NEWS: Mysterious stranger

A stranger in town

Some of you may have noticed a stranger character hobbling around the town, dressed in black and frequently stopping for a rest.  A wizened old man, stooped over his walking stick he seems quite polite and friendly.  But who is he?

  His name is Philodemus and he has only recently arrived.  He is very old and seems at death's door, indeed, he has been heard to say that Ireem will be his final home.  He is a Magi but professes little interest in the fighting and politics of town and palace.  When watching the bickering and fighting he sighs and sadly turns away . . . .

  He becomes more animated if you ask him about the deeper mysteries of life.  His eyes will gleam and he sounds almost youthful in his speech and he will happily speak, if he deems the listener ready,  of what he has learned over a very very long life.  Because he is grateful to be in Ireem for his final days, he has created a Meditation room that all can visit.  It is a pleasant place for just sitting quietly, or, for practicing Meditation and can be found near the Lawyers Office.  There are helpful notes on the walls.

  But who is he, where is he from?  He does not talk much but it seems he was originally a Ceasarian who nearly died when a nearby volcano killed all his family.  He was nursed back to health by a passing Shaman and then followed her, learning her craft.  He traveled many years in the desert with the Bedu and seems comfortable talking to any folk but does not like to see others being cruel or contemptuous.

NEWS: Zombie hunt

It was a very scary Hollow's eve in Ireem! Tonight, zombies roamed the desert in search of... erm... brains? I am in no way an expert on such things.  Where did all of these creatures come from? Perhaps they were the victims of a past ancient war. Or maybe the rumors are true... about where everyone dumps their dead bodies? And better yet... who or what caused these nightmarish creatures to roam the sands!?

(Zombies, zombies everywhere...)

(Zombies springing up from the sands! )

A few brave souls headed into the desert to try to fight off the hoard. I even braved the sands... and got bitten one too many times... -grumbles about Editor not paying her enough for this- Soon the area was filled with screams, groans, the sound of weapons clashing, and the sounds of people getting bitten! I could of sworn some people were eating the zombies as well -- one good way to fight back.

(Thankfully zombies can't climb walls, but this one tried!)

(Mer Queen Ianira  looking very scary and sexy!)

(Run ladies run!)
To make matters worse, these deadly creatures carried an even nastier virus. Something far worse then the last bug I wrote about... because this one caused the already sparse supply of herbal potion to dwindle! No to mention, the injured fighters caused a small food shortage. 

(Blah... now which way to the baths!? )

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