NEWS: Of Rum and Rat

Once again, I had managed to fall asleep in the Chronicles office.  But instead of lurking the office, I decided to take a walk. My random travel through the city soon took me to one of my favourite spots. Nothing special, just the small balcony over the city gates. I was then approached by the dark knight Eve (or was it Blair now?  Not sure, since she keeps changing her name to aviod being arrest), and given a small bit of rum to give to the editor, specifically suggesting him to drink it.  She also handed me a scroll containing information of a strange virus.

  "A new enemy has risen in the lands of Samhara,
a creation of pale skinned Dark Knight hands,
 one who cant be fought with blades,
  one who cant be seen or heard,
  one so small, yet strong enough to kill the mightiest fighter
  sneaky as an assassin, faster than the best horse
  flowing with the wind over the sands to conquer them
   beware citizens and creatures, you'll be next.

  Once the seed is planted in one's body it will spread, contagious filling Ireem and the sands with madness and pain.

  The symptoms vary, most seen is fury and rage to attack anything in sight, lose of eyesight, red and black dots on the skin and feeling of coldness.

  The antidote is to most people unknown, though randoms occur the dark knight have it in their possession."

  I viewed this act with slight suspicion. After all, Dark Knights have been upset with the merfolk sinse the alliance fell. Then there were the random attacks on the merfok... and the list of reasons why this all seemed fishy grows from there.  Yet, I decided to take the bottle back to the office. Perhaps Kito could hire a magi to test?

  As I turned away from the bottom for a moment, the quiet peace of the office was broken by back the sound of shattering glass! I quickly looked and it seemed one of the office cats had knocked over the bottle or rum! But, before I could wipe up the mess... one of those freakishly large guard rats jumped out from the donation till.  The little hungry creature quickly licked the floor clean!

  "Oh no! Kito's going to be upset with me! I know how much he enjoys a good rum"  I muttered.

  That is when I noticed something odd. The rat started to display a few odd symptoms. First, it was floating in the air like a piece of fish.... not the first rat like creature that perform this trick in the city, of course.  It then suddenly attacked the leg of the chair with it's claws! I avoided its odd rage by moving toward the nearby bookshelf with the office cats!  The rat's brown fur began to fall off in chunks, and skin turned an odd sickly pale shade. Just then, some idiot tried to steal from the till. Before I could warn the thief, the engaged rat suddenly hovered in the air, let out a loud cat like hiss before biting the thief's neck!

  The thief fled, but the rat stayed behind. I finally remembered the dagger I had on my person... jumped down from the case. I took aim at the creatures belly... cutting it open.

  "Oh gods! That thief is now a carrier! Heh... I will need to take this rat to the alchemist to have an antidote made. But.... will it be in time to save the city?!"

  Looks like there is a nasty bug running around Ireem. Might be best to avoid all thieves or any strange people who try to give you free rum!

~ written by Sayuri (Edited by the annoyed Editor who have to clean up the broken glasses on the floor)

NEWS: Another war?

The day found me... doing what I do best, napping on the the office over one of Kito's books. I suddenly awoke to the sound of these words shouted across the city "Anyone with the palace will die!" Greatly confused I soon rushed out of the office... to the sound of more shouting!

 "... I will... put the captives in a barrel of acid sending them to the 2nd death without enough of anything to bring them back so you need to stop this attack. Return the prisoners or you know I will do it ... Return also Ironhides body" called the voice of the irate princess.

" How about we just feast from your flesh instead and make the sultana['s blood?] our bath water" called the voice of someone I did not recognize. There were mentions of certain people being held for ransom. Yet much of what was said only made me feel more confussed. Was this something between the palace and the Undead? Or was it Merfolk again the palace? Could there be more groups or races involved? 

It soon turned into a shouting match between Gavi and Page.

 "you make no sense you who sit in judgement over me who has never raised her weapon against a Mer but has sought out to protect the mer you young one who knows little of what has happened in the Mers own past here"

 "...Page, you know little of the real mer past, you are too clouded by this past leader Sun, who lead the mer's completely wrong treating them as victims...we will be strong! Sun is a false leader Iani and myself are the true mer leads!"

Once the shouting died down, I headed to the mer temple to see if I could find the truth about what started this madness. It turns out it all started when a gift from the mer people... a comb, was burned. Taking this as an insult, the mer-folk turned to their true allies...

 "Chan and I were accepted into the palace for a good will meeting, I brought her a gift, a mermaid comb made of gold and blessed by Lalita. Then the sultana and princess page attacked us verbally, insulting our choice of allies and asking why we wouldn't throw in with the palace." explains Gavriella.

 "I found our true allies...  together with the Dark Knights, Djinn and some Bedu we stormed the palace taking a knight, Ponzio and a pirate woman captive as they cowered in the palace like the cowards they are! ...The palace has paid us great insult! That is what happened, our allies rose up against them to defend our honor...and i'm sure there were some other motives in there!" said the current co mer leader, Gavriella.

It seems the city will be plunged into another war. Yet, mention of a past mer, who was never an official mer leader ones prove how out of touch the palace is with the current mer clans.  As a former palace lady I don't have much to say in way of the palace's defense. Yet, I was truly saddened by some of Princess Page's comments shouted oh so carelessly through Ireem.

- reported by Sayuri

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