Citizens of Ireem come and share a part of your history and help us bring the past to life.
The Library has unearthed the Lebor Arque Encyclopedius, that outlines the history of these shifting sands.

Come sit and read a while, and think upon whence you came. Where you hailed from and how is fits into our history.

Did you hail from the sands of Samhara,the lands of the Keltoi, the Norska, perhaps the Anuki or something that walks between the worlds as is whispered of in the Encyclopedius. Please take a moment and peruse the tome, for there is much that we can learn from your history.

Welcome to the Library's Writing Challenge!
Your task if you choose to participate is to fit a piece of Ireem or the surrounding lands history into your own and share it with us. Please use the historic outlines made available by the Lebor Arque Encyclopedius in the Library. The tome is located under the map on the scribal desk

In service Clotho (Niobe Flux), keeper of the scrolls.

Please submit your back story to Niobe Flux (Clotho) no later than October 3rd Midnight SLT. Winning entry will be featured in The Chronicles and given 500G$. If there are not enough submissions the contest will be closed and consolation prizes will be handed out to those who submitted an entry.
Your back story should be tied to some part of the history outlined in the Encyclopedius. This will help to further enrich the worlds as we know it. Minimum word count is 500 words, there is no maximum count.


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