I just recieved an anonymous scroll from a witness. Please read that:

"I have overheard much of what has happened with Arian and his recent antics. I have seen and witnessed the knights and many standing around when Mirna was captured while they let their very pregnant leader do all the work.
When Kerrina arrived at the auction I said hello to her and many others and she was shocked at what she saw. She immediately tried to help and I heard her be afraid of what he might do to Jordi and her baby if she kneeled without her sword and worried for Mirna. I suspect she has feelings for Paw, as she seems is very protective of him. However He seemed too distracted by a slave girl who was running in the auction to step in to help. He finally decided to jump in when the healer was dragged off but then got attacked himself .

Kerrina was heard in the catacombs ready to give anything if they stopped attacking him as she herself lay bleeding. I could not see but there was much screaming. Paw was seen running from the catacombs then and never came back.

The healer is badly wounded and near death herself if not given medical attention and there are none to come and step in and help the brave sacrifice she offered? Where have all the good men gone?

My very indignant questions to you is where are the courageous knights? Why does a healer have more courage to sacrifice than male knights who are standing around watching slave girls? Why must the pregnant leader of the knights do everything? And what does Arian possibly want? He has all of the healers money and she gave her own freedom out of sacrifice not willingness to serve undead. Have they no conscious at all?
What has our kindgom come to if there is no one to stand up and defend but we leave it upon the shoulders of those unarmed citizens or pregnant women to be brave in their place?

One of the eyes and ears of Ireem"

It was brought to our attention that the Undead Arian Clip captured Palace Inhabitant Lady Mirna Muggins yesterday. All tries to regain her freedom were without success, when Palace Healer Lady Kerrina (Kerri Kowalski) approached and asked, what this is about.
As we all know how stubborn this special undead is, she aswell did not succeed in freeing Lady Mirna. For the knights honour and for Lady Mirna's freedom she payed him an unknown amount of Dinar and offered herself in exchange. She was heard saying, she does that, so that "Paw and Jordi would not have to kneel or be harmed".
Arian accepted the deal and released Lady Mirna as he collared Lady Kerrina. His orders are brought to Chronicles as followed:
  • Lady Kerrina has to wear black clothes from now on
  • She shall obey to all his orders
  • She shall do her normal job, but demanding a fee of 100 Dinar for her services
  • These of course will be transfered to him at the end of the day
  • His death or capture will not release her, in this case his Leader Damien Sack or the next in rank automatically has access to her collar

When she follows his orders, Arian promised not to do any harm to her friends Knight Pawlaew and Knights Leader Jordina (as long as they do not attack him of course). It is also said, he took her promise not to accept any help from anyone. In case of disobedience he threatened to cut her fingers one by one. When no finger is left, he will continue with her teeth.

The question is: Is undead Arian out of control ? Why did Lady Kerrina give in to this deal ? What will Palace do to free her ?

Despite my own personal fear of this undead, I will of course investigate this and face Arian with some inconvenient questions soon!

While searching through older articles of Sage and Jasmine, I found some, that made me laugh but also cry. Reading back the interviews of the former slaver leader's election, I started daydreaming back to my first days when I arrived in our beloved Kingdom.
Many people left forever, some of them are dead, some of them just moved to various places, others come back for a visit once in a while. But isn't it exactly this, what makes our desert so special ? A daily change, always new possibilities and new faces, some of them even becoming close friends. We miss the ones that were gone, but we love the ones that newly arrived just as well.

When I finished copying some of the former editor's work as I was very lazy at this extremely hot day, I started my round to find the candidates for the interviews. I only found two of them left. Rumor has it, that candidate 3 is to be seen among slavers now.

Here are the candidate's answers:

1. Question: "What does the Djinn group stand for in our beloved Kingdom in your opinion ? Describe the Djinn as a whole. What characterizes all of you?"

Indigo: "Diversity...the freedom to be different" *takes a long suck on her shisha pipe* ".......mmmm magic...............the Magi are mortals who use magic, but the Djinn ARE magic, we make our own realities with our thoughts." *blows a smoke ring and watches it drift up into the sky* "....and fire ! We are born of smokeless fire, unlike you mortals, apparently the gods made you out of mud ! And free will, although some choose to help mankind or follow Allah, the Djinn have free will, the freedom to choose our own path. This has always been and always will be" *drops something fragrant into the pipe*

Artemis: "I believe it stands for the ability to be both unique and beautiful in any form we choose, we stand for honor among our kind, power in those who help fight in battles side by side regardless any fear of losing, Cunning as we have been seen as the evil tricksters of these lands, amazing how we impress those around us and those who enjoy a little fantasy in their life.
We have the ability to enchant ones soul , our role is so open for many things, you can choose to be a hero or villain, make your appearance as exotic as you wish , have the freedom to interact with all races even if its negative interactions we still have a place here in our kingdom, our role is so versatile to new things in the royally that we help make things interesting and allow our characters be seen as in any setting we can adapt , change form and grow with very little limitations and Vive seen many enjoy and build on their character forming new relationships based on loving our characters."

2. Question: "How would you like to see the Djinn percieved around the city ?"

Indigo: "With respect for our wisdom and magic, and fear of our wrath. An angry Djinn is best avoided! As creative individuals, who bring interesting possibilities and a touch of delightful chaos ..."

Artemis: "I enjoy seeing us as the tricksters, the villains of evil deeds that help others gain power in the heat of the moment, we are perceived as cunning artists who fear very little and enjoy bait of chaos in our kingdom, we make dreams come true , allow fantasies to take flight and be as creative as we see fit in our role. We make things very interesting at times. *grins*

3. Question: "What do you think, why are Djinn still a mystery for many citizen in Ireem ?"

Indigo: *rolls her eyes and sucks the shisha deeply* "I put that down to lack of education! Nakira's letter to the Chronicles helped, but I still get humans who think I belong in a bottle, undead who think I'm mortal and the odd person who freaks out when i drop by! Mortals fear what they don't understand and even undead started off as humans " *takes another long toke on the pipe* "But then again mystery is sacred in some senses, it is what we are. I don't think hat will change"

Artemis: "We are creatures of mystery all in itself, we do things others cannot , we enjoy our freedom from what ever keeps us bound to this human world, a lot of times we avoid humans for we see them as they see us, different, odd and most likely untrustworthy. Two worlds within a never ending mirror effect seem to reflect each other, but alas we find beauty in things that are so different from us , perhaps one day we will be seen as equal in their eyes not as simple means of making their wishes come true perhaps even a balance will be restored between our worlds.

4. Question: " Are the Djinn able to work together as a functional group and where would you see your position as Leader in here ?"

Indigo: *blows several smoke rings, one inside the other and watches them expand and drift* "Leading the Djinn is like herding cats, but I'll do my best. I hope to protect and nurture the young ones, as many get picked off by the strong and the warlike. Some young Djinn believe they are better than mortals, I do not.... we are different ...."

Artemis: "Vive notice this group very low key in the royally off to the side if you will, But I have seen some amazing talent in its releasers imagination, I hope to make it noticed by all of this kingdom, Vive also seeing very little explanation to what we are and do, I hope to let it be known what our role is like and hopefully shed light on those amazing people who put both effort and time into what they do and go unnoticed. "

5. Question: "Why are you the best candidate for the position of Leader?"

Indigo: *coughs, sending smoke out her nose* "I would not have considered leading if someone else hadn't put me up to it! I'm not ambitious. I believe, my people deserve their freedom and I'm willing to stand up for that ! Although I'm not necessarily good with a sword, I have many other talents."

Artemis: " I think of what I can do for my race class to benefit our people , I am willing to help those who need it, I can help people create their characters if they are having trouble, make their role more active in the royally itself, Vive seen very closeness with our group already with a few members vive had the pleasure of meeting and how we take care of our own in dire times. I want to get our group together and have everyone relaying without any fear and break down those walls many put up because they fear they aren't good enough, I want to encourage the Djinn to be more active and get into their character and become their element of passion and power with in their character."

6. Question: "What plans do you have for the faction upon being elected Leader?"

Indigo: "To safe guard our freedoms, to put some of my thoughts into writing to guide and protect the young and serve the sultana however I may."

Artemis: "I want to make more titles within our group, make those who put effort into being active members and who RP here, be known and seen as important, I don't wish to be the only one seen as power in our group, I rather see other members have a chance at leadership roles if they prove to be worthy of it. I want to bring more members here swell make our group bigger than what it is , give and take ideas the members have for a fresh start in our group that's been very quiet for the most part, keep us busy and try to stop boredom by giving members things to do." *giggles*

7. Question: "What are your personal goals in Ireem?"

Indigo: "To create and nurture creativity. For many people, Ireem can be both: a playground and a path of self discovery. I hope to continue to learn about my true nature. Oh! And to get better with this dumb sword!" *kicks the hunk of steel at her feet*

Artemis: "My personal goals are to express my creative side and enjoy myself here away from real life stresses and hopefully make new friends who will touch my heart and be remembered."

8. Question: "One personal question: the Djinn are obviously an extraordinary kind of species. Amazed by your skin and hair colors everytime I see one of you, I simply want to know: Who is your hairdresser / cosmetician ? And where the hell can I buy those fancy clothes ? Are you even cooperating with the Bedu leader as his beautiful wigs make me smile everytime anew?" *smirks*

Indigo: "Personally I am an artist, I create my own reality, sometimes my own clothes, which explains why they sometimes are a bit odd. I am obsessed with tattoos and henna /mehndi. The markings on my flesh are north african in origin"

Artemis: *coughs* "That information is classified Miss! I will have to escort you off our lands, have a good day." *giggles*

9. Question: "Anything you'd like to add...last words before I publish this? Any final thoughts for Ireem and your group? "

Indigo: "Many Djinn do not want too many rules and regulations put on them. Our freedom and individuality are important to us. I want to reassure my people, I won't be doing that, I value my own freedom too deeply."

Artemis: " .... "

Okay time for a new guessing round: what happened here ? Why is the bedu leader laying on the ground ? And why is Olive standing next to him ? Grining obviously ?
Do not hesitate to make your comments !

Palace Scribe Lady Elysa came into my office yesterday, a big grin on her face as she handed me a scroll from Second Minister Kadar. She asked me to publish this by order of our Sultana and left the office quickly.
Raising a brow I started to read it and snorted! What was written on the scroll was so unbelievably absurd, that my first reaction was to throw it into the trash.

But I changed my mind thinking about the obvious potential this scroll will offer me now to send my enemies into jail without figthing ... eeerhm ... I mean for the citizen of Ireem to follow and ensure the peace in our Kingdom, of course !
But please form your own opinion of it:

"These laws read to the Sultana and approved this Day March 21, 2009 are in effect and will be enforced by the city jailers. The laws and fees may be collected by jailers on the spot. Any problems may be taken to the Dungeon leader or of course Kora. Fines may also be appealed to the Sultana at her audience:

1. Threat against the Sultana: 1000 K$ or arrest and 5 days in jail.
2. Drawn sword in the city: 20K$ or 2 hours in the jail.
3. Stealing: 250K$ or 1 day in jail.
4. Naked inside the city walls: 100K$ or 1 day in jail.
5. Loose animal inside the city: 20K$ or animal is killed. (Note: This does not apply to Magi or Djinn that are transformed... just wild loose animals..)
6. Public Drunkeness: 10K$ or jail until sober.
7. Arming a slave with a weapon of any kind.. (whip.. chains.. swords.. knives..): Slave death or arrest, and Master/Mistress Fined 400K$
8. Shouting near the city that is not for help: 20K$ or 1 hour in jail. ((use laugh instead to close your stinking mouth))
9. Accusing someone of breaking these or other laws without proof: 100K$ or 1 day in jail.
10. Being in the palace illegally (Harem and Throne room): 100K$ or 1 day in jail.
10a. Causing damage to the palace: Additional 500K$

FEES for entering the city:
1. Slave leashing fee: 1K$
2. More than one slave tax: 10$
3. Donkey/Horse/Camel clean up fee: 10K$
4. Bath house fee for more than one girl at a time: 10K$

1. Working two jobs at once (double camping): Report to Kora.
2. Working out of position (non group ball): Report to Kora
3. Disturbing Peace (Unnecessary Shouting): IM the Person and remind them to Laugh instead (See Law 8 above).
4. Spying (changing tags in an RP): Death.
5. Changing Tags not for RP purposes ( "I'm bored.."): Remind in IM they need to RP between groups.. or use an alt.

Still laughing when I think of how I can force some special people to misbehave now (by using my mouth, which works much better then my sword), but also worrying about my own safety as rules number 4, 6 and 10 are totally disturbing some of my future plans, I leave you, dear reader now to reflect on this. The Chronicles of course are deeply interested in your personal experiences with these new rules !

Already writing from time to time for our beloved newspaper, I was shocked when the message of Jasmine's retirement reached me. She offered me the chance to take over the ownership and what can I say....I was truely honored and accepted it with pleasure of course !
An introduction of me as a person is for sure not necessary as I did before. So it's only left to say:
When you have news for the Ireem Chronicles there are two possibilities for you:
  • Contact me personally and give me the news (Dinky Wingtips)
  • Or, for the fact I am not around, please leave a scroll in the box of Ireem Chronicles office. For further information read the Info board infront of my office.
Thanks everyone for your support !

The Palace is most concerned at the near loss of the loyal scribe, the Lady Elysa, yesterday at the hands of the undead leader, Damien Sack.
After capturing her, Damien converted Lady Elysa to the ranks of the undead. "He said I was his 100th kill, and he wanted to celebrate it by doing something special" the Lady Elysa reported, visibly shuddering.
A massive rescue attempt was launched by the knights, and members of several other groups. In a brave but misguided attempt at sacrifice, Lady Elysa flung herself from the cliffs when she discovered her undead status. Instead, she was caught by a nameless bedu who then fought fearlessly along with several others to rescue her from Damien's clutches, but to no avail.
Much later, when all thought Lady Elysa was lost to us, she was seen wandering about and was captured quickly by the knight Prince Pawlaew, who took her to the knights camp.
Magi KCEE, in a ritual we are told by a confidential source that was "incredibly powerful, an amazing sight" successfully cast out the undead poison and converted Lady Elysa back to her human status.

We have word that, at this writing, Lady Elysa is doing well, resting and recovering from her ordeal, and avoiding all contact with the undead.

Love is in the air in Ireem ! Two weddings happened last week in our beloved Kingdom and both were spectacular in their own ways.

The first wedding took place in Palace. First Knight Jordina McGinnis and her love Knight Council Member Jason Verne got married by the lovely Anneliese Wolfenhaut. Many friends came to participate this event and to watch the ceremony. The bride's gown was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and the groom never looked hotter. Yes yes, you can thank Lady Mirna Muggins, Sir Marcus Audeburgh and me later as we were shopping with him !

Stating their vows, Jordi and Jay obviously were deeply moved and cried some tears aswell. The Sultana herself was seen to wipe away some tears and well known Sir Mikk Graves handed out tissues to everyone.
After exchanging the wedding rings and a sweet and deep kiss that made the crowd mumble a delighted "aaaaaaawwwwww", the newlyweds invited everyone for a huge party to celebrate their wedding day.

At the party everyone was dancing and having a lot of fun. The cake was delicious, but the drinks were even better! In the name of all guests: we thank Jordi and Jason for a great possibility to dance and get drunk !

The second wedding was definitely one of a different kind! Planed to happen at the beach in slavers bay, the ceremony started two hours later than dated.

What happened ? Slavers Star Texan and Majid Axel, obviously greedy for many wedding gifts, invited too many guests to the ceremony. The party tent, that was built up for the event, broke down when the last guests tried to enter it.
The crowd decided to move and find a bigger place. Well.....to shorten things up....these party people made it possible to break down four tents in our beloved Kingdom before they finally gave up and changed the current plans into an open air event.
On their way through the desert, more and more guests got lost, some of them are back healthy, but we still miss five of them until today !

Two hours later the ceremony took place with a handful of guests left. Star and Majid, still keeping their humor, jumped for joy when Magi KCEE Congrejo (and nooooo...I will not make the same mistake again and call her Lady...but this is another story we will soon observe more...) finally started to marry them.
Many tears were cried during the ceremony, the bride's and groom's dresses matched perfectly and everyone was happy. After exchanging the wedding rings and many nasty kisses the crowd finally managed to celebrate with Star and Majid.

Missing most of the party by myself as I was wandering back to find the missing people, I got told later it totally got out of control! People were drunk, dancing and even stripping, many interesting new constellations of couples were to be seen dancing together or disappearing in secret corners.
Whatever ... Star and Majid stated they had the best day in their entire live and it can be said for sure the "craziest wedding ever " just shows what type of people got married here !
I speak in the name of all guests, when I thank Star and Majid for a memorable event. The slavers are proud of them for staying cool and taking this mess with humor !

May both couples live a long and happy life together, raise a huge family and stay together in good and bad times ! Congrats to the newlyweds !

Knights and Jailers have launched a 24 hour war of punishment on the undead for killing and converting the sweet Lady Elysa, Scribe of the palace.
The Second Minister of Ireem ordered the Sultana's Knight Jordi and the Jailers to attack and kill on site and undead found outside of the catacombs till Monday at 6pm SLT.

Jordi asked the Second Minister if that would help Lady Elysa he said, "No but it will punish the evil ones for this horrible act."

The Second Minister called on all good people of Ireem to stay safe during this conflict.

Don't miss the two upcoming events in Ireem :

Jordina McGinnis and Jason Verne:
Thursday, 19th of March - 12 noon SLT
Location: Palace
Anneliese Wolfenhaut will marry the lucky couple in the throne room of the palace.
Tags will be removed for this ceremony.

Star Texan and Majid Axel
Saturday, 21st of March - 2 PM SLT
Location: Slavers Bay - Beach
KCEE Congrejo will marry the happy couple at the beach.
Tags will be removed for this ceremony.

Gain an Audience with the Sultana This Saturday March 21st at 12:30pm SLT (Note the slight change in time this week!!))

Anyone of Ireem can ask to attend these.. not just leaders.. The Sultana wants to hear from all of her subjects.

The Sultana will hear your praise and any concerns for her kingdom THIS Saturday at 12:30pm SLT. This is rare chance to speak to the Beloved Sun of Ireem. You may praise her Majesty or ask for a boon, such as gold or land, or for relief of any back taxes and penalties. You may ask any questions of her that you wish, or discuss with her any reasonable subject, within the bounds of courtesy and respect. Only a limited number of audiences will be granted so make your appointment now.

IM Second Minister Kadar Jayaram or the Sultana's Secretary Lady Mirna Muggins to make an appointment.

Many rumors and even an anonymous scroll were put out the last days in our beloved kingdom. Slaver Leader Jaril Rexen was heard making the following comment: "Slaver girls, me included, be proud! We have been elected the most beautiful girls in Kos !!!!!!!!!!"
This message of course incites many female citizen to mutter about, the prey group even demanded to see this vote, that she is referring to. Slave girl Olive was heard saying " Do people come from all over to chase the slaver girls?? NO! They come to chase the Prey. If the slaver girls want to be called the most beautiful, then I say they should earn it by popular vote !"

Interested by myself (of course) what this vote is about, I asked Jaril for more information. Sadly the simple answer was, it was not an official vote, only some bored predators and knights talking about the female population stating how sexy we .... erhm, I mean ... the Slaver girls are !
As an accurate and conscientious reporter of our newspaper I come to the conclusion too, only an official vote can show, which group of girls the most beautiful is ! /* editorial note: change it to ... only an official vote can bring the proof for this indeed plausible election result ... or better not ? */

So let the votes begin ! Male predators, knights and preys:
Come and vote the "officially most beautiful group of girls in Ireem "

Please keep in mind, this election is not about single females but of the complete group itself ! Send your vote by IM to Dinky Wingtips. The result of the election will be revealed on 1st of April ! So do not hesitate and vote ! And later after this election, we of course will watch out for the "sexiest male group in Ireem".

Hurray! One day later than planned we finally got our new supplies. The Ireem Chronicles is running at full pace again. The past week we only placed the important articles. Now, however, we have space again for some other articles too:

Given the chance to report about the Sultana’s Audience last Saturday, I hurried excited into Palace, stumbling into the room where Second Minister Kadar Jayaram finally managed calming down the agitated crowd.

Knight Jordina McGinnis was the first one allowed to speak to our beloved Sultana. Introduced now officially as new Knights Leader until elections are held, the Sultana was very pleased with this information and First Knight Jordi promised to perform her task with care.

Second Minister Kadar introduced the new Prey Leader SugarKane Twine, who wished to present the new rules for slaves to her Majesty. Handing it out to Palace Eunuch Zhexiao Zhangsun, he and our Highness Zanlu Heron read the scroll with interest. Getting consent on having a special meeting with the Prey Council soon, Sugar bowed honored and stepped back.

Bedouin Leader Sir Jordan (MasterJ Swashbuckler) was introduced to speak next, followed by a massive bunch of Bedu, mostly female of course. Sir Kadar and Lady Mirna Muggins tried to stop him, but he totally ignored them both. While Kadar and Mirna still were busy with debating, if all Bedu are allowed to stay, Sir Jordan started with his requests after a lot of sweettalking, pointing out, how much he admires our Highness‘ beauty. She obviously was really excited to see him. Sir Jordan first complained about Lady Mirna groping him in public. He also mentioned the wall used to place bounties for scoundrels is much too small, as he intends to add new ones like Second Minister Kadar, Knight Seraf Clip or Citizen Copper Convair, all in desperate need to learn some manners. Handing her a present, not forgetting to mention it‘s best not to open it here, he and his bunch of Bedu left bowing.

Next one was Sir Mikk Graves, a Prince coming from the far North, he introduced himself to our beloved Sultana, stating how much he admires her, and I quote: "my eyes are on you not on the other ladies here !" A disappointed mumur was rising up under the female listeners and Second Minister Kader raised an eyebrow. He handed her some gifts and the Sultana pointed out her hope to see him more often.

Lady KCEE Congrejo , Assistant healer of Ireem presented a report on the conditions in the Dungeon, requesting funds to be given for improvements to the Jail. Upon inspection she found some very serious deficiancies like Vermin Running Loose, Rat and Mouse Droppings, Mouldy Straw, Rusty Chains, Unoperable Torture Devices, Weak Cell Bars, Crumbling Motar Between Bricks, Skeletons Missing Bones and Wood Rot on the Rack. The Sultana, shocked about the report, ordered Sir Kadar to make notes, promising her consideration on this matter.

Citizen Daphne Mortenwold requested to be recognized as a Lady of the court and recieved a warm welcome at Palace.

Slaver Mark Biondi came to seek her Highness‘ blessing for his trade travel by ship. The Sultana smiled and wished him safe paths on this venture.

The Audience was finished at this point, as slaver Am Demina approached. Stirring up the knights he asked for permission to join the "party" and got kicked out quickly. Everyone was leaving Palace, the Sultana adjourned to her private rooms to work on the requests given to her.
Sadly we are not able to show all the sketches made during the happening, as we were still waiting for new supplies of ink and blank parchment. But I am strongly impressed by the beautiful appearance of our beloved Majesty. And watch out for Sir Jordan’s newest wig, it definitely is impressive !

Amazed by the whole experience I was allowed to participate, there still are some questions left:

  • Will the Sultana give out the requested founds to improve dungeon ? What will happen with Chronicles‘ office ? Will there be enough money left to rebuild it ?
  • Does Sir Jordan have a crush on our Sultana ? What nasty present did he gave to her ? Will he compete with Sir Mikk Graves, who obviously impressed our Majesty aswell, will both try to win her affections ?

  • Why is Lady Mirna groping Sir Jordan ? Will she compete with the Sultana to win Sir Jordan’s heart ?

  • What is a Palace Eunuch doing all day long, surrounded by lovely females and obviously not able to enjoy them ? The Chronicle will of course observe all these questions seriously !

Yesterday while arguing about existing or none existing wigs with a certain Bedouin Leader, Jordi came along with a big grin in her face, whispering to me: "Dinky, I need you and the Chronicle!"
Handing me out a scroll she winked and moved away, so of course I ignored everything else around me (especially some certain Bedu Leader) and started to read it. A bit disappointed because I was hoping for some nasty stuff, I found following text on the scroll:
By order of Lady Jordina McGinnis, Knight Leader and her Majesty Sultana Zanlu Heron, light of our world.

Let the following be announced to all knights and people of Ireem.
1. The knights councils shall comprise of 10 honourable knights

2. The knight leader sits as the head of the knight council
3. The knight leader will hand select 3 knights to serve as honorary knights of councils
4. By election, 6 more knights will be nominated from the knights of Ireem to serve on the council

Once selected, Knight Councils will serve as the policy maker and leader of all knights of Ireem. All that wish to have their voice heard shall submit their issues to their respective knight council member. Once a week, councils will gather and review the knight code and hear any issues regarding knight's discipline.

Announced here on March 7, 300 B.C. the year of the light of our world
Dear reader, you certainly do understand my frustration about not finding anything compromising ! At least you find words like "serve" and "submit" in the note, which is funny, cause everyone wants his personal knight to submit....don't we all ? /*editorial note: and the weekly meeting definitely sounds a bit nasty, wondering if a slaver could participate there too ? */

11am SLT Saturday.

After Sugar revealed a state secret... to a certain slaver, Chris has been told to sell his slave to the highest bidder in the 11am hour SLT Saturday. A chance to own the Prey leader is a once in a lifetime purhase. Auction Area. Ireem Saturday. But questions remain.. who in the palace ordered this sale.. and what was the secret? Perhaps if you buy Sugar you will learn.

A member of our little community in Ireem - well known slaver Aislinn Jakob - is next to her Roleplay very creative in other areas of live. She draws fantastic water paintings, to get your own impression of her work, watch the following link:
Now she needs our help: Aislinn asks for (high quality) pictures to send her, impressions in and of Ireem and its folk. So dig up all your nice memory pics or create new ones ! And send a copy to Aislinn Jakob !
We will of course ask her from time to time to show us her works of art !

One fine day, as my dear friend Selena Sigal and me were promenading through the desert (oh yes, friendship between Bedu and Slaver IS possible !) we finally ended up watching Sir Jordan (MasterJ Swashbuckler) pressing his boot on the back of a male slaver. Not recognizing this one first, as many male slavers have a cute butt lately, I asked frowning for more information on what is going on. A sad mumble followed by a lot of sand spitting revealed the identity of my dear brother Shaka Brandris.
Letting out a deep sigh of frustration, I did not hesitate and walked over to Sir Jordan asking him for his conditions in this case. He of course ignored me and continued threatening my brother, who cursed like I never heard him do before. Selena and me where listening a while, as Sir Jordan suddenly offered Shaka to Selena as her personal slave. A big grin showing up in her face she hesitated with her answer "oooooh MJ you have a pressy for me ? ", which made me really mad of course " Selena ! I did not bring you here to get my brother ??" She shrugged and turned her back running away, mumbling something like "important business" and left a cloud of dust.
Tapping my foot impatiently, I turned back my attention to the playing guys. I tried asking Sir Jordan again what he wants for the release of my brother. At this point Slaver Raddick Szymborska approached yelling " What is going on here ? " Sir Jordan answered "This foolish slaver decided to toss a rock at Me" I sighed in relief, knowing about his reticent but convincing nature, I was sure Sir Raddick would be able to solve this problem.
I informed him about what I knew by myself so far and pointed out my disgust about the bad manners of the Bedu Leader. Sir Raddick asked Sir Jordan about his conditions as well and got the answer "perhaps some of Dinky's coins and her slavery at a later date.....let's say 500 dinar ?"
Of course shocked by this rudeness I turned to Sir Raddick and snarled "don't tell me you even think about that !"
A sudden slap reached my neck followed by "Quiet girl !" as Sir Raddick turned his attention back to Sir Jordan to discuss the matter. I folded my arms grumbling and pouting and decided to keep quiet at this point. Shaka - still cursing - struggled against Sir Jordan's foot and got knocked out.
Lady Jasmine (Kylara Kuhn), editor of our beloved newspaper, citizen and still a close friend of the Bedu tribe approached, a big grin on her face as she distinguished the situation..... she obviously was entertained " I think this is really too much to pay for a slaver... You should pay them 500 to please take him with them MJ !"
Sir Raddick, sick of talking about this incidence, picked out his wallet and payed Sir Jordan 500 dinar. Shaka got released, but he did not stop swearing Sir Jordan " I think soon you will be dead MJ" .
I motioned him to be quiet and adviced him to go back to camp and rest. For the first time during this complete farce, one of the men listened to me, Shaka turned and walked away growling.
Sir Raddick and Lady Jasmine started to fight each other, running around the desert, hitting each other hard with their swords. Glaring over to Sir Jordan and still shaking my head, I watched out for the fighting two. As I located them both in different corners, I left Sir Jordan alone, heading over to my own camp.
This is only one of the many, many farces going on between Bedu and Slaver everyday. Will this permanent try to overtrump the other group ever stop ? Is it even possible, that all Bedu and Slaver can become close friends ?
I really doubt that and I am sure, I do not stand alone with that opinion ! /*editorial note: check later when your anger went down, if that is written diplomatic enough ! not necessary that everyone knows, you would throw a party on the day MJ gets captured! */

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