Chronicles: Tala Queen Ianira. When you are not playing crystal swap, or dealing with the "joys" of being a leader, how do you relax?

Ianira: I truly to get joy from leading my kin and guiding merfolk who are young or new to our waters.  They always have such a great spirit to them, each and every one unique and fascinating, which really inspires me and leads to many a great adventures both at sea and on land.  Though, I suppose when I want just kick back from it all, I enjoy just relaxing with a bottle of saltwater champagne, playing my drums and talking gossip with my kin.  Oh yes, and scavenging for shinies and other things to adorn myself with. Hmmmm shinies....

If you were not a leader, what other passions would you pursue?

Well, I was crowned  to this position at a very young age and, minus a few short absences, have held this position ever since. Because of this, it is hard for me to imagine any other life path for myself, really.   I suppose with less responsibility, I would have more time for evil deeds and mischief, with much less repercussion.

What is the oddest thing you carry around on your person?


Do you have a favorite part of Ireem? Or do you prefer the waves?

There is no place in these lands better than the Isle of mer, it is so beautiful and peaceful...and is inhabited by the best-looking creatures in all the land.  However, from time to time there are a couple of places that I like to go to be alone with my thoughts, but if I revealed them on your newspaper and people found out, I likely wouldn't enjoy them anymore.

You mean the four readers that we have? Surely you are not worry that four people invade your space?

*Shock!* FOUR? Your editor told me that you have millions and millions of readers!

You should ignore him. We all do that in the office. Anyway... Pet peeves, everyone has them. Ccare tell a few of yours?

I really don't have too many things that bother me.  Lets see, intruders in my waters, women who don't think for themselves and act like they are lesser beings, low tides, sand in the scales, starfish tanlines,  landwalker clothes, the color brown, and....being asked to share my shinies.

You're one of the more stylish leaders of Ireem, how do you keep up that amazing look?

*Preens and lifts her chin* Well, not much of my 'look' can usually be attributed to clothing,as I really avoid having to put on those awful, itchy things.  However, all merfolk are stunningly beautiful, as I am sure you know.  We are just born this way. As far as how we keep our youthful beauty over our very ling lifespans?  Well, very few live to tell how we achieve this.  Oh and seaweeds. I think they help with keeping the skin look good. But you need to eat them raw, with all the slimy goodies.

And finally! Last question.... what inspires you as a leader?

It is my family, my kin, that inspire me.  I was born and raised in these waters, and have battled through many challenges, as well as times of great wealth and enchantment in our waters.  I strive to keep the culture and values of our beautiful and mysterious society alive and well.  We may be of a smaller presence in Ireem than other beings, but we are defintely the prettiest. And we are strong because we have a bond and care for eachother that not many others have. 

NOTICE: Leaders Elections

Group Leader Elections

Ireem Elections
It is time to vote for your Group Leaders.  Office Cat went poking her paw in the voting boxes and found at most twenty-four votes in one box, the least being Palace Guard with just one voting ticket.  It seems most people are more concerned with making money, for the voting boxes for Carpet Store, Blacksmith Ownership and Law Offices were filled with over a hundred votes each!

WAKE UP Ireem!  Take this leadership election seriously and vote for your leader.  Your group's survival is at risk if you should care!  Do not let the beautiful facade fool you, if you have been in this land long enough, you know well enough it is quite a feat to survive the volatile weather and no less the volatile ties and alliances between the inhabitants.

Make your way to cast your votes now, and support the leaders who are willing to put their life on the line and take the heat to safeguard your survival!  And to each and everyone of you participating in the elections, you are most welcomed to send in your Election Statements, or contact us for an interview, allow your people to make the right choice!

Emoji  Munira

Dear Bedouin brothers and sisters,

My reasons for running as Bedouin leader are many. I have been in these sands for quite a time, and my heart has always burnt with a strong passion for my kin. I have followed my leaders closely and during my time here in Ireem  I have observed and learned a lot. Now I feel the time is right to step up and help my people on the way forward.

If you give me your vote, be sure that I’ll continue in the same spirit as our former beloved leaders Velvet Hamelin and Pan latte; like them I will work hard to strengthen and unite our people. Lately the undeads, djinns and other dark beings have increased dramatically in numbers, and the pirate slavers once again chase our women like they used to do before the alliance was made. I believe that I have the experience, the passion and the drive to do lead our people and to empower us to stand strong against our enemies! I will strive to uphold our values and I will take specific actions in order to reach our goals, such as clan leader meetings, training and mentoring of new players and more. I want every clan to be included in important matters and decisions made for our family.

So, brothers and sisters of the strong and fierce tribes of Simoon, Sharifa, Najdi, Abd-Al-Aziz and Zafirah, it's time for Bedouins to rise once again and take domain of this land.  Chose me as your leader and we’ll work together to build up our family so Bedouins once again become a force to be reckoned with!

Miriam Lemondrop


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