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Article by: Ragnar Niekerk
Picture by: the Flying Spaghetti Monsta'

Most of you are probably aware that the priests have suffered loss of reputation and troubles since a band of priests from other lands has descended upon Ireem.

I felt, in the beginning, that since they were here, and wore the cloth, and spoke of piety, that I could advise them in the right way and ensure their actions in our lands brought balance and honor to the Gods. I am sorry to report that they have taken many actions against my advice and without my approval... and even against their own clan rules.

The current leader of this Shadow Priest clan, Gavin (phantomg), has failed to lead his people in any way that I could approve. The Shadow Priests swore a solemn oath to protect ALL priests and priestesses from any harm with their swords, but they have, instead, harmed other priests with their underhanded and sneaky methods. I have continued reports of their refusal to aid priests who are being attacked, as well as numerous reports of dishonorable acts around Ireem with other races.

They are young and rash, and maybe in time they'll find another way, but so far they have only brought shame to the neutral priests, who have worked hard to bring dignity to our temple, and aid to all who require it. We cannot lose our relationship with the many races around Ireem, simply because these young and violent priests cannot control themselves.

I brought a case against Gavin and a few of his followers in particular to the Priest Council, and asked for a vote. The group majority voted to excommunicate Gavin and Lissandra. We take no responsibility for their actions, and offer them no support, as we do not trust they will work for the good of all of Ireem.

As our Priest Council has no control over these combatant priests, I decided to stop diplomatic discussions with other raceleaders about our crystals. Shadow Priests control these raids alone now... it makes no sense to convince other leaders to honor our race and donate crystals to our headquarter.

We ask, therefore, that you continue in your friendship with the rest of us, the Neutral Priests, and realize that any bad actions from these Shadow Priest followers of Gavin are not sanctioned by me. We wash our hands of them entirely, while opening our doors to any priests in his following who wish to find a better way and join the Priest Council in our pursuit of peace and balance.

Thank you all for your patience and for all the past support you have given to us, as well as your willingness to accept our assistance, which has been offered with the best intentions.

We look forward to reestablishing trust in our relationships with the people of Ireem in all the races. If you would like to arrange a Neutral priest delegate to help you in your worship and sacrifices for your Gods, please let either me or Folie Luckstone know, so we can arrange (with your approval of our candidate) the best person for the duties.

In the love and worship of all our Gods and Goddesses,

Ragnar Niekerk
Priest Leader
Neutral Clan Leader

Folie Luckstone
Priest Co-Leader


Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Chronicles. 

Written by Ragnar Niekerk
Edited by the Flying Spaghetti Monsta' in the absence of the two editors.

A notice from the Priest Council to the peoples and creatures of Ireem and its environs:

The priests are dedicated to promoting balance in these lands. Towards that end goal, we are instituting several plans, which may affect you to one degree or another.

First, we devote ourselves to balance. For without balance, chaos and violence will reign. As priests, we also understand the vital necessity of pleasing all the Gods. If one God feels his/her people are suffering unduly, will (S)He not rain down upon us all manner of horrors in his/her wrath? Of course (S)He will. It's only natural.

It is our duty, therefore, as priests dedicated to pleasing all the Gods and Goddesses, to ensure that no group suffers in want while another has more than they can use. Therefore, we are devoting our more fanatical members to the task of ensuring no one race accumulates more than they need, while other groups starve or otherwise suffer.

To be very safe, if you are informed that your group holds more crystals than it should, turn the excess over to the priests immediately for redistribution. That is the wisest course of action. If you fail to take these important steps, and you see a shadow priest approach with determination in his gaze, the safest answer would be to escort him to your stores and offering him the excess without need of drawn swords. If you fail to do so, do not be surprised if you shall feel the might of his holy steel.

Of course, remember that shadow priests are members of the priesthood. They shall not rape, plunder, or murder (unnecessarily), but will do what they must for the good of us all, though it pains them to have to kill any human or other being. If you see them in a social setting, or shopping in the market, or in any other benevolent endeavor, treat them with the respect and kindness all priests deserve.

The second announcement regards another plan to ensure safety for us all. We are sending delegates to every race in the land, to act as emissaries, to assist in rituals, prayers, ceremonies, and all appeasement of the Gods and Goddesses, and to offer solace and comfort to the members of all races who may need it from time to time. Remember that our goal is balance and neutrality, so they will be utilized in times of violence, or when violence may occur due to imbalances. An emissary shall never, ever carry a weapon to take against your race, if he (or she?) is assigned to you.

These counselors are to be trusted and treated as friends. Do not rape or seduce them - they have important work to do. Keep in mind that they have the ear of the Gods and Goddesses. If you wish your God or Goddess to be kind to you, you will be kind to their representative on land. In other words, do not kill them unless you wish your entire race to be afflicted by pestilence, and try to be welcoming, if you can manage it.

For any questions, complaints, please contact Ragnar Niekerk, the founder of Neutral Priest Clan and Priest Council.


Any views or opinions presented in this letter are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Chronicles. 

 Dear Ireem Citizens!

 I am here to announce to you that I, Adele will be running for Mistress of The House of Pleasures. To be co-owned by Wysteria AstraMira.

 The House of Pleasures will be run by two beautiful experienced Djinn ladies. We will take care of our Courtesans and assure that they are properly trained for your desires.

 Refunds are allowed only if you are dissatisfied with your purchase of one of the Courtesans as well a valid reason, If you try to get a refund without a valid reason or lie about it, you will be banished from the house.

 The House of Pleasure will be a home for all, anywhere from enemy's to close friends. Whomever begins violence inside of the House of Pleasure will be banished from the house. Not only pleasure is offered but comfort as well. A place for relaxation, peace, and play.

 The costs for our Courtesans shall remain the same, but donations to the Courtesans are highly encouraged.

 I appreciate you taking your time to read this. We look forward to seeing all of you and hope you enjoy our services!


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Dear Doctor Princess Nami 
heals & cures the wounds & ills 
    Using her joyful, artful skills
with bandages & potions
    & herbs made with devotion
Helps us to enjoy more of life
sparing us when possible
     of misery & strife.

She can heal Pirates & djinn & undeads
     on the hospital beds
& Magi, Citizens, Slavers, Knights & Priests
     with her talents so sweet.

Her bed side manner
     is worthy of a cantor 
to sing of the praises 
    as she heals & saves.

So your vote for Nami
saves the lives of so many.

helping Ireem’s injured 
     after the battles endured
from the violences of raids
     that she gallantly aids.

So for peace, love & Salaami 
     vote for Princess Nami ( Namira Scarfould)!!!

Citizens of Ireem,

Some of you may not know me, others may have clashed swords with me. None the less I urge you to vote my name Wendigo (Aella Falconer) as stable owner.

Of all of Ireem, I am the most experience to take care of your finest stallions, mares, colts, fillies and camels. If you remember my guarding once was the proprietor of the stables.

Have an injured animal? No problem at all. My kind slaves, ahem, staff will nurse it back to health or dispose of the animal discreetly.

Life at the stables will not just be about business. There are games to be had. Join in:

Daily Hunts: Animals are always losing items. The best seeker in the kingdom of sand will fill his or her pocket with dinars.

Horse races: Do you have the fastest steed in Ireem

Camel Races: Is your camel the best of its breed?

Scorpion Fights: Are your scorpions as deadly as you are?

Feasts in the sands: Join me in the kindom under the full moon and bright stars for a night of pleasure, great food, song, dance and drink to be had.


Above the grande arena, a massive dome! Two enter... only one leaves alive... ahem, well, only one wins!

 photo sisterdome_011_zps3cd5b2b5.png

It was built for today's exciting brawls. Ireemians stood around, all shouting for their favorite lass or gent! I arrive just in time to catch the match between the undead Ash and the charming mer, Leah!

Ash vs Leah photo sisterdome_001_zpsda181725.png

"Go Leah!

"If u lose ash the prices go down on butcher!!!

"Leah if u win the butcher prices go down to kick his ass!!!"

The first match ended so quickly, it was hard to tell who lost first! 

Both fighters were amazing, but it seemed that Ash had the edge!

Which brings us to the next fight, Eve vs Jake!

"Eve kick his ass!!"

"Excellent fighting!"

As you see from the images it was an amazing fight! Both fighters did well but...

Eve won! the sisterdome challenge for this round!

E photo sisterdome_008_zps6b7951ec.png 
If you missed out, there will be another series of fights later, 4pm sl If you have what it takes... or just feel a little lucky, come up for a good battle. Or just come to give your support!

Ladies fight photo sisterdome_016_zps96bbdf43.png

 photo sisterdome_021_zps02e2f223.png

winged fighter photo sisterdome_020_zps3054d9b5.png

For Ireem's Physician office election:

Please vote for Yayoo - who will have as his co-helper - his dear Wife Nami - joyful life she shares with us -  to help serve our Ireem community that we care so much for.

Please allow us to continue to serve the health care needs of Ireem.

We do all possible to heal all in need of help  however possible in all ways.

We are a stable loving couple well established in Ireem & both share a deep devotion to healing & have supportive positive attitudes toward life.

We do our best to learn from the many healers we meet & be open to life & the wisdom's of the great spirits that we can commune with - when our hearts are open♥

Regardless of your wounds or color of your blood, we will try to heal you as soon and as painlessly as possible.

We also conduct meetings in the arts of healing where we can all share of our knowledge together in a warm supportive environment.

The study of healing has long been a passion to both of us.

Yayoo has studied with many of the doctors who have run the hospital since his arrival to Ireem, long ago.

over the years - Yayoo has also gathered many resources from the history of the great healing traditions that he uses to help us grow in health for your body - mind - & spirit.

We wish to hire senior staff, & help encourage any interested in learning about the healing arts.

  Please apply within or by letter.
         ((IM will do fine))

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Greetings Ireem!  I am sending out a call to the populace for support in obtaining the Arabesque. You, know if your a regular at the monthly themed dances how I love to throw a good party.

 As owner of the Arab, there will be dances, events, hot slaves in silks or nothing at all to wiggle, shake an shimmy for your pleasure and theirs too if you stroke them right!

I can promise, the food will always be stocked! And, at fair pricing.. come spend your dinars on the dancers forget the food.

Vote for Soh, Ireem... I will move your body babe.

Are you tired of the arena being vacant?

Do you want to show off your stuff against all of the best fighters in Ireem?

Do you want want to watch the Sweat glisten on the muscles of Ireem's strongest, fighting for your entertainment?

You may know me as Res, the devilish little Imp with a thirst for coin and flesh BUT today I come to you, hoping to make your days in Ireem more entertaining!

The arena should be full of life, pain and maybe even death if the going gets good!  And I am here to offer that to you!!!

NO longer will the Arena champion take his title and hide!   I will implement a points system, that will allow the fighters of Ireem to challenge the Champion more regularly!

I also offer more relaxed and entertaining events!

Naked fighting!
Men Vs. Women!
Even massive Free For Alls!

HOWEVER, for those that would prefer something a little more athletic!

How about a Soccer Tournemant.
How about Three? One for Group Teams.....One for Clan Teams and a third for Misc. Teams!?

Prizes will include Dinar!  Slaves and prey even!

With a guarantee to run AT LEAST 2 events EVERY WEEK!

How could you possibly resist?!

Help me, Reserendin Rexen bring life to Ireem's Arena!


Thank you!

Good inhabitants of Ireem,

Tired of overpriced meals at the Auction House?
Wish store owners were actually around to restock food items?

Well vote Amara Parmelee for the Fatted Calf, and those worries will diminish! I will see to it the caravans run on time, and ensure the Fatted Calf is well stocked for the hungry of Ireem.

Not just food at a fair price, but events! Yes events at an Ireem restaurant from someone who wants to interact and not kill you at first glance! What I plan to offer should I win includes:

- Sales on certain dishes
- Catered and hosted banquets with entertainment
- Platters for sampling the finest in Samharan cuisine

You've seen me cooking!
You've seen me haul my cart through the sands as far as Kashkar!
I've bartered for the finest cuts of meat!
I've delivered your blood tarts & pineapple turnovers on time, Ireem!

Though I have been reborn a Djinn, my love of cooking with fire has not been lost. I have cooked and delivered for the Bakery in the passed, and now enjoy serving as a cook in the Fatted Calf. However owning the eatery I work at would be a blessing. If you would like a shop owner who is active and serious in promoting the best restaurant in Ireem,

                                           VOTE FOR    
                                      AMARA PARMELEE                    
         The firey Djinn who loves to prepare a nice hot meal

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Inhabitants of Ireem,

Most of you know me from a previous human life experience, when I was known as Lady Stella, Head Odalisque from the Palace Harem, member of the Royal Court and one of the previous owner of the Blue Lagoon Cafe in Kashkar.

Today I come here in my true nature and name. Setah, a Marid Djinn.

Here I come to ask you to vote in my name as the new manager of the Good Knight Tavern, a place in the center of the city and of great history past. So many stories and prisoners interrogatories were heard behind that walls...

And why I want to manager the tavern? Well, the ones that knows me from my previous Blue Lagoon Cafe management knows that I will never let the city run out of a good fair priced food and beverages supply.

So for that, I expect your vote.


Marid Djinn

The War began with battle cries of the races across the sands and soon enough a few squeaks comparable to that of the cute desert frog is heard as we see a swarm of female warriors charging forth with much fervour towards the handful of men who dared to take up their challenge!

Sisterhood of the Sands united , young undead charged forth to more than he could handle?

  Applauds to the cunning war strategy of devious pirate Olaf who seemed to be more covered up than usual, perhaps a disguise to throw off the opponent?  He and another called Jordan, would snake around the city enclaves and surprise attack the women searching for the few good men, which was hard to spot, and their small numbers actually benefit them in the fight.

  One or two enthusiastic young undeads on the other hand were chased down by the ladies and soon captured and brought to the auction area to await their fate.  It did take a few ladies to one to win that fight, but yes, the ladies won.

Olaf hiding in heavy disguise and on library rooftop , beating down each woman that managed to reach him , Pan defeated him!

  Victory did not come easy though, the ladies had to scale the high walls of the city and even up the rooftops to get to the hiding pirates.  We heard a loud scream of frustration as the undead Faathima climbed her way up there to eventually get beaten and captured by the ruthless old pirate Olaf.  It took a while as Olaf fought off the ladies one after another who managed to finally reach him at the library rooftop, until he was finally defeated in the hands of the bedouin Pan!

Wyld the event organiser, the captured awaits their fate or tried to escape..Olaf disappeared!

  And then there was just only one man left to deal with before the few ladies who survived thus far could claim victory!  Jordan the other pirate who most likely devised the battle strategy with Olaf, was also hiding out at a rooftop, the Magi Tower..if Granny was around she would have invited him in to her chamber for a good spanking!  We saw the last few ladies standing fight hard to get to him and then it was the Bedouin Covery who took him down with an arrow to the chest!

Leah and her food..prey captive !  Think he just noticed her sharp mer teeth!

  Amidst the chirpy victory chatters, we saw threats of future mayhem and even outward flirting in a last effort to wriggle out of captivity.  The beautiful mer princess warrior Leah had her belt leashed tightly around her victim's neck and dragged him towards the mer isle, it would be interesting to know what ensued from there...perhaps Editor has plans to send a good swimmer to interview lady Leah? Please..consider good swimmers!

~ written by Munira , lazybutt kitty

EVENT: War of the Sexes

War of the Sexes

It seems that rowdy group of ladies that has gathered together
has challenged the males of Ireem to a war.  Ladies against the men, a true War of the Sexes.

The battle is set for 9 am slt  on Sunday July 21, 2013.
All are to meet at the auction area for last minute instructions and rules of combat.

Who will come out on top... err.. be victorious??

No auctioning off the captives, but time spent with them will be judged by an independent panel to see who has talent in here other than swinging their sword.

Will the ladies over run the men and have bragging rights??

Will the men be up to the challenge by the ladies??

Show up and help your gender.

If you need more information please talk to Elusive Cristole (Wyld).

A smokeless fire, brought by an unusual stream of air floats into the Chronicles office, materializing herself in a blueish winged female body.  In a painless move she plucks a feather from her left wing, she sinks its point in the ink bottle and starts writing on the parchment over the table. Words about a new clan for the Djinn kind.

To all old and new Djinn of Ireem,

A new clan is open for recruitment in the Realm. We are the Kosmischen Reich Clan.

A clan for all those who are born from the elements as we are part of nature as much as it is part of us.

Our goal should be to archive Mastery of all the elements, so in the end one could finally control the cosmic powers to better aid our race.

Hereby our covenant:

- Our kin comes first, no one stands above a djinn regardless of rank
- The interests of the clan should always be in your mind, regardless of the opinions of others.
- Contribute as much as you can to our treasure, help us archive our goals.

If thses are in accordance with your goals, do join us.

You can contact our leader Honld (honld resident) or me. We will welcome and help all that are truly interested in having fun reinforcing the power and reputation of our kin.

Setah (stella theseus)
Kosmischen Reich Clan

Chronicles: Tala Queen Ianira. When you are not playing crystal swap, or dealing with the "joys" of being a leader, how do you relax?

Ianira: I truly to get joy from leading my kin and guiding merfolk who are young or new to our waters.  They always have such a great spirit to them, each and every one unique and fascinating, which really inspires me and leads to many a great adventures both at sea and on land.  Though, I suppose when I want just kick back from it all, I enjoy just relaxing with a bottle of saltwater champagne, playing my drums and talking gossip with my kin.  Oh yes, and scavenging for shinies and other things to adorn myself with. Hmmmm shinies....

If you were not a leader, what other passions would you pursue?

Well, I was crowned  to this position at a very young age and, minus a few short absences, have held this position ever since. Because of this, it is hard for me to imagine any other life path for myself, really.   I suppose with less responsibility, I would have more time for evil deeds and mischief, with much less repercussion.

What is the oddest thing you carry around on your person?


Do you have a favorite part of Ireem? Or do you prefer the waves?

There is no place in these lands better than the Isle of mer, it is so beautiful and peaceful...and is inhabited by the best-looking creatures in all the land.  However, from time to time there are a couple of places that I like to go to be alone with my thoughts, but if I revealed them on your newspaper and people found out, I likely wouldn't enjoy them anymore.

You mean the four readers that we have? Surely you are not worry that four people invade your space?

*Shock!* FOUR? Your editor told me that you have millions and millions of readers!

You should ignore him. We all do that in the office. Anyway... Pet peeves, everyone has them. Ccare tell a few of yours?

I really don't have too many things that bother me.  Lets see, intruders in my waters, women who don't think for themselves and act like they are lesser beings, low tides, sand in the scales, starfish tanlines,  landwalker clothes, the color brown, and....being asked to share my shinies.

You're one of the more stylish leaders of Ireem, how do you keep up that amazing look?

*Preens and lifts her chin* Well, not much of my 'look' can usually be attributed to clothing,as I really avoid having to put on those awful, itchy things.  However, all merfolk are stunningly beautiful, as I am sure you know.  We are just born this way. As far as how we keep our youthful beauty over our very ling lifespans?  Well, very few live to tell how we achieve this.  Oh and seaweeds. I think they help with keeping the skin look good. But you need to eat them raw, with all the slimy goodies.

And finally! Last question.... what inspires you as a leader?

It is my family, my kin, that inspire me.  I was born and raised in these waters, and have battled through many challenges, as well as times of great wealth and enchantment in our waters.  I strive to keep the culture and values of our beautiful and mysterious society alive and well.  We may be of a smaller presence in Ireem than other beings, but we are defintely the prettiest. And we are strong because we have a bond and care for eachother that not many others have. 

NOTICE: Leaders Elections

Group Leader Elections

Ireem Elections
It is time to vote for your Group Leaders.  Office Cat went poking her paw in the voting boxes and found at most twenty-four votes in one box, the least being Palace Guard with just one voting ticket.  It seems most people are more concerned with making money, for the voting boxes for Carpet Store, Blacksmith Ownership and Law Offices were filled with over a hundred votes each!

WAKE UP Ireem!  Take this leadership election seriously and vote for your leader.  Your group's survival is at risk if you should care!  Do not let the beautiful facade fool you, if you have been in this land long enough, you know well enough it is quite a feat to survive the volatile weather and no less the volatile ties and alliances between the inhabitants.

Make your way to cast your votes now, and support the leaders who are willing to put their life on the line and take the heat to safeguard your survival!  And to each and everyone of you participating in the elections, you are most welcomed to send in your Election Statements, or contact us for an interview, allow your people to make the right choice!

Emoji  Munira

Dear Bedouin brothers and sisters,

My reasons for running as Bedouin leader are many. I have been in these sands for quite a time, and my heart has always burnt with a strong passion for my kin. I have followed my leaders closely and during my time here in Ireem  I have observed and learned a lot. Now I feel the time is right to step up and help my people on the way forward.

If you give me your vote, be sure that I’ll continue in the same spirit as our former beloved leaders Velvet Hamelin and Pan latte; like them I will work hard to strengthen and unite our people. Lately the undeads, djinns and other dark beings have increased dramatically in numbers, and the pirate slavers once again chase our women like they used to do before the alliance was made. I believe that I have the experience, the passion and the drive to do lead our people and to empower us to stand strong against our enemies! I will strive to uphold our values and I will take specific actions in order to reach our goals, such as clan leader meetings, training and mentoring of new players and more. I want every clan to be included in important matters and decisions made for our family.

So, brothers and sisters of the strong and fierce tribes of Simoon, Sharifa, Najdi, Abd-Al-Aziz and Zafirah, it's time for Bedouins to rise once again and take domain of this land.  Chose me as your leader and we’ll work together to build up our family so Bedouins once again become a force to be reckoned with!

Miriam Lemondrop


EVENT: Ireem Hospital

Tai Chi & Meditation

A group activity for all who wish to Meditate and practise Yoga, QiGong and Tai Chi ..
" We find our spiritual Selves not by adding anything but by discarding everything that gets in the way of seeing what we already are. "

We try to gather together on Fridays at noon.
Often yaYoo sits in hospital from  around 7 am  to 9 am -

Please feel welcome to sit and relax, and enjoy some peaceful healing.

YaYoo Pralou
Namira Scarfould


Dear People of Ireem

  It's voting time again and I (KAYA Blinker) am running for the ownership of the Good Knights Tavern.

  I joined the city of Ireem as a knight and worked under some great leaders , Catherine, Tamer and Brandon. I left the Knights to become a Palace Guard under the command of Cara but was forced to leave when Pirates Pressed ganged me to join for a short time ..Cara would not let me return to guards believing I was infected or something. After many months I returned to the Royal Guards with Joris as Co-Commander.

  At this time the people or Ireem voted me to own the Blacksmiths which I have done for a while but my  term is up there and time to pass onto another .

  Also now I am retired from the Royal guards and my dream to live out my Retirment is to Run and own the Good Knights Tavern. As I have alway worked to protect  both the city and the palace , I feel it is now time to enjoy the company of the people of Ireem. To provide them with the Best Wines and Beers I have been able to aquire with my contacts to the Royal palace and of course the finest Blood for those who require this sustanance.

  I therefor Ask you all to Vote for KAYA Blinker as owner of the Good knights tavern
Free drinks all round for a week  If I win!


It had been yet another typical evening in Ireem. The market place was busy with people selling everything from bread to human lives. I spent most of the evening quietly observing with the hopes of catching something news worthy... but nothing amazing occurred.

  So, I returned to the office to feed the cats and to later fall asleep on one of Kito's naughty books. But as I entered, I heard the sound of someone approaching behind me. The figure was dressed in black rob. Saying nothing, they simply handed me a dusty scroll.

  I took a moment to unroll the parchment, but when I looked up the figure had vanished! I decided to read over this scroll. I personally hoped this one had nothing to do with the crystal nonsense that this writer wants no part of -- regardless of what race it hails from.

  In the scroll was a prophecy! No, it did not foretell the palace being overrun by giant spotted purple peacocks, but something far worse. One of which I will share with Ireem:

A prediction from the great Magi Akhsup'ah.

The dark will take control
And the sun will fail to rise!
Through the night and into the day
This evil you must despise will arise
On the night of a full blood red moon, 
A great fire shall decent from the heavens.
A massive orb with a tale of blue and purple
Flame shall rain down chaos.
Many a life shall come to end,
This city will crumble under the chaos!
The gods must be appeased to prevent damnation!
The umber dove will finally waver just outside a city in the age of royalty.

  While I personally don't believe this. I'll leave a small offering to Oceanius! All of Ireem should take the time to offer something small to the gods or goddesses of your people. It could very well prevent the end! Or at least give you something to do with the extra rum found in a random jar. Because the last time I checked, Ireem doesn't need more drunks.

~ Written by Sayuri

ARTICLE: Peace, Love, tolerance

Our Sultana Zanlu made an announcement to celebrate unity and peace in the Kingdom after the successful trial of battling the plague monks.  It was quite a feat indeed to fight those three powerful plague monks, and surprising the likes of the rebellious evil dark knights did not take the opportunity to destroy the rest of the kingdom and in fact helped defeat the plague monks too. Even though their leader and most of the dark knights were told to boycott the event. For the occasion, the doors of the palace was open to all for a day, and visitors welcomed as friends to enjoy the best food and drinks, and the following evening a Masquerade Ball.

You can run but when love finds you, cupid's golden arrow will at least graze you if not gift you with a leash ..a full fledged intrusion on your heart.  We see several coupling at this Masquerade Ball, refreshing sight from the usual pool of shy awkward individuals with two left feet..   Perhaps it was Cupid's magic that maintained no combat over the celebrations, and hopefully it was not mischiefs but true pairings be it lovers or friends.

Lady Soh Berry did a great job with the decorations creating a beautiful romantic atmosphere for us, coupled with Lady Raven's team of the best musicians, making it all a perfect atmosphere for love.  Everyone looked gorgeous dancing in a sea of pink and reds, it was a lovely sight to behold and our artists have captured as many pictures possible of the bosom-baring beauties at the party.  (to please our Editor for a well-deserved bonus, yes?)

Enjoy the paintings!

~Written by Munira(edited by Kito. And no bonus for any writers this year)

Sultana Zanlu + Vilasenia (Liphx Fiertze) in charge of PLT hunt event
Lady Raven (Serenity Vonderheide) in charge of music; Sultana Zanlu ; Lady Soh berry (Soh Ree) in charge of decorating
KCEE Congrejo, Kylie Lacombe, Prince Randdom Ivercourt & Sultana

Damien and Leah
Eteocles and Ianira (Ivery Silverfall)
Nightmare Rain and Kioko Kumaki
mer man (YaYoo Pralou) and Dr. Pralou(Namira Scarfould)
Lady Sayuri and Munira (outlast everyone at the dance and extends arms out for Editor's award ;p)

Fateema for The Good Knights Tavern

Subject: Election for ownership of business, The Good Knights Tavern.

Candidate: Fateema Asalia, an Elder Djinn and a Marid in Ireem.

Business Experience: Managed a number of business in Ireem, first the Blues Lagoon, and then the Dolphin Baths, and the Slave's Head Tavern as co-owner with Am Demina.

Business Philosophy: Running a business is a fun and satisfying way to stay busy in Ireem, to make a few coins and to socialize with all peoples.

Business Plans: Planning special events is part of the requirement for business management. Events will include :
- Storytelling Nights, a popular activity and a personal interest of stories she would love to share;
- Musician's Nights, with the tavern as a performance platform for the many talented musicians here in Ireem.
- Victory Parties, for those who win championships and tourneys.
- Dance Events.

Ambient: A happy place and one of comfort for the weary and lonely as well, with an aim for everyone to leave feeling better than when they came in. Food and drinks always available.

Staff Culture: Kind, efficient and friendly barkeeps who have a willing ear to listen to anyone's woes.

Co-Owner: Currently no propects for co-owner and will let fate lead the right person to the team.

Security: Powers to call on a powerful friend most any time should there be rowdy patrons to deal with.

Fateema's appeal to Voters

"My promotional sign suggests I am fun- friendly - and professional. The tavern will be open to and welcome all and hopefully be a meeting place for all types in Ireem to gain a friendly ground. Under my management the tavern would not be known as exclusive to one group or the other - it will be the tavern where everybody knows you by name and is a friend."

"I may add that I am not partisan in any way - all are welcome and none will be shunned - my wisdom is ancient and my heart is pure - I wish only the best for all citizens of Ireem"

vote Fateema

My dear subjects,

  It is a great pleasure for me to announce that Prince Randdom Ivercourt has joined the Palace.
He is here to finish his important studies on the behavior of the various races and their customs. When he return at his home he will be appointed the Personal Counselor by my old brother Cozan, Sultan of the distant land of Bytwan.

  If you meet Prince Randdom, give him a warm welcome and be available to his questions: it is for the scientific progress.

  I bless you all.

Zanlu Heron

Sultana of Ireem

This morning the Chronicles kitten has picked up a letter, sent to us by the palace in response to the recent article from a slaver:


For a long time, we, The Palace Guards have resisted succumbing to extortion and blackmail.

  The man in question, Taureck Ryker, portrait us like unreasonable beings and according to his version of facts careless and aggressive.

  I, Saara Van Essen, the guard in question, refused at first to be coned out of money, the threats of   aggression against him where founded as he had kidnapped a member of Palace, in the knowledge I was entitled to use force if necessary, yet was not used.

  What Mr Ryker seem to forget to mention is that, a larger fee of 700 dinars was requested for "rescuing and feeding the Palace girl", greedy extortion?... absolutely. Furthermore he threaten me to ends this unarmed Palace Lady if I did not pay, at the time, I did not possess the resources to pay the requested ransom that summed to 1500 dinars.

  At the sight of a man, who was willing to end an innocent woman's life for just gold, I sought help from a friend and ex-co-commander Kaya who kindly provided the gold for her release, once he settle for only the fee he paid for her.

  Lastly, though his greedy and actions had an impact on me personally, I am grateful he kept his word and released her party unharmed as agreed. We are aware of who the perpetrator is, coincidently another slaver named Carl, fortunate coincidence?... debatable.

Palace Guard
Saara Van Essen


Our Kingdom was under siege by three powerful figures identified to be Plague Monks, purportedly appearing through big blue disc-like portals discovered in the sands.  Yes, under siege, not by an entire troupe of armed forces but only three Plague Monks - White, Green, and Red. They brought mayhem for days, hurting anyone and destroying everything in their path!

Plague Monks

  What brought these Plague Monks to attack us?  One of the portals was seen in the vicinity of the Dark Knights.  Could the wildly unbalanced rebellious ones have dabbled in incantations beyond their own powers and accidentally opened the portal to these strange beings who would attack them too?

They do not speak
They make no alliance
They seek no treasure
They seek no power
They only wish to inflict total destruction of all life
No race is immune to their destructive powers.

  The plague monks are invincible.  The strongest warriors in the Kingdom could not kill them as they would somehow come back to life and continue to attack.  Many perished, the lucky are only badly injured, and soon enough food and medical resources were drained.
Plague Monks attacked!

  A royal decree sent by Princess Page advised one and all to turn to the leaders for their needed guidence.  It seems a wise one had deduced that precious crystals encased in stone if found could return the three plague monks through the portals. 

Stone With Crystals

  Priest Ragnar encouraged all leaders to bring their warriors to the Eternal Flame to get blessing and pray together.  Princess Page was present too.  And many leaders promptly gathered, putting aside perennial feuds to cooperate and save our Kingdom.

  Once the crystals were found, the leaders put their war strategy to action and brought down the three plague monks, forced them through the portal back to wherever they spawn.  Are we safe from future attacks?  No one knows..  What we do know now is that we are vulnerable to forces unknown to us and opposing factions may well have to cooperate once again to defend the Kingdom.

Leaders Pray

~Written by Munira

NEWS: Dark Days in Ireem

You will never believe what happened in the past few days!
Even now, looking back I find it all so hard to imagine its almost as if I have dreamed it all.

From the skies, or so it seemed, these strange Monks appeared and they were killing people in numbers never before seen.

Six or seven times, I lost count, I tried valiantly to attack but in second found myself laying in the warm desert sand mortally wounded.. Seemed that nothing you used against them, by any race, would do any damage.

Despair rushed through Ireem as people ran back and forth to the physicians office to be healed. All the food stalls seemed to empty in the snap of a finger and people were wandering around dazed, confused and starving.

I thought surely this was the end of the new world myself and Hunter had come to, the place that was to be are refuge from the hell we had escaped from.

Then an amazing thing started to happen. Right before my eyes I saw those of different races coming together to talk about a way to save, not just their own race, but all races.

From this came a plan and suddenly when the Monks showed up there were archers and shooters up high trying to take them down while people down below drew their weapons and went in to attack. We were working together  for the first time and the strength of races united was something to behold.

A priest called us to the Eternal Fire to bow our head in prayer for some and quiet contemplation for others. He spoke about us, the monks and blessed us all and gave us strength to go on with our united front.

Then the leaders of the races found relics that were special and treasured to their own race and decided to enter the portal where these strange Monks kept coming through.

Inside we all stood around wondering what we could do and then the Princess found a hint and another came up with a combination that opened a book with yet further information.

It was determined that we would all lovingly lay our relics on a table and each and every race signed an ancient scroll.

With this being done we left the portal and within minutes we all rejoiced. They were gone..they were defeated not by one, or two but by Ireem as a whole, putting aside race and creed and saving the land we so dearly love.

Will they be back? I don't know for sure. The door to the portal was sealed shut again but there is nothing to say that one day , perhaps in the far distant future, the portal will once again open and then I can only hope those still alive will remember the past and how Ireem was saved by all.

~ written by Dez The Yipper

Are you tired of the group/clan/race that you are in?

Are you looking to make a change with this new year?

Well then check out a new Pirate/Slaver clan that I have started we would love to have you join us.

Get in on the bottom floor, learn everything or share everything you know about KOS with us.

We will always be Pirates and all of the other Pirate Slavers are our brothers and sisters and when they call for help or raid we will be there.

At the moment we are also part of "The Alliance" that exists but one never knows in this wild and crazy world how long that will last.

All Rules of Combat here in KOS are to be observed as well as SL TOS.

Training will be provided for those that are new. We'll deal with everything from breaking Treasure Pots to combat.

So if you have always wanted to be a Pirate now is the time to make the move to The Bounty.

We are new and in need of members to make us "official" so if you want to experience the pirate way of life just go up to the Game Room and there you will see the Clan Book, look for #860, The Bounty and join us today.

Just go up to the Game Room in the sky and there you will
The Bounty

Dez  ( SL Avatar Name: Dianne Davies)

Strange creatures seen wandering the walls of the Dark Knight Headquarters! Is this an Infestation or has the Dark Knight' little pram been turned into a funny farm? Or Maybe the Magi finally started to do everyone a favor by turning Dark Knights into the true animals we all know there are? No, I fear this little tale is far less grand.

  There have been a few odd reports of Dark Knights doing away with blood dolls in favor of animals. Rumors are have poured in about them feeding on everything from unicorns to common house rats! Other stories tell of their blood dolls leaving for darker and dare I say more stable domain.

  But, at the heart of the tales is the main story that the Dark Knights are turning animals into humans. Why? Are they so ashame to be an animal blood suckers that they would forced train those poor beast to walk in human form? Although one might question a race that is lead by a naked woman floating in midair and co-lead by another semi naked who packed with an invisible punch of death, would not be so worry or feel shameful about silly things like sucking blood from animal (And no, the Chronicles would not like to received letters or pictures on how they suck blood from those animal, so stop drawing those picture right now!)

  Surely this goes against some code of conduct? But this writer thought differently since Dark Knights don't follow such a thing. Expecting anything good from a Dark Knight is like expect Am to turn down a quick capture, or Aizen to turn down a fiddle.

  Another question arose... what if the Undead start to follow the Dark Knights? Where will all the blood dolls go? Sadly this writer cannot answer those questions. But ask the Dark Knights. They have now gone from Sandcastle to Funny Farm. For all of those who read a previous article it should make sense. Their leader, the Floating Queen of the Funny farm.... where life may not be so beautiful all the time.  Though, having said all that, one must admire the genius of this.

  After all, it's free to feed those animals where they suck the blood from. Certainly cheaper than buy meats or fishes. No wonder there is not many butchers working in Ireem nowadays.

  Let's celebrate this new enterprise spirit of the desert!

Animal in human form! Who said Dark Knight are not magical?
~ written by Kitten Evil Invisible Claw of Death

A curious incident happened recently when a pirate slaver was seen taking some palace residents. Here is his account of the event:


“The security of the palace seems to be failing as of late, making it possible for a slaver to break into the palace and snatch one of the harem ladies, bringing her to the block. To pull of something like that, you would think this slaver would be strong, skilled in fighting, or one that collects slaves and tries about everything to get his hands on it. So, was it Am? No ... Cow then, a very skilled fighter? Oh no ... then maybe a more reckless guy like Jordan? No, not even him. It was a young slaver, hardly able to hold on to his own sword that was able to bring this lady to the blocks, penetrating the palace. It turned out the guards were 'away'.

Another slaver bought her and though you might think that he had bad plans with her ... did he rape her? No ... did he tried to disguise her and use her for his own purposes or try to sell her again? Not even that.... This is what actually happened: he dressed her, fed her, gave her some water to drink, secured her and looked around for one of the guards. Now, you would think this slaver is crazy, but of course he was keen enough to expect a fee for his good work. This is Ireem, nothing comes for free.

The guard he found though, not liking this slaver, had something different in mind. She started to threaten him, didn't want to pay not even his expenses, while it was the guards fault in the first place. More so, do you think she asked who kidnapped the lady? I think it didn't even come up in her mind, and of course I wouldn't have told her. But instead she tried to push full responsibility on the messenger, threatening him with trials and torture.

Turns out she didn't have the means, not even to buy the lady from the block would she have been there.

I have released the lady, and though she might have some imprints from bindings, I didn't harm her otherwise. But now, one of the palace-guards owes me. Stupid that I let her go? Maybe but if the palace can't afford to protect the ones they should, there is no money in it for me.

Next time I might like to do something different with a lady from the palace, or not bother at all about her ... let the men of Ireem have her! Those ladies seem to be seen as a catch once placed on the block, there was enough interest in buying her. I only can rejoice in a young pirate taking his chances when he sees them and getting well paid for it.

Oh, and then this man passed by, while we were negotiating ... literally, passed by, he was obviously a palace-guard, even called 'the commander' by the other guard ... he didn't talk to me, nor did he tried to fight me. Actually, he didn't seem to care about the guard nor about one of the residents of the palace that was in his care. Giving the moneylender a good bottle of rum I found out this 'commander' is a rich man. I didn't want to spend more good rum to get to know how much ... I already spent enough.

I'm certainly not the one that is going to hide behind being a guard or even a commander, I'm a slaver, I do jobs for money, my name is Taureck Ryker"

A curious message was delivered to one of the Chronicles' resident kitten this morning. Upon the discovery, the editing staff decided that to share with everyone the content.


Hear ye, hear ye, people and denizens of Ireem!

    Her Majesty, Malley, Queen of the Vorgoth, has received a tribute of surrender today from the Djinn, Undead, and Merfolk factions.  This tribute was in no small part due to the consistent and flourishing raids by the Vorgoth (dark knight) faction.  Under their continuous assaults and unrelenting lust for battle they have finally brow beaten these three factions into subservience.  Vorgoth's superiority, if not outright sheer determination, has shown these factions that they shall not be taken likely and are a force to be reckoned with.

      The Vorgoth, upon the turning of this New Year, began a ceaseless campaign of bloodshed and trials upon Ireem’s sands.  All factions faced serious casualties under the sheer bewildering numbers of the Vorgoth faction.  Their fortitude, stamina, and sheer will of valor allowed them to tirelessly work towards taking back what was truly theirs.  Shortly before this campaign the Vorgoth reached a stagnant period in their growth and suffered from a great many losses.  

    Like vultures, the other factions of Ireem jumped at the weakened faction, and banded together against them.  Nearly, if not all, factions of Ireem formed a coalition with the sole intent of eradicating the Vorgoth from the sands.  The Vorgoth Queen, Malley, was Ireem’s “Public Enemy Number One”.  This did not deter the valiant queen from taking up arms and marching into battle gallantly with her troops.

    Her warriors, like a rabid horde of demons, mutants, and abominations that are the stuff of nightmares stood like stalwart reapers behind their queen.  With every blow they received during this campaign they grew stronger, braver, and more deadly.  In hopes of destroying the beings of the Vorgoth the factions of Ireem in all fact created something more powerful than they could possibly comprehend.  

    When reached for comment the Vorgoth Queen stated, “We are ever so pleased to accept this great tribute of surrender from our enemy's and their acknowledgment of  the Vorgoth superiority. We look forward to this period of if one could call it such, uneasy peace, and have chosen to decrease our raids slightly.... in honor of acknowledgment of the Vorgoth superiority. We look forward to this period of if one could call it such, uneasy peace, and have chosen to decrease our raids slightly.... in honor of such a gracious tribute.”


Obviously we don't know if the crystal was indeed a tribute of surrender. According to our ever active and ever watchful Chronicles kittens, they have spotted a number of warriors from undead, merfolk and djinn delivering a crystal each to the Dark Knight headquarter. Of course we cannot rule out the possibility of those warriors happen to got lost in the desert and mistakenly drop their crystal to the Dark Knight's home. For most of the onlookers though, it hard to argue against this act anything but a peace offering.

What becometh to our true to the core pirate with a tireless passion for taking slaves to auction, who was put on trial and found guilty?!  But of course he would spring back to life the next day, business as usual and profit, his voice ringing through the sands "Beautiful slave girl on auction! Come bid!"

Am at trial
A lusty young pirate called AM,
Notorious in the Kingdom of Sands,
Set off the day with the usual Plan,
"Ahoy! Mam!"  It was fine then.
She wined him and dined him,
They had much fun over night,
With all that rum, he could not run nor fight,
And found himself caged and in binds.
The People held a trial,
The lawyers present a huge file,
It took a while,
Yet he sat with a smile.
The ladies scowl,
comments were vile,
They brought him away,
But the next day,
AM is back,
Swaggering boist'rously,
A loud laugh and a bold
"Beautiful Girl on auction!"
You'd know he is not done,
And laugh to see you run!

Salutes Am,

"Yar har, fiddle de dee, ..Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free! You are a PIRATE!"

~ written by Munira

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