Yes Ladies ! Here he is ! Sir Rathgar like we never saw him before ! For all shy ones, here a warning: just read the interview and skip on the picture ! All the others: enjoy !

Chronicles: What turns you on?
Rathgar: Smart women with artistic cabilities and nice ass

Chronicles: What turns you off?
Rathgar: Attention whores

Chronicles: If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?
Rathgar: With my wife

Chronicles: Tell us something embarrasing about yourself.
Rathgar: When I was caught with my pants down in the catacombs (I am a knight)

Yesterday I found a letter on my desk at the Chronicles office, which I curiously picked up to read. I had to sit down as I was reading. Why? Because the rumors about a dark Magi sacrificing a poor girl obviously were true !

For all Ireemians who did not hear about this yet: there is a new Magi in town, practicing dark magic and using his powers on the citizen of Ireem. His name is Matrim Blackheart and witnesses saw him a few days ago together with Pirate slaver Jigoku Magic, when they dragged the poor girl Elusive Cristole to the gate, naked and gagged.

Elusive was bleeding from wounds at her lower back and her stomach, a pentagram carved into her flesh, her skin pale as if she lost an immense amount of blood. The Magi began to paint a large upside down pentagram symbol on the stone wall by sinking his fingers into a bucket full of blood – and yes, I truely believe it was Elusive’s blood !

He had audience while doing that, they all were watching the scene with their mouths wide open. Sir Matrim thrusted the girl's body against the wall and started to mutter words in an unknown tongue, when a moment later, he released her and the body began to hover infront of the symbol at the city wall !

People tell, the only words, they understood was „Lord of Darkness“, as the symbol on the wall and on the girl's abdomen began to glow a bright red. The panic in Elusive’s eyes was one of the worst things some witnesses ever saw, but still no one dared to interfere.

Suddenly the girl's body burst into flames and people watched horrified or started screaming, swords were drawn and scared women were seen running away. The dead body dropped down to the ground as Sir Matrim trailed his fingertips over the burned stone wall before he turned to leave, not saying a word...

After I heard this story, I first did not believe it. But of course curiosity led me to the spot at the city wall. The guards did their very best to clean and remove all marks of what had happened and even nearly succeded. A stranger would never assume something evil was going on here. But with some imagination you still can see the symbol on the wall, the circle burned into the stone.

Dear reader, with this background please read the following letter, then you will understand why my legs got weak reading it:

"Dear Ireem,
I have noticed lately that all you have to write about in your newspaper are personal ads and short stories about weddings and how happy everyone is to be here. Seeing that, I decided to send you this letter to divulge some of my recent activities to the public eye. Keep in mind that I am a Magi, though unlike those fools who only cast cheap tricks and sell simple potions, I am not content to play the circus act. On the Twenty Fourth of April I sacrificed a girl, I don't know her name it never came up, right in front of the gates to the city. Her charred remains alongside the burned inverted pentagram on the city wall should have given you notice of this...regardless, I feel it is time that a message was sent. While many of you are content to run around with your significant other and act all lovey dovey, keep this in mind, none of you are safe. There are forces at work in Ireem that will no longer be kept to the shadows, keep yourselves alert, because it has just begun....
Love, Matrim"

I quickly called a Magi apprentice to „clean“ my office from the evil aura of the Dark Magi and I hereby warn him „ Do not dare to ever enter my office again, evil man !!“
I also call out for anyone of you Ireemians: don’t let this Magi destroy the peace in our beloved kingdom ! Unite and fight the evil !
//*editorial note: Perhaps a bit to brave and mouthy? Better change that later, for not making him angry *//

Last weekend we had another wedding in our beloved city, this time taking place at the beach close to the slaver’s ship. Pirate Slaver Sir Damien Nadir with his greek accent married his former slave, now the woman by his side Soumia Maradona. Best man and woman were good friends of the couple, the Pirate slaver Carter Roogus and his pregnant woman Vallentina Landar.
I was standing next to Slaver Am Demina and his wife Starlight Eleonara and made my drawings for the Chronicles as I heard Am whispering about the bride’s ears. As half elf, Soumia’s ears are just a little bit bigger then usual, which gives her an even more exotic look in my opinion But Am, who obviously had some rum before the ceremony, made constantly jokes and got elbowed for that by Star. This made me laugh so much, that I had trouble concentrating on my drawing and not disturbing the ceremony !

Slaver Pirate Captain Merlin Renfold and priest for the day was marrying the couple by using so nice words, that I want to quote some in here: „A circle is the symbol of the sun and the earth and the universe. It is a symbol of holiness and of perfection and of peace. In these rings it is the symbol of unity, in which your lives are now joined in one unbroken circle, in which, wherever you go, you will always return to one another and to your togetherness.“

Exchanging the rings, the bride was seen with tears in her eyes and shaking hands, very nervous but even more happy as the ceremony ended in a romatic kiss. Captain Merlin shouted all pirate-like to the crowd „Citizens of Ireem, it is my pleasure to present to you Mr and Mrs Damien Nadir. Please join them for lot's of food, rum and celebration! Three cheers - Hip Hip Hoo-ray! Hip Hip Hoo-ray! Hip Hip Hoo-ray!“ and with clapping hands, the guests and spectators were invited to join in a party with the best food and the strongest rum.

As my Master was on travel and could not forbid it, I of course took the chance to drink some rum aswell. Sadly the rum must have been bad, after several glasses I suddenly had to puke and I still do not know how I made my way home ! But rumors tell, the party was a big event, many drunken slavers and their girls singing at the beach into the early morning and a happy couple celebrating their new life as husband and wife ! Congrats again to you both !

Chronicles: What turns you on?
Sage: Obvious answer: Chasing and being chased. I also love magic, particularly magical control/hypnosis. The arcane, mechanical, and supernatural are all big turn-ons for me, and I have a bit of a library fetish. I adore watching others have sex, particularly people who I have a fondness for. Besides being the naughty perv I am, it's just a natural curiosity for me to want to see others being sexual. On the flip side, I can also be a bit of an exhibitionist. :) (NO, REALLY?) As a Dom, I like undeniably clever, submissive, and horny women with a talent for pleasing a naughty (if sometimes lazy, and always pressed-for-time) Mistress. As a Sub, I like confidence, flexibility, and the mental agility to either adapt to my random tangents.. or even control them. If you pique my sexual interest, I love to be bound, played with, and used aggressively.
Chronicles: What turns you off?
Sage: While I like confidence in a Dom, I'm not particlarly fond of arrogance. I also don't enjoy violence or emotional trauma, preferring to either willingly submit (which takes a bit of patience) or be released. Humiliation can sometimes be fun, but never when taken to the extent that it deprives me of self-worth. To reference an old phrase, I am a Silk Pillow Slave - if I stay with you, you will treat me well.. because I can absolutely make that worth your while. *smiles sweetly*

Chronicles: If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?
Sage: Right now, Ferren the Djinn and Jasmine the Bedouin. Ferren because he's got dashingly attractive hair (what's not to like about blue?), and Jasmine because my knees still get weak thinking about a certain threat she made once regarding plenty of rope and the unapologetic use of a strap-on.

Chronicles: Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?
Sage: Anyone with rotting skin, rotting hearts, or oversize egos. :)

Chronicles: Tell us something embarrasing about yourself.
Sage: I once turned myself into a turtle and got stuck like that. Whoops.

Here's one for the ladies! Our first male page three model.

Chronicles Staff: What turns you on?
Bokuden Fall: Anything that looks good in a skirt.

Chronicles Staff: What turns you off?
Bokuden Fall: Mmm.. Sand.

Chronicles Staff: If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?
Bokuden Fall: Whoever pays the most haha.

Chronicles Staff: Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?
Bokuden Fall: Dinky, because Tim would kill me.

Chronicles Staff: Tell us something embarrasing about yourself.
Bokuden Fall: Does being raped by a Herm Mermaid count?

Ireem Dating Game!

The Ireem Chronicles staff was happy to help Kora host the first ever Ireem Dating Game this past Sunday.
It was a fun time for all on hand as the Slaver Wong had 10 beautiful women vying for his attention. The participants were: Kylara Kuhn, SeaWater McMahon, Evil Serpente, Eve Forgraine, Kora Zenovka, Almira Bluebird, Cedar Mistwalker, Star3450 Xue, slavegia Cerise and Sarra Ballinger.

After the ladies settled themselves down on their cushions Wong began the questioning. There was far too much to report here, however we will provide you with some highlights. Keep in mind that Wong did not know the identity of each woman. He had to decided based soley on the answer they gave.

WongFei Quan: What is that you enjoy the most of Ireem? Be it an activity or a place.
Bachelorette Y (Sarra Ballinger) replies: 'holding hands in the bathhouse *blush*
This answer saw Sarra become the first lady eliminated from the game and all were shocked to see a glimpse of her more sensitive side.

Things became more interesting when Wong asked this question: How much money do you have in your bank account?
Bachelorette G replied: 'We can split your fortune, and we can both be rich....!'
Now as expected Wong quickly eliminated this lady from the game. It was then revealed that she was none other then Kora herself! Wong sighed as he lost his chance with the richest woman in Ireem.

In the end we were down to two ladies: SeaWater McMahon and Evil Serpente.
Wong was determined not to make it easy on them and fired off this doozey: Why do you think you are still single?

Bachelorette V replies: 'do you know what spiders do to the male after she mated with him?'
*Editors note: A visible shiver ran through Wong and many other men upon hearing this answer.
Bachelorette X replies: 'I am still single.. because I don’t settle.. I know he’s out there... somewhere.. maybe he’s an older fellow.. *winks*'

Wong chose Bachelorette X, who turned out to be SeaWater McMahon!
Wong sighed with relief, thankful he hadn’t chosen the undead, Though many overheard Evil vow to have him sooner or later.
Neither Wong nor SeaWater have been available to comment on how their date went, however it has been reliably reported that SeaWater was seen running at a fast pace through the sands. I will let you be the judge of what that may mean.

We here at The Chronicles would like to thank Kora for bringing this wonderful game to us as well as all those who participated or watched the event.

Pebbles Farella

Thats right dear readers our first page three girl is here. I am happy to introduce you to Pebbles.
She was the very first person to respond to our request for models, so we thought it only fitting that she be published first. We hope you all enjoy her public debut and interview.

Chronicles Staff: What turns you on?
Pebbles: Dashing good looks, sharp wit, intelligence, honesty, strength and sensitivity, is that too much to ask for? *shrugs* Apparently so! Turn water into wine or walk on water and that might catch my attention.

Chronicles Staff: What turns you off?
Pebbles: Revealing too much too soon leaves no mystery left to explore. Long walks along the beach because in all honesty, there is nothing special about sand between my toes anymore and the blistering sun scorching down on me.

Chronicles Staff: If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?
Pebbles: *clears her throat* Sex? I am yet a virgin, so obviously no one has yet impressed me enough yet *laughs*

Chronicles Staff: Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?
Pebbles: The camel at the entrance, everyone has had a ride on that thing.

Chronicles Staff: Tell us something embarrassing about yourself.
Pebbles: I was nervous posing for this picture. Its the first and likely last nude photo of myself so eat your hearts out lol.

Well there you have it readers. Please be sure to leave comments for this lovely young lady and let her know what you think of her. If you are interested in being a page three model yourself please contact Tim Speiser or Dinky Wingtips.

We recieved notice of two slaves girls running around looking for mischief. You will say now " Yes....and ?!???! What is interesting about this ? " Well, I can't tell yet, but I have the feeling there is more behind it, then we all think. Following message went out to all bedouin :

"Salaam brothers and sisters.

It has come to my attention that two Najdi prey, who will remain nameless, ran amok on the sands yesterday. Our brother Samuel and our lovely sister Helen were forced to "babysit" the two wayward prey as they engaged in all sorts of mischief. Firstly, they were overheard taunting slaver and citizen.
One of the girls, who will remain nameless, had the misfortune to get caught by the slaver Sofia. But thanks to the superior negotiating skills of Samuel she was released for the sum of 100 Dinar. I am told they then went onto bathing in Slavers Bay, naked no less.

On their return from their swim their clothes were misplaced so what did they do? They ran naked around Ireem to report the missing clothes to Samuel. Eventually the two were reportedly seen sitting on the sands in Slavers Bay talking to some stranger.
Samuel and Helen, the Najdi owe you a big thank you for protecting our girls. Girls you owe Samuel and Helen 100 Dinar or labour to equal value !!

Author unknown "

Enclosed this note I got a drawing of the two naked girls aswell, but - for the protection of your virgin eyes - and for the fact that my cheeks are still red from blushing as I saw this, I will not bring it here! All I know is, that the bedu got order to put them over their knees and give them a good spanking ! The two unknown girls are revealed in between, so if you meet sherrybabe Sorbet and Nicola Hermit, beware ! They are up to no good !

This alone is disturbing enough already but the following news confused me even more: two well known bedouin, Samuel Warilard and Zigfried Diavolo got an invite into the combs for a tea ! While there, they were treated to a rare glimpse at life beyond Azrael, the ghoully body guard. As honoured guests of the undead Damien Sack, he let an unknown artist draw a picture with him and his girls Brittainy Collins and Una Flux. It has been reported that Damien was the perfect host, inviting them back at a later date for more tea.

All this combined with the rumor, that there was a huge fighting between undeads and bedouin yesterday really disturbs me. What did they talk about in their secret meeting ? Did they make some plans, Ireem shall not know of ? And did they not come to any conclusion, as we clearly can see in the fightings followed ? And above all: what do the two prey girls have to do with that ? Is this all a big conspiracy ? Do we have to fear now ? Time will tell, but be sure Ireemians : I for myself am careful now, whenever I see an undead standing together with a bedouin !!

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