Are you tired of the group/clan/race that you are in?

Are you looking to make a change with this new year?

Well then check out a new Pirate/Slaver clan that I have started we would love to have you join us.

Get in on the bottom floor, learn everything or share everything you know about KOS with us.

We will always be Pirates and all of the other Pirate Slavers are our brothers and sisters and when they call for help or raid we will be there.

At the moment we are also part of "The Alliance" that exists but one never knows in this wild and crazy world how long that will last.

All Rules of Combat here in KOS are to be observed as well as SL TOS.

Training will be provided for those that are new. We'll deal with everything from breaking Treasure Pots to combat.

So if you have always wanted to be a Pirate now is the time to make the move to The Bounty.

We are new and in need of members to make us "official" so if you want to experience the pirate way of life just go up to the Game Room and there you will see the Clan Book, look for #860, The Bounty and join us today.

Just go up to the Game Room in the sky and there you will
The Bounty

Dez  ( SL Avatar Name: Dianne Davies)

Strange creatures seen wandering the walls of the Dark Knight Headquarters! Is this an Infestation or has the Dark Knight' little pram been turned into a funny farm? Or Maybe the Magi finally started to do everyone a favor by turning Dark Knights into the true animals we all know there are? No, I fear this little tale is far less grand.

  There have been a few odd reports of Dark Knights doing away with blood dolls in favor of animals. Rumors are have poured in about them feeding on everything from unicorns to common house rats! Other stories tell of their blood dolls leaving for darker and dare I say more stable domain.

  But, at the heart of the tales is the main story that the Dark Knights are turning animals into humans. Why? Are they so ashame to be an animal blood suckers that they would forced train those poor beast to walk in human form? Although one might question a race that is lead by a naked woman floating in midair and co-lead by another semi naked who packed with an invisible punch of death, would not be so worry or feel shameful about silly things like sucking blood from animal (And no, the Chronicles would not like to received letters or pictures on how they suck blood from those animal, so stop drawing those picture right now!)

  Surely this goes against some code of conduct? But this writer thought differently since Dark Knights don't follow such a thing. Expecting anything good from a Dark Knight is like expect Am to turn down a quick capture, or Aizen to turn down a fiddle.

  Another question arose... what if the Undead start to follow the Dark Knights? Where will all the blood dolls go? Sadly this writer cannot answer those questions. But ask the Dark Knights. They have now gone from Sandcastle to Funny Farm. For all of those who read a previous article it should make sense. Their leader, the Floating Queen of the Funny farm.... where life may not be so beautiful all the time.  Though, having said all that, one must admire the genius of this.

  After all, it's free to feed those animals where they suck the blood from. Certainly cheaper than buy meats or fishes. No wonder there is not many butchers working in Ireem nowadays.

  Let's celebrate this new enterprise spirit of the desert!

Animal in human form! Who said Dark Knight are not magical?
~ written by Kitten Evil Invisible Claw of Death

A curious incident happened recently when a pirate slaver was seen taking some palace residents. Here is his account of the event:


“The security of the palace seems to be failing as of late, making it possible for a slaver to break into the palace and snatch one of the harem ladies, bringing her to the block. To pull of something like that, you would think this slaver would be strong, skilled in fighting, or one that collects slaves and tries about everything to get his hands on it. So, was it Am? No ... Cow then, a very skilled fighter? Oh no ... then maybe a more reckless guy like Jordan? No, not even him. It was a young slaver, hardly able to hold on to his own sword that was able to bring this lady to the blocks, penetrating the palace. It turned out the guards were 'away'.

Another slaver bought her and though you might think that he had bad plans with her ... did he rape her? No ... did he tried to disguise her and use her for his own purposes or try to sell her again? Not even that.... This is what actually happened: he dressed her, fed her, gave her some water to drink, secured her and looked around for one of the guards. Now, you would think this slaver is crazy, but of course he was keen enough to expect a fee for his good work. This is Ireem, nothing comes for free.

The guard he found though, not liking this slaver, had something different in mind. She started to threaten him, didn't want to pay not even his expenses, while it was the guards fault in the first place. More so, do you think she asked who kidnapped the lady? I think it didn't even come up in her mind, and of course I wouldn't have told her. But instead she tried to push full responsibility on the messenger, threatening him with trials and torture.

Turns out she didn't have the means, not even to buy the lady from the block would she have been there.

I have released the lady, and though she might have some imprints from bindings, I didn't harm her otherwise. But now, one of the palace-guards owes me. Stupid that I let her go? Maybe but if the palace can't afford to protect the ones they should, there is no money in it for me.

Next time I might like to do something different with a lady from the palace, or not bother at all about her ... let the men of Ireem have her! Those ladies seem to be seen as a catch once placed on the block, there was enough interest in buying her. I only can rejoice in a young pirate taking his chances when he sees them and getting well paid for it.

Oh, and then this man passed by, while we were negotiating ... literally, passed by, he was obviously a palace-guard, even called 'the commander' by the other guard ... he didn't talk to me, nor did he tried to fight me. Actually, he didn't seem to care about the guard nor about one of the residents of the palace that was in his care. Giving the moneylender a good bottle of rum I found out this 'commander' is a rich man. I didn't want to spend more good rum to get to know how much ... I already spent enough.

I'm certainly not the one that is going to hide behind being a guard or even a commander, I'm a slaver, I do jobs for money, my name is Taureck Ryker"

A curious message was delivered to one of the Chronicles' resident kitten this morning. Upon the discovery, the editing staff decided that to share with everyone the content.


Hear ye, hear ye, people and denizens of Ireem!

    Her Majesty, Malley, Queen of the Vorgoth, has received a tribute of surrender today from the Djinn, Undead, and Merfolk factions.  This tribute was in no small part due to the consistent and flourishing raids by the Vorgoth (dark knight) faction.  Under their continuous assaults and unrelenting lust for battle they have finally brow beaten these three factions into subservience.  Vorgoth's superiority, if not outright sheer determination, has shown these factions that they shall not be taken likely and are a force to be reckoned with.

      The Vorgoth, upon the turning of this New Year, began a ceaseless campaign of bloodshed and trials upon Ireem’s sands.  All factions faced serious casualties under the sheer bewildering numbers of the Vorgoth faction.  Their fortitude, stamina, and sheer will of valor allowed them to tirelessly work towards taking back what was truly theirs.  Shortly before this campaign the Vorgoth reached a stagnant period in their growth and suffered from a great many losses.  

    Like vultures, the other factions of Ireem jumped at the weakened faction, and banded together against them.  Nearly, if not all, factions of Ireem formed a coalition with the sole intent of eradicating the Vorgoth from the sands.  The Vorgoth Queen, Malley, was Ireem’s “Public Enemy Number One”.  This did not deter the valiant queen from taking up arms and marching into battle gallantly with her troops.

    Her warriors, like a rabid horde of demons, mutants, and abominations that are the stuff of nightmares stood like stalwart reapers behind their queen.  With every blow they received during this campaign they grew stronger, braver, and more deadly.  In hopes of destroying the beings of the Vorgoth the factions of Ireem in all fact created something more powerful than they could possibly comprehend.  

    When reached for comment the Vorgoth Queen stated, “We are ever so pleased to accept this great tribute of surrender from our enemy's and their acknowledgment of  the Vorgoth superiority. We look forward to this period of if one could call it such, uneasy peace, and have chosen to decrease our raids slightly.... in honor of acknowledgment of the Vorgoth superiority. We look forward to this period of if one could call it such, uneasy peace, and have chosen to decrease our raids slightly.... in honor of such a gracious tribute.”


Obviously we don't know if the crystal was indeed a tribute of surrender. According to our ever active and ever watchful Chronicles kittens, they have spotted a number of warriors from undead, merfolk and djinn delivering a crystal each to the Dark Knight headquarter. Of course we cannot rule out the possibility of those warriors happen to got lost in the desert and mistakenly drop their crystal to the Dark Knight's home. For most of the onlookers though, it hard to argue against this act anything but a peace offering.

What becometh to our true to the core pirate with a tireless passion for taking slaves to auction, who was put on trial and found guilty?!  But of course he would spring back to life the next day, business as usual and profit, his voice ringing through the sands "Beautiful slave girl on auction! Come bid!"

Am at trial
A lusty young pirate called AM,
Notorious in the Kingdom of Sands,
Set off the day with the usual Plan,
"Ahoy! Mam!"  It was fine then.
She wined him and dined him,
They had much fun over night,
With all that rum, he could not run nor fight,
And found himself caged and in binds.
The People held a trial,
The lawyers present a huge file,
It took a while,
Yet he sat with a smile.
The ladies scowl,
comments were vile,
They brought him away,
But the next day,
AM is back,
Swaggering boist'rously,
A loud laugh and a bold
"Beautiful Girl on auction!"
You'd know he is not done,
And laugh to see you run!

Salutes Am,

"Yar har, fiddle de dee, ..Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free! You are a PIRATE!"

~ written by Munira

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