Today The Chronicles received a scroll from Knight commander Milua Schor in response to recent letters about a certain Knight.


In recent days, we knights, have had to face a difficult and sad situation. It was effecting not only our family, but also all the inhabitants of our beloved city.

Many of you have been wronged and unnecessary violence was used against some of you coming from a member of our family, a man called OLAF.

As leader of the clan "Order of the Code," I apologize! I am so very sorry for the situations that occured. Some have already been resolved and others will be resolved soon in a fair trial.

As everyone should understand, some complaints take longer to clarify, But sooner or later they are. After several witnesses, evidence and a trial, I have decided, along with my family, from yesterday, Olaf (Darklord Trapdoor) does not belong to our clan - Order of the Code - Therefore, he's no longer a Knight. He resigned peacefully.

I understand that Knights represent safety, order, law and respect. That is exactly what our authority must represent to all of you. People come expecting to be treated with respect, this is our most valuable asset. We of the knights, fight hard every day to earn this respect.



I would like to thank everyone, especially the Knights, who had diplomacy, patience and always kept me informed with the information that was essential for me to make the correct descision.

Thanks ALL!


We all used a camel or a horse once or twice to move from one spot to the other. But last week I couldn't believe what I saw with my own eyes ! Well known bedouin sheik Sir MJ (MasterJ Swashbuckler) was riding his slave girl Friskie Quintessa, using her like others use a camel to move forward !
The poor girl was sweating, grumbling and coughing underneath the heavy man she was carrying around and when I wanted to talk to her, she was so out of breath, that it was impossible to understand her. The only word I think I understood was "Fucker!", but I am not really sure about this.
Anyway ! I quickly made drawings of this to share it with you, good citizen of Ireem ! My questions are now:
  • Is this the new way bedouins are moving now, or is the Sheik just special ?
  • How are the knees of poor Friskie today ?
  • And above all: Where exactly did he stick the horse tail in ?

I didn't see it very well as the ass was covered by her silks but I can guarantie you: there was not a single rope or something around her waist !!

Dear Business Owners of Ireem,

As I sit here within my cafe counting the coins, instead of profit I see it once more dwindling. Not because of any lack of customers. In fact Business has been quite booming of late. What pray tell causes the books instead to show a mark of red? Crime. So I turn to you my fellow Business Owners and ask that we come together. A Business Council should be Formed. A plan developed.

The Knights promised us to curb the crime wave and return our funds. It has now been weeks. How many of us have seen a return of our funds? Instead I see and hear daily of the crime wave within our beloved Kingdom growing. Where is our protection? Who is to guard our wares and our store fronts? How will our Patrons feel safe within as they relax? This must come to a halt! If the Knights will not do their job then I say we come together and find a means and a solution.

Day in and day out we must report the theft of coin and goods from our shops. It has been weeks since I have seen any recompense as I was promised. How long are we to wait while the thieves and criminals line their pockets with our goods, while the knights tell us every day it takes time to investigate. It has gotten to the point which is the greater crime the theft of our wares and coin or the inadequate job and failure to follow through of the Knights on behalf of us the Business Owners of Ireem?

I say enough is enough.
The Lady of the Arabesque

Dear readers !

It seems to me, that one knight is under a special focus of the citizen. How come ? What is he doing, is he using his postion to enforce his own goals ? We for sure will investigate this more ! Enclosed a letter from knight Pepper Monk:

"Dear Milly, and all others in charge of the Knights and Citizens of Ireem.

I write this letter to you as a knight who takes pride in our ability to deal with situations in an honorable matter and keep the pride of our family.

However it seems one knight does not agree with this method. I have tried reasoning with him about his technique many times. And after several citizen complaints, I feel it my duty to shed light on the current situation we have with Olaf.

As I new knight, I have witnessed many peoples true colors. Olaf included. Yesterday, I witnessed Olaf trying to sell a citizen woman he captured to Am Demina the slaver, for gold and food.

If that isn't corruption and criminal activity, then I don't know what is. After I called him out on it and threatened to make his life a living hell should he go through with it, he did hand the girl over to me. But was rather upset when after I interviewed her, I let her go.
The woman admits she attacked Olaf, but only after she witnesses him cap an innocent girl for no reason, and try to sell the same girl back to her spouse for a fee. The woman who attacked him, did so because she wanted to help the girl and she couldn't find any trust worthy knights around. She managed to record the whole conversation and event.

Lastly, I myself had a discussion with a former undead who is trying to clean up her act, we talked about what she had witnessed so far and I had also witnessed. I think if this matter isn't taken over by the leader of the knights, there are going to be huge problems.

Did you know Ireem has already started a petition to have him removed? I will attach a copy I managed to snag off yet another citizen who has filed a complaint:

We, the undersigned citizens of Ireem have witnessed an assault on our liberties and Freedom by one who should be protecting them - one knight Olaf (Darklord Trapdoor).
On this day 9-24-2010.
We petition our great and beloved Sultana to remove this blight upon our fair Ireem and restore it again to its natural state.

Journey Plutonian: I was a witness to him wrecklessly discharging a firearm into a crowd.
April Axel
Gaibrial Writer: I was imprisoned for days, after being defeated while trying to defend the innocent.

Please note that those are only the first few signatures. And April Axel is one of them. She informed me that she will be cutting ties with the Knights because of Olaf's actions. (Though to be fair, this has not yet been confirmed)

I've seen him capture prey's, fool around with said prey's before letting them go, take bribes, chase and attack innocent citizen's, Slander the other knights as well. You simply can't go around assuming everyone is a criminal before they do anything wrong. Journey, the woman Olaf attacked and tried to sell last night, had absolutely NO criminal record.

If it's acceptable for one Knight to take the law into his own hands and do as he sees fit, then consider this fair warning that I will do the same. And My intent is to bring Olaf down and out of the knights!

Pepper Monk
An Honorable Knight by day, and a force to be wreckoned with by night! "

Dear Ireem Chronicles,

As a citizen of Ireem, I am alarmed to see there have been 27 incidents of crime, violence and corruption in our city since 7 PM last night and not one call for a jury to try the criminal charged with the crime. What makes this sting me more than it might other citizens is that I spent from 3 pm SLT to 11:34 pm SLT last night trying to avoid arrest when I was not wanted for a crime.

At no time during this chase did I draw a weapon. I've been wearing a short Gladius for the rare incident when I chase a pickpocket or defend a woman friend, My assailant carried a Great Sword, but he must not have been profficient in its use as I only lost about a fifth of my blood throughout the ordeal and was retored to health by a couple roast chickens.
The Knight Incompentius in Question is one Olaf (Darklord Trapdoor) and claims to have been in Ireem only 12 or 13 days. He is a known owner of slaves though this was against the Code when I first came to the Kingdom. What his vendetta against me might be he has not clearly stated. Cherche La Femme? I doubt it.

I had seen the uncouth character and heard a few reports of unsavory behavior a few days before my first encounter with Olaf. I had the impression he was anything but a knight.
Walking outside the gate, I was called upon by a woman named Pepper to come help a knight. My friend Avery Allegrant was on duty that night and feared it might be she who need assistance. I was met by the sight of the brutish thug Olaf bleeded on the floor. He objected to my presence, accusing me of crimes for which I'd recieved punishment and paid all fines for . After I had healed him, he threatened to arrest me for "Trepass." I decided to have naught to do with the man in future.

Two days later, I met my mentor and sponsor as Magi KCEE Congretio on the corner Olaf stood at my side blocking KC's path. I stepped aside, but Olaf made threats to KC, when she was not cowed, Olaf chased me to the Arabesque when I took refuge in a safe spot. He admited there were no warrants on me.

After this event, a sympathiser told me that Olaf had kept a slave while serving as a knight and had committed rape in the Bathhouse. (witnessed by Kal-Bokuden Fall). Similar gossip came my way, but witnesses would not come forward.

The nex night, The Knights Avery Allegrant and Pepper Monk were attacked by One Flea within the Knights HQ, Yannena Homewood and I attempted to help. After the conclusion of this affair, Olaf, Darklord Trapdoor, arrived at KHQ and threatened to arrest me for Trespass if I did not pay him a 40 Dinar bribe. Avery intervened, her argument with Olaf providing cover for Yannena and I to escape as Olaf did not desist in his attempt to collect the fine after the more senior asked him to stop.

At 3pm SLT, Monday September 20th, I entered the Physician's office to visit Dr. Yannena Homewood. When I arrived Meya Silverfell was also present. The doctor was under attack by a hyanea commonly known about town as One Flea. Ms. Silverfell fled the scene. I proceeded to try and calm the beast by offering it scraps of meet I had on me.
The Knight Olaf ordered the animal to attack me. Being a wild hyena, not a dog trained to obey human command, One Flea did not attack.
The Knight demanded i surrender to him for arrest. Knowing I had committed no crime since last being falsely accused by this very same Olaf, I invoked the Right of Sanctuary. I asked what crime I was being charged with, no answer was forthcoming, but another demand I surrender. I explained the Right of Sanctuary and again I reminded him I had committed no crime and was not wanted.
The meaning of the Right of Sanctuary slowly dawning in the dark and empty void within Olaf's thick skull, he proceeded to make camp outside the Physician's Office. Dr. Homewood, a gifted and powerful magi as well as a skilled healer, used Magic to transport me to a safe place.
Yannena Homewood proceeded to Knights HQ and reported the attack One Flea had made upon her to Smooth Citreon. While there she looked to the Knights' "Wanted" Board and confirmed I was not on it.

At 7 pm slt on Monday Septemeber 19, I awoke from a meditative state and returned to the city of Ireem where I searched out the companionship of Yannena Homewood and Andre Suen. He joined them on the 2nd floor balcony of the Slave's Head Inn where in a fit of whimsy, the three climbed on top of the awning. Merry making ensured. Andre leaves and the couple are joined by Aiyana Hawker.

At 10 pm SLT the group is assaulted by the Knight Olaf who drops down on them with Great Sword drawn. He demanded my surrender, but failed to inform me on the crime I was accused of. I knew I'd paid my time and bribes to the Kinghts for all recent crimes, and so refused arrest.
"Don't make me hurt you," Olaf threatened. "But I have hemmarrhoids and you so big" I quiped. "Its inevitable."
"Drop your sword!" said Olaf despite my sword being in its sheath and was a Gladius carried only for basic protection.
I prudently disobeyed. Olaf at this point swung wildly with little to no aim or skill. I tripped over Aiyana's big combat boots and plunged into the channel below. I would remind the reader, I had not draw a weapon on Olaf to date and did not at this time.
Olaf leapt into the water and churned the water with his sword as if doing laundry while in the midst of a hissy fit. Three strokes of the blade happened to hit me with all the force of a frequent masturbator. Despite these back scratches, I climbed the stone embankment and stood on dry land.
Seeing me in the simple act of standing, Olaf did flee down the hall. With an ally-possibly Ehson Miles.

Four travelers - Ryla, Lupus Zuta, kijani Scorpi and Ninxy Hansen- found me and Yannena at the Slaver's Dock outside the Slave's Head Inn. Talk of the Attack and the Attacker ensued.
" ohh... I know him we spar'd with him me and my mate, " the mermaid Ryla stated. " Yea caught him roughing up some guy by the backer for robbering a woman's till.. I heard a rumor about that there being some guy who raped a woman and killed her and her newborn child."
" This knight seems to have a focused adgenda." Yannena surmised.
" Yes..." Ryla agreed " just becareful you too... that olaf guy seems a bit shady to me. he's gonna be on trial he keeps treating citizens that way."
Reluctantly, I decided I must rely on legal means if I were to have any peaceful commerce in the city. I would have to report the crime to the Knights themselves to see if their promises of just treatment of good citizens in upstanding status.
In a moment of kaniving and cunning I gave myself into captivity to my beloved to take advantage of the law protectiong property from violent attach. (The so-called 'Pussy Pact'.) Thus secure in my safety, I took the most direct path to the Knights' HQ and the Great Book of Criminal Complaint.

After only taking a few steps, I was surprised to see a woman of the lowest repute leap from a height to to the street before him. The crazed haste of her actions made me regard her as a potential threat, perhaps an employee of the corrupt knight Olaf. I sighed no relief seeing her charge off ahead of me for I saw she carried sheave upon sheave of old incident reports all marked with new ink- a sure sign of forgery and falsification in record keeping in my experience. She made it to the reporting station ahead of me and began making the false filings, refusing to yeild to my one simple, honest report.

Olaf came out of the safety of Knight's HQ, sword already drawn. He demanded my surrender, again refusing to state the charges and threatening me.
The knight seemed unaware that a crime must exist or at least be reported for an arrest to be made, Once the arrest of the suspect is completed, then the case proceeds to trial. The crime is not just made up after suspect is arrested. That a crime must be reported before it is investigated and an arrest made is pretty basic procedure.
"I'm just a Knight," Olaf sputtered when again I pressed to know what crime the knight would arrest him for. "The jury will make up a crime. You have to let the people judge you."
I managed to report Olaf's crime of attempted murder. Once the crime was reported, Avery Allegrant, the senior Knight in the land at the time, deemed to intervene on the side of law and order.
"Corum is not currently wanted for any crime," the Knight Avery stated.
"Ok let him sign the scroll then," Olaf continued his quest to see me jailed without cause. He turned his attention back to his chosen victim. "Arrest your self if there no crime."

" Sign it for what?" Avery asked her less experienced colleague."He has to BE on the board in order to sign the scroll." Olaf ifnored Avery's lesson and turned to me for one last trick, a plea for pity. "Please sign the thing so i know how this thing works" I declined and left the scene with a charge of Attempted Murtder by Olaf on report.

I was targeted for the better part of a week by a Knight who hadn't been trained in the basics of law and procedure. Newer Knights need more supervious and training before they are sent out and allowed to persecute innocent citizens which seems to be this knights Modus Operendi!

How can there be Justice in Ireem if those charged with dispensing and defending it, don't know or care about the basic operation of a Justice System? I beseech Milly, as this city's Shire Reeve and head of the knights, to find a way to make sure her new knights have the proper character and attitude to be actual knights, not just a gang of thugs who use the words "Law & Order" as cover for theft, rape and persecution.

On a personal lever, I was forced, FORCED to file criminal charges against one of the Order of Knight's hand-picked members. I feel it important that the Knights clean their own house. Olaf should turn himself in or the Knights should arrest him. He should stand triand and Justice should be served.
I suspect the charges will be swept under the rug and witnesses bullied and such persecution will continue.

This I can not allow!
Corum of Shadows, Chief of Thieves Guild.

Everybody, join the


at the slaves head inn,
sunday 26th September, noon SLT

Two persons will be locked up in a cage outside the inn.
Fight will be in training mode, KnuckleDuster.
Winner goes to next round. (knock out system)

Prices, for place one, two and three
- an amount of 500 dinar
- a pretty slave-girl
- two goats

Signing in:
By sending an message to Am Demina, or just show up at 11.45 SLT


Come and participate !

Am Demina


A second Ireemian Merchant has accepted the protecton of the Thieves' Guild of Ireem. After being shaken down for "Protection" by the Undead Ragnar, Ruxia Zuta turned to the Guild for real assistance against rackets and petty thieves.
"We'll catch anyone who even tries to steal from the Tavern" explains Chief of Thieves Corum of Shadows."We sell the thieves to cover expenses and make a small profit. The profit will go to help for a legal defense fund and a charitable fund for injured guild members."
"The Guild offers real protection," Corum growled, then thought further on his actions and pounded the table. "We do not appreciate pale imitation by commno street thugs."

KoS Champion Tournament
Saturday, September 25th at 12pm SLT

Here's your chance to prove you're the best of the best!
Prizes: G$2000 plus a one second safe zone for the winner's group.

Challenge matches to follow if there is interest.
Please send a scroll to Una Flux if you wish to sign up for the day's events.

Rules of Champion's Tournament: Default weapons only. Random pairings will be determined before the Tournament begins. If there is an odd number of participants, the losers will brawl for a second chance.

Rules of Challenge matches: Both participants must agree to the fight and agree on weapons. If the fighters cannot agree, Una will choose the weapons. Of course, the rest of us can bet and taunt!

Una will be in the Arena on the day of the Tournament at 11:30 SLT to start taking entries. No entries will be taken after 11:55. Fighters not in the Arena by 11:55 will not be added to the random pairings list. *cracks the proverbial whip* Please contact Una to sign up early!!

Join us At Midnight to welcome in Sunday at the Fatted Calf. Our New Musician Zack Raleigh will be hosting the midnight madness, playing his own style of music which is sure to get your feet tapping. Welcome Sunday in style at the Calf and dance away the wee small hours.

Come Join us at the Fatted calf where good food and good company are guaranteed.

Alina Furuseth

Today we recieved information about the priest Ashrah Jaxxon and his beloved undead girl Caraya Beeswing performing a black mass in our holy temple ! Yes dear citizen ! These are indeed shocking news ! What happened ? Miss Namira Scarfould, captured and brought to the temple, got tied up in there to be part of a bloody ritual.

Priest Ashrah and his beloved cut her arms and nearly bled the poor Namira to death, as they "collected" her fluids, just to cover the ground with it later ! My source is an anonymous one, as this person is too afraid to speak freely. Still under shock what she witnessed she gave me a drawing she made and told me " This is one of the most horrible scenes I ever saw ! I mean, a priest ! A man who should praise the god of goodness and light, Zin Ra ! What is he doing in there ???"

Good question, dear Ireemians ! Can we really allow a priest to perform a black mass in our holy temple ? The knights should investigate this as quick as possible ! Until then, be warned and look out for the so called priest and his wife ! Lets pray to Zin Ra these evil happenings come to an end soon !

Salaam people from the underground from Ireem !

Since the sea gave new land arround Ireem, the "Sea Witch" cannot sail out anymore so easily.
Therefore the "Sea Witch" will be open for all the underground people from Ireem. This ship will be a partyship for all the Slavers, Thiefs, Killers, Demons, Drunks and Partyanimals !

You are welcome to trade your stolen goods on the ship like: rum, jewels, slaves, food, gold etc. !

Slave girls may only enter the ship topless or naked and they will entertain all the guests with their dances and the grace and beauty ! You are also free to rape your slaves or let them rape.

When you like to make love privately, you can take the little boat back to the land, there is always a fireplace in a hidden place waiting, where you can enjoy yourselves under the stars and listening to the sounds of the sea!

For the ones who have a slave or a prisoner, there is enough room to put them in one of the luxury cages.

Knights will not be welcome on the "Sea Witch" under normal circumstances, if they do I will for sure give them a very warm welcome ! *looks at his axe when he writes the letter to the paper*


Greatings, Glenn "Crazy" Graves

P.S.: There will be plenty of the best (stolen) rum for you !

Thieves Guild - Fatted Calf Agreement

Corum of Shadows, Chief of the thieves Guild of Ireem, has agreed his organization will protect the Fatted Calf from robbery and mischief. Thieves Guild members will wear Fatted Calf badges when the capture, torture and self anyone attempting to steal fom the Restaurant. The Guild will not take failure into account when making captures and judgments. 'Nuff Said!

Corum McConaught

Rogue's Rebuttal

Citizens of Ireem, there have been claims that The Chronicles has printed lies and half truths! While the staff at The Chronicles stands by all their stories, we never the less feel the need to put these rumors to rest. In an effort to smooth this situation we offered to print a statement from Rogue, telling his side of the events. The following is that statement in its entirety and unedited...

Most recently in the chronicle was an article which stirred a bit of sensation. While the press has always searched for titilating tales and stories to grab headlines, I never expected to be front and center of such. While there are a few kernals of factual information within the article, I take umbrage at the article as a whole. To at least provide my accounting as a counterpoint, allow me to state the following:

I did indeed investigate the harem. This was prior to any knowledge of the possibility to enter into the sevice of the Sultana herself. What man within the sands has not at least been curious about the harem and quite a few of the lasses as well? As to bein spotted by a certain female reporter and chased from the area? This is made of whole cloth. On the day I was in the harem it was empty. As I looked for an exit I was greeted by the Mermaid queen and escorted out with some severity.

As to coming into a title within the palace. This was handled with complete integrity. Any insinuation of anything illicit is in the minds of the reporters. I fer one have never so much as shook hands with the Sultana let alone have any intimate knowledge of any of the court with the inclusion of the harem lasses. Have I ever attempted to charm a lass? Guilty. Did I present meself in me most charmin fashion to the Sultana and her staff to begin with? Again I admit to guilt there. Beyond that I have done nothing untowards in me dealings within the court.

- Rogue Idlemind

Now as to his claim regarding the Sultana we will have to take his word for it as the palace has so far not released a statement.
I would like to point out however that in his own statement Lord Rouge admits to breaking into the Harem. A crime that just today Namira Scarfould was put on trial for. Are we to understand that the laws of this great city do not apply to the privileged lords of the palace!?
The Chronicles calls for the immediate arrest of Lord Rogue for the crime of breaking into the Harem prior to his position allowing it. If there is any justice in this city let the people decide his fate.

Dear readers and citizen of Ireem !

Her Highness, the Sun of Ireem, Sultana Zanlu Heron, wishes to invite all of Ireem for a Gala Ball, on Saturday, September 18th at 1 p.m. SLT. The DJ will be Ireem's favorite DJ, Falconer Maltese, to play all our favorite songs. The ball will be held on Isle of Mer on KOS2. The Sultana hopes to see all of Ireem there!

Elysa Swansong
Royal Scribe to Her Highness

Recently while walking through the city Dinky and I happened to come across Rogue Idlemind as he chatted up a young lady near the arena. Dinky and I stopped and wormed our way into the conversation, as we always do, just hoping we would finally find a story worth writing. And did we ever!

At some point the conversation turned to the Harem and Rogue began to chuckle with a knowing look. Being the good reporters we are, Dinky and I were able to get him to tell the story.

It seems Rogue has a curious nature, and he set off one day to satisfy that curiosity where the Harem was concerned. Casually and quietly he snuck into the palace and located the room directly above the Harem. Using a rope attached to a large hook he climbed down to the Harem window and swung inside.

Despite the best efforts of both Dinky and myself, we were unable to get him to confess to stealing anything while he was there. He swears that he just had a look around and that the Harem was empty. At this point I noticed Dinky was fidgeting from foot to foot. Curious about her behavior I gave her my best “You had better tell Master what your thinking!” look.

She admitted that she knew about this incident already. It seems she was taking an afternoon stroll through the palace gardens when she heard a loud banging noise inside the palace. Being the curious little girl that she is she had to go investigate. The pounding was coming from the Harem doors so she leaned close to hear what the cause of this disturbance was.

Without warning Rogue burst out of the Harem, shocked to find Dinky standing in the hall. My little Dinky, being brave as any Knight, stood her ground and chased Rouge away. She admitted to me she didn’t tell me about this because she afraid she would get in trouble for being there is the first place. I can assure you she was properly punished for this. *grins*

Now you might think this is the end of the story, but this is just where it gets interesting! At the time this incident and conversation took place Rouge was a slaver. As you may know Rogue has sense been given a title and position within the palace itself!

When Dinky and I heard that Rouge was now “Lord Rouge” we sought him out to get the details of how this came about. We asked him directly how he came by his title and his response was “The Sultana is a woman and I am Rouge.” effectively claiming carnal knowledge of our Sultana!

Good readers I have been by the Knights head quarters and seen the most wanted board. There are two people wanted for breaking into the Harem. Neither of them is Lord Rogue. This incident raises several questions….

* Is the Harem secure and the girls safe if at least three people have already broken into it?

* Did the Sultana really give Rogue his title personally in return for sexual favors?

* Is this a love story with a new Sultan in the making? Or was the Sultana merely using him for pleasure?

Whatever the case may be dear readers you can be sure we here at The Chronicles will stay on the story and bring you any further news.

Time for a new sexy page three model ! Over and over requested, we run out of models now. So we hereby ask all brave citizen to come and let us portrait you for one of the next issues ! How is it working ? You send us a drawing of you (Men fully naked, Women at least topless ) or ask me, Dinky Wingtips to do a portrait of you in the sands. Then you will get the Questions to fill out and return to us. That's it ! You just have to read the paper then, and one day you will find yourself in it !
Our todays model is Miss Brittainy Collins and her alter ego Aine. Obviously they could not come to an agreement, who will be the main model, so they both answered our questions:

Question: "What turns you on?"
Brittainy: "Music, men with strength and intelligence, a great sense of humor and the ability to laugh at once self."
Aine: "COOKIES!! Dollies, dollies roll on sands. Arms fall off. *turns to britt* I play with dollies now? She a dollie? "
Brittainy: "No! Dinky is not a dolly you can not take Dinky's arms off now shush!"
Aine: "Your always so mean to me! I want to play!"

Question: "What turns you off?"
Brittainy: "The color orange, talking penises"
Aine: "When the knights hide my cookies!!"
Brittainy sighs and rolls her eyes

Question:" If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?"
Brittainy: "Oh hmm, well the list is quite long so I guess I would have to start with my family because as we know Incest is best within the family. As all know us undead are known for our weekly orgies and fetishes. So maybe i should start handing out tickets?"
Aine: "Gnomes!!"

Question:"Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?"
Brittainy: "Kiss Loon "
Aine: "Gnomes!!"

Question:"Tell us something embarrasing about yourself."
Brittainy: "Something embarassing about me? Eeks. Well I am a pretty open book. I guess my family knows me best. Umm the most emberassing thing about me personally is that I write poetry. "
Aine: "I like Gnomes..."
Miss Aine:

Miss Brittainy:

Dear Ireemians !

The Palace is looking for new Princes and ! You will think now: What ?? I thought you are a noble by birth only ? Wrong ! The Sultana herself does have the ultimate power to promote you !

Tired of gratuitious warfare and chasing preys? Come and introduce yourself! The palace is seeking men to be royal princes and nobles! Come live in the lap of luxury, associate with high ranking ladies of the Royal Court, enjoy the dances and skills of the lovely harem girls! Humor is a plus! Contact the Royal Scribe, Elysa Swansong, if you wish to join the growing roleplay within the Palace.

Lady Elysa
By Order of Her Royal Highness, Sun of Ireem, Zanlu Heron

Editorial note: In my personal opinion, the ladies of the Harem are bored and begged for some male nobles with ! But that is just the personal opinion of this humble writer, so don't take this as an information based on the truth, please. Like normally, we of course ONLY bring the absolutely unbiased truth in this paper !

Citizens of Ireem come and share a part of your history and help us bring the past to life.
The Library has unearthed the Lebor Arque Encyclopedius, that outlines the history of these shifting sands.

Come sit and read a while, and think upon whence you came. Where you hailed from and how is fits into our history.

Did you hail from the sands of Samhara,the lands of the Keltoi, the Norska, perhaps the Anuki or something that walks between the worlds as is whispered of in the Encyclopedius. Please take a moment and peruse the tome, for there is much that we can learn from your history.

Welcome to the Library's Writing Challenge!
Your task if you choose to participate is to fit a piece of Ireem or the surrounding lands history into your own and share it with us. Please use the historic outlines made available by the Lebor Arque Encyclopedius in the Library. The tome is located under the map on the scribal desk

In service Clotho (Niobe Flux), keeper of the scrolls.

Please submit your back story to Niobe Flux (Clotho) no later than October 3rd Midnight SLT. Winning entry will be featured in The Chronicles and given 500G$. If there are not enough submissions the contest will be closed and consolation prizes will be handed out to those who submitted an entry.
Your back story should be tied to some part of the history outlined in the Encyclopedius. This will help to further enrich the worlds as we know it. Minimum word count is 500 words, there is no maximum count.

Dear inhabitants of Ireem!

We the Knights, in order to support all who are victims of crimes, created an "OFFICIAL COMPLAINT IREEM KNIGHTS".
The form was created by our brother Mache and has my approval. We wanted to provide everyone the right to formalize all complaints and charges and have the feed back about what has been done.

I ask, please, that when you are victims of any crime, fill this form and submit to a Knight or Palace Guard, we'll investigate and find the best way to solve the problem.
Remembering that we are here to maintain security and peace in our beloved city!

Commander Milly - Knight
Please include the name of the offender, and the offense, date and type of offence and sign on it and return to any knights, Palace Guard or the Knights HQ and we knights will try our best to investigate and carry out the necessary actions.

Name of Offender:

Type of Offence:

Date of offence:

Place of offence took place:

Witness, if yes write the name please:

Plaintiff name and signature:

Everyone who did not recieve a copy of this form , please contact a knight, Palace Guard or the reporters of the Ireem Chronicle ! Thank you !

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