Today we recieved information about the priest Ashrah Jaxxon and his beloved undead girl Caraya Beeswing performing a black mass in our holy temple ! Yes dear citizen ! These are indeed shocking news ! What happened ? Miss Namira Scarfould, captured and brought to the temple, got tied up in there to be part of a bloody ritual.

Priest Ashrah and his beloved cut her arms and nearly bled the poor Namira to death, as they "collected" her fluids, just to cover the ground with it later ! My source is an anonymous one, as this person is too afraid to speak freely. Still under shock what she witnessed she gave me a drawing she made and told me " This is one of the most horrible scenes I ever saw ! I mean, a priest ! A man who should praise the god of goodness and light, Zin Ra ! What is he doing in there ???"

Good question, dear Ireemians ! Can we really allow a priest to perform a black mass in our holy temple ? The knights should investigate this as quick as possible ! Until then, be warned and look out for the so called priest and his wife ! Lets pray to Zin Ra these evil happenings come to an end soon !


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