NEWS: Victory for Dark Knights?

A curious message was delivered to one of the Chronicles' resident kitten this morning. Upon the discovery, the editing staff decided that to share with everyone the content.


Hear ye, hear ye, people and denizens of Ireem!

    Her Majesty, Malley, Queen of the Vorgoth, has received a tribute of surrender today from the Djinn, Undead, and Merfolk factions.  This tribute was in no small part due to the consistent and flourishing raids by the Vorgoth (dark knight) faction.  Under their continuous assaults and unrelenting lust for battle they have finally brow beaten these three factions into subservience.  Vorgoth's superiority, if not outright sheer determination, has shown these factions that they shall not be taken likely and are a force to be reckoned with.

      The Vorgoth, upon the turning of this New Year, began a ceaseless campaign of bloodshed and trials upon Ireem’s sands.  All factions faced serious casualties under the sheer bewildering numbers of the Vorgoth faction.  Their fortitude, stamina, and sheer will of valor allowed them to tirelessly work towards taking back what was truly theirs.  Shortly before this campaign the Vorgoth reached a stagnant period in their growth and suffered from a great many losses.  

    Like vultures, the other factions of Ireem jumped at the weakened faction, and banded together against them.  Nearly, if not all, factions of Ireem formed a coalition with the sole intent of eradicating the Vorgoth from the sands.  The Vorgoth Queen, Malley, was Ireem’s “Public Enemy Number One”.  This did not deter the valiant queen from taking up arms and marching into battle gallantly with her troops.

    Her warriors, like a rabid horde of demons, mutants, and abominations that are the stuff of nightmares stood like stalwart reapers behind their queen.  With every blow they received during this campaign they grew stronger, braver, and more deadly.  In hopes of destroying the beings of the Vorgoth the factions of Ireem in all fact created something more powerful than they could possibly comprehend.  

    When reached for comment the Vorgoth Queen stated, “We are ever so pleased to accept this great tribute of surrender from our enemy's and their acknowledgment of  the Vorgoth superiority. We look forward to this period of if one could call it such, uneasy peace, and have chosen to decrease our raids slightly.... in honor of acknowledgment of the Vorgoth superiority. We look forward to this period of if one could call it such, uneasy peace, and have chosen to decrease our raids slightly.... in honor of such a gracious tribute.”


Obviously we don't know if the crystal was indeed a tribute of surrender. According to our ever active and ever watchful Chronicles kittens, they have spotted a number of warriors from undead, merfolk and djinn delivering a crystal each to the Dark Knight headquarter. Of course we cannot rule out the possibility of those warriors happen to got lost in the desert and mistakenly drop their crystal to the Dark Knight's home. For most of the onlookers though, it hard to argue against this act anything but a peace offering.


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January 14, 2013 at 7:19 AM  

Da Fuq?!

January 14, 2013 at 7:19 AM  

a big lie, Dark Knight`s are powerful because they ban the powerful players of Merflok, Djinn and Undead, and this is the only way to win a raid, on the other hand if someone deliver the crystal to DK HQ it was because they won`t not because they get lost on desert, just to keep DK in, at the end of this post i can just funny, i can laugh watching such of lie!

January 14, 2013 at 7:47 AM  

This is all falsehood created in Malley's mind because she is simply crazy and the pressures of trying to be something she is not ,a true queen, are starting to get to her

January 14, 2013 at 8:02 AM  

((Some people lack to see a difference between OOC and IC, the chronicles are IC only, so spawm.. save your commnts for the drama box))

January 14, 2013 at 11:05 AM  

/me picks up and reads the paper. Carefully she squats down while placing it flat on the ground. Then tearing it into long strips she rolls each strip onto a metal rod. Whistling, she walks to the local defecation area, and sets it down for the individual who might need to clean themselves off. A smile of satisfaction spreads across her face as she continues strolling to her realm thinking to herself..'Doodi will get some amusement from that.'

January 14, 2013 at 1:48 PM  

Blair unfolded the newspaper and spread it flat on her knees as she settled comfortably on a river bank hundreds of miles away from Ireem. There was a note attached to the front page. “You are going to love this.” Blair smirked and removed it, her eyes quickly finding the title.
She read carefully and gave a sarcastic snort once or twice as she did. Then she languidly flipped the Chronicles over and started scribbling on it.
Later that day she would send it back to where it came from.

“Her Majesty, Malley, Queen of the Vorgoth, now for the first time has some of my sympathy. For only a mad, a strongly deluded person could assume that Djinn, Undead or Merfolk would ever bring her and her people anything if it wasn’t to pursue their own, selfish goals. And even in my dark, sinister heart there still is some sympathy for demented people, for those, whose favorite pastime is comforting themselves with their wild illusions.
She did try to be leader even though she clearly isn't leader material. And I sympathize with her because after the statement she made in this paper her people will finally see that Malley lives in her own imaginary world, and her minions are left to deal with reality. Unless they are blind. If their shadow of a leader cares enough about her family, this is about time for her to step down and let her faction be led by someone capable of making clear judgments and wise decisions.
She broke her only alliance when in desperate need of help and led her amateur warriors into failure. Half of them fled the Dark Knight Headquarters already, running from that madness.
Malley, if you ever read this: I understand that your throne is the only thing you have left, so you will cling to it despite there being a better leader out there. Let me give your simple mind a hint. We let you play with our toys only because it is amusing to take them back and yet again remind you all who rules the sands.

She put a period and folded the paper neatly. Her glance lingered on the water before she walked away. It was time for her to come back to Ireem.

January 15, 2013 at 10:15 PM  

/me smirked reading all the comments of the fools who so desperately tried to fix there very stupid mistake. They had all fallen wide eyed in to her trap. at the year change when they were all moronic enough to raid the dark knights dry, she and her very loyal family came up with a plan.. they would show there enemy's just how stupid they had been. They would raid them every 4 hours until they would crack.. which they all did of course.. though in her own calculations she clearly overestimated them as she gave them (very optimistically) a month.. It only took 2 weeks of slight pressure before they handed everything they stole from her family back.. gift wrapped even..
Blairs comment amused her the most, oh boy was she in for a surprise..she laughed and put the paper away, while thinking of a nice place to frame it and hang it in her hq

January 16, 2013 at 4:47 AM  

Aizen actually remembers the dark knight leader raging and crying to the gods when we gift wrapped her crap to make her feel loved.. never the lass he is happy that he has a new supply of toilet paper to wipe his ass with.

"We show them mercy, and now they think they are the best? How sad... well she is her father's daughter... soon to be nothing more then a memory....

January 21, 2013 at 1:40 PM  

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