New Bedu Leader!

The election results have just come in. I have the privilege to announce that the Bedouins have elected a new leader. Sando Nagy is now in charge of the Bedouin tribe. In the coming days I will strive to interview both Sando and the recently defeated MasterJ as to their future plans.

Gain an Audience with the Sultana

This Saturday May 1st at 1pm SLT

Anyone of Ireem can ask to attend these.. not just leaders..The Sultana wants to hear from all of her subjects. The Sultana will hear your praise and any concerns for her kingdom THIS Saturday at 1pm SLT. This is rare chance to speak to the Beloved Sun of Ireem. You may praise her Majesty or ask for a boon, such as gold or land, or for relief of any back taxes and penalties. You may ask any questions of her that you wish, or discuss with her any reasonable subject, within the bounds of courtesy and respect.
Only a limited number of audiences will be granted so make your appointment now. IM Second Minister Kadar Jayaram or the Sultana's Secretary Lady Mirna Muggins to make an appointment.

Poem by Mahilwen Mistwalker

Feel the body warmth
Of a certain undead all over me
Hugs... I get very weak inside of me
I feel something bouncing in my heart
Every beat.. I feel it grow
It's like a....forbidden love
Rainbows crosses me... over my head
Stars are blinking to me
And let me dream away
About my forbidden love
Goodbye my sweet one

What an exciting day ! It was a wonderful warm and sunny day as many citizen of Ireem came to watch the fightings in a tournament to find the Sultana's Champion. Our beloved Majesty herself started the single rounds with a countdown and all people were thrilled and agitated and cheered for their favorite fighters.
Most of the fights were done very quick, though Undead Turkish Rexen and Bedu Myrna Baxton had to fight not only against each other but against a very bad sandstorm, before they finally were able to see and hit each other again.
During a short break the citizen of Ireem got something to laugh. Second Minister Kadar announced a show fight of the two prey Olive and Sugar. Everything went very fast at this time, so no one is really sure what happened. But rumors are telling, Sir Kadar tried to peek under the girl's silks and accidently got capped during their fight! What do we learn from that ? Men are all the same and girls rule ! The results are as followed:
9.00am Duc v Raiden -- winner:Duc
9:20am Lyra v Kanon -- winner: Lyra B (Kanon by forfeit)
9:40am Turkish v Myrna -- winner: Myrna
10:00am Kitty v Paw -- winner: Kitty
10:20am Xan v Tim -- winner: Xan
10:40am Duc v Kanon-- winner: Duc
11:00am Myrna v Kitty -- winner: Kitty
11:30am Xan v Duc -- winner: Duc
12:00am Show fight: Olive and Sugar v Kadar -- winner Olive and Sugar
12:15am Kitty v Duc -- CHAMPION: Duc
New SULTANA'S CHAMPION is DUC ZENFOLD! The runner-up is Kitty Maggs! Congrats to both of them ! The Sultana generously rewarded the runner-up with a purse of 1000 dinars, and Sultana's Champion, Duc Zenfold, received 2000 dinars, and his likeness will appear on posters about the Kingdom. After one week, Sultana's Champion will begin accepting challenges and will fight to hold his title.

Unrest umong slavers!

I received today a letter from a well known slaver. As you will see he is none to happy with the current leadership of his group. Whether or not he intends to run for election or seize control by force I do not yet know. However I will do my best to find out. Here is the letter as I received it, unedited and in its entirety.
The letter was titled : A letter of rejection!

Greetings, Citizens of Ireem, and my Brothers and Sisters in the Slaver's Guild!

It is with heavy heart and weary brow that I take pen to parchment and write this letter. Lately I have been traveling outside of Ireem, but still get news of the Realm from time to time.

Allah is merciful, but had no mercy for this Slaver the day I received the new Laws handed down by our leader, Jaril. My fists clenched the offending parchments until in rage I shredded them into a million pieces, and beheaded the unfortunate messenger who brought me these cursed letters.

What is this? Rules?! For Slavers?! Bah! I would laugh, and spit upon the ground, were water not so precious, and the matter a laughing one. But no, 'tis serious indeed when a leader of a Free People would bind us in our own chains!

Doubtless you have heard of these new edicts from on High, whereby, for instance, noble Slavers may not engage in a fight with more than one person. As if we only fought duels! Our Leader would turn us into knights, but without perfume and clean underwear! For shame!

My Brothers and Sisters, will you stand by while this tyrant dictates your every move? Rise up! Throw off her foul bonds, and stand Free and Proud, and accept no less than true Slaver Tradition as your guide!

I say to you, Treasured Citizens of the most noble Kingdom of Sand, you need not fear that we of the Guild will act as anything other than True and Mighty Slavers, Allah Be Praised! Our Dear Leader will be dealt with in Slaver fashion, as befits a buzzing insect. We shall uphold our place in the Kingdom as the rock upon which the Ireem economy stands... bringing you quality and mostly unsoiled goods at fair or slightly unfair prices.

We take seriously our Guild charter, which says only, 'Rules we have no rules.. we are slavers.'

May Allah lead you to date palms and water, and have I got a deal for you!


Raddick, true Slaver of Ireem

People of Ireem, Through a confidential source I have obtained a copy of the “rules” referred to in this letter. If you would like to read them for yourself seek me out and I will give you the scroll.
Are the slavers headed for a civil war?
Will this interrupt the flow of fresh slaves to the people of Ireem?
Tell us where you stand slavers! Do you stand with Jaril or Raddick?

All times SLT
IM: Kadar Jayaram with changes

Slavers: Duc Zenfold and Kitty Maggs
Magi: Tim Speiser and Kanon Burnstien
Bedu: Raiden Yarrowroot and Myrna Baxton
Knights: Jason Verne and Pawlaew Navarathna
Undead: Turkish Rexan and Xan Baran* (Aizen wind may play in her place)

You have 5 minutes to show up in the arena. If you do not show up you forfeit that round and are out. Due to the uneven number of people we will need to have some people play-in. Which means extra fighting for them. I am using REZ DAY DATE to select the newest players.


9.00am Duc v Raiden -- PI1
9.20am Jason v Kanon -- PI2
9:40am Turkish v Myrna -- W1
10:00am Kitty v Paw -- W2
10:20am Xan v Tim -- W3
10:40am PI1 v PI2 -- W4
11.00am W1 v W2 ---- F1
11:30am W3 v W4 ---- F2
12:00pm Short break.
12:15pm F1 v F2

All people that are watching: please take off tags to reduce lag as much as possible, also any radars or other stuff that is supporting lag ! Thanks in advance !

All Ireem is invited to celebrate the engagement of Her Highness the Sultana, Zanlu Heron, to the Undead Leader, Damien Sack, in the Event Tent on Friday, April 24th at 3:30 pm SLT. IM Chantalle Atlass, Xan Baran or Elysa Swansong for details on transportation.

Election time is here again for the Bedouin camp. There are five candidates for Bedouin leader. Below you will find interviews conducted with each. Hopefully they will assist you in your decision of who is the best man to lead you. I asked each candidate three questions.

Tim Speiser : Why would you make the best leader for the Bedu?

MasterJ Swashbuckler : Because I am a ruthless Bastard and they all respect that. I say it like it is and if you don't like it, too bad.

Raiden Yarrowroot : There are a couple of good choices for leader of the Bedouin tribe...I would like to get more involved in multiple group rp and work with everyone as a tribe to grow stronger as a group.

Sando Nagy : Well Tim, I'm glad you've asked me that. See, the main reason why I will be the best leader for the Bedouins is because I have the whole picture of what is going on in this desert, therefore I will be able to guide the group knowing what and how to do in each moment. Unfortunately, nowadays is not enough for a leader only loving and caring about the group. A high level in political skills and a complete understanding of the society of Ireem is essential to not let other groups conquer our terrain. Terrain, in other hands, that belongs to us for historical reasons and that I'm not letting anyone take it from us.

Derry Marder : I and my brothers against my cousins, I and my brothers and my cousins against the world." I respect and understand the importance of family, would lead by example and make sure everyone had a role, a clearly defined one, within this one big happy family..LOL...

Remvarian Asturias : Well, I seem to be the only one who has an interested in finding out the reason
for someone doing something before they might regret. A leader needs brains,
not just brawn.

Tim Speiser : How will you try to advance the bed's position in KOS?

MasterJ Swashbuckler : I actually prefer to take My women in the open as opposed to a bed. Strange that you would want to know My sexual tendencies Tim, looking for pointers?

Raiden Yarrowroot : At the moment destroying the slavers and increasing our trade is high on the list my priorities. But first of all uniting the Bedouin tribe in a common purpose would be my first on my list. We have an opportunity to rp with several groups and with more interaction with the palace.

Sando Nagy : I know exactly what it's needed to do according with the current situation of our tribe in particular and the desert in general, but I can't make public my strategies for security reasons. I am sure you understand it Tim, although one thing is sure, and you can underline this.....*Sando Nagy showing strength and determination rises his fist and with threatening voice he says*....We have our scimitars sharpened and our muscles stronger than ever, we won't show mercy to our enemies anymore until this desert is what it's meant to be, a place to live in peace, free of monsters and savages.

Derry Marder : TRY??? Snort, scoff, scratch, fart..when Derry sets his mind on something.. he does it, he does not have to try..
Although these damn slavers have proved an almighty pain in the backside lately. I’m considering whether to annihilate them or simply just enslave them to carry out menial tasks...

Remvarian Asturias : As it stands, it's as though everyone run's through the camp or around
it without much care for the Bedu. I aim to change that by sending a clear
message to those running through the camp that the sand's beyond the palace
gate belong to the Bedu, and we are not to be trifled with.

Tim Speiser : What can you do as leader to fix the smell of camel dung coming from your camp?

MasterJ Swashbuckler : That's the dead slavers rotting under the camel dung you smell. We gave up burying them, the dung cleans up the bones well and then we use the bones for teacups. After all, Bedouins are famous for their tea!

Raiden Yarrowroot : I would ship all of the camel dung to the slavers camp of course...they are used to foul smells and it might even be an improvement in their landscape.

Sando Nagy : Well Tim, I know that to those that are not used to it can be a funny smell but I have to say that I've smelled worse dungs *Sando Naggy with sardonic smile* like for example some knights' when they meet an undead. And we better not talk about slavers' smell, they seem to have asses instead of armpits.

Derry Marder : Our beasts are to be fitted with methane gas powered fans. Which will fan the odor of excrement, downwind to Slavers Bay, where it will not be noticed. Indeed it will improve that environment.

Remvarian Asturias : I think if I were to catch each person running through the camp, I'd have enough man or slave-power to have such buried far enough beneath the sand that it no longer is an issue.

There you have it Bedouins. I hope this helps you make your decision. You will receive a notice when the voting is to begin.

On April 25th 2009, two people from each group selected by the group leader will fight in a tournament to be named the Sultana's Champion.

Two names from each group must be presented by Wednesday, April 22nd at 11:59pm SLT.
Leaders are not allowed to fight in this tournament and all fighters will wear a new tag so the skill levels are equal.
Fighting starts at 9am SLT and will proceed in rounds of one-on-one combat, until there is only one standing. Early fights may be decided on which fighter reaches 50% first. The tournament will run until 1pm SLT, with the last battle being at 12:30pm SLT.

The final fight will decide on the winner. In the event of a tie, new fight will be held to the 50% rule.

The Second Minister of Ireem will judge the contests and all decisions are final. The winner of the day will be named the Sultana's Champion and the Champion's likeness will be placed in the posters around Ireem.

This evening while speaking to a new knight just inside the city walls, I was attacked from behind. Despite the cowardly manner in which the fight began I was able to prevail and capture my attacker.
It was at this point that I realized my attacker was none other than the shape shifter Crystal Frostbite.
As some of you may know this woman is wanted by the knights for attacking their leader lady Jordi.
Apparently this Crystal intends to enslave Jordi until such time as she gives birth to her child. Crystal wishes to raise the child as her own, converting him to undead when he is grown so that the undead will have their very own knight with influence over Jordi.
As a good citizen and loyal ally of the knights I turned Crystal over to the lady Knight Gara and Knight Commander Pawlaew. They promptly took her off to the dungeon to await her punishment.
Now being a curios sort of fellow I just happened to stumble into the dungeon some time later. I found Gara alone in the dungeon with the prisoner. Why she was left to stand guard alone I can not say. Now it was immediately apparent to me that Gara was in some sort of trace state. This suspicion was confirmed when I heard Crystal whispering to her for help. I jumped between them blocking their line of sight and tried to snap Gara out of her trance. I even went so far as to smack her across the face, but alas I was unable to bring her around. I sent an urgent message to KCEE, the leader of the Magi, requesting her assistance.
She arrived in the dungeon using the corridors of magic and I explained the situation. She set about healing Gara and ordered me to guard the prisoner. I took a few steps closer to Crystal and looked at her curiously. This dear readers is where my memory of the event ends. I will however recount to you the final events as they were told to me by KCEE.
As KCEE began to weave her magic around me she heard a soft whisper but thought nothing of it. Upon completing her spell she looked up to find that I myself had cut loose the bonds holding Crystal down. KCEE confronted me and realized I too had been placed in a trance. The fiendish Crystal pleading for my help, told me that these two women who I admire and trust wished to hurt and imprison her!
When KCEE moved to take my sword I charged her knocking her to the floor. As I moved to attack Gara the wily undead slipped up the ramp leading from the dungeon. Calling down to me to kill the two women so they could hurt her no more. My attention was distracted for mere seconds, but with great courage Gara acted. She struck out, knocking my scimitar from my hand. Drawing a dagger from her bodice she pined me against the wall. She called out to KCEE rousing her as her razor sharp dagger bit into my neck. KCEE leapt to Gara’s aid and began to perform the same ceremony she had so recently used on Gara. Calling upon the four guardians to lift the vial from my mind.
Seeing her plan to kill thee two fine women fall apart Crystal made her escape, it is assumed she is in the catacombs but one can be sure she will make another attempt at lady Jordi.
KCEE in her infinite wisdom placed charms about Gara, herself and I so that we will never again fall victims to hypnosis.
Be warned Ireem there is a very dangerous shape shifter on the lose who goes by the name Crystal Frostbite. Faithful readers you may also rest assured I will not stop until I have made her pay for the things I did while in her control!

Today I got the scroll of sweet slave Mahilwen Mistwalker. Please enjoy her lovely poem as followed:

Here is a Poem about the Lifes of Slave's

Standing in the Desert
With the burning sun on my body and face
feeling free like no other and run into the sands
Every step I make
I feel the warmth of the sands
and it tickles under my feet

The wind sheer alongside the curves of my body and my silks are waving to my Sisters
To say Salaam.....

I was approached tonight by the Knight Pawlaew Navarathna. He handed me a scroll and informed me it was from the leader of the knights. She wished this scroll to be published here in the chronicles. She has laid down the law governing the knights and wishes all of Ireem to know. Following is the contents of this scroll.

FROM THE CAMP OF: Lady Jordina McGinnis, Leader of the Knights and Her Sultana's First Knight

Knights Code of Chivalry
A knight is expected to have not only the strength and skills to face combat in the violent Middle Ages but is also expected to temper this aggressive side of a knight with a chivalrous side to his nature. There was not an authentic Knights Code of Chivalry as such - it was a moral system which went beyond rules of combat and introduced the concept of Chivalrous conduct - qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women

Knights Traits: Faith, Charity, Justice, Sacrifice, Prudence, Temperance, Resolution, Truth, Liberality, Diligence, Hope and most important of all: Valor


1) The Knighthood of Ireem is an Order, and military, and therefore all obey a hierarchy of authority. (Leader, Councils, Commander, Knight, Apprentice). Defend our camp at all times.
a. If predator chases prey into our camp attack without warning.
b. If predator enters without permission attack them. (armed or unarmed, but warn first)

2) Knights must ask a Prey if they want help in order to interfere with a capture. No answer, or a 'no', means we may not interfere.

3) If you see a Predator with their sword drawn in city you may attack them. (Warn them first)

4) If a Predator approaches you with drawn sword or insults you, you may attack them. (Warn them first)

5) Knights do not put captives on sale at Auction. (Very Serious offense)

6) The desert is a harsh environment, so it is no loss of honor to flee a battle when you are about to die. (GO EAT!) This does not apply to a fight of honor.

7) Knights will watch over their brothers and sisters when in a battle and tell them when there health is low. They will aid them in there escape to get back to the safety of their camp.

8) A knight may challenge anyone to a duel, which is formal combat, including another Knight if you have a problem with a brother's or sister's conduct. If you see a Knight torture a captive, you are to stop them immediately.

9) Once a Prey is captured, they are the property of the Captor, a Knight MAY NOT simply attack the Captor. Ask the slave if they wish for your help. The predator may choose to take their prey and run to the safety of their camp, and in doing so deny us both the duel and the barter. It will be the hardest part of being a Knight.

10) Knights may not keep slaves, except as a temporary condition as a result of bargaining for that slave's freedom, and/or under extreme conditions which need to be brought before the Leader or Council. Knights may have a voluntary squire or page.

11) Personal fights:
A Knight may have a problem with some one that has nothing to do with the rest of the Knights. In a case like this where the Knight chooses to fight on site any one from a group or any individual this is a personal fight and the other Knights will not be involved in it. If a Knight is engaged in a personal fight and another jumps in all knights will give them aid.

4) Knights will respect safe zones, and will not fight or push within them.

12) Honor requires that we use civil language at all times.

13) The arena is for fights of honor not a place to take captives. Any who would fight there must respect these rules, any who does not will be shunned and no knight will acknowledge them from that time on.

All Knights are subject to capture. A knights duty is to escape . A Knight is not prey and can not be treated as such. a Knight will not act as a slave only as a prisoner.

The Knights Code of Chivalry and the vows of Knighthood - Knights of Ireem

1. To serve the liege the Sultana in valor and faith
2. To protect the weak and defenseless
3. To refrain from the wanting giving of offense (Refrain from attacking first)
4. To live by honor and for glory
5. To fight for the welfare of all
6. To obey those placed in authority
7. To guard the honor of fellow knights
8. To stop unfairness, meanness and deceit
9. To keep faith
10 At all times to speak the truth
11 Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
12 Never to turn your back upon a foe

Love is in the air!

While standing at the city gates this evening Dinky and I came upon a curious site. As my mind drifted towards the rolling sands and perhaps something to kill I felt a small tug on my kilt.
I looked down to see Dinky’s excited face. "Look there Sir!" she exclaimed. i followed her gaze and saw Lady Mirna Muggins standing next to Sir WildSoul Rose.
I thought nothing of it until Dinky continued "Look at the way she stares at him!" My curiosity peaked we approached the pair.
They agreed to answer a few questions so I drove right to the heart of the matter.
"You seem to be the new power couple in Ireem, I saw you speaking at the audience with the sultana. Did it start there?" I asked. Yes I know it was a leading question dear readers but why beat around the bush?
At first Sir WildSoul declined to comment, Until I accused him of using the poor lady.
"Tim .. is it enough to say that we are both happy ?"
Through out this all Lady Mirna could not keep her eyes off this gentleman. What happend Next surprised even I. Lady Mirna walked up to him and whispered I love you in his ear. In her excitement she was not as quiet as she intended to be and provided us with the answer we sought.
If you see them around the city be sure to pass on your congratulations, and maybe if we are lucky Ireem will have another grand wedding at which to celebrate.
Included is a sketch of the happy couple.

Yes, it is true ! Former Undead Leader Aizen Wind is back ! He was seen in and around the city of Ireem by many witnesses. Rumors tell, that preys were running scared through the desert and knights are busy with fighting again.
Today I found an anonymous scroll in my office box, which attests the truth of the rumors :
"There I was, sitting in the slaver's camp minding my own business when none other then Aizen Wind enters the camp chained and being dragged by Shaka. Now how did the mighty Aizen get captured by a pathetic slaver, I'll never know but it does raise some questions like why did Aizen return, how did he lose to Shaka, and will he be free shorty ... As a close friend to Aizen I can find these things out ... at a price of course. Anonymous "

Now, as I saw Aizen dieing by myself at that time, I of course want to know more about his cryptical return! But beeing scared too much for going down into catacombs alone, as my undead days are long time over, I hereby beg you now, dear Anonymous: please, please contact me as soon as possible! I need you urgently to get the information the people of Ireem are entitled to. I am sure we can work out an adequate payment together! And you may rest assured, your true identity will not be revealed. You find me in my office everyday !

Many of you good readers know me already, but I decided this was a good time to tell you a little about myself. I am the Magi Tim Speiser. I did not come to this city by choice but have found a good life here. The Magi have taken me in and KCEE has instructed me in our arts.
You may have heard or read some stories pertaining to some of my spells that ……had complications lets say. I assure you these really very minor problems are behind me and I am happy to help anyone with their magical needs. You will however have to sign a waiver, KCEE has decided its required, stating you will not hold the Magi responsible if something were to go amiss.
Strangely I have had much time on my hands as no one has needed my assistance recently. This however gave me the time to meet my Dinky. Seeing how much influence she had on the powerful of Ireem I was naturally interested in why this was so. It didn’t take me long to realize that this power she wielded was a result of her position as owner of this fine paper.
As she and I became closer I also began to enjoy this level of influence to a certain degree. I began to pay attention to the goings on of Ireem and writing my own stories for Dinky to publish. This satisfied me for a time but now I have decided it is not enough.
I believe that I can better control…..I mean report, yes report the news if I take a more active role in the chronicles. So you will often see me by Dinky’s side as she conducts interviews or conducting them myself from time to time. I look forward to keeping all the people of Ireem well informed.
My Thanks
Tim Speiser

Gain an Audience with the Sultana

This Saturday April 11th at 2pm SLT

Anyone of Ireem can ask to attend these.. not just leaders..
The Sultana wants to hear from all of her subjects. The Sultana will hear your praise and any concerns for her kingdom THIS Saturday at 2pm SLT. This is rare chance to speak to the Beloved Sun of Ireem. You may praise her Majesty or ask for a boon, such as gold or land, or for relief of any back taxes and penalties. You may ask any questions of her that you wish, or discuss with her any reasonable subject, within the bounds of courtesy and respect.
Only a limited number of audiences will be granted so make your appointment now. IM Second Minister Kadar Jayaram or the Sultana's Secretary Lady Mirna Muggins to make an appointment.

Dear reader, as you already noticed, Raiden Yarrowroot is no longer slaver! Rumors tell about a lost bet, one says he heard about a hidden gold treasure under a Bedu tent, which he now tries to find "undercover", others say he just enjoys to watch the Harem of Bedu Leader Sir Jordan. Whatever his reasons are, I of course will interview him personally about it !!

This morning I found following scroll in the box infront of my office:


The sands belong to me and my bedu family: anyone slaver that steps foot in the sands...will taste my steel. The prey that travels there...belongs to me and my family and slavers will pay. The slavers have threatened my i will show them what threats bring....

Raiden Yarrowroot

Palace Scribe Lady Elysa already heard of this message and talked about it with Slaver Leader Jaril Rexen. Jaril's statement was not unexpected: " You can tell him he can go to hell! And tell him that he is a dead man walking!! Add that we will use the scroll to clean the tent from his presence !"

A reliable source of mine which I cannot reveal here, even heard her getting really mad. My duty as reporter of this decent newspaper does not allow me to hide things from you, so I decided to blackout the nasty parts: "This f****** d*** a******!!! I f****** trusted him! He f****** betrayed our whole d*** camp! He will f****** die for that d*** b****** ! This is a f****** war now! "

The interview will be held as soon as possible, but as his threat now counts for me too, I first have to take measures for my security.

This morning I came upon the new Djinn leader Indigo (wolfenstien Khandr) and one of her followers at the auction place. During our conversation I was surprised to stumble upon the truth behind this insidious disease that has been ravaging our fair city.
I submit the following notes of that conversation:
Indigo: "A Djinns health is not bound by the same rules"
Tim Speiser: "Or perhaps the Djinn do not worry about the infection because they are responsible for it? It could very well be mystical in origin. Is this some plot cooked up by you Indigo?"
Jesma Pearl says nonchalant: "Well, Indigo, Tim is on to us. Guess we better kill him now."
Indigo: "Perhaps you are right Jesma, the magi needs to die..." *sighs* "but not tonight..."

My dear readers I am writing this scroll secluded in the Magi Tower. I will endeavor to have it published before any retribution can be taken against me. But I ask you people the following questions:
  • What kind of leader have the Djinn elected?
  • What does she hope to gain by turning the citys population mad?
  • Is there anything that Lady KC can do to combat this attatck?

written by Tim Speiser

Today we recieved an interesting new pic for our rubric " What happened here ? "
If you don't look very close and don't see Katlynn's head and hair, it looks like Rebecca is a sort of centaur standing and talking to the Undead Moreno ??

Please comment what you think of that !

I happend to be by the knights camp this fine morning and saw a most curious sight. The slaver Reaper Charleville had captured a slave while she was inside the knights camp. After being captured this prey, katlynn Parker, asked the knights to free her.
The slaver was standing on the wall of the knight's camp with his sword drawn. He was promptly surrounded by aprox. six knights and one curious Magi. The slaver was orderd to sheath his sword which he did. After complying with the knights order he asked for 400 Dinar in order to release her. The knights refused to pay and after much talk another slave talked the slaver into accepting 300. Which she then paid. True to his word the slaver then released the girl.
This ladies and gentlemen of Ireem is where the story takes a turn.
After this slave was free no less than three Knights attacked this slaver who was still unarmed after complying with there orders. He stood no chance and was promptly captured himself.
After witnessing this event I had the opportunity to interview Jordina McGinnis the leader of the knights. Its is the position of the knights that the slaver was asked several times to leave their camp. I was there and can confirm that this is true. When the slaver failed to comply they choose to use force to remove him. It is their contention that they have a right to use force to protect their camp just as would any other group in Ireem.
I leave it to you good readers to decide for your self, if these knights were justified in their use of force.
written by Tim Speiser

Letter to the editor:

"On this day about mid day I , The Magi Tim Speiser, was summoned to the auction site by Arian Clip. He wished for me to check on his captive the Lady Knight Hailea Alter. When I arrived Hailea was unable to remember who she was or who anyone else was for that matter. It was believed that she fell down and hit her head.
Upon my examination of her I found evidence of a very contagious and dangerous disease. I immediately recommended she be quarentined untill the healer KC can have a look at her.
Suddenly she jumped to her feet and ran from the auction place screaming incoherently. She was found by the well by the Knight Urso and Magi Eagle trying to bathe in the citys water supply.
It is not known if she was sucsessful in tainting the water supply but all of Ireem should be warned. If you notice any symptoms such as memory loss, dellusions, paranoia or madness you should seek help from the healer right away. The Knight Hailea was last seen running into the desert screaming about her mother. If you see her do not approach her. Find a knight and report it right away."
Magi Tim Speiser

Ireem in shock ! Our dear Palace Healer Lady Kerrina is dead ! When I returned to my office after a long walk, I found another anonymous scroll in my box. Following story was to be found in it:
"I have witnessed the death of Lady Kerrina. I scribe this with severe grief and tears, while I am still in shock.
Her body was broken and dehydrated from blood loss, neglect and lack of water, her kidneys beginning to fail and her gaping wounds too badly infected, but worstly it seemed her heart had lost hope. Her usual joyful and loving spirit seemed shadowed. She was despondent with no will to live in a way, I have never seen her before and her body had shallow breath.
Arian and Sebby fought about giving her water while her life began slipping further away. She was then stripped by blade point and put on the auction pole. Sebby seemingly won the bid when even the auction pole was too upset to have such a dear creature upon it and malfunctioned after only 1 minute into the auction. When she was lowered from the pole after the malfunctioned auction she collapsed on the platform and lay motionless barely breathing. I stood shocked unable to help and hoping surely she would be saved.
While most of the men just stood there and did nothing, Sebby and Copper seemed distracted as to who would carry her body to the palace. Arian then plunged his blade into her weakened body finishing off his gruesome deed and there she lay naked and bleeding. She cried out in severe pain as she died from the last fatal blow. With a band of steel from the collar still cutting into her fragile neck, her lifeless naked bloodied body was dragged across the sands then down into the catacombs for Arian to display upon his wall.
For some reason one of the brightest lights of Ireem dimmed, it seems our beautiful loving and kind healer lost hope and the will to live while her physical wounds overpowered her. Today we lost one of our precious gifts. Lady Kerrina whose gentle beautiful spirit, loving heart and healing hands comforted and healed us all. May all of Ireem mourn."

Shocked by this, I went searching Arian to ask him about that. Tim and I found him at auction as we asked for an audience. Arian agreed in answering my questions, but only under the condition to go into catacombs, so no one else will listen. He also refused that Tim will accompany me. After a long discussion I succeeded in convincing Tim going down there alone to get some answers. He let me go, not without warning Arian and telling me "You have 10 minutes, or I will call you out ! "
I asked Arian about what I found in the scroll and he confirmed the truth of it. Telling me he still hides her body and that he would be able to bring her back to life, I could not resist yelling on him "What have you done to her !?!?" He just smiled knowingly at me and answered "With or without me...she was going to die ... do I have to explain you, what a sacrifice dagger is ?"
I ignored that and questioned his story as I still doubted, he was only interested in recieving money from her. He added "Think for yourself...what will happen, when you control the Palace healer...the woman that all Ireem needs ?" I trembled when he revealed his true intentions to me "Oh wanted full control ?" Arian smiled ironically: "After are still able to think".
At this point I decided to leave. Everything was said and I did not feel safe down there anyway.

I ask you now, dear reader:
  • Why is it, that people only speak anonymous about what they have witnessed ?
  • After Arian's plan failed, what will he do next ? Who will be his next victim ?
  • Will it even be the Sultana herself ?
Despite all the pain we are suffering from loosing Lady Kerrina: Keep your eyes open ! Do not let the undead take over control, or our beloved kingdom will be lost !

Voting has ended and only revealed, what rumors already spread: The Slaver girl's group is winner of the official election "Most beautiful girls in Ireem"!!
In spite of several calls to place their votes, sadly our male citizen were very lazy, so I only recieved 6 votes at all. Shame on you! Do not forget, the girls permanently try to look hot and sexy for YOU ! Whatever....girls, lets show the males, how a "real" election is working !

Most sexy guys in Ireem :
Female predators, knights and preys: Come and vote the "Officially most sexy group of guys in Ireem " Please keep in mind, this election is not about single males but of the complete group itself ! Send your vote by IM to Dinky Wingtips. The result of the election will be revealed on 1st of May ! So let the votes begin !

Gain an Audience with the Sultana

This Saturday April 4th at 1pm SLT
Anyone of Ireem can ask to attend these.. not just leaders..
The Sultana wants to hear from all of her subjects. The Sultana will hear your praise and any concerns for her kingdom THIS Saturday at 1pm SLT. This is rare chance to speak to the Beloved Sun of Ireem. You may praise her Majesty or ask for a boon, such as gold or land, or for relief of any back taxes and penalties. You may ask any questions of her that you wish, or discuss with her any reasonable subject, within the bounds of courtesy and respect.
Only a limited number of audiences will be granted so make your appointment now. IM Second Minister Kadar Jayaram or the Sultana's Secretary Lady Mirna Muggins to make an appointment.

As promised in an earlier article and as I know many people in Ireem are the same curious like me, I moved to Palace to interview Palace Eunuch Zhexiao Zhangsun. He of course was so friendly to answer some questions.

Dear reader, what follows now is partially indeed shocking, so be warned before you continue to read !

Question: "Are you the only Palace Eunuch in Ireem ?"
Answer: "Yes, I am currently the only servant who has been selected for this position."

Question: "What is your excact function in Palace ?"
Answer: "My main duties are to guard and protect the Sultana, the royal family and the harem ladies from all manner of dangers. I also help advise the Sultana on her decisions."

Question: "What are you doing all day long ?"
Answer: "My day consists of continued walks around the palace to ensure the palace is neat and tidy, that the harem baths are warm, and the silk sheets clean and soft. I have food and tea to serve to the sultana, and instruction to give to the harem ladies on how to be the best in the kingdom."

Question: "Was it your personal choice to become an eunuch or have you been forced?"
Answer: "After being purchased by the Palace it was decided that the harem and royal family needed a safe male servant, so I was offered the position. The prestige of the position outweighs the prestige of the galleys or salt mines I think."

At this point, I will give you, dear reader a last warning. The next part is extremely shocking and I still feel sick imagining that. So when you have a weak constitution and you tent to faint easily, please stop reading NOW ! On the other hand, it could give some nice incitations what to do with your captive after a fight....

Question: "Can you please describe it DETAILED how this ....cutting going on ?"
Answer: "I was welcomed into the harem by some of the harem ladies, who gently bathed and washed me with great tenderness. My hair was then shaved into my current style to show my status, and then I was brought before the throne to swear my eternal loyalty to the royal family. Once this was done, I was brought to the infirmary, where the royal physician awaited me. Some tea was given to me, and the area shaved and washed while the knife was sharpened. Once this was done my legs were spread, my manhood grabbed and pulled as far away from my body as possible....and a single sweep of the knife later, I was fit for the harem. After they fitted the plug to keep the hole open while I healed, I was allowed to rest for three days, after which it was removed. Once it was removed I was sent to the harem to begin my new duties as the Sultana's Eunuch."

Question: "Did you loose your nature horniness when getting ...eeeeerhmmm cut ? I mean,with all the beautiful females around, how do you handle it ? Do you have to handle anything though? "
Answer: "No. Even though I am no longer a man, I still have the longings and desires of a man. While the knife has smoothed the area between my legs it has not smoothed my passions. I focus on my duty to the Sultana and her slaves and servants, and focus on serving and satisfying all their needs. I do however confess that the sight of all this beauty around me makes me sigh wistfully as I wonder what might have been. With the form of cut chosen for me I have nothing left to handle."

Question: "The Palace is working on increasing and upvalueing the Harem at the moment. As member of the slaver group I am of course interested in business with Palace. Who is the one to talk with, when we are interested in selling a fine trained slave ?"
Answer: "Palace Scribe Lady Elysa, Second Minister Sir Kadar and Lady Mirna are the best people to speak to at this time." /* editorial note: talk to them later, the constant hitting of Chris and Jasmine cost me a lot of Dinar to pay the seamstress for new clothes! */

Question: "What differs a Harem slave from a common desert slave in your opinion ?"
Answer: "A harem slave is a person of incomparable beauty, grace and discretion. They are someone who appreciates the finner things in life and is willing to sacrifice to achieve them."

Question: "Do you sometimes peek into the Sultana's bedroom ? Is she sleeping alone or does she have staff around all the time ?"
Answer: "I do peek into the Sultana's bedroom to make sure she is not in need of anything, so yes she does have staff around, namely myself."

Question: "Did you notice too the obvious attraction our Sultana has for a special Bedu Leader and Sir Mikk Graves ? Who will win the race for her heart in your opinion ? And what present was it that Sir Jordan gave to her ?????? "
Answer: "The Sultana's heart is her own, and it is not for her slaves to discuss, I'm afraid. Again, I really can't say, but let it just be said, it was a treasure beyond compare. As for her heart, the only one who can win will be whomever the Sultana chooses."

Question: "What is wrong with those Palace guards ? I mean, everytime I sneek into Palace to have a look or even try to sit in Sultana's throne I get chased away !?!?!"
Answer: "Hmmm, there is something wrong there. Normally they should be capturing you and tossing you in the dungeon for a proper beating. I shall have Mustafa and Hakim flogged at once for neglect of duty. "

Question: "Any gossip about Palace internals you want to share with us ?"
Answer: "No, I would prefer to keep my head on my shouilders, thank you very much." *smiles sligthly*

Question: "Any last words to the citizens of Ireem ?"
Answer: "If I had violated the Sultana's trust by repeating palace gossip, that question would have been painfully appropriate. No, no final words."

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