NEWS: The enterprise of animal farm

Strange creatures seen wandering the walls of the Dark Knight Headquarters! Is this an Infestation or has the Dark Knight' little pram been turned into a funny farm? Or Maybe the Magi finally started to do everyone a favor by turning Dark Knights into the true animals we all know there are? No, I fear this little tale is far less grand.

  There have been a few odd reports of Dark Knights doing away with blood dolls in favor of animals. Rumors are have poured in about them feeding on everything from unicorns to common house rats! Other stories tell of their blood dolls leaving for darker and dare I say more stable domain.

  But, at the heart of the tales is the main story that the Dark Knights are turning animals into humans. Why? Are they so ashame to be an animal blood suckers that they would forced train those poor beast to walk in human form? Although one might question a race that is lead by a naked woman floating in midair and co-lead by another semi naked who packed with an invisible punch of death, would not be so worry or feel shameful about silly things like sucking blood from animal (And no, the Chronicles would not like to received letters or pictures on how they suck blood from those animal, so stop drawing those picture right now!)

  Surely this goes against some code of conduct? But this writer thought differently since Dark Knights don't follow such a thing. Expecting anything good from a Dark Knight is like expect Am to turn down a quick capture, or Aizen to turn down a fiddle.

  Another question arose... what if the Undead start to follow the Dark Knights? Where will all the blood dolls go? Sadly this writer cannot answer those questions. But ask the Dark Knights. They have now gone from Sandcastle to Funny Farm. For all of those who read a previous article it should make sense. Their leader, the Floating Queen of the Funny farm.... where life may not be so beautiful all the time.  Though, having said all that, one must admire the genius of this.

  After all, it's free to feed those animals where they suck the blood from. Certainly cheaper than buy meats or fishes. No wonder there is not many butchers working in Ireem nowadays.

  Let's celebrate this new enterprise spirit of the desert!

Animal in human form! Who said Dark Knight are not magical?
~ written by Kitten Evil Invisible Claw of Death


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