Sisters, time has come to set aside our differences and unite!
Our men have become lazy, poor and are all turning into drunks. If they are not found at the inn getting legless on Ale they are bragging throughout the city about their alledged women, heroic war conquests and the latest fashions! All this when we all know they can't make the difference between a women's breast and Kahdoosch Alter's infamous chickens! Even the slaves are being ignored and the Harem has been empty for weeks now!
We are no longer valued and appreciated for our “graceful” fighting skills, the coins we bring home (or steal) ... and most importantly our heavenly good looks renowned across the seven seas! Are you not tired of being ignored and treated as if you were worth less than a grain of sand?
We, the Kos Sisterhood, invite all female preds in Ireem to join our cause! We have made various secret alliances and have developed a stratagem to teach those lazy bums an overdue lesson!
On Friday July 31, the Kos Sisterhood will make the grounds tremble as we unleash our womanhood upon them!

Signed KITTY Maggs and shevaunn Clarity

Aislinn's and Cowboy's babies are born this monday, 27th at 12:30 PM. The two girls are cute (like their mom ) and wise (like their daddy). The babies and the mom are well and Aislinn heals very fast. For their safety, the parents keep the twins's name secret, they are under protection of a member from Cowboy's family.
Cowboy and Aislinn, congrats to the lucky and happy parents !

Today we recieved an interesting scroll from Citizen Leader Alices Sands. As she is planing a grand fair in the city, she needs help of all Ireemians:
"Dear Citizens, Predators, Preys and even Undeads of Ireem!
Soon there will be a grand fair inside the city walls, the day of the fair is the day the undeads are allowed back into the city! But for now the whole thing can't start, if I have no one to help out on that day. I can hardly pour drink for all of Ireem or dance on my own for the entertainment (would be much too exhausting don't you think?)
So for now I am looking for preys, that wish to help me out with the entertainment. I'm looking for dancers and five to ten boys or girls that wish to be the preys in the traditional "who can catch the most preys / the fastest" run. Also do I want to ask the preys, who dares to enter the "hottest dancer of Ireem" contest to sign up!
I'm looking for citizens that wish to offer the good of their store to sponsor the fair. We need drinks, food, glasses, bowls and seatings, you name, it we need it!
I'm looking for predators to sign up for the events "You think you can catch to most preys?" and "The best fighter of Ireem?" aswell as "The most desirable Predator of Ireem", and of course the raffle of "A prey for a day"since anyone would love to win a handsome or beautifull predator to keep for a day!
And of course I am looking for the whole of Ireem, from the Sultana to the most coinbroke bedouin to come and enjoy the fair ! Drinks, Food, Dancers and the best events all for free.
The date is soon to be known. Keep an eye on the Chronicles for that ! Can't catch me in the sand? Then please send me a scroll !
Alices Sands, Citizens leader "

New Apprentice Healer

Tonight I had the pleasure to meet the new apprentice healer of Ireem, Kaliani Bravin. Now I realize many of you may think of her as one of the undead so I will tell you her story as it was told to me.

Many weeks ago while learning the ropes an a young Knight, Kaliani was set upon and captured by the undead Azrael Siamendes as she slept. In his lust for the girl he placed her under a spell, making her believe she was undead even though her heart still beat. Many times we in Ireem have seen this story. Which always seems to end with yet another undead prowling our fair city. However this time it would be different.

The Djinn Leoxis captured Kaliani. When Azrael saw this he flew into a jealous rage and broke the spell he had bound her with. Thus freed she began to roam the kingdom, searching for where she fit in. Strolling down the beach one day she came upon a crowd. They were gathered around Lady Mirna who lay injured in the sand. Kaliani helped Mirna to the healers office and tended her wounds while waiting for Lady Kerri Kowalski to arrive.

She explained to Lady Kerri that she had seen too much anger and destruction. None worse then the horrible torture of an innocent girl at the hands of the undead leader. No longer could she participate in the wholesale violence of the kingdom. She asked for permission to study under Kerri and learn the arts of healing. Kerri seeing the kindness and sorrow in the girls eyes agreed to teach her.

So now there is a new pair of healing hands in Ireem belonging to Lady Kaliani Bravin. I am sure that with Kerri’s instruction her skill will soon match her conviction.

Today Lady Mirna Muggins announced to the citizen, that undead Jordina McGinnis is allowed to enter the Palace unarmed everytime she wants to. I questioned this decision, so I went to investigate the background of it. As reported earlier, Jordan's nanny Jacinth proclaimed to be the "new mother " of Jordina's baby. Not unexpected Jordi was not very amused about this, so she and her leader Damien Sack went to a meeting in Palace to discuss the issue. After a lot of verbal fighting who would be the best for the baby and who not, the Sultana ended the discussion and declared as followed:
  • Jordina is still the official mother of Jordan and will always be treated like this
  • The child should grow up among human
  • The Palace itself will take care of the education and rear the child
  • Lady Mirna and Palace healer Lady Kerri are the official Nannies for Jordan now
  • The Sultana will be the aunt for the baby and give him all her love
  • Jordi is always allowed to come and see for her baby in peace

Everyone argreed on these new terms, more or less satisfied with the new situation. Knight Seraf was heard saying he personally will have an eye on Jordi whenever she is with her son. Obviously not everyone trusts the real intentions of undead Jordi. I for myself shiver at the thought of what she probably will do with the baby, as I witness the complete change of my dear old friend into a cold, heartless immortal everyday new....

Yesterday the citizens Con Moonites and Vic Voskhod, owners of the potter and carpet shops, came to me for a little talk. They asked me to bring an announcement in Chronicles for the people of Ireem. Both are tired of the latest incidences. Sir Con informed me, that they welcome all customers in the shops, but they are not willing to give their wares for free.
I questioned this statement and they explained me what had happened in the past. Many strangers, but also well known citizen started stealing the food and drinks the shops are offering. They were seen running in, grasping what they wanted and running out without a word, some just throwing some coins on the counter, many of them even not paying at all. Of course this situation is intolerable. The shop owners are with good cause mad about this situation. Therefore they agreed on some "new rules":
  • People will have the freedom and peace in the shops for the time they paid
  • To be able to pay the rent for their shops and to provide Ireem with the goods they offer, the owners demand a weekly fee from each group
  • The fee might be paid by the leaders, its on them to gather the ammount with the rest of the camp
  • The weekly fee will be 700 Dinar per week
  • The shops owners also will set up individual fees, based on what the guests consume
  • Stealing will be prosecuted, thieves will be chased and handed over to the law

Raiden Yarrowroot: Slavers,

I have decided that the banished slaver Daemon Cale is to be classified as a rebel. He is no longer welcome in the slaver camp and may take his refuge elsewhere. Daemon does not comply nor follow the family beliefs and was asked to leave.

If you see him on the sands treat him as a rebel or an enemy. He is no longer a brother.

Raiden Yarrowroot

Arriving at the auction this past evening I was not especially surprised by what I saw. A large group of the undead surrounding a scared slave girl. In order to protect this poor girls identity I shall not publish her name here. There were tow of Ireem’s Knights standing in the auction and I assumed they were attempting to gain this girls freedom. I soon discovered this was not the case however.

The Undead leader Damien Sack grabbed the back of the girls head and smashed her face viciously into the stone of the auction place. The girls cries of pain were clear to all present but the two brave knights, Master Rexie and Clown Solo, seemed not to notice. Damien then pried the girls mouth open and sliced off her tongue, tossing it to Kahdoosch Alter.

I must admit I was angered that the two knights continued to ignore this brutal display by the undead. Master Rexie seemed completely lost in his conversation with a slaver, they were busy whispering in a strange language.

Clown Solo seemed oblivious to it all. Indeed I thought him asleep. That is until Damien thrust his sword into this poor girls rectum and twisted it. At this time Clown finally spoke. “ It seems she is no longer a virgin.” he was heard to say.

Kaliani Bravin then stepped in and quickly sewed up the wound. Whether she did this to save the girls life or so that the torture could continue I can not say. For at that moment NeoZ Zerbino arrived at the auction and at the behest of his leader began to take giant bites out of the poor girls flesh.

I took it upon myself to ask Clown why he was doing nothing to help the girl. He instead took this opportunity to complain about one of his commanders, Seraf Clip. Saying that he “sucked”.

Finally the Knight Milua Schor arrived and was able to convince Damien to sell the poor girl to her. She then helped the badly wounded girl away, one would presume in search of a healer.

Is this the type of thing we can expect from out knights? To stand idly by as an innocent girl is tortured and make no attempt to help her. For the sake of all the people of Ireem I hope the knights chose their next leader wisely.

Two days ago my Master and me witnessed an arguement between the couple Shevaunn Clarity and Mache Asamoah including undead Grizel Halberstadt, who is Shev's sister. First I did not intend to write about what we heard as it is very private. But thinking about it and bringing together all the pieces of the puzzle, I now have no other chance but to inform the people of Ireem about the upcoming danger !

What had happened ? Going to find a secret corner at the arena for making out a bit, we just arrived at the perfect moment hearing Shev yelling at her husband and Grizel "What's going on here ??" Of course we stopped right away and motioned each other to be very quiet. We overheard the following conversation and were shocked. While Shev angrily yelled at her husband, Grizel started to cry and mumbled "Shev I'm sorry... I might have just brought down this whole world ".
We wondered what she was talking about and so did Shev obviously. The only one who did not seem to be surprised was Mache, he grabbed Grizel pulling her aside and whispered growling at her "You put a spell on me and had your fun ! So please keep it away from my wife !" Grizel shook her head and answered him still crying "It's too got me pregnant the other day. Indigo found it out ! This ...THING inside me's not human ! She was even afraid staying close next to me !"
Mache quickly tried to cover her mouth but Grizel was able to mumble " It's the child prophecied by the angel, the one that will bring down the city, Indi told me!" Mache's chin dropped down and Shev yelled even louder "Mache??? I knew you can't resist kissing her, and now you have her pregnant?" A long argue about who did what and when started, which here is of no interest for the public.

You will ask yourself now, why is this "gossip" a danger for Ireem ? Isn't it only an overreaction of two people, who were caught red-handed, just talking about spells and dark prophecies to defend their cheating ? And I sadly have to answer: No! It is not ! This prophecy really exists as the Chronicles wrote about in an earlier issue:

Is this the dark child, the angel was warning us about ? What does that mean for Grizel, Shev and Mache...what does that mean for the people of Ireem ? I am sure now you understand, why I had to act against my distrete nature not to gossip, and I hereby apologize to Shev, Grizel and Mache for revealing all this, but believe me, this was really neccessary as this could mean the end of our beloved kingdom !

Today we recieved a letter from Ex-knights leader Jordina's nanny Jacinth Yakubu, who takes care of the little baby boy Jordan. As we all know, Jordi sadly was turned into an undead. She captured me last week on my way to the office, her only request to me was to find out, who stole her baby. She tried to force me to write about it in Chronicles, helping her to get her baby back. I gave her the false promise, I would do this and she released me right after, but of course I had no idea at all where the baby is held. As we recieve this letter now from nanny Jacinth, things start to become clear. But read for yourself:
"Since Lady Jordina is now an undead, I am claiming baby Jordan as my own. I promised her the day he was born, when he was given into my care as nanny, that I would take care of him and protect him from harm, and that hasn't changed. Jordan is a son of Ireem, and will be raised here, in the City. I will raise him as my own son, and indeed, I love him as my own son already. Since it is not fitting that his mother should be a slave, I will go to Sultana and beg the boon of citizenship, and I will get a small apartment in the Residences to be our home. I have the support of the knights, and Jordan's Uncle Pawlaw and Auntie Hailea will help to raise Jordan to be the knight that his mother would have wanted him to be, the knight that she always said he would be, until her unfortunate turning. Jacinth Yakubu"
Dear readers, I know we questions us all now:
  • Will Jordi accept this ?
  • Will the other undead accept this ?
  • What will happen to Jacinth, if she ever falls into the undead's hands ?
  • And most of all, what will happen, if Jordi ever gets her son back ?
  • Will he be eaten alive, raised as an undead or ...?
Time will tell, but I am afraid, the news will not be good ones....

Undead Analisa Xue just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this weekend. The proud parents gave her the name Cheyenne Lynn Karu and her daddy Phoenixx Karu was seen jumping for joy as he heard about the good news!
Knight Anestassia Constantine, who is Analisa's dear sister, was allowed to assist the birth down in the catacombs. This for sure was one of the rare peaceful moments in Ireem, undead leader Damien Sack himself witnessed the birth and officially welcomed her into the undead family.
Rumors tell, the baby already has a strong need of blood, especially knights blood. People told the Chronicle reporters that it is like that, because she is the daughter of an undead priestess with a mystic aura. But this means a lot more trouble for the knights, as the undead of course will try to feed the new born baby. Her aunt Anestassia Constantine was heard saying "geeezzz her aunt is in trouble ..."

Election time has come again for the knights. Following you will find a statement of intent from each of the five candidates. Please read them carefully and determine who is best to lead you.
Lyra Bellamy
I am the candidate of all the knights, that means I want the rebels re-enter our group as they have always helped our brothers and sisters...
I want that knights to stop being the laughing stock of Ireem, being respected for what they do and not what they says...
I want that honor and respect lead us in all the moment of our life of knights...
I don't want any council as council are just worth to flatter some ego BUT meetings around the fire where we all (those that are presents)decide together...
I want we allowed real spar between knights (as all the others groups) as the captured are immediately released
I want the limit out of camp are extend so that the chat we have cannot be heard...that mean no preds spying us freely laughing at us...
I want a place for the opponent so that they can vote as in a democratic group... and not the systematic ban of opponent for the time of elections...
If you don't want changes, don't vote for me!

Pawlaew Navarathna
I would like to hereby announce my candidacy for the leader of the knights. Since nearly one year that I have been here, I watched and learned from great leaders before me on what it takes on becoming one. Knights leader required a person with strong will, determination to succeed and over come challenges that lays await the knights. The code which govern what we must do as knight not only in the eyes of those around us. For me it is an unwritten set of rules that comes from with in the heart. A true knights does need a set of published rules to determined his action, true and honorable knights are guided by his strength, compassion and honor. Fighting is not what we are all about. We pick up a scimitar only when there is strong need for force and even then, we never use it to kill but to put down the unrest. If elected I will rules with strong will and determination to make sure the knights are peaceful force keeper of Ireem. Making sure we help those who are not able to help themselves and justice are delivered to those who defies the law of our beloved city of Ireem.
Long live the Sultana, the brotherhood of knights and the destruction of all things that are evil
Prince Kamala, commander of the knights of Ireem

Urso Kronsage
I would like the high honor of becoming knight leader to make some simple, but important changes. First of all, knights need a better, dedicated, and more in-depth training sessions. Training which includes learning about the knight code, what is expected of knights, desired virtues, and combat. I also plan to strongly encourage experienced knights to take on squires to teach them personally as they go about their rounds. The last thing I want is for new knights to feel abandoned or lost.
I also plan to create a new hierarchy system, where knights with good virtues and combat experience are given promotions. A promotion will be followed by an honorable ceremony. The higher ranking member will be in command of the lower knights to guide them.
Example: - Hierarchy system - Squire --> Novice --> Knight --> Paladin --> Councilor --> Commander --> Leader
Lastly, I would like to give reconciliation for rebels if they are willing to rejoin us.

Seraf Clip
I am Seraf, I have been in this land for over a year now. All my time here i was a knight, I have set my standards high for i believe like the knights are called for a higher purpose.
I am an Ex-General and Councilman of my Kin so i am experienced in Leadership and i plan to use that so it serves this purpose like it did that one.
While I believe that Knights should hold a level of Honor I know that for each Knight that takes on a different meaning, and that it is not the mere word that makes a Knight honorable it is their actions.
Respect through Knights come only when we first respect ourselves. If we carry an attitude that puts down our fellow Knights, then others see there is no reason to respect them either.
Attacking for no purpose is not Honorable thing for a Knight to do. However, we are not doormats for the pred groups to walk all over. Knights way of handling issues should always be in a civilized way.
If need be challenging the offender to a battle within the arena. If you are incapable of battle then ask another brother or sister to step in and become your second to battle for you. But never lower yourself to their behaviors.
I realize that there are many fractions within our group, this above all things saddens me for I have seen what can happen when it is a group that is willingly working together, and I have plans to work on changing that back to its formal glory.
It will start by listening with open ears to the concerns others have, and trying to make the changes within the group as a group. No individual person should dictate to all how things will be done for a group, it will be group decision.
I realize that not everyone will be happy with everything, but i am hoping that the idea of Majority Rules will be enough to help us through some of the difficulties.
I see the role of as a leader as a facilitator, one who helps smooth out contentions and one who encourages self and others to start up role plays that give us more to do then just standing idlely by watching others have all the fun.

Master Rexie
Listen to what knights have to tell, and act upon it.
Propose questions to the council and let all knights know about the decision immediately.
Towards new knights not just give the CoC (Code of Conduct) and let them figure out themselves. Learn them how to fight and how to respond as a true knight towards other tribes/preys.
Make good planning in time of war, each has his/her own job.
Make a separated zone where only the knights can hear what is said, like on the slavers compound the ship is. No one have to hear our discussions between knights and especially not in war.
This is what the knights do not have, everyone can "tune in" to what we have to say.
Make a list to change the CoC.
Some rules make the knights look like fools.
E.G. We first get slaughtered before we may attack, maybe change this into : if feeling threatened a knight may attack without warning. (This will make the knight regain respect)
This will change only if the knights, or a vast majority, agrees.
Make one Knight as a spokes person for all the knights who will attend any council meeting and speak for the knights in common.
Any knight new or not can talk to this person when they have questions or want things to change or have points to add for a next council meeting.
I will try to be here when I am needed the most, especially in time of war. A second and/or third commander will be appointed first off, to prevent mistakes and give orders to the rest of the knights.
The city of Ireem must be protected as a number one priority, so the citizens can walk freely all of the time.
Make an info board at the knights camp in a tent where I can write all new information at and make sure that every knight who visits the camp they must go look at that first.
When there is something going on in Ireem I will tell all knights, by a paper scroll at the camp, or write on the info board, just so they know how to react on certain tribes. E.G. if we made an alliance or we are at war with a tribe.

To all undead of Ireem :

As of today july 10th, I Alices Sands as citizens leader ban ALL undead from the city until further notice.

The reason : The undead have cast more then once trouble for the whole of Ireem, and after having tought about this long I have decided to make sure their won't be any trouble the up coming weeks when I am truely busy setting up the city events I won't allow any trouble makers in. No one is at exception of this rule. I hope you understand my disicion and I certainly hope you will let all of your followers know.

Signed: Citizen Leader Alices Sands

Dear reader, this was definitely one of the most horrible moments in Ireem! Yesterday I recognized people agitated fluttering around at the auction when I asked some of them what is going on. They just pointed down into the catacombs, shaking their heads and whispering "That is not good, that's not good at all !"
Of course my curious reporter heart ordered me to go down there for a little spying. After I made sure my Master is still lost in deep meditation, I sneaked down, always careful not to be seen as I reached a dark corner near the ceremony room of the combs. Hiding as silent as possible I became witness of what will change a lot in Ireem !
Knight Milua Schor kneeled to Undead leader Damien Sack’s feet, begging to let her and her sister go. As my eyes wandered across the room I suddenly saw my dear friend knights leader Jordina McGinnis standing there, undead Analisa Xue next to her, making sure she cannot escape. I overheard only a few words of their conversation as it became clear that Jordi was down here trying to rescue her sister Milua.
Damien just laughed evily and stated "One of you will be turned and the other will watch. Once the one is turned, they shall set their sister free!" I stopped breathing as I heard Jordi answering slowly: "Then take me. Milli is too young to die, she deserves to live. I will give myself for her life!" She smiled at Milli and whispered: "Please tell Paw he is the interim leader now till you have a new election" as she laid down on the Pentacle ready to face her fate.
Analisa kneeled down next to her, within the same movement gliding the free hand to the hilt of her dagger, thrusting down hard, penetrating Jordi's chest through. Twisting the blade a little to make the bleeding quicken she mumbled words in a language I never heard before. Jordi’s eyes were wide open as her body started to quiver, dieing slowly as some tears rolled down her cheek. Milli covered her eyes and screamed in pain and I covered my mouth for not crying out loud.
A little later, Analisa leaned low and caressed Jordi's cheek whispering in her ear "Open your eyes sister, see the new world before you" as Jordi opened them, taking her hand and letting her help to stand. Damien passed her a sword, she smirked and licked her lips as she growled "Thank you my leader !" turning and running out of the combs ready to hunt and kill.
Still shocked about what I witnessed I slowly stood up, Damien saw me, pointed over and yelled "Spy!" as he started running to chase me away. I ran as fast as possible and luckily reached the daylight without any bruises.

Dear reader, many of you already saw the former knights leader chasing in the desert, enjoying her new undead form. I still cannot believe what happened and one question is haunting me since yesterday: After all the bad things that had happened in the past, did my friend give up hope ? She went through a lot of trouble, starting with rebel knights, her husband Jason who disappeared in a mysterious way, her baby now missing and still not found and her new love Aizen turned into an undead. Was that all too much ?
I will never get an answer to this question as I cannot simply ask her anymore. I lost a dear friend and Ireem lost a leader, a good and generous person, loved and respected by the people of Ireem. Please be warned: don’t let her fool you if she crosses your way ! She is now dangerous and unpredictable, no matter how much we wish it would be different ! These are very dark times ....

Undead Run Wild!

Standing in the auction today I get the distinct feeling that all of Ireem is going mad around me. Just yesterday while running around with Dinky, this reporter came across lady Jordi. She had been striped naked and left locked in a storage room in the catacombs. I went and sought out the knight Milua Schor. The three of us returned and rescued Jordi bringing her up from the catacombs. Here is the story as it was told to me by lady Jordi.
Jordi was weakened after a fight with the undead Jos. Aizen, who we all know has been involved in a relationship with Jordi, asked her to dance for him. The dance he had in mind was the dance of swords which he promptly used to capture a weakend Jordi. Dragging her to the catacombs he striped her of her clothes. Jordi was unwilling to speak about what all was done to her. However when he finished with her he left her naked locked in the catacombs until we found and rescued her the following day.
I had hoped this would be the end of the story. Unfortunately it was only the beginning. Arriving at the auction today I find Lady Jordi as well as several other well known knights running around proclaiming to be undead themselves. I personally witnessed lady Jordi attacking knights commander Paw and following the orders of the undead Phoenix.
It is obvious that the undead are up to their old tricks trying to take over Ireem. And for the moment at least they seem to be succeeding. We can only hope that the balance is soon restored and the knights freed from whatever has happened to them.

Masquerade Ball

Salaam Ireem! We are pleased to announce that our beloved Sultana, the Sun of Ireem, Zanlu is throwing a Masquerade Ball for all her loyal subjects. The theme for the ball is Venetian. She asks that all who attend, do so in themed costumes complete with masks. The Ball will be held on Saturday, July 11, at 1pm SLT. Which means... less than a week to find the perfect disguise! Look for the carpet in front of the city gates!

Lady Daphne

It was brought to our attention, that the knight Mache Asamoah and the undead Shevaunn Clarity are in love and secretly married ! Only witness of exchanging the vows was Lady Elysa Swansong, who was seen crying big emotional tears.
But how did that happen ? Mache simply captured Shev and put her on his shoulder, saying he was going to marry her. He wouldn't take any excuses as he said he loved her long time and that was enough to overcome everything.
We of course took the chance to interview the new couple, as it is not a common relationship in Ireem. Explaining how their love started, Mache stated: "It must have been the Ireem Goddess of Love that shoot through our hearts!". Sir Tim asked: "Does this marriage have the approval of your respective leaders or is it more of a forbidden love?" as Mache seemed to become a bit impatient. He answered, their love would not have anything to do with groups, he always fought for love, freedom and justice and never cared about whatever conflicts the leaders have. Shev added: "I did surprise a lot of my family, but no one has said anything bad to me about it. If anything its other groups that have made rude comments about the union. Anyway, i will not give up my love, even if the whole Ireem oppose to it !"
While flying off on a tangent we talked about love in general and different aspects that make it hard to live in piece in Ireem, Mache smiled and said: "I want to show Ireem that love is beyond boundaries". They informed us about their plans of having children, but as Shev is an undead they both are not sure, if this is even possible. Sir Tim as Magi Leader offered them to talk with the healers KCEE and Lady Elysa to examine this difficult topic deeper.
Dear reader, what do we learn from this story ? Yes, love knows no boundaries and it can happen to us everyday, even if we refuse it ! The Chronicle reporters wish the new couple all the best and that they can live in peace and harmony. Citizen of Ireem, please think twice before you judge on their relationship ! If we are not allowed to love and hope at least, what else do we have in our sometimes very rough and heartless kingdom ?

Who's my mommy?

My dear readers,
While sitting at the auction a few days back, I saw the strangest sight. There was a child roaming around. This small boy was barely as tall as my lovely woman Dinky. Now looking at him there could be no doubt that this child was the offspring of our favorite Bedouin Master J. The child bears an uncanny resemblance to the former leader of that tribe. Unfortunately it seems the grey hair is genetic. The boy was dressed up in his fathers clothes, and even tried to mimic his speech patterns. Now it surprised no one that the Master J was nowhere to be seen. Its to be expected that he would let his bastard child roam freely. The question on my mind is who is the boys mother? To my knowledge no one knows and Master J declined to answer when I asked him. So lets hear your theories Ireem. Who do you think is the mother of MJ’s bastard son? Perhaps the mother will even step up and claim him.

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