It was brought to our attention that Sir Dano stepped down as Knights Leader this night ! New interim Leader is our beloved and well known Jordina McGinnis until a new election can be held.

Quote of Sir Dano Wylie:
"Jordi had proven her self many times here and will be there when needed."

We thank Dano for his great work as Knight Leader and wish him all the best for the future ! Congratulations to our "First Knight" Jordina, the best wishes and enough strength to keep the bunch of knights together !

Gain an Audience with the Sultana!
The Sultana will hear your praise and any concerns for her kingdom THIS Saturday Feb. 28th at 1pm SLT. This is rare chance to speak to the Beloved Sun of Ireem.
You may praise her Majesty or ask for a boon, such as gold or land, or for relief of any back taxes and penalties. You may ask any questions of her that you wish, or discuss with her any reasonable subject, within the bounds of courtesy and respect.
Only a limited number of audiences will be granted so make your appointment now !
IM Second Minister Kadar Jayaram or the Sultana's Secretary Lady Mirna Muggins to make an appointment.

Considering the mistakes that were made recently, our dear Jasmine and Sage are obviously a bit overworked !

Already writing a little piece from time to time, Jasmine offered me to poste some of the latest news by myself. I could not resist that opportunity and of course her charm ( who could ?) and accepted the job with pleasure !

Now seriously working for her, it is beyond all question that I will perform the task conscientiously ! You of course can expect - as we are already used from Jasmine and Sage - that every poste is placed with the necessary accuracy in ensuring objective reporting.

So do not hesitate to drop me a notecard and /or a sketch whenever you have something interesting to tell ! Tell me about your flirts, your naughty incidents or any experiences you have made! Or maybe you would like me to reveal some of the corrupt and mad people, which I am sure we find a lot in Ireem ?

Whatever it is, I am looking forward to many funny, echanting, hilarious but also nasty, sad or horrible stories to write about !


Postscript: Please ignore my reputation as troublemaker, this is of course an egregious lie and not in the slightest established !

It's my personal belief that sand is completely underrated by the citizens of our fine land. There's lots of different types of sand in Ireem, each having their own virtues, but nobody seems to recognize this fact. So, I'm decided in the best interest of learning to hastily create those 50-part series, "1001 Things you can do with Sand". Enjoy!

Can't publish this yet!

Participants: The Sultana, Kadar Jayaram (Minister), Lady Kerri, Mirna Muggins, Elysa Swansong (Palace Scribe), Jasmine (Reporter)

Thoughts I need to put down between the lines without actually writing them or I will not live long:

- The Sultana found it necessary to have her own scribe with this interview. She is obviously told I can't be trusted!
/* Kadar? That would explain why he asked if the Sultana's scribe could have access, to directly place articles in the Chronicles => He might want to take over the press. Reason => He has lots he wants to hide for the real press! Careful with him as he is definitely the smooth talker and the Sultana seems blinded by all he says. */

- Was it actually the Sultana I interviewed or her lackeys? As soon as the questions started to become a little sharper, the Sultana let others answer for her.
/* Sultana does not often answer herself. Need to dig deeper to see if she is just too arrogant, not trusting herself or others just interrupt her. */

- Why was it that the Minister so often begged to be allowed to answer a question and why did he get away with interrupting? He obviously loves and manages himself to be heard often.
/* Follow up article: “Where lies the true power of Ireem?” */

- Why did the Minister react so defensively when I asked about the Sultana's daily chores?
/* His words: "chores are what workers do" proves he is looking down on people. Can't do anything with that as this is what can be expected from one as he. */
/* Was the Sultana not supposed to answer the simple question like she did? "My dear, as Sultana I have my duties too. To be informed about what happens in the city... Trying to stop any arguments and war". => Answer seems innocent enough so why did the Minister keep nagging on about semantics? Need to dive deeper into this as there are no true answers yet */

- Questions about 5000 Dinar of tax-money used for senseless bounty are not appreciated. The Sultana insisted it was her own personal money.
/* Did she mean because it was already paid by the taxpayers? */

- She told me for each 1000 earned, only 2 tax was paid.
Estimated wealth of the Sultana: well over K$ 3,000,000.
Estimated population in and around Ireem: 15,000
Each person pays tax of: 3,000,000/15,000 = K$ 200
The average wealth for someone in or around Ireem then should be: 200/2*1000 = K$ 100,000!
The real average wealth might be no higher than K$ 300
/* She can not calculate or she's lying! Need to spend an article on her huge wealth! */
/* Conclusion to the previous note: Yes, she considers it her full right to take the money of the working class. Possible header for the article: "Up over the worker's back". No, too hard, that will never be accepted! */

- Asking about the horrible conditions Jaril was kept in, made the Sultana laugh and react: "What miserable conditions? She deserved that... and I think we were too good with her". Then she let Lady Kerrina talk about all the nasty things Jaril did when she was NOT LIABLE and Lady Kerrina even took the conclusion: "It is by grace she was not tortured... and left alive for me to examine her". The Sultana nodded and responded: "This is the truth, my dear jasmine..."
/* How can I in Allah's name put this in the Chronicles without immediately incriminating myself? */
/* Why does even the normally so soft and decent Lady Kerrina agree that it is a grace that someone not liable is not tortured? Kadar? => Again proof that the power of Ireem is found at the ones close to, and behind the throne? */

/* Need to finish this later and make it to a coherent piece in which I am nice to everybody like I'm expected to. Too tired now, I need to sleep first... */


Just a quick little breaking news update everyone!

Earlier today I caught the slaver Solsinn Franizzi in a very entertaining chase across the desert. I was feeling generous to Ireem, so I implanted a cute hypnotic suggestion in her to orgasm whenever someone says the word "Sister" around her. Please enjoy her as she's quite the wonderful toy like this... particularly if you can strip her first.
Send drawings if you do!


BREAKING NEWS FROM INS (Ireeem News Service)
Slaver Leader Jaril is Captured
The slaver leader Jaril has been captured by the palace.

There are claims that she is innocent and only an examination by a palace official can discover the truth. The evidence will be presented to the Sultana this week with her life on the line.

Citizens are the backbone of the city of Ireem, and make up the main part of the kingdom's infastructure with their business ventures. Two candidates stepped up to lead the citizens of the kingdom, and here are thier questionnaire answers:

1. So you're a citzen of Ireem! Why did you choose this role over being a predator?

YELENA: Well, I was born into a family of privilege but beyond that I am just a peaceful person. Even after I was tragically separated from my family and their wealth I have chosen to be an honest person and bring honor to my family and the way I was brought up. I work hard and I am satisfied in knowing that my achieving success is based on my own merits and no one else’s.

ULRIC: I was what the people of Ireem call a predator when I first arrived. After many years of leading mercenary armies and war bands throughout Europa I found that I needed to get out of Byzantium quickly. The Janissaries don’t like Westerners at the best of times and the Janissary commander took a particular dislike to me. The fastest way out of the Empire was by sea and the only available passage was aboard a slaver bound for Ireem. I signed on with the captain and had to serve for some time after I arrived in the desert. It did not take me long to realise that many of the crew at the time were insane sadists intent on rape and pillage rather than on capturing and selling quality slaves. I befriended a few of the crew but I quickly paid off my debt to the captain and considered returning to Europa.

I am now convinced that it was fate which led me to stumble on the last Innkeeper of the Ship Inn when I did. I found him lying in a doorway, bleeding from stab wounds and near death. He didn’t know who I was but as I tried to make him comfortable he exhorted me to take over his Inn and show Ireem that honest and decent folk can make a living here. I have held many in my arms on the battlefield as they died, but this was different. This man impressed me because he did not weep for his life or beg the gods to visit vengeance on those that attacked him. He wept for his wife and children and for his unfinished work. He told me his plans and his passion. He wanted the Ship Inn to be a place that welcomed all and catered to their needs. He wanted prey and predators, citizens and knights to be welcome there. He wanted all to be welcome and safe in the city. I saw his vision and understood it. He begged me to promise to look after his family, take over the Ship Inn and take up his cause. I did not hesitate. I realised it was the sort of goal I had lacked since the bastard English and their Norman masters first drove me out of my beloved homeland in my youth. He died in my arms, as the sun set over the city. I carried his corpse to his family and I made sure they left the city together with his body. I bought the Inn from his widow for a handsome fee. I wrapped my sword in a cloth and lay it behind the counter, with a vow that I would only ever draw it again to protect the innocent and needy. I am now an honest citizen trying to improve this city for everyone that lives here.

2. Do you think that citizens are productive members of Ireemian society, or should they all be mercillessly hunted down and enslaved or destroyed by the predators? Explain the rationale behind your opinion.

YELENA: Laughs, If I answer yes I should have to go into hiding! Of course not, we citizens are the glue to Ireem. Regardless of what is going on between the different fractions, the citizens provide services and goods essential to everyone. We provide a much needed escape from the violence of the desert that would otherwise warp ones mind and lead to suicide.

ULRIC: What an extraordinary question. Who do you think runs Ireem? Who makes it work? Who produces the food? Who builds the buildings? Who imports the goods? Who digs the wells? Who provides the clothes, the furniture, the pottery? Who heals the sick? Who maintains the walls? The answer: citizens. Who else produces anything in Ireem? If the predators hunted the citizens to extinction then the city would cease to exist, because there would be nobody left to make a city. The citizens are the city.

3. What's your favorite business in Ireem? Why?

YELENA: My personal favorite business in Ireem is the Cafe, which is why I was so thrilled when my husband and I recently acquired ownership. The walls of the Cafe provide a safe haven to all of those who dwell within Ireem, regardless of their station in life and it provides a unique opportunity to socially meet those that you might not other wise cross paths with.

ULRIC: The Ship Inn is clearly my favourite Ireem business. Why? Because it is a genuine safe haven for all that live and work in Ireem. It is not possible to capture or to fight in my Inn. As such, I am host to all the groups provided that they respect my two rules: no capturing and no fighting. I have only ever had to ban one person for persistently breaking these rules, and he was eventually exiled for being an obnoxious idiot. In all the time since I took on the Inn I have observed that many have returned time and again to its refuge. I have saved many girls from the dangers of the desert, giving them work, a roof and food. I am proud that a few of them even became citizens of Ireem. I also like to think that we hosted some of the best events at The Ship, like Captain WongFei’s party. He certainly seemed to enjoy it. I noticed a few of the past editors of this publication also enjoyed it.

4. Describe the citizens as a whole. What characterizes all of you? Is there anything that you'd like to tell everyone about the citizens, that you don't think most people know?

YELENA: I think that the defining thing for the citizens is our general support of one another and common love of Ireem. It is a common occurrence for us citizens to lend a hand in any way that we can to one another. We don’t do it for superficial reasons such as money but rather because we just generally care about our fellow man and would like to do our part to ensure the health and vitality of Ireem.

ULRIC: The citizens are honest, hard working people that are trying to make Ireem into a better place for all. They try to help and support as many as they can, without taking sides in the various conflicts. Those who are not of the citizenry should consider something very carefully: the city of Ireem is OUR home. We built it and we maintain it. It is our camp and the other groups that coexist with us in the desert should start to pay more respect to those that strive each and every day to improve the lot of the citizens.

((OOC comment = the citizens as a group generally try very hard to create and promote good roleplay. We struggle when people run into the city and into our businesses and don’t engage with us; or worse, destroy existing RP. I have seen so many good RPers leave Ireem because of this and some more sinister behaviours. What a shame! Ireem is probably the most beautiful SIM in SL. It is deserving of good, sustained, long term RP. Some of the predators have spun out a few yarns in the past but the citizens are the only sensible option to act as a fulcrum of KOS as an RP SIM. If people just want to fight and capture then let them do that on the sands. Come to the city for RP, not fighting.))

5. Why are you the best candidate for the position of leader?

YELENA: Well I feel that my competition and I both have the common goal of unifying the Ireemian citizens and being a positive influence however I am young, smart, and enthusiastic and I have fresh ideas which I think would make me most equipped with handling the challenges that are required of such an honorable position.

ULRIC: With the exception of the wonderful Lady Kerrina, I am the longest-serving of the active citizens of Ireem. I have run my business to the benefit of all that will use it. I set up the Merchant’s Guild to promote the interests of the citizen/merchants of Ireem, and has the city so quickly forgotten that it was my stock, my generosity that enabled Kerri to manufacture the antidote when the wells of the city were poisoned? Nobody recompensed me for that and I did not complain, still do not complain. I hold it up as an example of what it means to perform one’s civic duty.

6. What plans do you have for the faction upon being elected leader?

YELENA: I am a big promoter of peace but I also think that everyone should have the ability to defend themselves and their businesses. If elected I plan on providing fighting lessons so all citizens know how to defend their businesses as well as themselves. However, I should mention that the classes would also include negotiation tactics. I feel it is important that all peaceful methods are exhausted first and that using the sword should only be used as a last alternative.

ULRIC: I intend three simple things....

I intend to improve the lot of the citizens of Ireem through a more active and assertive relationship with the Sultana and the palace. We pay taxes and support the palace and yet there is nothing done to provide protection for the citizens or their businesses. I will work hard to improve this.

I intend to work energetically with the leaders of the other factions to improve the treatment that the citizens of Ireem can expect from other groups. I still struggle to understand why the citizens have had to wait so long for an opportunity to appoint a leader. With proper leadership we can work with other factions with greater authority.

I intend to expand the enforcement of my two rules to cover the whole of the city. In other words, there will be no captures in Ireem and fighting will be outlawed. I shall remind the palace that the provision of security to their citizens is the first obligation of a sovereign. I intend to work with the Knights and the Dungeon Keepers to remind them that they have a duty to enforce these rules and protect the citizens. If that is insufficient then I have some other, more direct, ideas in mind.

7. If you could add any kind of business to the city, what would it be? What would make it special?

YELENA: Ireem is full of diversity and the different backgrounds and cultures that each resident of Ireem carries with them fascinate me. If I were to add any business. If I were to add any business it would be a museum where everyone could provide samples of art work, literature, music, and stories of their culture and offer a glimpse into their heritage and showcase what makes them special and unique.

ULRIC: As a merchant, I would like to see an import/export business set up. Our city needs to trade more with others. It will benefit the merchants and our customers. Speaking of customers, I think that they would benefit from the establishment of a slave trade overseer. There are many abuses out there. Having an officer appointed that will ensure that all slave transactions are conducted correctly and, more importantly, that transgressions are punished will, I think, improve the wellbeing of the slaves and reduce the frictions between the factions.

8. How can slaves be best utilized by the citizenry of Ireem?

YELENA: There is always work to be done within the city walls. The slaves helping out with the daily chores will be great not only for the citizens who can go home earlier in the day to spend time with their families because the work is done sooner but it is also beneficial to the slaves. The citizens, with their education, upbringing, morals, and kindness can serve as an example and provide positive influence upon the lives of the slaves whom many never have the chance to learn otherwise.

ULRIC: Any that own slaves should show kindness and compassion, treat them as valuable assets. That is not to say they should be soft... discipline is also important. However, the best slaves respond positively to being shown respect and appreciation for their contribution. That has been the case right back to the ancient civilisations. With that in mind, it is easy to see that slaves can contribute to ever business in Ireem, provided that they are trained with the necessary skills. There is a dearth of reliable labour in the city, so I certainly encourage my fellow merchants to seek out and purchase good slave helpers.

9. Any Final Throughts for Ireem?

YELENA: Faults and all Ireem is my home and I love it here, the buildings, the landscape, the weather, but most importantly the people. The people I have had the opportunity to befriend and get to know and those that I will in the future are what have stolen my heart and cause me to call this city my home. Regardless of what comes out of this election my love for Ireem and all those who share this home with me will never change.

ULRIC: The city stands at a crossroads. With good leadership and hard work we can genuinely become a haven of prosperity and happiness that will be the envy of the known world. If we do not work hard to that end then the city will continue its slide into ignorant conflict, strife and suffering. Those that currently sustain the city and provide the lifeblood of its commerce are close to exhaustion and despair. Without the citizens the city will fall into ruin and the desert will take it. I implore the citizens and people of Ireem to support the old Innkeeper’s vision for our future greatness.

Five candidates are running for the position of Leader of the Prey Council (This is similar to the Grey Council, except they like to be tied up.... and they wear skimpy outfits.... oh, and... ok, it's basically nothing like the Grey Council.) Here are the questionnaire answers from each of them:

1. Do you think the girls and boys of the sands get enough attention from the insidious predators out there? Why or why not?

SUGARKANE: I believe that we have a problem in that many new predators need to be taught the true value of our girls and boys. If elected my main goal will be to work with everyone to provide some basic training and make sure new ones are started off with the best knowledge possible. One reason many do not feel they are getting attention is possibly do to being a captured slave, or possibly they stand around the auction area too long rather then venture out into the desert! One issue is WE all know that a captured prey is, well captured... therefore some or should I say 'most' predators consider those prey off limits... Many predators don't realize they can fight for or kidnap an-others slave... That is just one example of training that I will work to bring to my role as prey leader.

FRISKIE: no I do not, they are fighting way too much these days, they need to out the rulers away every once and awhile and chase

KALIANI: Not really. Why or why not? The Predators have become a bit lazy as of late.

GRIZEL: I think sometimes too much, others they are too busy fighting over whose dick is bigger or some other drivel to keep us properly enteratained.

ALICES (aka Leesee): No.I see to much girls just dancing in the cafe. And too much pred. declaring war,only fighting the whole day I even see most of the knights are out of work a big part of the day. The prey's off Ireem deserve a bit more attention, Their are so many pretty girls and charming men in Ireem and the pred. are taking this for granted.their MUST be something done about that.

2. Describe, in EXPLICIT, GRAPHIC detail, what sexual favors you'd provide for anyone who fits your preferences that votes for you.

SUGARKANE: Hmm .. since only my brothers and sisters will be the ones allowed to vote, I really don't see where this question fits in.. for I do not perform sexual favors on my siblings.. Now, if other groups of Ireem people were allowed to vote, I would love to answer this question, since that is impossible I guess you will never know!

FRISKIE: that is between me and them, I never.....and tell

KALIANI: I will not give any sexual favors just to earn a vote.It is not in my natur

GRIZEL: Well I am a extremely sexual creature, and I do not mind sharing my blessings with people being they pred or prey but they need to be deserving as well. If the preds hands get tired trying to catch me,the ones that vote for me may not be able to write straight for a week.

ALICES (aka Leesee): Hm,I could write the most erotic story you have ever read in your life but,that would only be teasing,besides I do not think being good in bed makes you a great leader.[Makes one a GREAT partner but not a leader ] crawling around in the furs with a handsome partner is one of the best things one can do but that doesnt really solve anything does it [ also why is the questionaire for the prey's the only asking sexually things ? ]

3. How would you repay the ones that aren't as subject to your amourous nature?

SUGARKANE: Since I am a captured prey, I can spend a lot of time serving my brothers and sisters in this role. I would repay all by trying to be available to them when they needed help. Many times we have seen leaders vanish in the sands. I would make sure I devoted the time to be here when needed

FRISKIE: please see above

KALIANI: Well first off it is their choice whether they would want them or not but I have no reason to repay them for not taking my favors because I will not be giving them.

GRIZEL: I try to be nice to everyone, so I won't try to poison them or anything if that's what you mean. (Except slavers, who I totally would, and have tried to, poision)

ALICES (aka Leesee): How I would thank everyone?
Great Leadership,Problem solving,FREE COOKIES. and ofcourse all of ireem would get one coupon for a free bath house service [ wich includes massages,groming,jasmine oil,a lovely cup of tea and more ]

4. Slaves are a vital part of Ireem's economy and social life. Since you don't carry a weapon, you are of the most likely demographic to become a slave in Ireem (If you aren't already). What do you do to make yourself as valuable as possible, for the benefit of our kingdom?

SUGARKANE: A slave needs to learn the basics of serving her master or if needed in the art of escaping an evil one. I would help anyone that wanted to improve those skills, by using my brothers and sisters to teach classes or work one on one to improve the knowledge of all. This would greatly increase the value of each slave to Ireem. As an example... I plan to use Sage to teach all classes on serving under a master or mistress

FRISKIE: I serve wonderful tea for Master and His guests and I tease and harrass all the Preds, I get myself kidnapped to cause fights and wars

KALIANI: I help my brothers and sisters and anyone else for that matter when ever they need it.For instance when someone ends up on the block I will try to win the auction and set them free.

GRIZEL: Have you seen me naked? I think that speaks for itself. ;)

ALICES (aka Leesee): To make myself most valuable to the economy of ireem I've taken over the bath house and will run serveral services their for preys AND pred's to enjoy.
Also,I find that every girl should dress their prettiest [ NOT sluttiest] and make their self the most appealing they can,since we are already prey why make no sure we are worth the most.

5. If elected as a leader, what is your agenda? What do you feel needs to be done for the benefit of your people?

SUGARKANE: Prey are Prey - We are slaves, born to be submissive and therefore captured by the predators and on occasion saved by the knights! There really is not much 'leading' but more of assisting our brothers and sisters when needed.. perhaps saving and buying their freedom back when placed on the auction block or stealing food from the predator camps to feed them when hungry.. showing new prey that end up lost in the desert how to survive in this beautiful far off land..

FRISKIE: I would like to create a coucil, not just one leader that would be availiable to help the new prey to ireem, whether it be to show them around or give them silks and dinar to get started. We also need to help they run so they do not sit in the auction sights and whine like so many already do, this is a cap sim and you can't be capped if you hide in the safe zones all the time.

KALIANI: I will try to get us slaves a camp of our own,a safehaven if you will.I will also try to get the knights to help us more instead of them picking fights all the time.

GRIZEL: I despise seeing Slavers being cruel to Slaves. I go out to my way to harrass the ones who abuse, belittle and injure prey. I know most slavers have been hitten by one of my rocks. We should be treated better, beacasue as you said, this place revolves around us. They should treat us like Queens (or Kings). And why do they wish to sell damaged goods? They would be wise to treat us better before we revolt on them. The Jannssaries I am told parade thier catches around the city, to prove they are unharmed and good health, they feed and treat them well, even offering them tobacco and fine lamb. Why can't we here?

ALICES (aka Leesee): I wan't to arrange more things for the prey's to get their cute little behinds out of the cafe and into the game.I want to get everyone more involved,and as I see their are alot of prey's wishing for a steady owner,I'm thinking of helping a hand in that, Yes ofcourse their are also girls who don't like to be owned at all,to those I would want to reassure more safety from the hunters and the auction block. how I am going to do this all? Make sure the ones in need get their need furfilled. And even counceling between Pred and Prey.For those who need protecting I will make sure they will have a protecting buddy.Wich I am surre will work.

6. Have you ever been a slave? If so, describe one of your most memorable experiences as a captive, and how your servitude ended.

SUGARKANE: I *Sugar* have been in Ireem a very long time, and have always been a slave, I take that back, I was turned undead for about a week till I could find a Magi to bring me back to life, but even as an Undead I was a 'slave'. As for my most memorable experience.. hmmm I really have been here a long to think of just one.. I was captured and kept as ones slave for over 3 months, he freed me when he left Ireem.. very sad and still hard to talk about it.. lets move on to the next question.. sighs!!

FRISKIE: yes I have been a slave several times and the most memorable *taps her chin as she ponders* they were all memorable in their own way

KALIANI: I was and it was with Sando Nagy.He was the best Master a girl could ever have.He was kind and sweet.Then he had to move on and it was never the same afterwards.

GRIZEL: I have on occaision. None o them had the capacity to pleasure me. They were oafish outs the lot of them. Well I always escpae before being held long. But being irish, i cherise freedom and enjoy whipping rocks at Slaver's heads far too much.

ALICES (aka Leesee): I've been a slave a few times and the most memorable experiences I've had was my capturer actually begging me to be his Mistress.
how it ended? I laughed and shook my head.tough he ended up serving me for a while.

7. Do you cook? If not, do you swallow?

SUGARKANE: Yes and Yes!! Although I do prefer to steal fresh fruit and bread from around the city over cooking any day! Swallowing is still a "YES!!"

FRISKIE: yes and yes with the right form of encouragement *wink*

KALIANI: I cook but not very well and I only swallow if threatened with harm to my person.

GRIZEL: I actually do both. And damn well too. ;) I'm also skilled at sewing clothes from the slaver's sails. (won't THEY be surprised!!?)

ALICES (aka Leesee): Aye I cook,and I cook well. And if I swallow? we'll keep that a secret you'll have tofind out yourself

8. What are your personal goals in Ireem? Forget leadership - what do you want out of being in Ireem?

SUGARKANE: My goal here.. well I am a slave, I have been a slave since I was kidnapped and brought to Ireem many many moons ago. I aim to serve my Master 'when caught' and to assist in the best way possible all my brothers and sisters.. if that means tripping a predator as he runs by chasing after my sister, then so be it.. consider yourself tripped!

FRISKIE: to have fun, meet some interesting people and to have fun, oh did I mention, to have fun?

KALIANI: I want a safer kingdom for all.The predators fight amongst themselves too often and it can't be good.I would also like a Master who will treat me well and who will respect my wishes.

GRIZEL: My freedom! I am always looking to escape from this god frosaken place and return to my home.

ALICES (aka Leesee): My personal goals,is to have as much fun as possible,chatting,running games,teasing pred. all I am asking from ireem is an enjoyable time.

9. Any Final Thoughts for our Kingdom?

SUGARKANE: Our Kingdom hmmmm ... would be 100% perfect without all the sand storms, but I guess that is impossible since we do live in the 'sand'!!

FRISKIE: yes please lets' all RP, have fun and stop the OOC!!

KALIANI: I've been here in Ireem for almost a year and I loved every minute of it then it started to become to much so I went on a journey to see the surrounding lands.I have just recently returned and it is good to see my friends and family again.

GRIZEL: Unlike some of the other candidates, I have never been anything but a Prey. I refuse to be owned or broken. I have no bonds to taint my judgment on what is right.

ALICES (aka Leesee): I love Ireem the way it is,It is raw yet glamoures,It wears a chastity belt but is also a total slut.It offers it all. and I for one am glad to live here.

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