If anyone need a motivation to hunt the Slaver Leader and his woman Mebo, here is an open letter that he sent to the Bedouins:


Dear Antar,

I am sorry to hear you are disappointed of our treatment towards some of your tribe members. Nevertheless, you need to subscribe that bedouin girls indeed are very good slave material and it would be a waste of their beauty and charmes just to let them hop around useless in bedu camp.
However, to stop our rude confrontations I suggest the following.
You and your tribe deliver weekly two of your pretty girls which can be enslaved without opposition. You will get half of the benefit.
Looking forward for cooperation in the above subject matter.

Slaver leader

NEWS: Hunt the Slaver Am!

Open slaver hunt!

Our bedouin leader, Antar asked for a meeting of all bedouins to discuss the recent incident with the slaver Am and Mebo, who captured several times bedouin women.

After a letter which Antar send to Am, as a warning, asking him to stop, Am send one back.
Am offerd "peace" if we hand him over bedouin girls on a weekly basis, which rather seemed like a joke, making fun of us.

In the meeting we came to the solution that we have to capture am.
After a longer fight Eve got him with the help of Antar.
As we have an alliance with the magi Kai handed her a potion which Am had to drink. It turned him into a prey, so he wont be able to touch a weapon the next two weeks!

This is a call to all Ladies in Ireem, if you want revenge here is your chance!

If you manage to cap him, dont keep him too long, we want to see him running the whole two weeks.

And its also a call to all magis, do NOT hand him a counter potion!!

Our reporter has received a letter from the Leader of the Bedouins which addressed the recent situation of the co-leader Ehson Miles and his conviction of rape. Here is the letter in full, un-edited (bar the deletion of one name regarding a woman who issued an gagging order.... and don't ask us what she is busy gagging on) :


To my people the proud Bedouins

In regard to our brother Ehson it was found as i was stating from the first time the causation of rape been issued against him that our Co leader Eshon was set up by the undead to try to divide our unity i stood by him from the first day as i beleaved in his integrity and honor and found out with solid proof that the undead father of Alyssa and teh husband of ##### (ed: name deleted) can't even came to pronounce his name the monster of ireem has raped his daughter and forced his daughter to accuse our brother tried to reason with the knight leader not to prosecute our brother she refused and even after she knew the fact she refused to issue a statement clearing our brother s name there for i will be taking this to highest voice in this land our sultan seeking justice for our brother i will be asking for audience with her majesty the Sultan of ireem i will keep you informed if any one would like to be present please let me know and i will tel you the time and the date when i get confirmation

Your brother Anta Bero King maker


The incident has so far caused a big storm within the Bedouins community as well as the city of Ireem. Rumour has it that two knights were resigned from duty over this incidents. In addition, many Bedouins feels that there has not been enough done to protect the their community and livelihood. This is proving to be an interesting test to Anta(r)'s leadership skill and his ability to handle this tricky situation.

Bedouins in Turmoil! New Leader is having his work cut out for him.

Fresh from electing a new leader, and a recent declaration of alliance with the Magi, the Bedouins are suffering from a number of setbacks. On that outlook, their new leader Antar (Bero) is a well respected man to many, who had kept a good relation with the City and the Palace, while also being known for his loyalty to the clan. However, despite winning the election of their people, it seems that he had yet won the support of a lot of the powerful elders. And then there is the rising tension between the Undead and the Bedouins adding into the mix. It will be an interesting few months ahead of us.

One of the biggest spots of news that comes out of the Bedouins in the recent days is their co-leader Ehson Miles, the man who Bero defeated in the election, was once again found guilty of rape by the Court of Ireem. The well known rapist who was responsible for causing the war between the Bedouins and the Djinn not so long ago was being seen, by many people including other Bedouins clans, on a serious of mission to capture and attacked a number of undead women. Some of the high profile victims including the Undead co-leader’s daughter and as well as the mother of another. Despite Bero’s best effort to influence the court in order to save his clan brother, the jury found that there were enough evidence to declare Ehson to be guilty.

When our reporters spoke to some of the Bedouins clans, many of them expressed concerns with Ehson's behaviours. Some had even speculated to it all being a deliberate attempt to sour the already tensed relation between the Bedouins and the Undead, and perhaps there was even an hidden agenda of creating problems to the current Bedouins leader to put him under pressure.

Indeed, speaking to a lot of Bedouins, it is very clear that while Bero has the support of many clans and tribe, he was certainly not the choice of the Nadji, who is leaded by Ehson and supported by other powerful Bedouins. This is giving Bero an enormous internal pressure, as he is being judged and criticized for any little mistakes that he might make. Already, they have been very vocal (albeit behind Bero) about his inability to save Ehson from the guilty verdict despite the overwhelming evidence.

How will the new leader deal with all this? What about whether or not this crisis will cause a widespread effect on others? The Chronicles will be keeping a close eye on the Bedouins and bring you the latest development as always.

Salaam people of Ireem,

I bid you good tidings! My name is Maori Aella Falconer. I am new to Ireem but seek to make a name for myself and help insure that fortune always smiles on the people of the sands by owning The Slavers Inn!

Since Aye be a wee Lass, I have helped brew the finest rum, created the best ale, pressed the finest wines, and haggled to find the best that the Bazaars have to offer.

As owner of the Slavers Inn, I wish to create a place where the wind will be filled with laughter, where the eyes can peer at lovely dancing creatures, where the gullet can be filled with drink, where foods will dance on the tastebuds, and every desire can be quenched.

If you seek a place to gain the same, then cast your vote for Aella Falconer and Aye be greeting ye at the reopening of The Slavers Inn

EVENT: Blood In The Sands

The citizens of Ireem were treated to a spectacular Haloween Party on Saturday the 29th of October sponsored by Icy Aura, owner of the Blue Parrot and Staff. All of Ireem were invited as everyone donned their favorite goulish outfits and danced to the music provided by DJ Ehson. All animosities were forgotten as the party heated up in many ways.. including a mock burning at the stake! It was a difficult task to pick the winners in various categories of costumes but the winners were announced to the excitelment of the crowd.

Winners of 500g were:
Scariest - Juliet;
Strangest - Mathias;
Siliest/Funniest - YaYoo.
and because its halloween...
Congrats to all the winners!!!
An additional gift of coins (1000g) was donated by IceGypsys Ghost courtesy of the Alchemest shop, which allowed the additional Prizes to be awarded!

Honorable mentions at the party were given 50g .. They were-
Liang, Sev, Gemma, Kal, Sidius, Velvet & Jacob, Aurkae, Zoey, Amosa, Mogrin.

At the end of the party, Mathias, who was unrecognizable as a disgusting giant brain twirling dance partners around, shouted "Great party Icy and Pasha!" The Sultana herself was heard saying "congratulations to the Parrot team for the beautiful party!" Icy Aura wants to say "thank you to Ehson for the great tunes which set the mood for Halloween and most especially thank you to everyone for coming and making it a great Halloween Party!." Icy also acknowledges and thanks Icegypsy for her help with the prizes.

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