There was a good old fashion guys hunt pretty girls today. The Bedu camp was filled with sexy ladies and hot guys waiting for the chaise. 

At the sound of the word, go... the ladies were off! After a good head start the guys were allowed to give chase. There was even a cuddly puppy prey named Kora!

End the end there were a few ladies who went un-captured... me things the preds need to cut down on the camel steak! And who got the most? At four it was Eve's new flame Shin Akuma! Regardless, there was lots of fun to be had... all injured prey were healed and there was a small after party.

New Flame

I believe Zarek summed up today's event, best,  "...Then again, chasing a cute ass around all day can't be all bad... Right?"
 Story by Shailaja, images edited by Sayuri