Page Three Bokuden Fall

Here's one for the ladies! Our first male page three model.

Chronicles Staff: What turns you on?
Bokuden Fall: Anything that looks good in a skirt.

Chronicles Staff: What turns you off?
Bokuden Fall: Mmm.. Sand.

Chronicles Staff: If you could have sex with anyone in Ireem who would it be?
Bokuden Fall: Whoever pays the most haha.

Chronicles Staff: Who in Ireem would you least like to have sex with?
Bokuden Fall: Dinky, because Tim would kill me.

Chronicles Staff: Tell us something embarrasing about yourself.
Bokuden Fall: Does being raped by a Herm Mermaid count?


My what big....hands you have, ya hands thats it

April 14, 2010 at 12:56 PM  

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