Wounded and Taken Care of: A chat with Yayoo

Story by: By Znork

 photo Prince Yayoo in Palace_zpsa8b2l8un.png

I was again wounded by some wild pirates and had to go to the hospital. I felt weak and stumbled closer to the healing bed. Suddenly I hear a friendly voice behind me, telling me he can give me bandage and help, I turned around and saw The noble Prince Yayoo sitting on a pillow in the corner of the hospital. He was calm and gave me a really good bandage. Since I still had to heal a bit I thought this was a perfect time to interview the noble.

- I had no knowledge of how to title a prince so I said carefully: "Sir Prince: How can you describe the palace, the power balance and how it effects people out there? I m thinking about the democracy or steering system"

Yayoo Pralou reflects on this question, for quite some time. I see he is thinking deep
 - "Very interesting question that does come to what the essence of the palace has been through the teachings of the Sultana who was the example of true nobility and grace, and who by example inspired so many here by her wisdom's and noble virtues and also who brought civility and good manners to Ireem.

- Nods, I haven't met the Sultana Zanlu yet but Im sure she is marvelous. But are there attacks on the palace? Maybe people that thinks something is unfair?

I see the Prince lifts his eyebrows and nods, the answer comes quick
- Yes there are attacks on the Palace. Damien and Davey (undeads) have often declared war on Palace and lately also Kaos ( a pirate) has been working with Damien to capture people. To understand their reasons for the attacks it would be better if  you ask them.  From my dealings with pirates, they seem to have a heartless greed for acquiring gold without concern for the damage and horrors they inflicts on others in their lust for power and gold.  I feel it is our task in Palace to help to keep the teachings of our beloved Sultana alive to help keep those greedy power hungry beasts and demons who dwell in the beings of Ireemians from causing havok in Ireem

I nod,agreeing, as I heard this.
- "I have been witnessing some very odd and after many peoples meaning, totally meaningless attacks".

I take a small break and sips some coffee the prince had offered me. Thinking a bit before I serve the next question. I'm thinking about what others said about the palace.
Like the pirate named Mebo who said:
- "the palace is a nice hiding place, and has great guards .."

And the noble man  Xenofon that previously was a palace guard that said:
"The palace is quiet, for the most part we stay seperate from the scuffles of the city. It is not the place to go for adventure, if that is what you seek"

I look at the Prince Yayoo and ask him more:
-"But you have guards and knights. They are directly controlled by nobles and Sultana Zanlu I assume? So if someone declears a warlike behavior at the palace,  you can join the forces together and fight back for balance and teaching?"

After a thoughtfull moment the Prince sips a little coffee and starts to answer

- "... well the attacks from undeads  can be very difficult to understand the motive of - some has even turned in to a deeper form of evil lately - which is beyond reason . .. well yes we have alert and devoted Palace Guards to protect us as they can in the Palace IF the nobles are alert to dangers. However those who wish to cause trouble are very clever and have many techniques for luring Nobles out of Palace to capture them and also use potions and spells if they can't get a Noble out and away from the Guards. Fortunately we have the help of the Knights and Magi and Priests and Bedouins  and Citizens and the Merfolk to help counter and balance these evil forces in Ireem
Most people prefer to live in peace and harmony and not have to be so fearful of attack - so that the shops and business owners and residents can have some sense of security"

I see the answer is done with passion and thoughts. The Prince is concerned and surely concerned about how things are in the city and outside. I take another sip of coffee. looking around at the gold table, the fine pillows and a big board of wise words that the  Prince shows to people that comes to him with questions about life. I ask him

- "Has it always been like this? That its especially pirates and undeads that attacks the palace and noble people?

- "Well yes mostly it has been like this  but also the Dark Knights sometimes have caused problems for Palace folk,  Fortunately we have the help of the Chivalric Legion of Knights and Magi and Ragnar and Folie’s Priests and the Djinns Elementals Clan lead by Mystry and the many good Bedouin Clans and Citizens and the Merfolk to help counter and balance these evil forces in Ireem.

I see the Prince gets a slightly dreamy look in his face. He dreams about good safe times, good deference and I'm sure he like things to be fair.
I suggest a slogan for Ireem to him: " More normal, more fairness"
He nods and smiles, liking my slogan.

I thank him for 12 cups of good coffee and raise my now sleeping but up from the soft golden pillow,  then nod to him, telling him how I appreciate to get to know how the nobles and palace thinks about how it is and how it should be around us.

Gently rubbing my butt I go out to see he view of fighting people, hard working people, and people that wants to be joined in small groups of friends for company and fun. Nods to myself. yes, this is life, just as usual.

 photo Mers not cowards cut_zps6bi88qpe.png

By Znork

I snuck up to the mer caves, a bit nervous, but also excited. The merfolk live by some very nice big built caves with decorations that can make you gasp. Its the seas brightest art. As I approached I heard voices and saw some movements of two mermaids a bit away from me. But being so focused on that pretty sight, I lost balance and stepped with one foot out into the sea. And that was not a lucky thing, my toe got a big cut from a seashell there. I still wouldn't let that stop me from talking to these nice mers. The weird part was that they had a human beside them with his hands in the air, locked in a plank. It was a huge, and strong looking man. This convinces me that these mermaids weren't just pretty, they are strong too.

I saw them loosing the guy from the plank and they sent him off. They greeted me nicely and as planned I could start asking them questions right away. Of course I started with the difficult ones

- What do you feel is good about being a mer? And what is bad for you?
- oh my... what a question.... let me think, if you see smoke put my head in the water" chuckles the lovely mer named Indigo and waves her fingers softly in the air.

- "Oh I'm prepared to soak your head", says the other mer named Siya, and giggles softly.

Indigo smiles and gives me more information - "well... good... let me think... Mer are intelligent, curious, playful... and tied to one of the most beautiful things in the world, the water" then she gets a bit serious looking and says;
"the bad... well the water pulls us so much that we cannot stay on land much, the ocean is so big, it can get lonely when you loose your family in a current"

- "I  like being a mer for the fact that they stay together and always treat each other with respect , never let the other one down, and always there when needed like true family, ... about bad things .... ummm there i have to really think.. i would say i have to agree with indi on that one"
says the nodding Siya and looking at Indigo

I look at the two beauties and think a bit while trying to remember my next question, Suddenly it comes to my mind. Siya looks worried at me and I think she might wonder if I will almost fall into the sea. She looks at my hurt toe and assures me that it will be well very soon.

- "But can you tell me something about the caves? Are there spirits or anything special going on in the caves? Are there someone living there to protect you?"
- "We have many spirits, the one leggers know best is Oceanus, or Neptune/Poseidon, he is the orchestrator of the tides, waves, the world... As for the caves... we must protect ourselves but the water an the beauty of the place renews us" then lowers her voice "

At one point there was an enchantment that no legger could enter or suffer a terrible watery death" grins "But that power has faded". Indigos face looks very dreamy and its seems like she is admiring the things she speaks of while she says this.

She shows me a bit around in the caves, then take me out on a little swim-round. I dive a bit, I see mermaids down there in the sea, and treasures and so many of the fantastic creatures the natures has put in the sea. Visible for the ones who care about life and beauty.

I leave the place with lots of gratitude for the warm welcome and the warm goodbye. "Remember, we are a strong family here, even if it's not so big" Indigo says while waving farewell.

Baby found in Ireem photo Chrystinia with baby 170315_zpsbtmemotr.png

By Znork

" I wonder who is the parents" says the beautiful, goodhearted pirate lady, holding and nuzzling the baby.

When asked where she found it she answers:
"Well I was given the baby from a poor slave girl named Yumaana. She didn't say much, just that she found it near the river. But it was natural for me to just take care of it as it was given to me. Im a bonusmum now"

She also said she has been given it a name, Aiden the poop.  "I was thinking about naming it "lill stinky kido" but dint" she says.

- But seriously. would you really give the baby away if you see some very bad parents trying to claim it, saying its theirs? How do you think you will react and look at the situation?

- "No of course I wont give Aiden away just like that. I think I will fight for him. Or maybe sell to the highest prize. But I dont think non in kos has so much Gold"

- But if the parents reports themselves and will give you a reward for it and you believe them, then its ok?
- "Yes of course I have to give him away ...yes my heart will break ...but I cant do anything,  Aiden doesnt belong to me" she answers with a bit wet eyes. Maybe an upcoming tear

She shakes the baby smoothly and starts walking to the city, hoping the baby wont be frightend by the fighting and shouting there. I wave to her as she leaves and of course I feel its a nice view to see a lady with a baby.


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