
- Our tribe must stand together once more, like we did in the past, being the absolute force out in our beloved desert.
- Step out of our neutral roles and actively take sides with whoever seems best for us at a certain moment.
- Encourage people to not do what we usually do first: swing our swords (yes, this includes me). Sure, there is a time that swords are needed but not always.
- Talk with other leaders to set up group wide activities ((roleplays)) where it is no longer a competition about who is the best or meanest character, but simply a matter of having fun together in a fairly directed environment.

Short term objectives:
- We Bedouins are a fun and dance loving tribe but seeing our men or possible a captured slave boy swaying and undulating their hips like a slave girl in heat really doesn't work. ((Meaning I will try to get Kora the place a dance jar with male dances in it)).
- Publicly apologize to the Sultana and distancing ourselves from the bad name we have gotten when our previous leader called her a traitor.

I see my role as possible leader not to be contented to have my face on a sign. I will not write scrolls about what is expected in behavior (maybe give directions but it's up to others to see what they want to do with it). Instead I see the role as a great way to create and inform people of possible fun and encourage them to actively participate in it.

Can I do this alone? No, a leader only lives by the power given and that leadership can be revoked at any given time. I am sure I will not be able to make everybody happy but the least I will do is listen to what people say and what general direction the majority of the group wants to go to. That direction is then chosen and when there are people not complying with it once in a while... Well, maybe the next time?

The Chronicles recieved an anonymous letter from a member of the already very famous "Sisterhood". As we all noticed, their special interest at the moment lays on stirring up the male population of Ireem, which makes the following scroll even more interesting ! But read by yourself:
"Dear Ireem Chronicles Reporters!
We have just borne witness to the wrath and fury of unhappy women in the past few days in Ireem. Yes, woman have been a largely neglected bunch in this land. Hence, I call upon you reporters to begin a new column in the chronicles that would appease womankind in Ireem. This column should feature the most eligible bachelor in Ireem for the current month. Since there are no entries for this month, I declare the below mentioned male as the most eligible bachelor for this month:
Most Eligible Bachelor in Ireem (August)
Name: Vermilion Darkfold
Status: Single
Age: Does it Matter?
Clan: Undead
Favorite Haunts: Can be seen in the combs, self-reflecting and praying in the chapel above the knights camp, or preying on the knights below it
Hobbies: Collecting human thumb, spleen, brain and also weaving a tapestry of knight hair
Meet Vermilion Darkfold, a man so eloquent and articulate, he could put most mortals to shame. This man is also the epitome of all fairness in Ireem. When recently asked whether he was biased to hugging slave girls than other mortals he replied "Don't get me wrong. I hug and kill equally....I don't discriminate."If you are tired of hearing the lame pick-up lines of the slaver and bedu boys, ladies, Vermilion Darkfold is a breathe of fresh air. For those women who are still into outward appearances I say, 'Look at his heart ladies, it overflows (quite literally)'. I hereby declare this adorable undead as Ireem's Most Eligible Bachelor for this month.
Source: KOS Sister"
Dear reader, I was really amused reading this and the idea behind I personally find awesome ! I would even go further and hereby ask for the Most Eligible Bachelorette in Ireem aswell ! Please do not hesitate and send me your recommendations for the next male and female! The announcement you will find in the paper in september ! Please Do not forget to explain why this special person should be voted for, their characteristics and what makes him or her so unique ! Thank you Sisterhood for this inspiration !

I received this scroll and accompanying sketch from the Djinn leader Indigo. I personally found it quite humorous and thought to share it with all of you good readers........

Recently the slaver leader ..Raiden, I think his name is, approached me and gave me a small sketch and a scroll describing how he and some undead broke into the realm and had ,there idea of a party.

It seemed to involve taking a cannon and a camel (who brings a camel to a party !! )up to the djinn realm and destroying the place .. ripping up cushions and well....... peeing on things ...

I have come to expect such poor manners from slavers (I know you tried jig ). I admit I was annoyed I took one of the bottles of rum Raiden has given me in "friendship" only weeks earlier, I had not drunk it being suspicious of its contents. I poured its contents on the ground and hit him over the head with it to show him how I felt ...

The foolish mortal kept mumbling about how the djinn had something he wanted ...
I tried to explain that the best way to get something from a djinn is NOT by force, but with gifts, bribes and shameless begging.......

poor man just kept on threatening me and my kin with his "cannon"
.. well that's hardly going to impress a girl is it ?

Clearly slavers have no nice place to have a party and no one to invite if they had one except a few undead and a camel .. I felt pity for the poor man.... so I decided to help him out .

I organized a redecorating crew to go down to the slaver ship , I thought I'd spruce the place up a bit ..give it a make over ..

As you can probably see by the sketch I have included we had some fun painting the ship in loverly rainbow shades so the slavers can get more color in there poor mundane lives...

We shimmied up the mast and hung ribbons right along the mainsail ..and dyed the sails a pretty shade of soft pink... well we go a bit over exited and started to graffiti the sails, the scorpion just didn't “do it” for me so I gave the ship a new name and wrote it in rainbow colors on the sail...

We toped it of with a boat naming ceremony and have renamed the ship the “ss undead bitch “ we would like to see her cutting through the waters proudly ...with her new look ..

Seeing as we had been there a while we got a little bored and had a little disco / light show … some music , giggles, a unicorn ,a large rainbow flag and some cookies .. We hope the slavers enjoy there ship now its much prettier and think of us when ever they use it …

*oh I should warn you I also did something to the rum but I'm not telling , except I would not drink it if I were you could be hallucinogenic ..djinn know how to have a proper party
xxxxxx indigo

This past weekend the magi of Ireem held their first conclave, to determine the best direction for their future. Many Magi both new and old were in attendance. Several important decisions were reached that all of Ireem should be made aware of.

First the Magi voted to end their formal alliance with the Knights of Ireem, In the belief that this will make it easier to interact with all the peoples of Ireem. All people of all groups and affiliations may now request the assistance of any Magi.

In this respect the Magi wish it to be known that they have been blocking the powers of the battle mage and leader of the Knights Seraf Clip. We were made aware of his ability to control the elements by our fellow Magi in the land of his birth before his arrival here on the shores of Ireem. In a good will gesture to the Knighthood we have decided to stop blocking his abilities. In the hopes that all concerned can move forward in the spirit of friendship.

Second, the Magi will continue to offer enchanted tattoos to all the people of Ireem for the cost of 100 dinar. If you require magical protection seek out and speak to the leader of the Magi.

The magi would like to wish safe paths and cool breezes to all the people of Ireem.

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