Arabesque Cafe Proudly Presents:

Arabian Nights Belly Dance Extravaganza With
The Daughters of Sheherzade - Honey & Pasha
Friday February 24th at 2PM SLT

Belly Dance Contest after the Show
1st Place $G 1000
2nd Place $G 500
3rd Place  $G 250

Contact Princess Page Siegel to sign up for the contest.

((OOC PS.  Please detatch sgs system and any face lights, a/o's or any other scripted items to reduce lag. And please do not touch the curtain of the stage. Thank you very much. Enjoy the Show.))

Arabesque Cafe

Greeting Denizens of Ireem,

I will be hosting a series of events in the arena to keep all well entertained to the best of my ability. Besides, when we can bring friendly competition and bloodshed at the same time, what is there to argue?

    But I digress... On the 12th of February, Sunday at 1800 (6:00 PM) SLT, the arena will be hosting an opening competition. This competition will be for entertainment only and of course some betting will be encouraged. I have placed a sign up board for anyone to enter. There are 16 slots available on it, and if we have more than 16 entries then send a scroll to me and I will make sure you will be in the competition. The competition will be freestyle fighting and weapon of choice. Each weapon has it's pros and cons that work with differing strategies. Use what you feel you are best with (Excluding ranged weapons). I wish for a high turnout but if not, the fun shall still be had!

    As for upcoming events, there will be official Ireem Championship tournaments. There will be a series of events with competitors using different styles of weaponry against each other that are exclusive. Examples being, one-handed swords, greatswords and spears, axes and hammers, daggers, fists, and weapon of choice, so it would be best to be well rounded in different fighting styles. These types of events will be labeled and bolded as "IREEM TOURNAMENT" To display that it's an official fight. The top four competitors in an event will be granted points in a ranked system/ leader boards. The winner of an event will be given 10 points, runner up is 5 points, and the defeated finalists receiving 2 points each. At the end off all the official events the fighter with the most points will go onto the championship and be granted an opportunity to de-throne the reigning champion and become the new champion of Ireem.

  There will be other events just for fun as well. Faction based team fights and single fights, such as Bedouin vs. Slavers or Undead vs. Knights. All for fun and bragging rights of course. Other fights including a last man standing brawl, and gladiator matches where slave owners can send their slaves to shed blood in the arena.

    If there are any questions, feel free to send me a scroll and I will try to get back to you.

Fight well,
Azimuth of the Misfits

MESSAGE: From Inara Sands

Salaam Ireem,

By know you all have come to no me in some form, even if it has simply been hearing my name.

As I have moved from the desert camps to live within the city walls, in hopes to better tend to those in need as I work to gain the position of Head Physician, I have also proposed a clan for all citizens of Ireem in hopes to unify and creat a close, family relationship among us.

The name of this clan proposed is  المملكة~AL MAMLAKAH, translated as "The Kingdom"..

If you are a citizen, no matter your birth or blood, please I encourage you consider this clan.

Safest reguards and good health

~Inara Sands~

ADVERT: From Hana Attiya

Greetings citizens of Ireem! I'd like to introduce myself. Not many know me but I have come to love this kingdom of sand.

Though there is no current owner to the Alchemist storefront, it still offers a treasure of cure for your ailments, aches, and problems.

Can't sleep and the highest quality rum isnt working? I have a solution for that.

Men not lasting as long as you use to or have no drive at all?

Way to much to drink last night and you have a tribe to run?

I look forward to seeing you around the city streets and at the storefront.

Whats your poison?
Hana Attiya or Atti

*PS* Other uses for herbs, minerals, and salves can be discussed in privacy.

Salaam great peoples of Ireem, both inside and outside the city walls.

Voting has begun at the Physicians office, I call upon you to make a wise choice, a healer who will do all in her power to see to anyone in need!

I have gathered food, bandages, potions and cures, meat and other suitable items to heal any and all who need it, be you Bedouin, Knight, Djinn, Citizen or Un-dead.

Please, come cast your votes, even if you choose another, your support is greatly needed and appreciated in these terbulant times.

Salaam and good health
~Inara Sands~

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