Salaam all!

As you surely have seen, the Palace has become very big and we need more persons in our staff !
Here a list of people who will have job opportunities:

  • Slaves
  • Dancers
  • Musicians
  • Cooks
  • Storytellers
  • Guards
Ladies and Gentlemen of the court and nobles are welcome. Wages are good and there are many career opportunities. We require kindness and good manners.

If you are interested please write (for Europe) to Princess Mirna Muggins and (for the U.S.) to Princess Jacqueline Aluveaux. The princesses will be interviewing you and it would be very interesting if you bring your backstory, too.

Thanks and see you soon

Your Sultana Zanlu Heron

OOC: Thank You Kora

Salaam good people of Ireem! The time has finally come and we have our new game system here in KOS.

I am sure most of you are just as excited as I am about this. However it is important we all keep our heads in these exciting times.

It is important to remember that Kora and Baal told us in their messages that this is NOT the final version of the meter. I like to think of this as the beta test. They have opened the game to us to test it for them, knowing there will be a few bugs to work out of the system.

This is why as of yet only three swords are available. There’s no need to saturate the sim with multiple weapons then find out there is a problem with the combat system.

We would all love for the first release of the system to be perfect, however that isnt realistic.

I personally will try to use this time to once again immerse myself in the fantasy of KOS. To return to the practice of arriving in KOS ready to Rp, rather then hang out. I would invite you all to join me in this, as we have had an amazing fantasy world created for us here.

As a final thought I would like to recommend that you let Kora and her entire team know you are grateful for their long and hard work. They put in many hours of work so that we would have a beautiful place to Rp, and a more expansive experience with the game system. Lets show them that we appreciate it.


The reporters of the Chronicles are always proud and honored to recieve a message from the Palace, especially when it is from our beloved highness the Sultana herself ! Today we got followed message:
"It's for me a great pleasure and joy to declare that I have promoted Lady MIRNA MUGGINS and lady KERRI KOWALSKI “ PRINCESS OF IREEM” . Lady Mirna is by my side for a long time as my Secretary. She has been always loyal, devote to me and her job and, in time of need ,she offered her life for defending and saving mine. She is always available to help everybody need palace assistance with friendship and kindness.
Lady Kerri is by my side for a long time as Healer. She has always offered her knowledge to help people in need, indiscriminately who they are. She is always available, often without taking a little rest, and has a good word for everyone.
It's an honor for me to have them at my side.
You will have the pleasure to meet them at the next audience, but they are Princesses from today.
Zanlu Heron, Sultana"
Congratulations Ladies, ....I mean Princesses of Ireem !

It is a happy day in the Kingdom, more babies have been born! Twin baby girls have been born to the powerful and magical Djinn Addison Lexenstar and his lovely wife our Physician of Ireem Kerri Kowalski. The infants were born on October 20th at 5:47 and 5:48 in the evening. Chloe was the first to enter the world with blonde hair and light green eyes and her sister Emily followed a minute later with brunette hair and emerald green eyes. The parents are so delighted and full of joy over their new baby girls.
They will be lovingly cared for by the Lexenstar's and in the palace by their Godmother Her Royal Highness, the Sultana Zanlu Heron and their Uncle and Lady Kerri's brother, Prince of Damascus Ponzio Rossini, and dear friends Lady of the Palace Aunt Mirna Muggins, Magi Uncle Cor Sands, Bedouin Uncle Copper Convair and lovely Aunt Jordina McGinnis and the magical and beautiful Djinn Aunts Nova Caerndow and Djinn Brittainy Collins and of course Uncle Majid Axel, and with many other djinn aunts and uncles to teach them the magic of the djinn ways.
The Lexenstar's will be in need of trusted servants to watch over and care for the girls when mother returns to her physician duties. Please contact Kerri Kowalski if you are interested in helping to be a personal assistant and care for the babies.

"We have some sad news. KOS has lost a dear and beloved friend this past week. Hailea Alter was very ill for quite some time. She passed away on Friday.
She wrote to me last week, from the hospital, and she said, "tell all my friends I loved them." And I don't know who all her friends are - I suspect more people loved her than she would have realized, because how could you not love Hailea? She was, as one of her friends has said, "A pure soul."
She loved being here, in Ireem, and playing with us. Her friendships here meant a lot to her - we were a family to her, even though she has had such a strong and loving family in her real life.
Her friend had a message for us from her: "Send you a big hug from her with all her love. She always talk how happy she was playing on her game and that she had a family. Be her friend was a wonderful thing, I know she is going to care for us close to God's feet.'
If you wish to send a message to her family, you can put it in a notecard, and I will make sure they get it.
Anneliese Wolfenhaut"

Dear citizen of Ireem, the Chronicles is just an IC paper. But Hailea was such a wonderful and awesome person, so we make an exception today. Hailea had so many friends in KoS and SL, she was loved for beeing the one she was. Everytime someone needed help, she was there. Her castle was open for everyone, I myself was able to celebrate my birthday on her land. She loved playing the game and was always able to bring a smile on everyones face. Her motto was: Don't worry, be happy ! Close friends told me she would not like us beeing sad about loosing her. This goes out to all: try not to be sad, wipe away your tears and smile ! Think of Hailea as the person she was: a wonderful, amazing, generous, loving, caring person we will miss so much but always keep in our hearts ! Please all, leave a comment if you know her. Show Ireem and her family and friends, how loved she was ! Hailea we will all miss you like hell !!

In all my days as a citizen of this great city, I have never seen a stranger sight then what presented itself this evening. While lounging near the front gate, I heard a familiar voice shouting for the djinn Sage angrily. Curious as always I went to see what the disturbance was about.

What I found was truly a sight. The Bedouin, and self proclaimed “Bastard” MasterJ had just dismounted from his camel. Now this in and of itself is no strange sight. However the long flowing mane of bright pink hair stopped me in my tracks and doubled me over with laughter.

When I finally had myself under control I approached and found Olive MacMoragh had the pink hair as well, though hers was tucked under a hat discreetly. I asked the “Bad Bedu” what happened and he simply said “Sage” in an extremely angry tone.

I asked if the Djinn had cursed him or simply dyed his hair. "Well how the sweet fuck would I know? do I look like a djinn or a magi?" he seethed. Seeing that I would get no answer from him I turned to Oli for answers. Sadly she was too busy giggling at MJ’s predicament.

So off I went in search of Sage. Upon finding the slippery little Djinn I managed to get a few answers as to why this happened. When asked why she did this her answer at first was simple. “I made it pink. I felt it would bring out his feminine side.”

After that her answers became harder to understand….and honestly who among us can truly understand the mind of a Djinn? But from what she said it seems this was a punishment because of MJ’s well known penchant for oral gratification.

I was able to get no answer as to whether this pink hair is the result of a Djinn curse or a simple dye job. However I would caution you all to be wary around the pink haired Bedu. He was last seen storming into the sands screaming Sage’s name at the top of his lungs.

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