The regristrations are finished and here are some details for the upcoming Holiday Seasons Games !

Day one: January 1st 2010:

1. New Sultana’s Champion of Ireem: Starting at 12.00 PM SLT (noon)
Location: Arena

Here is the schedule for the participants, make sure you show up on time, otherwise you forfeit !
Fighters are ONLY allowed to use one of the three basic swords that come with the meter, to keep it fair ! Money for food or bandages will be supplied by Dinky Wingtips or Tim Speiser if needed !

12.00 PM thtoneguy Lionheart v Sage Rosenfeld --> A1
12.10 PM Brittainy Collins v Phoenixx Karu --> A2
12.20 PM tyr threebeards v Richard Braveheart --> A3
12.30 PM Jordina McGinnis v Quint Spirt --> A4
12.40 PM Masterj Swashbuckler v BigPapa Yifu --> A5
12.50 PM Zoya Zhukovsky v Pawel Ziplon --> A6
01.00 PM Damien Sack v Tim Speiser --> A7
01.10 PM Aizen Wind v Daffodil Crimson --> A8
01.20 PM A1 v A2 --> B1
01.30 PM A3 v A4 --> B2
01.40 PM A5 v A6 --> B3
01.50 PM A7 v A8 --> B4
02.00 PM B1 v B2 --> C1
02.10 PM B3 v B4 --> C2
02.30 PM C1 v C2 --> Winner !!

The winner will get a reward of 2000 Dinar given out by our beloved Sultana herself and will be the new Champion of Ireem !

2. The grand „Last man standing“ fight : Starting at 2.30 PM SLT (or a bit later, if needed)
Location: Arena

Only the people that signed in are going to fight, as the arena allows us just a certain number of participants. Everyone stays inside the Arena during the battle. If you leave it for some reason (sword problems, potty break or for groping your personal slave in between), you are out and not allowed to jump back in. When you loose (beeing down to zero), please leave the Arena immediately. The last man standing is the winner ! Make sure you are there 10 minutes before starting ! Thank you !

Day two: January 2nd 2010:

1. Magic Carpet Race: Cancelled as not enough persons signed in for this !!

2. Who can catch the most preys ?: Starting at 12.00 PM SLT
Location: Desert, meeting point at the maingate

Set time approx 1 hour - All prey that are going to be caught please be there at 11.30 AM SLT. Sage is working on a special tag we can use, instructions and explanations will be given out half an hour before we start (or in between via Notecard as soon as i do have more Info of course ! ) . The predators that are going to catch the prey please be there at 11.50 AM SLT . Our meeting point is at the gate, entrance to the city !

3. Grand ball in the evening: Starting at 1.00 PM SLT
Location: Event island

Miss and Mister Ireem: Starting at 1.30 PM SLT

Present yourself in a fancy dress of your own choice ! The moderator Dinky will call everyone forward separately, you will have the chance to tell the audience in a few words, why you should be the winner ! Make sure you prepare a nice self presentation of yourself ! As we do not have so many participants, there is no second round needed. All participants will be asked a few questions and have some little tests to pass before the audience will vote on their personal favorites. The audience will vote for the best in the male and female category by sending an IM to Dinky Wingtips ! The winners will gain the title „Miss and Mister Ireem“, they will be portrayed and shown off in the Chronicles aswell (including a little interview if wished so).

4. Prey for a day: Starting after the Grand ball
Everyone can join, lets go and have some fun !

The Tree of Joys
by Moonshine Zifer, Court Storyteller of Ireem

Long ago, in the sandy land of Ireem, lived the sultana Lanzu. Her hair was dark as the starlit skies of the desert, her eyes green as a lush welcoming oasis; her lips the dusty color of the geranium; and her nature as sweet as the Arabian jasmine that perfumed her skin and hair. She would have been sought after just for her beauty, but her wealth and power attracted suitors as well. The task of sorting the rabble from the truly worthy was a monumental task.

Lanzu summoned together all those who sought her hand in marriage, and led them into the outer garden of the palace. With surprise, her eyes fell on the sad ragged figure hiding at the back of the crowd – the beggar Mustapha. She stepped up onto the platform in the center of the garden. Near her stood a mage with a large black sack. “Today I plant a tree here in the garden. A small tree today, as was Ireem when I became Sultana. But like Ireem it will grow –until like Ireem it stands tall, proud, and beautiful among its fellows here in the garden.”

“Each of you who seek my hand, will be given a token by this mage. Go into the country seeking out what is good, beautiful, and joyous in Ireem. When you find something, hold the token in your hand, stretch your hand out and say ‘duaiskodak’. You will receive a small globe in your hand that will hold the essence of what you found. The greater the joy you find, the brighter the globe will glow. At the end of the year, return and hang your globes on this tree – this tree of the Joys of Ireem. The man with the brightest joys will win my hand.”

On the designated day, three men returned to the garden out of all those who had set out on the quest. The first to step forward was a handsome courtier, dressed in dark silks, elegant and confident. Next came a knight in his brightly shining armor, strong and rugged. The third man was a wealthy citizen of the city. Each placed their globes of red, blue, green, and silver on the tree. Lanzu smiled quietly watching the tree taking on the joys of her land and transforming from a simple tree to something magical and magnificent.

But then the gates of the palace creaked open. Everyone turned and looked in surprise as the beggar, entered the garden dragging a rickety old cart behind him, covered with camel furs. From under the furs he pulled out a glowing orb the color of the setting sun and hung it on the tree. Again and again he reached under the furs and pulled out a globe, each brighter than the one before, each a color unlike anything the others had found. Those watching gasped in awe as ball after ball was added until there was no room left to hang any more.

Finally, Mustapha reached inside his ragged tunic and pulled out one last captured essence. It was oddly shaped, not round but like a small heart, and it glowed brightly, but also seemed to pulse, like a living heart. But he did not put it on the tree. He carried it cupped in his hands to the platform, knelt and offered it up to Lanzu. “My love for the sultana,” smiled the Mustapha. “The greatest joy any man can have.”

The Sultana smiled brightly. “Rise. You are no longer a beggar, but Royal Finder of Joys, and soon to be consort to the Sultana.” And thus is became a tradition in Ireem to come together in December to share our joys around a tree covered in brightly colored balls and lights.

As many citzen asked for defined dates, enclosed the time schedule for our games:
Day one: January 1st 2010:
1. New Sultana’s Champion of Ireem: Starting at 12.00 PM SLT (noon)
For the champion of Ireem, please sign in until december 26th 2009 latest , otherwise the planing is impossible. Everyone can join ! Fighting will take place in the Arena and will proceed in rounds of one-on-one combat, until there is only one standing. The tournament fighting ladder will be posted as soon as we have all the participants signed in !
2. The grand „Last man standing“ fight : Starting at 2.30 PM SLT
Rules under previous issue! Free for everyone to join, but of course the Arena only allows us a certain number of participants. So make sure to sign in in advance to get listed !
Day two: January 2nd 2010:
1. Magic Carpet Race: Starting at 10.30 AM SLT
Please sign in until december 26th 2009 latest , otherwise the planing is impossible. Everyone can join ! Rules under previous issue! ((Important note: to avoid cheating, using Emerald viewer is forbidden ! If you sign in, please make sure to use the standars SL viewer, otherwise you will not be able to participate ! Thank you for understanding ! )). We still need six volunteer people to help us, standing in the desert to give out the needed items. For details about the time flow we ( the organizers and helpers) will meet on Sunday, 27th at 1 PM SLT, to make sure everyone knows what he/she has to do (approx 30 - 45 min meeting).
2. Who can catch the most preys ?: Starting at 12.00 PM SLT
Set time approx 1 hour - We still need as many volunteer preys as possible, who are willing to play our targets. Not much planing to do here, all you have to make sure is : be there at 11.50 PM SLT, wearing a free prey tag, so you can be captured. Still: Please sign in until december 26th 2009 latest , otherwise the planing is really difficult.
3. Grand ball in the evening: Starting at 1.00 PM SLT , location is our event island
Miss and Mister Ireem: Starting at 1.30 PM SLT with round one.
Make sure you are ready to present yourself in a few words, wearing a fancy dress of your own choice. Round two starting right after the first one of course ! More information to be found under the previous issue. Please sign in until december 26th 2009 latest , otherwise the planing is really difficult.
4. Prey for a day: Starting after the Grand ball
Everyone can join, no need to sign in for that !! So lets go and have some fun !
Important reminder for all games: Please understand, that for these games we are in need of a good planing/organizing. This means, we will not have the time to answer requests on January 1st and 2nd. The organizers will be very busy, requests during the games will be disregarded / ignored ! So check your time schedule and sign in today !! Thank you for understanding !

The Ireem City Council has raised the rental fees for most businesses. Ireem economy experts raised some concerns about the inflation and the soon inevitable increase of prices for all basic goods (such as food , water and health care). Now that the wealth has grown for most citizens, revenue taxes will likely return to Ireem.

Uncle Ansome
Tax Collector
Ireem City Council

Dear citizen of Ireem !
The end of a busy and exciting year is near and the Ireem Chronicles wants to celebrate this with you all ! What are we planing ? During the holidays there will be some games, where everyone can prove his/her skills. Two days of fun and entertainment are waiting for you! Finishing the season games with a grand ball at the event island with drinks, dances and beautiful women, we want to say „Welcome New Year“ and over all: Thank you to Kora and Baal for your awesome work ! Enclosed a list of the different games and events to sign in:

Day one:

New Sultana’s Champion of Ireem:
Sultana and the Chronicles want to know: Who is the best fighter in Ireem ? All warriors, fighters or simply hobby blacksmiths come and pick your favorite weapon and join the big fight ! Fighting will take place in the Arena and will proceed in rounds of one-on-one combat, until there is only one standing. The winner will get a reward of 2000 Dinar from our beloved Sultana herself and the title „Champion of Ireem“! If you want to participate, please contact me to sign in.

The grand „Last man standing“ fight :
Every fighter will meet his opponents in the Arena at the same time ! The same time ?? Yes, your eyes are not betraying you ! In the past, it was just a simple and easy way to spend some time when beeing bored or getting the urge to set free some unused energy, now the Chronicles make it an official holiday seasons game! Rules: Everyone stays inside the Arena during the battle. If you leave it for some reason (sword problems, potty break or for groping your personal slave in between), you are out and not allowed to jump back in. When you loose (beeing down to zero), please leave the Arena immediately. The last man standing is the winner ! This fight obviously is not so much about your personal skill but about the fun ! So hurry and sign in for this. The number of participants is limited. The winner gets a nice reward!

Day two

Magic Carpet Race:
You will ride a carpet as fast as possible. But of course just flying is to simple. During your flight you will have to fullfill tasks to make it more interesting for the audience. Still thinking this is easy ? Hah! Then listen to this: After a flight around the whole city, you will have to pick up a flight companion and some items and bring all safely to the landing point. The items you will get from helping people standing in the desert, the names are secret until the race actually starts. The first one arriving and bringing all safely over to me will win the race ! Hmm, still thinking this is easy ? Then come and sign in for this game to prove you are the best ! The winner will get a nice reward !

Who can catch the most preys ?:
Everyone is welcome to join ! Catch as many preys as possible until all preys in this game are captured ! If you have more then everyone else, you win and will get a nice reward ! In case of a tie there will be a new round with an uneven number of preys to find out the final winner. Make sure you contact me to sign in for this game !

Grand ball in the evening:
Next to socializing, drinking, dancing and simply having fun there are two events planed for this evening aswell. First our beauty contest:

Miss and Mister Ireem:
First round: Every participant will have to show off him/herself in a dress of your own choice. Silks, gowns, kilts, pirate hat or even naked, its up to you, step infront of the audience and simply tell them who you are and why you think you should win. The audience will vote for the best three in the male and female category.
Round two: As we all like to see a great body and nice clothing, the charm and humor is of course important too. There will be some questions to answer and some little tests to pass before the audience will vote a last time on their personal favorites. The winners of this round will gain the title „Miss and Mister Ireem“, they will be portrayed and shown off in the Chronicles aswell (including a little interview if wished so).

But the whole event would be nothing without our beloved and famous „Prey for a day Chase“!

Prey for a day:
Who does not remember the fun we had last year around new years eve, when switching roles and chasing each other around the desert ! Knights, Bedouins, Slaver, Magi...they all became prey and were chased by slave girls and boys ! And oh my, they really had to run ! Watching the scene from the gate I just can tell you, it was a blast for everyone ! Of course it is up to you if you keep your catch /will be kept, sell it /will be sold or if you stay together for a while (all consensual of course). This is not a contest, but simply a fun way to end the event. So let us all meet again in the sands and show the other „side“, what you have to deal with every day ! Switch your role and start the chase !

Important for all games / events: Please sign in (by sending an IM / Notecard to me) for the events until december 26th 2009 latest (it would be nice to know the timezone/country you are from aswell to help planing the actual time of the events!). The holiday season games will be hold on January 1st and 2nd . We also need volunteers to help us with the games: girls and boys flying with the participants, some for standing in the desert to give out the items, prey that play the target for the „Who can catch the most preys“ event (your release after is of course guaranteed!) etc. Please contact me aswell, every help is welcome ! Thank you in advance ! Now citizen of Ireem, lets go and have some fun !

Last week we met some travellers from a country far far away, visiting our beloved city and trading with several goods. After we bought some spices for our meat pies, we invited them to sit with us around the fireplace for dinner, chatting and enjoying some fine music and dances.
During this evening one of the tradesman told me an interesting story. Every year, when the nights get colder then normal in the desert and the people get ready for the big celebration at the end of the year, the tradesman and his people are following an interesting tradition:
They are writing letters to a man called Santus Clausus, this man is not really a human, not really a god. I tried to find out more about it, but sadly I have to admit, that he lost me there in his story.
Whatever, this special man wears a long white beard, a huge red hat and a red robe. When he laughs it sounds like „Ho Ho Ho !" /*editorial note: I thought for a second he talks about Sir Kanon, but he sounds more like: Hu Hu Hu */ .
The foreign tradesman and his people believe, that Santus Clausus brings them gifts every year, putting them under a palm tree infront of their tents while they are sleeping. In this special letter they ask him to fullfill their dreams and wishes.
Questioning this of course, I asked him if he always gets what he wants as he nodded and smiled „Of course your wishes should be humble. You cannot go and wish for a palace and a neverending source of gold. For example one year I asked for a ram to complete our sheep breed and he really brought it to me ! My neighbor’s pregnant wife asked for getting a son finally after 7 daughters and the little boy is now two years old and running around happily among his sisters !"
Dear readers, I am not sure if I really believe in this Santus Clausus, but like my mother used to say: „You will not know until you try!".
Considering too, that my Master is stubborn as hell and does not buy me my own dog to play with, perhaps the „red man" will bring me my Fluffy ? So let us all send letters to this mysterious man and see what happens ! I don't think we have anything to loose, so send all your letter to the Chronicles and we make sure that your wishes will be spread !

Sergeant Tyr Threebeards has resigned from Palace Guard for important personal reasons. Sultana thanks him warmly for what he has done so far with such bravery and loyalty and wishes him the best of luck.

Sultana Zanlu Heron

Our lovely Sultana has graciously responded to the anonymous letter we published last week referring to that smelly Bedu man Master J.

Usually I’m nice and patient, but...after reading this ridiculous article...I’m really nervous.

Perhaps ,the anonymous “ writer “ is only a jester, that wants everybody laughing during these days..

Can you imagine MJ waiting for repairs to be made on a tent. If not he'd be embarrassed to take a girl in public? MJ, The only man of Ireem that ,with a single touch to your back with his long fingers ,is able with his vibrations to make you fall you down to his foot, asking him for a stroke? he is not a sheep, he is a man, or better. He is the MAN !

And this Jasmine ? This pathetic girl that would compare herself to me?
I have a suggestion for her.. come and look at me.. then go in your place and try to see your imagine in the fresh water of your lake...What do you see... Darling ?
There is comparison ?

I can safely answer a few questions, just because people deserve to know the truth.
MJ and miss Jasmine are not in love.
MJ has found his “Sun” a while ago.
MJ loves courting the Sultana and he will continue to do so, seeing that she loves that deeply.
The Sultana jealous of whom?? The dreams and desires of Miss Jasmine ? Hilarious!
And if you will, for other questions ..the answer is:
Do not make me laugh !
Just to be clear

Have a good day

Your Sultana
Zanlu Heron

I leave it to you dear readers to decide for yourself if our Sultana sounds jealous.

The last week or so, strange behaviour was noticed by two Bedouins known as "the bad man" and "the mad woman". We're talking about MasterJ and Jasmine here. They were often seen hunting together in the past, competing between them who could do the nastiest things to either slaver, knight, undead or whatever else crossed their way.

Lately, Jasmine is seen not in her regular hunting outfit but dresses up as if she thinks to be the Sultana herself while MJ walks around with a grin from ear to ear that is normally observed only after well using one of his slaves. Jasmine hangs out with MJ as usual except that she seems not interested in using her sword anymore. Instead she was observed swooning as MJ called her "his little desert flower" while she twists the truth by renaming him from "bad man" to "naughty boy" (YUCK)! It seems that as soon as they are close they are drawn to each other, holding hands and looking each other in the eyes like there exists nothing else around them.
A slave in their camp overheard MJ saying that: "he would soon have their tent ready". Now this could simply mean that one of their tents is damaged and he told Jasmine he would repair it. But no, when the next of his remarks was correctly relayed to us then it might mean something else entirely: "I can't wait to rip the clothes from you once we have our own tent". Nothing shocking here of course, MJ is not known to be too patient when it comes to undressing his girls. Only difference is that she is not one of his slaves... or? But there's more as Jasmine replied to him: "Only after we are wed my little bandit, you know I safe myself till after my wedding day" (ahum). Then added to it: "Ohhhh and... I expect a diamond ring that will make 'your sun' look pale in comparison".
  • Is it true? Are MJ and Jasmine in love?
  • The bad man finally found his true flower?
  • Is she opening up for him?
  • Did Jasmine find one that can tame her?
  • Is MJ the one being tamed here?
  • Will MJ stop courting the Sultana?
  • Will our Sultana be jealous now?
  • When will they wed?
  • What color of hair will MJ have on his wedding day?
  • Is it time to start decorating the event-isle with jasmines?

We, of the Ireem Chronicles will stick our noses deeper in this (no pun intended) to keep you all informed.

Sir Askavlos Oridium now runs the Good Knights Inn ! Always interested in satisfying his clients, he consolidated with Ireems brewers and took over the Good Knights Inn near the knights headquarter.

After an intense redecoration the doors are now open for all citizen of Ireem !

So come all and enjoy the drinks, the girls, the party ! Here you find the best wine in town for the Ladies and the darkest strong beer for the Gentlemen ! Each wine glas or beer mug only 10 Dinar !

Ireem's finest girls dancing for your entertainment. (Hint: If you want the girls for some "extra" entertainment, please contact the owner for special deals!).

The Good Knights Inn, in former times known as meeting point for exhausted and wounded knights after battles, is now an open spot for all people! You find knights united with slave girls, bedouins or slavers, all having fun and enjoying their time. The bartenders are a big flirt and the slave girls swing their hips for your entertainment !

If you bring your own slaves, you can chain them up on the pole next to the counter. The bartender will give them some water while you enjoy the gambling, dancing or smoking the pipe ! Doesn't that sound like the perfect place to be (well for the Masters, not for the poor slave at the pole of course, but whatever) ?

Ohhh,and Ladies: every now and then a handsome knight enters the Inn to satisfy his thirst, leaning against the counter and throwing his hair back while the sunshine puts him into the perfect spotlight !!!! Don't we love that all ?

P.S. : Bartenders, dancers and brewers wanted ! The good knights Inn offers a well founded traineeship and some perfect surroundings to work on your skills ! Always dreamed of becoming a brewer ? Here you can learn it and specialize in ! The owner pays good, so do not hesitate and take the chance for the job of your life !

My good and loyal readers, We have all had these days. The days where we want nothing more then to come home and relax as our slave rubs our back. This is what I had in mind just a few days past. So you can imagine my surprise when I returned home and found my slave in a frightful state.

Imagine if you will my Dinky, angry beyond belief. Pacing to and fro in our house, Swinging her new daggers around recklessly and swearing worse then the most hardened Pirate. Fearing for her safety, and mine, I quickly cast a spell and froze her in place until I could safely disarm her.

After much time, and a few colorful words I myself had never heard, I was able to calm her down enough to get the story out of her about what had her so upset. What follows is almost too much to believe but sadly it is true.

Recently, while NOT picking pockets she assures me, Dinky heard a commotion next to the stocks and an undead shouting. Curious as always she went closer to see what was causing all of the fuss.

It seems Damien, the leader of the undead, had a poor slave girl strapped to the stocks. Right away Dinky knew this was bad news, having seen what the Demon has done to innocent women in the past.

When she saw Dinky approach the girl shouted out. Identifying herself as Katja Pelliot and begging for help. The undead surrounded her as she hung there helpless. They said they were there for a “BBQ”. Now while I myself am not familiar with what a “BBQ” is, as the undead planed it I am sure it could not be good.

At this point Damien leaned forward and chopped the poor things foot clean off her body, as other undead cheered him on. Looking around Dinky made mental notes on who all was there. There were the usual undead : Louisia, Jordi, Una and Chanty. She was however truly shocked to find Tyr Threebeards, one of our Sultana’s royal guards, standing and watching this gruesome scene.

Desperate to help the girl and unable to fight the undead off on her own Dinky ran to Tyr.

Dinky Wingtips looks at tyr " guard ! do something !!!"
tyr Threebeards: no
Dinky Wingtips feels helpless and shouts " is no one here to help ?? hello ?? I am for sure the wrong person to fight any of them ! pffft !"

Sadly no help arrived for the girl and the undead do as undead are want to do.
Dejected Dinky fled back to our house and waited for me while her anger built.
In tears she asked me..

“How can a royal guard, trusted to protect the Sultana, stand and watch such a thin and refuse to help?”

Well I am not ashamed to admit that my girls tears got to me and I set out to find answers. I found another royal guard who was willing to speak on the condition of anonymity. I asked him why a royal guard would refuse to help a girl like Tyr did.

Royal Guard : “As a guard though we are to keep ourselves safe to defend the Sultana, it is more the knights job to get involved in these matters”

He went on to tell me that these orders came from the Polo, the Guard Capitan.

Wanting more information I went to Tyr to get his comments.

Tim Speiser: Tyr. I am preparing a story for the chronicles about your habit of watching torture and doing as Jordi asks. Would you like to comment on that before its published?

tyr Threebeards: I love Jordi to bits she is my world and the mother of my children I would do anything for her and sacrifice everything for her.

Tim Speiser: So even though you are a guard to our beloved sultana you place Jordi as your number one priority?

tyr Threebeards: yes secretly.

Tim Speiser: Its no secret. Several people have mentioned it to me and you just told me after I asked you for a comment on my story.

tyr Threebeards: guess not, cant hide secrets forever.

I am sure that many of you are as stunned as I that our Sultana guards would willingly allow these things to take place, while considering themselves too important to get involved. This leaves me with a few questions:

Does the Sultana know of and approve of this policy?

How can we trust these guards to protect our Sultana?

Will Tyr face punishment?

I assure you dear readers that the Chronicles staff will keep you well informed on this continuing story.

Attention Ireem ! The infamous and legendary Alawi Sultans have openings upon their Pirate ship. They are preparing to set sail on mission of "Royal" proportions thus, the Alawi Pirates have need of strong, sea worthy men and wenches to fill the crew and officer positions upon their vessel.
While they are predatory to the core, they are reputed to use their wits and words rather than relying solely on brute force to accomplish many if their goals so do not be put off if you are not handy with a sword. There will be room for you as well.
The Alawi Sultans are Pirates notorious for their exploits and their legend grows all along the Barbary Coast. Unlike traditional slave traders they engage themselves in diverse and profitable pursuits including but extending well beyond the flesh trade. If there are laws to be bent or broken you can bet the Alawi have tested the boundaries.
While some see them as common robbers and pickpockets they insist their critics overlook their greater exploits not to mention the very progressive means by which the crew helps govern the ship. By nature the Pirates hate rules of law so Capt. Sasha Borsuk wisely insists on treating the crew with stern respect and giving them plenty of rope to use at liberty.
It is also said that the Alawi Sultans have powerful and wealthy clients who look after their interest even as the pirates are reputed to help fund wars and build wealth for the Kingdom of Ireem.
Lets just say the Alawi Sultans have negotiated favorable terms of operation while rumors abound of connections extending to the palace itself. Of course this last bit cannot be confirmed or denied but there are indications that point that direction.
Lastly If you own slaves they may join the clan as your slaves and will also benefit from the protection of the Alawi clan in your absence.

After all the Alawi Sultans Pirate motto reads:
"No one messes with what is ours...and no one stops us from making ours what we wish."

If you wish to join the clan it will be open enrollment and you are urged to join at once before the various posts and crew assignments are filled. Clan number 48

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