Surprise Feast

Surprise Feast
by YaYoo

We had a surprise Feast yesterday attended by: Aliciasienna, Atei Toki, IrisNagini, NickSegundus, Faith280, Smooth Citron, jayemdee, Prue Coronet, Katrina Hernandoz and YaYoo
 --  originally to celebrate the return of Iris & NickSegundus (Luke) who is a good & dedicated Knight.

 It started with Luke (NickSegundus) coming into Arabesque,  where YaYoo was watching Alice perform her dances on stage. Luke has just returned from a long absence & is a friend to me & a Knight & protector of Ireem.

Then we overheard Atei & Iris nearby.  I know that Iris also had long been away, so I suggested we have a celebration feast in their honor.

I then ran quickly back to Palace for the staff & chefs to prepare a feast for 10 guests.
Considering the short notice, they made a magnificent effort & the preparations were carefully & skillfully done making for a very beautiful table presentation when the guests began arriving.
Alice began entertaining us all, while the staff were very excitedly attentive, feeling the festive mood of this spontaneous event, they took very good care of every need of the guests who sat in lively conversation while enjoying the delicious display of the finest that Ireem merchants provide to the table of the Palace.

We celebrated so much, Iris returning, Luke's returning, the life of us all we share, the blessings of this good nourishing food that sustains us, our endearing friendships... is so much... and the growing of new friendships here now ... to celebrate each moment of life we live.

 We are so blessed to have this fine palace, chefs, and all - for us to enjoy, to have Alice dance for us, and for us being together in this amazing universe of possibilities & dreams...
 Katrina (Aaliyah) completed the entertainment with her voluptuous dance on the table as we enjoyed desert.

We parted well fed and nourished by the meeting of minds.

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