Guards In League With Undead?

My good and loyal readers, We have all had these days. The days where we want nothing more then to come home and relax as our slave rubs our back. This is what I had in mind just a few days past. So you can imagine my surprise when I returned home and found my slave in a frightful state.

Imagine if you will my Dinky, angry beyond belief. Pacing to and fro in our house, Swinging her new daggers around recklessly and swearing worse then the most hardened Pirate. Fearing for her safety, and mine, I quickly cast a spell and froze her in place until I could safely disarm her.

After much time, and a few colorful words I myself had never heard, I was able to calm her down enough to get the story out of her about what had her so upset. What follows is almost too much to believe but sadly it is true.

Recently, while NOT picking pockets she assures me, Dinky heard a commotion next to the stocks and an undead shouting. Curious as always she went closer to see what was causing all of the fuss.

It seems Damien, the leader of the undead, had a poor slave girl strapped to the stocks. Right away Dinky knew this was bad news, having seen what the Demon has done to innocent women in the past.

When she saw Dinky approach the girl shouted out. Identifying herself as Katja Pelliot and begging for help. The undead surrounded her as she hung there helpless. They said they were there for a “BBQ”. Now while I myself am not familiar with what a “BBQ” is, as the undead planed it I am sure it could not be good.

At this point Damien leaned forward and chopped the poor things foot clean off her body, as other undead cheered him on. Looking around Dinky made mental notes on who all was there. There were the usual undead : Louisia, Jordi, Una and Chanty. She was however truly shocked to find Tyr Threebeards, one of our Sultana’s royal guards, standing and watching this gruesome scene.

Desperate to help the girl and unable to fight the undead off on her own Dinky ran to Tyr.

Dinky Wingtips looks at tyr " guard ! do something !!!"
tyr Threebeards: no
Dinky Wingtips feels helpless and shouts " is no one here to help ?? hello ?? I am for sure the wrong person to fight any of them ! pffft !"

Sadly no help arrived for the girl and the undead do as undead are want to do.
Dejected Dinky fled back to our house and waited for me while her anger built.
In tears she asked me..

“How can a royal guard, trusted to protect the Sultana, stand and watch such a thin and refuse to help?”

Well I am not ashamed to admit that my girls tears got to me and I set out to find answers. I found another royal guard who was willing to speak on the condition of anonymity. I asked him why a royal guard would refuse to help a girl like Tyr did.

Royal Guard : “As a guard though we are to keep ourselves safe to defend the Sultana, it is more the knights job to get involved in these matters”

He went on to tell me that these orders came from the Polo, the Guard Capitan.

Wanting more information I went to Tyr to get his comments.

Tim Speiser: Tyr. I am preparing a story for the chronicles about your habit of watching torture and doing as Jordi asks. Would you like to comment on that before its published?

tyr Threebeards: I love Jordi to bits she is my world and the mother of my children I would do anything for her and sacrifice everything for her.

Tim Speiser: So even though you are a guard to our beloved sultana you place Jordi as your number one priority?

tyr Threebeards: yes secretly.

Tim Speiser: Its no secret. Several people have mentioned it to me and you just told me after I asked you for a comment on my story.

tyr Threebeards: guess not, cant hide secrets forever.

I am sure that many of you are as stunned as I that our Sultana guards would willingly allow these things to take place, while considering themselves too important to get involved. This leaves me with a few questions:

Does the Sultana know of and approve of this policy?

How can we trust these guards to protect our Sultana?

Will Tyr face punishment?

I assure you dear readers that the Chronicles staff will keep you well informed on this continuing story.


I have heard that he fights agaisnt the knights with the undead so he is evidently not too worried about keeping himself safe to protect the Sultana -Polos orders or not.

I am a pirate myself so I am not all that fond of Knights or guards of any kind..but last I looked I have more in common with a living human-even a knight then an undead of any I stand by any mortal friend or foe that stands aganst the undeads... hmmm perhaps Tyr should just change his standing as a human and return to his love in the catacombs.

December 2, 2009 at 8:28 PM  

A pitfull behavior of a man leashed by heart to a creature with none...

let it be a lesson to all of those you are blindely fooled by what they call love

December 9, 2009 at 6:49 AM  

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