Dear Ireem,

Today I ask for your support in becoming Ireems next physician. A long time passed since I came to Ireem and was able to learn a lot about all the wonderful species in and around Ireem. Getting swept up in all those fights I learned quickly to heal a lot of wounds.

For a long time I was a loyal knight to our beloved sultana. In this time I learned that prejudices are the enemies of everyone, not only the knights. I tried to be there for the people that asked for help. I didn’t care for rumors against my family and friends and keep it that way. I am one of the few that doesn’t ask if you are from same “tribe” or “clan” I don’t ask if you feed on blood or bread. I am just me.

If you need help, whatsoever, I am here. I do not only bandage your wounds. I also listen to you and maybe my experience in the law can also heal your soul from doubts. I am not trained in any kind of magic. My personal magic is a warm smile and a strong hand to reset a dislocated arm. Perhaps the best magic needed in a combative city like ours.

Come and find out that you can trust someone in this city doubtless. Someone that won’t let you bleed to unconsciousness and don’t ask for your money and wont sell you to your enemies.

Best regards
Lady Caya

Good day to you, I am Inara Sands, Bedouin of the sands of Ireem.

I will keep this short and simple, after having been braught here by slavers years ago, I came to study many skills that the city offers her people. Among these was a position at the clinic learning medicine and treatment.  Now more than ever with the unrest that prevails within and without the city walls, healers are in dire is our duty to see to all whom may come to us injured, sick and in need.

I have placed myself in the position to help all I can, a testiment to this occured two nights past when the Knight hall was attacked and a battle broke out between those who protect the city and the Djinn.
Having placed myself in the frey, I preceeded to aid the injured Knights, bandaging their wounds and healing injuries so that they could continue to fight and end the disturbance in the streets.

I wish to continue my oath to aid those in need, be it within the walls of the city, the Palace or the up on me and I will do my best. Should I be elected to the status of owner at the Phsyicians office, I will propose meetings once a month to teach proper medical procedures to the healers of Ireem, and basic classes on healing and how best to utilize what the clinic offers the people.

Salaam and good health!
~Inara Sands~

My name is Eve, and most of you know me i think, but for those who dont, i would like to tell you a bit about myself.

  Since i came to Ireem, i saw many bloody fights, cruel punishments with whips on slaves for example and all forms of wounds. I always felt the urge to help.
This is what made me learn how to use special herbs to cure illnesses or treat wounds. There has been a lot of knowledge about this in my bedouin family, as we often had to take care of our wounds on our own. Now i would like to share this knowledge with those in need and hope i can become the new owner of the hospital.

To achieve this, i need your help and hope for your votes.

My plans for the hospital would be, to find new ways to take care of wounds and heal more effectively. Therefor i plan to get more people to work there and i will be looking for some sexy nurses for the male patients and also some handsome male doctors for the ladies.
Also, i hope i can get some slaves involved, who can take care of the minor duties there.
Magi and Djinn power is an essential part of healing so i hope we can find a way to work together and create some new healing potions together. Test persons fort he potions will be needed too ;)
The stay at the hospital should be safe and also somehow comfortable.
Perhaps we can even get some new beds and i promise i will not let any harmed person, who enterst he hospital, be attacked.
As i am also the Bedouin Co leader some of you might certainly think i wont take so much care of the wounds of my enemies. But if you come to me with a sheathed weapon, i will help you, no matter which race or clan you are in.

Another point which you might be concerned about is that i fight a lot to protect my family, but this means also that im always close to the battles and can take care directly of peoples wounds. I see this as an advantage and being a physican and helping people wont stop at the physicans door or at the gates for me. If i see a hurt person on the battle grounds i will do my best to help out with some bandages, potions or whatever is needed.

And for my enemies, if im busy at the hospital, i wouldnt have time to hunt you, so consider it is also an advantage for you ;)
I would be very happy about your vote for me!
Good health and warm breezes everyone,
Eve Forgraine

ARTICLE: Beduoins Spoken!


It's come to the Chronicles attention that Antar, leader of the Bedouins, has taken umbrage with recent articles published, that, in his perspective cast aspersions on the Bedouins.  While validation of Antar's side of the dispute cannot be confirmed, the Chronicles has decided to at least give him the opportunity to state his take on the situation.

 Antar's statement follows (For the benefit of our readers, our writing team had spent several hard working nights to make sure the statement is at least now understandable)


 Since the history of this land, the Knights and the Bedouins have a background of helping each other.  This has been well documented and is truthful, although there has never been any favor granted to the Bedouins for this aliance.  In fact, they were treated like any other race.  If a Bedouin committed a crime, that Bedouin faces the justice of this land.

I will admit that I, myself,  went to trial for the crime of fighting in the city.  However, in my case I must ask, since when is it a crime to defend your family from harm at the hands of the Undead and the Slavers?   

There was another incident where I was forced to defend myself against a slaver and then against an Undead posing as a Knight.   In that situation, I calmed a sister Bedouin, who was ready to attack the 'so called' Knight,  in order to respect our agreement with the Knights. I chose instead to insult him, calling him names, rather than attack him.   This to honor the alliance we've enjoyed for centuries with the Knights.

Let let it be known, that the Undead have infiltrated the Knights and the Knights are powerless to do anything about it.  In aforementioned situation, the 'Undead' turned  Knight sided with the Undead and Slavers during the battle and arrested me, despite my protests of injustice,  when he observed me capturing two of his Undead brothers. 

As Bedouin we haven't started most of the fighting and the allegation that we incite trouble in the city is unfounded.  I, Antar, never told my Brother Brad to burn the Knight's headquarters nor did I approve the deed! Many of the Knights are my friends.  It's not our honorable way, as Bedouins, to do anything of that kind.  Never in my life have I tried to hurt a Knight. It is the rodent-like Knight, a former Undead, who carries the vendetta against the Bedouin.  The Knights are the guardians of the innocent of this city while the Undead and Slavers have a history of trying to control the city.  Recently, they are trying the approach of misleading the newer, less experienced Knights. 

In conclusion, I don't  need trouble makers spreading malicious and fabricated stories about the Bedouins and in particular disrespecting me as the leader of the Bedouin.  I ask that anyone seeking information to come directly to me and ask me personally for the truth.  The truth is my sword! 

The Chronicles reports that during the trial of Bradflea vs People last night, Knight Nino was accused of protecting his friend or paymaster by lying to other knights.

  Citizens of Ireem would recall that a few days ago the Knight HQ was burnt down.  A suspect was arrested and it was Bradflea from the Desert Guards, henchman of the Bedouin's co-leader Eve.  According to insider's source, Bradflea was order by the Bedouins leadership to burn down the HQ in revenge for the knights arresting Eve and several other well known Bedouin criminals. 

  However, when the crime was reported, curiously Knight Nino dismissed the report out of hand, claiming that Bradflea didn't do it despite a number of independent witnesses.  Some witnesses claimed that the Bedouin Leader Antar had been talking to Nino and suggested to dismiss the reports before the formal investigation took place. 
  Despite the fact that the initial case had been dismissed, Bradflea's conscience got the better of him and he confessed to the crime.  During the trial, when asked who was protecting him from being accused of the crime, Bradflea very clearly said Nino was the one who lied to protect the Bedouin arsonist.  He was quoted as saying, " Nino lied to people that I actually did set the fire but I have a conscience and want to clear it by coming clean."

  It seems that there are much deeper issues existing within the knights.  How much longer can this favoritism continue? Imagine yourself if you are not a friend of the powerful knights.  We, the Chronicles, are proud to be the voice for the voiceless in the city and we strongly condemn this corrupt practice by the people who are supposedly here to protect the citizens!

The Chronicles was told that Knight Ehson, once a Beduoin clan Leader and found guilty of rape, was back to his old ways of attacking women again.  Our source revealed that a lady was being beaten and whipped by Ehson.   When she fought back in self defense, Ehson allegedly used his power as a knight to charge her with murder.

  What's more was when the victim of the crime hired a lawyer, Ehson decided to attack the lawyer too, brutally assaulting her and leaving the lawyer for dead.  After the lawyer recovered from the attack, Ehson was seen by eyewitnesses insulting and attacking the lawyer again repeatedly, and threatening to drag her to the dungeon to show her "what a real man is" as her punishment.

  As the news of the lawyer being attacked by Knight Ehson in broad daylight reached outside, friends of the victim gathered to help.  However, knight Ehson got help from an unexpected source, his former leader Antar and his gang.  A wild fight then took place in the city where Antar and his fighters ganged up and out numbered the innocent victim's friends.  

  What we are concerned with about this incident is that, while Antar has been on the case of the knights recently, it seems that he and his people are only against the knights who arrest bedouin criminals.  Further more, we would like to question as to why the reported crime perpetrated by Ehson (for attacking an innocent woman and her lawyer and incite a riot in the city) was never investigated despite the fact that was reported over a week ago!

The Chronicles will bring you more on this news when we have more details.

A letter was passed on to the Chronicles office a few days ago.....


I've heard a lot about the recent struggle between the bedus and the knights. Today I've been a witness to an outstanding event which I would like to tell about. A bedu named Bradflea came to the knight's headquarter and ignited it on fire, luckilly, noone was inside at the time. He did that at daylight, me and three more people have seen it.

  By the way, only one of the witnesses belonged to the undead race, so don't tell me about undeads and knights plotting together against bedus! Definitely not in that case. Four of us tried to stop the firestarter for questioning, but the insolent bedu just stated he is innocent and did nothing. He started to insult us and we had to explain him he was wrong. So is that male one of the glorious bedu freedom fighters who opposes the corrupt knight reign? If so, I am dissapointed. He's no rebel, just a small crook, pyromaniac who puts the fires on and then cowardly lies he didn't do it.

  The second disappointing thing was that bedu leader, Antar, took the side of the criminal. He protects his men even when they obviously don't deserve it. I expected more sence and more wisdom from someone who leads so many people. Instead of teaching Bradflea the right way, he took his side! How are we to treat bedus after that! I am no knight, I'm just a citizen who wants to walk streets safe, without a need to watch my back for bandits coming from the desert. Maybe if bedu leader starts viewing his own people more critical, there would finally be peace in Ireem.

  There are many outlaws amongst desert folks. And there are many honorable bedu people who suffer, being judged by the actions of those few troublemakers. What a shame! And Antar, that shame is on you!

Signed:"The voice of truth."

The Chronicles office today received a scroll which contain a message from one of our knight, Sir Noctis of Ordo Nox.  It was written on a leather parchment with some dark red ink......


Chaos takes over the city, disorder came into the rows of knights. Seeing that happen, I felt the urge to explain
my actions and my principles and to make them known to the people of Ireem.

1) I follow no codes, I don't discuss the aspects of morals. I doubt it is my duty. However, I respect the Law of Ireem and I defend it. Not knowing the law gives no excuse to those who break it. The book of Law can be found by the knights' office. Take a time to read and understand it. Obey it and I would never come to bother You. I never touched anyone who was innocent.

2) I am a simple knight, I don't approve the crime reports. I do make reports and sometimes I do investigate them. But only the leaders of knight clans have the power to approve the reports. I respect their judgement and their authority and I would not discuss those ever. If a crime report on You was approved, that, by Ireem law, means you are guilty untill proven innocent. If you are guilty, I would come and arrest you. Obey the law and that won't happen.

3) It's true that I don't arrest just every criminal. Some of them are powerfull fighters to whom I am no match on alone. I am just a simple knight and I arrest those criminals whom I can handle. That is reasonable. Only with our efforts combined we, knights, can purge the city from the criminal filth. So I speak to you, sirs and ladies. We are to lay our inner struggles aside. We serve the city, we serve Sultana, we enforce the law. That is our duty and our goal. Unity would make us strong. Inner struggles would make us weak.

4) When I come to a criminal to perform an arrest, I always suggest to just come to the office peacefully and sign the arrest papers. Don't bother explaining me that you are innocent - it's not for me to decide. If I come for you, it means you are guilty (see pt.2). I would not discuss your crimes - that is not my duty. If you indeed are innocent, the trial would show it. If you refuse to come peacefully, I am allowed to use force on you and I would use that privilege. You are warned. Obey the knight and that would not happen.

5) Assault on a knight who arrests a criminal is a crime. If your friend, your leader, your servant or whoever else is arrested, step aside and don't make it worse for yourself. Use your own judgement. You are warned. Obey the law and you would have nothing to fear in Ireem.

6) If you are a criminal who refuses to pay for his crimes, the knights aren't obliged to treat you with respect. The knights aren't obliged to show any compassion to a criminal. We are no saints. We just do our work, and it is a hard one. Don't anger the knights, you are warned.

Signed:"Sir Noctis of Ordo Nox, a.k.a. The Rat King."

NEWS: Bedouins Riot?

Bedouins Riot in the City?

According to eye witness reports, a large number of Bedouins, who were led by their leader Antar, were seen attacking an unknown man in the middle of the city.  It was then that one of our honorable knights came to the aid of the man and tried to diffuse the situation, reminding the Bedouins armed gang about the no weapon law in the city.  Antar was seen turning to the knight and threatening to beat and rape him.  Several citizens came to the aid of the lone knight but they were threatened with all kinds of nasty retribution as well.   

 When the Chronicles tried to reach out to the Bedouins leadership to comment on the matter, it was met with a flat refusal.  Whether this is due to the lack of money Chronicles was offering up front or the fact that our reporter was too well dressed, was not immediately clear.  However, despite the refusal to talk to our reporter, we have managed to speak to several high ranking members of the Bedouin Community, who will remain anonymous for the time being.  When they were speaking to our reporter, they all displayed a serious degree of concern about their leadership. 

It seemed that, despite winning the election, the leader of Bedouins is having a hard time of winning over the heart and soul of his people, especially the elders who have recently been very opinionated about the direction of the leadership.  Some of the complaints involved the manner Antar was leading his people in to various wars for the smallest of reasons, yet openly tolerating and even helping to cover up some of his commanders’ crimes. An example of that was to flood the court with the Bedouins when one of his commanders was tried for rape and trying to intimidate the jury and influence the decision (which ultimately failed as the said commander, who is now a knight, was found guilty of the rape). 

In the next week, the Chronicles will carry out a survey among the Bedouin people and ask if they approve of the current leadership and direction of the Bedouins.  Once the poll results are in, the Chronicles will publish the results and ask some of the Bedouin members to comment on that. 

(P.S. The Chronicles would like to extend out thanks to the secret donor from the Najdi Clan for sponsoring the opinion poll)

Return of the Fishes

Day had broken when soon enough we hear the cry of Mer, yet this time, strangely, was not a cry for help from their beloved nemesis pirate-slavers, it was a rather melodic invitation to all for a gathering of sorts at the Isle of Mers.  With the words "Curiosity Killed The Cat" nagging me at the back of my mind, i decided to make my way there in human form.

Upon arrival, i was greeted by a mix of joyful chatter and playful giggling from a small party of Mer folks, a rare sight for a while now.  Albeit friendly welcomes from most, standing knee-deep in water(not exactly my favourite element) and surrounded by this small army of fishy beings i hardly ever encounter and at such close proximity too, i was panic-stricken until a few other non-Mers arrived.

The meeting started off with a call unity of all Mers for more effort to protect the waters and to organise more activities to bring life back to it, including non-Mers, although one cannot help but wonder if the intention is all amiable, for there are tales of sirens feasting on humans and flaunting their vicious nature with pride.  However, the Mers deserve to be given the benefit of doubt for what follows is an excited discussion of various fun activities including possibly a Dance Ball in the waters for the entire Kingdom!  We shall all have to wait til concrete plans are put into place before revealing more details in this discussion, and then surely a proper announcement would be advertised in the Kingdom's most reliable newspaper, The Ireem Chronicles.

The next heavily discussed agenda was food, or the need for more food within reach for the Mer folks.  Their hungry eyes got me all nervous again, and i was ever so glad to hear the timely chorus of greetings to our dearest Sultana who arrived along with her palace escorts.  It is our fortune to have a kind Sultana who would so generously lend her support with her presence at this meeting.  It is also reassuring to know our kingdom's ruler is keeping in check of such gatherings.  The meeting resumed but a sudden loud splash and we heard our Sultana calling for help, and immediately she was brought safely back on land by swift reaction of the few Mers splashing about with their pretty tails.  We'd like to think our Grace was 'testing the waters', and hopefullly satisfied of the outcome.

As the meeting continued, more curious non-Mers appeared including Princess Page who seemed to be safe or momentarily free from her recent accidental brush with an ancient spirit.  The Mer King Yayoo's magical charm had
everyone dancing hours after the meeting, and it was late evening that we all started making our way home.  Walking away from the Mer Isles with pruned toes, i morphed into kitty form in order to take the short cut and get to my dinner soonest possible and to report my findings to dear ole boss editor Lord Kito.

We shall all look forward to what the Mer Folks have to offer in the near future!

Written by Roaming Raving Reporter Moon

P.S. Editor note: Remember, fishes are friends, not food.

NEWS: The prizes are in!

The Palace and Princess Page Siegel with Djinn Misfit Sonoran wish to send their gratitude for all who participated in the hunt for the 4 Elemental Cases and the Jade Heart.

In speacial recognition for their valiant efforts in the search are:
 Random woman who found the Jade Heart and Earth Elemental.
 Mebo Grut found the Water and Fire Elemental
 &  Jakub Despres found the Air elemental... Even though he tried to hold out for a higher amount as  he wanted of 2000 dinar... Jakub after some scolding from some random woman relented and settled for the agreed upon price of 1000 Dinar for the last Elemental Scroll Case

Each person returned the Elemental Scroll Cases with their Scrolls intact.

Now these items will be given to Indi Queen of the Djinn and Kai Leader of the Magi to see if they can work their Magic and break the Curse off Princess Page and Djinn Misfit Sonoran.

Princess Page

Am Demina shamed the slavers again!

It was the last straw for Antar, the Beduoin leader,  when another Bedu sister was captured by the slaver Am, mistreated by him, as is the norm for Am and sold at auction.  Antar led his brothers and sisters in an attack that resulted in Am being cornered and captured by the bedu sister Eve.

Dragging his sorry butt to the Bedu camp, Am was stripped naked, bound and tossed in a cage where the bedu brothers and sisters mocked him and caused him great humiliation as he richly deserved.

Antar allowed the bedu sisters, Eve, Sharina and Alli, who was the sister last abused by Am,  to take the lead on the interrogation and humiliation of the prisoner.   Gagging him with a pink gag, stopping short although threatening to dress him in pink silks,  and calling him names, the women continued the humiliation forcing him to agree to say that the Bedu were the best fighters. Finally giving into the abuse and humiliation, Am conceeds that "the Bedus are superior!"   With that admission by the prisoner, the bedu women agreed and Antar approved that Am would ramsom himself to gain his freedom and that he did..  a ramsom commensurate with the thousands in coin that he earned from the sale of the many bedu sisters he wrongfully captured.     

Am got cappted

My name is Leah, although many of you may not know me well, my kind, the merfolk, have inhabited the waters around this desert place since the beginning of time.

 I carry ancient wisdom of the mystical healing properties of water passed down to me from my people. If given the chance to run the Dolphin Baths, it would be my pleasure to share my knowledge with the city’s inhabitants. All will be welcome to experience the blissful powers of my bath and massage oils especially blended with gifts from the sea.

Vote for me and bring the mythological magic of the merfolk right into the reality of everyday Ireem city life. I can’t think of a better place than the beautiful Dolphin Baths, it would be an honour.  


Searching for a release of Sonoran and Princess Page Siegel from the Magic of the Bottle which has them both bound together!

With the combined effort of  Indi Queen of the Djinn Misfits  &  Kai Magi Leader they found an ancient scroll that speaks of a great battlle when the Ancient Palace was destroyed ... but the war was won.  In this scroll it speaks of many who paid the ultimate sacrifice protecting the city from an ancient evil... Among the fallen Sonora's name was listed.  The ancient scroll which was found in the enemies fallen encampment speaks of how Sonoran was bound while her attention was focused on her powers attempting to protect the Ancient Palace.

  Once Sonoran was bound the ancient script used was torn into pieces, rolled up into smaller scrolls and hidden in 4 Magical Elemantal Cases (FIRE, AIR, WATER,EARTH) in 4 different locations. The Green Jade heart also was hidden.

The JADE HEART and FOUR cases with the ancient scrolls pieces must be united to give the clue needed to free Sonoran and Princess Page.

To the ones that finds an ancient scroll case with the scroll intact a reward of G 1000 per case
To the one that finds the Sacred Jade Heart G 2000 for it's safe return.

Please Contact Page Siegel to safely return the items and be paid .

((OOC note: Touch Case or Jade Heart and Buy for L$0 then return to Page Siegel
and click no to animate your avatar.))

Princess Page was given an enchanted bottle for a show she was working on ..The enchantment on the bottle was to allow her to go in and out of the bottle ...

Princess Page was in the bottle when Ehson came in the Arabesque Cafe. When he touched the bottle and took/stole it something happened and the spirit of the Djinn [Sonoran]  awoke ...  When summoned from the bottle by the new Master of the bottle Ehson...Princess Page and Sonoran where joined together in Princess Page's body.... with a  somewhat shared conciousness.

Princess Page is now bound to the magic of the bottle as much as Sonoran is. They are both bound together to, "The Will of the Master of the Bottle!"

A milenium ago there was a great battle ... Sonoran believes she  she was protecting the ancient palace... seeing this one is built on the ancient stones of the old one.... Sonoran remembers hearing voices raised in chanting and she was then bound to the bottle... and the will of the Master of the bottle......many masters came and went through the ages till all fell silent.... hundreds of years she was trapped in the bottle in silence ...Sonoran will look for those who imprisoned her there... to seek her and Princess Page's release.

It seems information is being sought by the Djinn for ancient scrolls relating to this matter from the Magi ... We will give more information as it becomes available.

Vote Alreania DaSilva For Dolphin Baths

After a long hard battle you will need a place to relax. If I own the baths you will be enveloped in the hot steam as you enter, and attended to in the most pleasurable manner by the sexy youthful women I will hire. Imagine your tense body rippling as skilled hands massage and rub their way over your body. Relaxation whenever you need it is a firm reason to vote for me.

Ladies I promise to find the most handsome of attendants for you as well. I will bring you strong well-defined men with skillful hands that know where to knead away stresses of the day. Cleanse yourself for your husbands and masters, or simply for yourself.

I will keep many scented oils in stock for the bathing pleasures of both sexes. Perfumes, colognes and heated oils will also be available for your pleasure.

Take a moment to vote for me… Vote Alreania DaSilva for the Dolphin Baths.



We of Nox work from the darkness and shadow in order to serve the light,
for there can not be one with out the other .

The Knights of the Nox clan do not shudder in fear of the Night..
We embrace this as our element. Those who join together to work towards our goals
will be a part of a richly diverse Team.
There are those who preach Darkness is evil and to be reviled.
But with out Dark there is no light .
The Goddess Nu and her Mate Numa blessed these heavens with their children both of light and dark.

It is in serving justice to those who do offend the Law,
and seek to subvert it to their own hand , that Nox will rise .
Let the the hushed whispers of plots and sedition
arm us to serve the ballance between Light and the true evil.

~ Clan Nox ~

We are those seeking to bring balance to the Justice in the City of Ireem .
Not thru political posturing or multi faced exhaustive machinations.

Ego and other false illusions are not welcome .
We judge our fellows on their current acts
not how they may have conducted themselves in the past .

We welcome any who would work with us
to achieve the goals of Justice.

We embrace those with gifts both light and dark
to join with us in the struggle
to bring balance to the City.

Clan Nox will offer a haven to those with the unique outlooks
and skills willing to offer them in service to the city
and those with in its walls.

We will not Impose our personal views of Morality
on those we serve and seek to protect.

Nox recognizes not all beings are of Human origins
And when they are with in the city and acting lawfully,
should not be judged by Human standards of personal morality.

For those who wish further information

Ai Vari Maalt Xule [ Aiyana Hawker ] or any other Member of Clan Nox we are open enrollment at this time and welcome new members.

The Return of the Goats

Just because we have been quiet, it doesn’t mean we haven’t been watching, Citizens of Ireem. And fear not, the Goats are not only still here. But we also have some of the hottest and juiciest stories and gossips for you.

Yes, that’s right. Despite all the rumours and, ironically enough, gossips about who we are or whether we have been murder, we can confirm to our dear readers that we are still alive and writing. In fact, there are far too many ridiculously funny stories that we heard that we were in danger of peeing ourselves. Without further ado, let’s hear some of the things that has been going around

1. Have you ever wonder why the ones who lives in the combs has been so quiet? We have it from good authority, or a good story teller, about some domestic discords underneath the basement. Yes we all heard about the one of the Papa Rapist had done the deed to his own daughter. But we also heard that papa flew away in a huff when he found out the mama has been batting for the away team for some times. Poor things. Looks like even the self proclaimed evil rapist cannot face the shame or not able to satisfy his own woman and goes into hiding. We are hotly anticipating this story will turn up to Dear Granny soon for advice!

2. Speaking of the combs, we were told that one of the mer queen has been serving inside having been captive by some semi high up Undead. Though, almost every undead is semi high up these days when there are so few of them, we cannot say whether the mer queen had really found her match.

3. Enough about the non human gossips! The biggest story that was raging in the sands is the battles between the Slaves and Beduoins! Both sides claimed victories but who is the real winner here? The Slavers scored themselves a Bedouins hottie commander for their fighters and after battle pleasure time. While the Bedouins won a few camels. You won’t believe it, but the Bedouins seems to be the happier bunch.

4. Talking about Bedouins, one must feel for A. We do no envy him for leading such a random bunch of people. Not only he has to deal with a clan leader who runs a more successful slavery business than the slavers, a clan leader who does nothing but to have three women dancing in his tent, a clan leader who is sleeping her way round their enemies, and he also needs to deal with a clan who has more money and people than him, but also constantly backstabbing him so that their clan leader can take over. The Goats salute A for his hard work, saintly patience and good luck to the hard task ahead!

5. And now we are moving shiftly from the ones living in the sands to those who lives inside. After successfully oust the lady in white, it seemed that C is determine to take over the security office with her friends. But the path of knighthood and saint is not easy, for it the Shadowy one are rumoured to be returning soon with the gang of her own. More internal turmoil coming soon?

6. As we are quickly running out of ink and paper, we will quickly bringing you some relationship update, in no particular order of importance. R is now officially done with W and moved in with K; S got dump by N after being caught sleeping with C, but he has been scoring with E under the disguise of K so he won't feel bad; N and I are also done but probably due to forgetfulness rather than anything else; D hasn't been around, but trying to keep a tied leash on L, J, B, and D from the distance land, or so he thinks; A and M are still together, shocker; K disappeared for a while and shocked to find his J has moved on with M; O has been doing some riding with F in C’s private home; S was having fun with C and her sister B, only to find out later that the “sisters” could have been “brothers” before certainly operation performed by the Djinn.....

Until next time Citizen of Ireem. Stay safe and stay scandalous. We want to keep the drama flowing like the milk from the Mama Goat.


PS Don't forget, secret and gossips are to be share. Be a good citizen and share a gossip a day.

Dear Granny.......

Dear Granny I am living with a man whose wife just left him a few months ago. They have a daughter and son together but she ran away with them. I have been seeing him in secret behind his wife for over a year anyway, but the problem is that I am still jealous of her. He talked about their children all the time and always going on about the nice time they have together. Is that normal? I feel like I am just a second choice to her despite my much higher social standing. And I always wonder that he only chose me because she ran away. What should I do?

Granny Get a hold of yourself is what I say! Because I don't really have a answer. For the thousands and thousands of men that I have been with (oi, you at the back, stop the snickering!) none of them would spend anytime thinking about other women. I guess you could try some self improvement. Ask the Djinn doctor to give you a bigger boobs, or go to the Bakery to learn some cooking. Failing that, there is always the House of Pleasure where you can picked up some bedroom tricks too.


Dear Granny The man I married is wonderful. Trouble is his mother is terrible. She is always trying to gain his affections. Recently her tricks has been getting worse. Not only she was always hanging out in our tent, but she was trying to bribe our children with toys and camel milk sweets! What should I do to deal with this in law from hell?

Granny Try anal sex and win his heart. If it doesn't work, at least the pain would drive you mad enough to kill that horrid woman.

Dearest Ireemians,

I humbly come before you to kindly request your vote in the election for the position of Mistress at the wonderful House of Pleasure.

The months of inactivity at my place of work have been difficult to sit back and endure, however upon discovering the elections would be opening up, I leaped at the first chance I had to sign up.. Hoping and dreaming I would soon have the opportunity to turn the infamous, yet abandoned, red building above the Arabesque into the booming center of pleasure I know it could be.

With my candidacy I offer my skills from my official training as a Courtesan inside of the Sultana’s Royal Harem, as well as 90+ days of training as a street Courtesan at the House of Pleasure itself. As the House of Pleasure’s most active, diligent, hard-working and dedicated member of staff I offer much knowledge that will provide assistance with sponsored events, dances, seminars, and whatever else your lovely, twisted little hearts may desire.
I have been fully trained in the skills in which I know how to please, and given the opportunity, I know I can make Ireem, and you, proud. So please, let me rise to the occasion, and I am sure I can make your own dreams come true.

Forever yours,
Najah Gharam.

Candidate Statement from Fateema


The Dolphin Baths are an oft neglected yet supreme resource in Ireem. Our citizens are constantly on alert for random attacks and yes even wars between clans and groups. Why to stay refreshed ~ in good muscle tone and alert ~ the Baths and Expert Massages are a necessity here!

Every man , woman and creature is constantly vigilant, suffering from stress, wounds and assaults recieved in combat.

Only a soothing bath with medicinal herbs and oils followed by a true therapeutic massage given by strong yet tender hands can restore them to peak capacity. And I , Fateema Asalia, am able to provide this. (smiles ) Healing relaxation and massage are a specialty of mine learned from the very best of many sources both magical and earthly...Yes I have been sought by everyone from Sultans, Shieks and Kings to paupers and slaves for restoring their precious bodies to full glorious functioning . How delighted I would be to have the Dolphin Baths as my venue to share these skills with my beloved co-citizens of Ireem and the sands.

I promise to be available and accessible, training my employees in these most special arts and to have this wondrous source of healing ready for all in Ireem.

I humbly ask for the votes of our people of all races and clans to manage these most beautiful baths and massage rooms and maintain a standard of excellence we have not experienced here before.
Salaam Ireem ( smiles )

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