Greetings all,

It is with regret that I have to announce a substantial increase in bakery prices.  Along with increased prices, all daily specials will be discontinued.  Also, the bakery is not in a position to continue its generous sponsorship of Arena Events.
The bakery employees have complained bitterly of their treatment at the hands of certain individuals in the employ of Her Royal Highness, The Sultana.  They have alleged harassment and persecution while undertaking their duties.  Due to fear of attack, very few bakery staff attend work, leaving bakery shelves empty. 
Until employees can work without harassment, stock will only be available when staff are in attendance.
To my loyal customers, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

April Axel
 Bakery Proprietor

Zanlu, Kora and Baal are pleased to invite you all, dear Ireemians,
to celebrate  Santa with us.
Come with your family and friends !!

Live DJ: Falconer Maltese

The party will be held at the Palace.
Saturday 18 december, at 1pm SLT

We wish you a Merry Christmas !

This party will be OOC.

Najdi Games Scroll

Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

Eight moons ago, Ireem's greatest warriors and athletes emerged from its fortifications, and descended upon the Bedouin camp near the oasis. Their singular goal: a non-lethal competition to determine the greatest combatant in the land! As one might expect of such a gathering of headstrong warriors, chaos promptly ensued. While it has been many days, a semblance of order was finally reached concerning the events in question, and I've chosen to bring it to you.

Many of the citizens banded together in order to start the Najdi Games, with the hopes that this may become a regular tradition. While initially the brainchild of our Amirah, April Axel, she and Unity Catlyn spent many hours organizing the games, with further assistance from Jonathan Moriarty. Further serving as officials within the games were Bero Kingmaker, Maz Hancroft, and Merry Khalim, helping to ensure that all contestants followed the rules for each contest. Renowned knight, Avery Allegrant, was on hand to adjudicate any formal complaints or disputes during the games.

After Jonathan magicked the area to protect the oasis from attacks from neighboring kingdoms, and much boasting from the contestants, Unity introduced Her Majesty, the Sun of Ireem, the Sultana Zanlu Heron to addess all in attendance:

"It is an honour for me to give the starting address at these open games. The Bedouin family worked very hard...very well and I am sure that everyone of us will enjoy the work they put in. Of course I hope that the ambulances and healers are around! Thank you very much, Great People of the Sand! Is everyone ready?"

Following our Sultana's introduction, Unity next brought one of Ireem's most well-known celebrities, Dinky Wingtips to start the race. Fending off an advance from her partner Tim Speiser, Dinky ushered in the first event, a cart race.

The first, and longest event of the day, the cart race was staged in heats of three teams apiece. In this cart race, each team is comprised of a Predator and their prey. The prey pull the cart carrying their Predator from the Bedouin Oasis, along the lower natural sand path, to the Rotunda, rounding it in a clockwise direction, then returning to the oais using the upper path. Changing places with one another, the Predator then pulls their prey along the same route.

The first heat was comprised of Shiloh Dinzel and Freefall Starspear; Renickor Dartmouth and Jonathan Moriarty, and Velvet Hamelin and Bero Kingmaker stepping in for Ehson Miles. Familiarizing themselves with the unfamiliar carts, the contestants got a slow start, however, in a case of putting the cart before the horse, Shiloh and Freefall appeared mistakenly to take the first heat.

Darklord Trapdoor and Jessie Thexios; Copper Convair and Annabella Shieldmaiden; and Ruxia Zuta and Xylimer Clarence comprised the second heat. After wrecking (and freeing) the Convair-Shieldmaiden cart from a tree, the second heat began. By the end of the heat, a visibly shaken Olaf and his prey Jessie, emerged from the Oasis water after a crash at the finish line, winning regardless.

Finally the Dinzel-Starspear team set to face off against the Trapdoor-Thexios team. Unfortunately a last minute dispute resulted in the disqualification of Dinzel and Starspear as they had mistakenly not changed positions halfway through their first race. Ren and Jonathan as second place from the first heat, then went into contention against Olaf's team. Again both teams facing multiple crashes within the race, Olaf and Jessie emerged victorious as the winners of the whole cart race.

Second event was the Magic Carpet Ride, whereby the Predator was required to fly the carpet from the Bedouin Oasis to the Arena. The Predator would then land the carpet in the arena, pick up their prey and fly to the KOS2 event area, the Eventus. The Predator lands here, and the prey disembarks and the Predator once again returns to the Oasis on the carpet, alone.

Renickor and Jonathan once again paired for the Carpet Ride, as well as Velvet Hamelin and Bero Kingmaker, and Darklord Trapdoor and Jessie Thexios. After a crash course (no pun intended) on the operations of the Magic Carpet, the race was off. As before, Olaf and his prey Jessie, pulled the carpet out from the other contenders and came out as the winners.

In the final contest for the games, we saw an individual race with riders on camels. In the spirit of gamesmanship and cooperation, one rider was permitted to have a horse in the race, and another was permitted to ride their tiger.

Like the Cart race before, animal and rider departed the Oasis and followed the lower natural sand path to the Rotunda, rounding in a clockwise direction and returned to the camp using the upper path. Animal and rider rounded the outside of the Bedouin camp in a clockwise direction and repeated the first leg. Far too many contestants participated here to be able to list them all adequately, however a good time was had by nearly everyone for most of the race.
As the other two races, Olaf won this gaame as well for a clean sweep, having come astride a dark horse.

Tragedy struck however, providing the straw that broke the camel's back. In fact Jonathan's camel's back was so badly damaged it was found belly up in the Oasis at the beginning of the race, thereby leaving him unable to participate.

April Axel wrapped up the events of the day with a short awards announcement:

As winners of the Cart Race, Darklord and Jessie each won 2000gold and 30 pts each. Renickor and Jonathan in 2nd place each won 1000 gold and 20 points respectively. No 3rd place was awarded due to the disqualification.

In wining the the Magic Carpet Race, Darklord and Jessie again each won 2000 gold and 30 pts each. The second place winners, Velvet and Bero, each one 1000 gold and 20 points, and Jonathan and Renickor each won 500gold and 10pts.

Finally, though the Camel Race resulted in the sinister death of Jonathan's camel, Darklord again won 2000gold and an investigation into the the unfortunate incidents. Bero won 1000gold, and Xylimer and his tiger took 500 gold.

Given Olaf's substantial debts however it is expected that his sizeable winnings went to pay off his debt.

That's all for this edition of the Najdi Games Scroll. I apologize for the lateness of its arrival, however a mysterious goldsmith named Gutenberg sold me a new contraption called the printing press and it took me forever to work out its machinations! With any luck we will see another games and another scroll in a couple of months! Lobby April and Unity for it!

(Author: Method Thespian)

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