Salaam people of Ireem,

I bid you good tidings! My name is Maori Aella Falconer. I am new to Ireem but seek to make a name for myself and help insure that fortune always smiles on the people of the sands by owning The Slavers Inn!

Since Aye be a wee Lass, I have helped brew the finest rum, created the best ale, pressed the finest wines, and haggled to find the best that the Bazaars have to offer.

As owner of the Slavers Inn, I wish to create a place where the wind will be filled with laughter, where the eyes can peer at lovely dancing creatures, where the gullet can be filled with drink, where foods will dance on the tastebuds, and every desire can be quenched.

If you seek a place to gain the same, then cast your vote for Aella Falconer and Aye be greeting ye at the reopening of The Slavers Inn


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