What becometh to our true to the core pirate with a tireless passion for taking slaves to auction, who was put on trial and found guilty?!  But of course he would spring back to life the next day, business as usual and profit, his voice ringing through the sands "Beautiful slave girl on auction! Come bid!"

Am at trial
A lusty young pirate called AM,
Notorious in the Kingdom of Sands,
Set off the day with the usual Plan,
"Ahoy! Mam!"  It was fine then.
She wined him and dined him,
They had much fun over night,
With all that rum, he could not run nor fight,
And found himself caged and in binds.
The People held a trial,
The lawyers present a huge file,
It took a while,
Yet he sat with a smile.
The ladies scowl,
comments were vile,
They brought him away,
But the next day,
AM is back,
Swaggering boist'rously,
A loud laugh and a bold
"Beautiful Girl on auction!"
You'd know he is not done,
And laugh to see you run!

Salutes Am,

"Yar har, fiddle de dee, ..Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free! You are a PIRATE!"

~ written by Munira


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